Three civilians killed with Russia’s cluster munitions in Bilozerka

Three civilians killed with Russia’s cluster munitions in Bilozerka

Three civilians killed with Russia’s cluster munitions in Bilozerka

Three civilians have been killed in Russia’s shelling of the Bilozerka territorial community, Kherson Region.
The relevant statement was made by Kherson Regional Military Administration on Facebook, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

On May 21, 2022, Russian occupiers shelled the Bilozerka territorial
community with cluster munitions, leaving three civilians killed and 10
detached houses damaged.

Kherson Regional Military Administration Head Yurii Sobolevskyi noted
that Russia’s shelling of the urban-type settlement of Bilozerka is
another war crime committed by the occupation forces. He called on local
residents to stay alert and careful during shelling.

A reminder that a young teacher, Daria Holik, was reported killed in Russia’s shelling of Bilozerka, Kherson Region.

Last day at Azovstal through eyes of Mariupol defenders

Last day at Azovstal through eyes of Mariupol defenders

Last day at Azovstal through eyes of Mariupol defenders


Film “Mariupol Fortress. Last Day at
Azovstal” by Dmytro Kozatsky, an Azov Regiment fighter, the regiment’s
press secretary who spent 84 days at the steelworks next to his
comrades, has been released.
The film was posted on the Telegram channel of Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to Mariupol mayor.

The film, which Orest (Dmytro Kozatsky) made the day before his
captivity, shows the steelworks from the inside. The Russians destroyed
the Azovstal, dropping bombs from the sky, constantly firing artillery
from the ground, and launching missiles from the sea. Twisted metal
rods, rails, various broken production structures, and the open sky
visible in the holes of the bombed industrial building.

“The last day at Azovstal. The video was edited by BABYLON’13 based
on materials provided by the Mariupol Garrison. We are all indebted to
our Defenders of Mariupol. There are no words to describe their feat and
heroism,” reads the caption below.

As reported, Ukrainian service members defended Mariupol for more
than 80 days. On May 16, the evacuation of Ukrainian defenders from the
Azovstal steelworks, blocked by Russian invaders, began. More than 50
seriously wounded soldiers were evacuated to a facility in Novoazovsk
for medical treatment. More than 200 people were taken to Olenivka
through the humanitarian corridor. An exchange procedure will be carried
out to return them home.

Photo: Dmytro Kozatsky (call sign Orest), Azovstal


Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee – Wikipedia,_Lord_Woodhouselee

The following quotation has been attributed to Tytler, although it has also been occasionally attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville:[19]

A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years.

This election loss might be just what the Australian Liberal Party needs | The Wentworth Report

This election loss might be just what the Australian Liberal Party needs. By Rowan Dean.

Scott Morrison and the Coalition did not lose government last night. They lost it on November 1 last year, when Scott Morrison stood in front of an adoring crowd of climate cultists in Glasgow and committed Australia to the ridiculous pledge of ‘Net Zero by 2050’.

Attacking and resisting Climate Change alarmism had been the secret winning weapon of the Liberal and National parties at every election since and including the landslide win in 2013.

The most pathetic scenes in this election campaign were watching Liberals and Nationals stand impotently by as they were attacked on Climate Change.

Rather than going on the attack by pointing out the energy crisis in Europe and the spiralling inflation in the US are all the result of climate alarmism, thanks to Scott Morrison and the bedwetters within the Liberal party, they played along with the pretence that we can close down our coal mines and still maintain our prosperity.

The winners from the globalist agenda of rule by unelected bureaucrats, and of ever bigger government and more well-paid bureaucratic jobs insulated from economic competition, are the alliance of bureaucrats, the media, academics, professionals on government-funded projects, and their allies. They tend to live in the inner cities. They have taken over the main left party in every western country, including the Labor Party here in Australia. They are the noisy, PC minority.

The losers are everyone else, especially those whose wages are kept in check by market discipline. This is the productive class who actually gets most real stuff done. They oppose the globalist class of Davos. They are the majority.

It is the destiny of the Liberal Party to be the party of the losers of globalization. Embrace it. Drop the teal electorates. They are realigning to the party of big government and the wealthy. Pursue them and you alienate most of the electorate. The teal electorates are your past. Thank them and move on — don’t make an ass of yourself chasing a lost love.

Morrison’s strategy of positioning his government just to the right of the Labor Party failed. Why vote for the pale imitation? Morrison’s Liberal Party bored and turned off most of the country. Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer have to be two of the least talented political operators around, yet they still managed to get 10% of the vote just by not being the Liberal Party.

A final note on the Western Australian factor, for those who don’t live here. WA voted heavily against the Morrison government. Morrison called us “cave dwellers” because we didn’t want his infection and the attendant masks and lockdowns, and insisted on closing our borders to people from Sydney when it was convulsed with delta. Imagine! What impertinence! The Labor Party here just repeated that comment over and over in ads. Some outsiders don’t acknowledge that WA locked down least, had the least covid, and was least affected by covid than any jurisdiction in the western world. Closing the borders to the infected states, and to an infected world, worked and bought us time.

Those outsiders also do not respect our democracy. How much clearer could WA voters make it ? We voted big time for a state leader who closed borders and kept us out of the covid mess. And yesterday many voted to indicate that we don’t appreciate arrogant Sydney-siders telling us to open our borders so they can visit and make us sick and force us into lockdowns and masks.

Australian Doctors Finally Speak Out! – Conference Of Conscience – Part 1 | Aletho News

For the first time in a conference of this nature, a group of brave Australian doctors have finally decided to speak out about what they and their patients have been subjected to, the ways the government and TGA have skewed the safety and efficacy data of the COVID-19 vaccines, purposeful suppression of early treatment that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, and the danger of continuing the COVID-19 vaccination program.

Australia and the whole world is currently at risk. The World Health Organization who is largely responsible for millions of deaths globally is currently proposing a global Pandemic Treaty which seeks to give the WHO complete control over every country. More information about this can be found on

Stay tuned for Part 2.

How Has Monkeypox Spread All Over the Globe at Lightning Speed?

For decades, a few scientists have voiced concerns that the monkeypox virus could have become better at infecting people—ironically because we eradicated its relative, smallpox, in the late 1970s. The smallpox vaccine incidentally protected against monkeypox. And when new generations were born into a world without either smallpox or smallpox-vaccination campaigns, they grew up vulnerable to monkeypox. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, this dwindling immunity meant that monkeypox infections increased 20-fold in the three decades after smallpox vanished, as Rimoin showed in 2010. That gives the virus more chances to evolve into a more transmissible pathogen in humans. To date, its R0—the average number of people who catch the disease from one infected person—has been less than 1, which means that outbreaks naturally peter out. But it could eventually evolve above that threshold, and cause more protracted epidemics, as Bergstrom simulated in 2003. “We saw monkeypox as a ticking time bomb,” he told me.

Meanwhile, authorities are claiming that it seems to be particularly spreading among men that have sex with other men. The following comes from CNN

Kremlin spreading fake news of Poland’s “insidious plans” for Ukraine

Kremlin spreading fake news of Poland's

Kremlin spreading fake news of Poland’s “insidious plans” for Ukraine

The Center for Countering Disinformation at
the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has published the
latest review of fake news and manipulative reports designed by Russian
The Russians are spinning claims that Poland allegedly harbors insidious intentions to side with Russia and eventually capture the western part of Ukraine.

That’s according to the Center’s report delivered via Telegram, as seen by Ukrinform.

“Russian propaganda is spreading a fake story claiming that Poland
insidiously intends to side with Russia and seize a western part of
Ukraine. A video with the relevant message is being spread by a
pro-Kremlin blogger Yuriy Podoliak,” the report reads.

Read also: Poland to provide 25,000t of petrol to Ukraine

The malign narrative that Poland is preparing to annex the western
part of Ukraine remains one of the main ones in Russia’s hybrid
infowarfare against Ukraine, which aims to pit Ukraine and Poland
against each other.

Any such massages have no evidence to back them other than falsified “facts.”

At the same time, on May 20, 2022, Polish President Andrzej Duda stated
he would see Ukraine’s victory with the full restoration of
territorial integrity as the best ending to the war. This once again
confirms the good neighborly relations between Poland and Ukraine

Federal election 2022 live updates: Scott Morrison concedes defeat as Labor wins government, Anthony Albanese to be next prime minister – ABC News

…”On a night like tonight it is proper to acknowledge the functioning of our democracy. always believed in Australians and their judgement and I’ve always been prepared to accept their verdicts and tonight they have delivered their verdict and I congratulate Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party and I wish him and his government all the very best. Now there are many votes still to count, that is true,” Morrison says.