FBI And Other Agencies Paid Informants $548 Million In Recent Years With Many Committing Authorized Crimes

Comment by tonytran2015: This is on top of the “Russian collusion” activities. Haha!

FBI And Other Agencies Paid Informants $548 Million In Recent Years With Many Committing Authorized Crimes By Adam Andrzejewski, CEO/Founder of OpenTheBooks.com; originally posted in Forbes Federal agencies paid out at least $548 million to informants working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,…

Malcolm Turnbull says Christian Porter’s use of anonymous blind trust to pay legal fees an ‘affront to transparency’ – ABC News


Federal minister Christian Porter’s decision to accept
mystery funds to pay personal legal fees has been described as a “shocking affront to transparency” by his former boss.

A Message To White Military | VikingLifeBlog


White soldiers, who do you serve?

Do you serve your countrymen? Do you serve your family back home? Do you serve your people by protecting the American value of a God-given right to hormone replacement therapy for your children? What about the American value of the right to pursue record-breaking profits for big business, while your brothers are granted the privilege to live paycheck to paycheck in the service of their economic overlords?

It’s time to stop serving this anti-White system. Resist the unconstitutional orders. Speak up about the injustices against our people. If you have no other option, resign before it is too late. Please, for the good of yourself and your people, do not continue on this path.

The Mannerbund



Finally, to ignore the fact that we are now living in what are truly some very scary times, is to deny reality. We seem to have a rather significant number of our political elite who, in exchange for a few pieces of silver, have become allies of certain foreign powers interested in bringing about the demise of our country and replacing it as the world’s sole superpower. So the time has now come for all Americans, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual persuasion to come together and ignore those trying so hard to divide us. We must put our petty differences aside and come together in the name of a cause that’s so much bigger than ourselves.

‘Proud Boys’ leader sentenced to jail for burning BLM banner in DC and having rifle magazine — RT USA News


Leader of the ‘Proud Boys’ group Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to
a total of 300 days in jail for bringing a loaded rifle magazine into
Washington, DC and setting a Black Lives Matter banner on fire outside a
Tarrio was given 240 days
in prison – 90 of them suspended – and a fine for the unlawful
possession of the magazine, and another 60 days for destroying the
banner. Judge Harold L. Cushenberry Jr. of DC Superior Court handed down
the sentence on Monday.

is expected to report to the same DC jail where the hundreds of people
charged in the January 6 riot at the US Capitol are currently being

“This court must respect the right of any citizen to peacefully assemble, protest, and make his or her views known on issues,” Cushenberry said at the sentencing, according to CNN.

Mr. Tarrio’s conduct in these criminal cases vindicate none of these
democratic values. Instead, Mr. Tarrio’s actions betrayed them.”

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‘Case closed’: Police shooting of Ashli Babbitt during January 6 riots ruled ‘lawful,’ officer will NOT face disciplinary action

Tarrio “clearly, intentionally and proudly crossed the line
from peaceful protest and assembly to dangerous and potentially violent
criminal conduct,” the judge added.

The ‘Proud Boys’ chairman
wasn’t actually in DC on January 6. He was arrested the day prior – at
which point the police found the rifle magazines in his possession – for
the alleged “hate crime” of setting the banner on fire during a demonstration in December, and ordered to leave the city.

Monday’s sentencing hearing the pastor of the church from which Tarrio
took the Black Lives Matter banner said that its burning “sparked feelings of hurt, anger, confusion.”

“I made a grave mistake,” Tarrio told the judge after that testimony, adding that he would “like to profusely apologize” for his actions, describing them as “wrong.”

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SHOOTING erupts as Antifa & Proud Boys clash violently in Portland (VIDEOS)

That was quite a change from his statements back in December,
when he admitted to being responsible for burning the sign. He said he
didn’t do it out of hate but “out of love,” calling BLM “a racist movement that has terrorized the citizens of this country.”

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: Since New DHS Alert, You’re a Potential Terrorist if You Oppose White House Lies – FOR GOD AND COUNTRY


Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: Since New DHS Alert, You’re a Potential Terrorist if You Oppose White House Lies

Media never interrogates questions pro-migrant politicians – Muunyayo

Comment by tonytran2015: It is also possible that the unelected, privately owned press cooperates tightly with the government to form a Corporate Fascism.


Europe Renaissance

Government dependent media sinister collaboration with government figures is raising concern across borders. On-Message career journalists give prominent coverage to anti-White politicians who promote migrant invasions and claim migrants add to the economies of Europe.

Yet, mainstream media never interviews or questions the disappearance of ministers when feel-good predictions turn to nuclear dust. Most switched-on observers recall being repeatedly told that migrants were adding to the wealth of our nations.

According to a report, less than 1 in 3 adult Syrians in Sweden are self-sufficient; why would it be any different in your country or mine? Furthermore, while self-reliance continues to grow among the general taxed indigenous population, the trend among Syrians is going in the opposite direction.

Another point, migrants who are working tend to send their money to their families in their countries of origin not spending it in countries where they settle.

A new report by the…

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McConnell: US Should Launch Airstrikes to Stop Taliban Advance in Afghanistan | Jim Campbell’s

Comment by tonytran2015: There remain some questions here: 1. How Afghanistan would be governed? 2. Do America open its border to all non-Taliban Afghanis who are genuinely war refugees?


… “I have long called for a deliberative, planned, vetted, and secure withdrawal from Afghanistan while maintaining maximum leverage. Wars should have ends. That is the opposite of what President Biden has pursued,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Friday.

“The world is watching in horror as the Taliban takes over Afghanistan in response to President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Biden’s failure to develop a plan or execute coherent operations in Afghanistan not only erases the successes of the United States and our allies, but it emboldens terrorist groups like al Qaeda and ISIS and invites future attacks against the United States like we experienced on 9/11,” added Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.)….

Texas Issues 52 Arrest Warrants for Democrats that Fled to DC

Texas House Sergeant-at-Arms delivers civil arrest warrants for absent Democrats Texas House Sergeant-at-Arms delivers civil arrest warrants for absent Democrats Go to Source Author: H. A. Goodman… Read more