Indians walk away from family pets amid rumours dogs can spread coronavirus – ABC News

Coronavirus fears see dogs dumped across India

rumours that pets were responsible for spreading coronavirus throughout
China were shared widely on WhatsApp, the preferred messaging service
in India.

A dog looking very sad The abandoned dogs are often tied to street poles so they cannot follow their owners home.(Supplied: Gauri Maulekhi)

Some animals were left tied to street poles so they couldn’t follow their owners, while others are still lingering outside their former homes.

Widespread animal abandonment became prevalent in the early days of India’s lockdown, prompting state governments and animal authorities to issue
alerts that animals were not responsible for spreading the virus.

The World Organisation for Animal Health has also issued alerts that animals are not known to spread the disease.

Missouri Dem Touts Endorsement From Dark Money Group After Denouncing Dark Money – NATION AND STATE

Missouri Democrat Nicole Galloway touted an endorsement from a liberal dark money group just days after claiming that she “hate[s] dark money with a passion.”

The state auditor has repeatedly denounced dark money during her bid to unseat Missouri governor Mike Parson (R.). Galloway has told supporters and reporters that she “hate[s] dark money with a passion” and “absolutely think[s] it’s wrong” in the past, but she now welcomes its support for her gubernatorial run. During a May 8 call with supporters, she boasted that she had won the backing of 314 Action, which has pledged to spend millions in 2020 but does not disclose donors for its nonprofit arm.

Philosophy and Wood | VikingLifeBlog

The Sperg Box

I love philosophy, but do not read philosophy. It could pass for a Zen koan, no? Do I have a grand or sophisticated reason as to why I don’t study philosophy? No I do not. I have a very simple reason, though. I think philosophy is self-evident from Nature and from vocation. I am a tradesmen. A woodworker, a landscaper at times, and a doer of rougher deeds than these. My world is rich with meaning and metaphor. Part of this is because I am who I am, but a great deal comes from lessons learned from one’s hands.

I can’t tell you off the top of my head which philosopher said this, but the jist was that a man who has not worked with his hands shouldn’t be allowed to study or teach philosophy. Makes sense to me. In college the philosophy types were doughy little ladyboys with soft…

What The Pandemic Revealed: A Morally Bankrupt Culture – NATION AND STATE

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

Monopolies, quasi-monopolies and cartels are inherently exploitive and thus evil.

What was “normal” for the past two decades was to turn a blind eye to the moral and financial bankruptcy of the American culture, the
rot at the heart of its social, political and economic orders. The pandemic has shredded the putrid facade and revealed the rot, much to the dismay of the multitude of minions tasked with sanitizing the rot
behind narratives promoting the normalization of predation, fraud and

…In effect, Rockefeller was praising the model of a public utility: an entity that is regulated to serve the public with essential products and services at a fair and stable price.

This is why I’ve proposed turning Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, et al. into public utilities via regulations that make it illegal to 1) collect users’ data and 2) sell the data. Each quasi-monopoly should be broken into competing pieces that cannot buy other pieces or pieces of other quasi-monopolies, or buy back their own shares.

Monopolies and cartels are evil because they are exploitive by their very nature. This is why the political system imposed anti-trust legislation in the early 20th century. And this is why technocrat apologists spew endless sophistries aimed at persuading us that these Big Tech monopolies aren’t actually monopolies and therefore anti-trust doesn’t apply to them. Their frantic efforts only confirm the truth: Big Tech monopolies are in fact monopolies, and therefore they are evil.

Public utilities are ultimately accountable to voters and taxpayers. Predatory private monopolies are only accountable to their predatory, parasitic owners, a truth that their immense armies of technocrat apologists, lackeys and apparatchiks attempt to obscure.

Undercover Journalist Sues Harris for Silencing Pro-Life Exposé – NATION AND STATE

The lawsuit argues that the state of California targeted David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), after he released a series of viral undercover videos showing abortion facility employees candidly discussing the sale of fetal organs and other body parts. Harris, the suit says, abused her office and violated the reporters’ constitutional rights “by orchestrating the first and only prosecution of a journalist under California’s video recording law.” Planned Parenthood and California attorney general Xavier Becerra are also among the defendants.

The ‘See-No-Evil’ Phase of Russiagate, by Patrick Lawrence | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

The case against General Michael Flynn was bogus and there was no conclusive evidence the Russians hacked the DNC. There should be hell to pay for those who put these concoctions together and their media megaphones, but of course they want to “move on.” From Patrick Lawrence at

The media spinfest following the collapse of this conspiracy theory suggests our troubled republic simply cannot accept its errors, leaving us unable to learn from them.

Business Demands More Foreign Workers as 33M Americans Go Jobless – Nwo Report

On Thursday, a coalition of Republican House and Senate lawmakers sent letters to President Trump asking that he expand his immigration executive order to suspend foreign visa worker programs like the H-1B visa, the H-2B visa, the H-2A visa, and the OPT program while millions of Americans remain jobless.

Even with unemployment reaching record levels, businesses relying on foreign visa workers continue to claim there is a labor shortage.

Researchers demand aborted babies’ bodies for coronavirus experiments | ukgovernmentwatch

March 20, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) –– Scientists who are now claiming that the Trump ban on fetal tissue usage is blocking coronavirus treatment research are using the current pandemic opportunistically to reinstate the usage of tissue derived from aborted babies at government research facilities.

“A senior scientist at a government biomedical research laboratory has been thwarted in his efforts to conduct experiments on possible treatments for the new coronavirus because of the Trump administration’s restrictions on research with human fetal tissue,” blared the lede in a Washington Post article.

Indianapolis restaurant provides 1,000 free meals weekly despite financial struggles | WTTV CBS4Indy

Comment by tonytran2015: On the other hand, a bread roll take-away shop selling Vietnamese bread rolls in Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia has increased it price for take-away coffees from 3 AUD to 4 AUD due to roaring trade during the lockdown. This is quite un-Australian and partially explains the antimigration sentiments in Australia.

INDIANAPOLIS — Despite struggling during this time, a Hoosier restaurant is still finding a way to give back.

Michael’s Soul Kitchen has partnered with The Mozel Sanders Foundation to deliver 1,000 hot meals a week to those impacted by COVID-19 and seniors.

Co-owner Romeo Gerson will be the first to tell you the restaurant has fallen on hard times.

TwitterNazis Remove Laura Ingraham’s Tweet Reporting ‘Hydroxychloroquine’ As Treatment For Wuhan Virus | ukgovernmentwatch

GW: Interesting seeing as Boris Johnson was successfully treated with the very same Hydroxychloroquine.