(WASHINGTON) DHS CISA REPORT: Ransomware Attack shut-down an Unnamed Natural Gas Plant and its Pipelines for two days after being targeted by phishing emails that allowed the attacker to access its IT network #AceNewsDesk reports | Ace News Services

Comment by tonytran2015: The controlling systems of nationally important industrial plants should only be changed at very few times called “system update times” and they should be totally isolated from the outside internet.


China Deploys 40 Mobile Incineration Ovens Labeled for Disposal of “Animal Corpses” – Nwo Report

Comment by tonytran2015: Scary news. “Don’t listen to what communists say, look at what they do (instead)” (Former President Nguyen Van Thieu of South Vietnam).


(WASHINGTON) JUST IN: On Friday, Twitter began suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for violating a company policy put in place in response to the 2016 election, according to the Los Angeles Times #AceNewsDesk reports | Ace News Services

Comment by tonytran2015: Where is the boundary between free speech and disingormation? Should religious preachers get banned for preaching the same paragraph of their bible?


Coronavirus updates: South Korea reports big jump in cases, virus spreading in Chinese prisons


Country/place Confirmed Deaths
China, Hong Kong, Macao 76387 2347
Japan 717 3
South Korea 346 1
Singapore 86 0
Thailand 35 0
United States 34 0
Malaysia 22 0
Germany 16 0
Vietnam 16 0
Australia 15 0
France 12 1
United Kingdom 9 0
United Arab Emirates 9 0
Canada 8 0
India 3 0
Italy 3 2
Philippines 3 1
Iran 3 4
Russia 2 0
Spain 2 0
Nepal 1 0
Cambodia 1 0
Sri Lanka 1 0
Finland 1 0
Sweden 1 0
Belgium 1 0
Egypt 1 0
Israel 1 0
Notes: Data as of Feb. 21, 9:15 p.m. ET. Sources: NBC News reports, World Health Organization, state government leaders and health officials.

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