Biden’s readiness to scream ‘Russian interference!’ while staying silent on Big Tech’s meddling is astounding cognitive dissonance — RT Op-ed

As the 2022 midterm election season approaches, Joe Biden and
the Democrat Party are already repeating their 2016 claims of “Russian
interference,” which they falsely spewed throughout the entire first
term of Donald Trump.
This week, Joe Biden
accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of trying to disrupt the 2022
US congressional elections by “spreading misinformation,” going as far
as saying Russia was undermining and violating US sovereignty.

interference is real. However, Biden, who appears to be in a state of
constant mental decline and confusion, demonstrates the
election-interference cognitive dissonance that has become commonplace
within the Democrat Party and among Democrat voters. As a Republican
voter and Congressional candidate myself, I am very concerned about
election interference in the 2022 congressional elections, just not from
Russia. I agree with Biden’s concerns about the 2022 congressional
elections being disrupted by election interference. In fact, the biggest
issue currently facing the United States of America and the future of
our elections process is election interference – just not by Russia.

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Big Tech behaves as if they’re the new rulers of the world, and they need to be stopped. At last, the pushback has begun

The election interference that Americans must be weary of, heading into 2022, is Big Tech interference.

Biden and the Democratic Party, Russia has become an easy scapegoat and
political boogeyman for very real political issues that are affecting
the integrity of our elections. As we saw during the four years that
Donald J Trump was President, the Democrats have zero qualms about
accusing their political opponents of being Russian bots, Russian
agents, or about dividing the entire nation over a feverish conspiracy
of Russian election interference.

What they are not willing to
do, however, is admit that the biggest threat to the integrity of US
elections is Big Tech tyranny. When it comes to interfering in
elections, the evidence makes it very clear that Russia is of no
concern, while Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter are
deplatforming US Congressional candidates like myself and banning a
sitting US President during the certification process of the 2020
elections. Political censorship and Big Tech election interference has
created widespread distrust of America’s elections process, but Joe
Biden refuses to address it because Big Tech companies and their
executives are Democratic Party mega-donors and their election
interference efforts are aimed at aiding and electing Democrat

Speaking at the Geneva Summit last month following
his meeting with Vladimir Putin, Biden said he told Putin there would be
consequences to any election interference in the United States, adding
that those who engage in election interference will have shrinking

“Let’s get this straight. How would it be if the
United States was viewed by the rest of the world as interfering with
the elections directly of other countries, and everyone knew it? It
diminishes the standing of a country that is desperately trying to
maintain its standing as a major world power.”

Biden is right, but his severe case of cognitive dissonance has
prevented him from recognizing and properly addressing the fact that the
most egregious election interference that is happening in the world is
actually originating from the United States. It is happening in Silicon
Valley, California, where a handful of billionaires have taken it upon
themselves to decide which political candidates in America, and around
the world, will be able to have a voice during elections.

United States desperately wants to remain the arbiter of truth,
morality, and to set the standard for what it means to have free and
fair elections, but the Democratic Party’s acceptance of Big Tech’s
blatant interference with the 2020 elections and recent admissions by
Biden’s administration that he is actively working with Facebook to
censor content he views as “misinformation,” has created a severe
credibility issue.

Not only does Biden have a credibility issue
regarding his accusations against foreign nations of election
interference but, since the 2020 elections, the United States has a
credibility issue in the eyes of other world leaders who have been told
for generations that the United States is the leading world power.

Facebook, Google, and Apple are American companies. While these
companies certainly have an international and global consumer base, they
were created and founded in the United States of America.

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In an era in which the left dominates both the media and the halls of power, the only way to rebel is to lean right

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, “Employees of Google’s parent, Alphabet Inc., and Microsoft Corp. , Inc., Apple Inc. and Facebook
Inc. were the five largest sources of money for Mr. Biden’s campaign
and joint fundraising committees among those identifying corporate
employers, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of campaign
finance reports. Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign received at least
$15.1 million from employees of those five tech firms, records show.”

is no denying that Biden received significant financial support from
both the employees of and the executives of these powerful Big Tech
companies that are now curating political discourse and communication
all around the world.

For this reason, Biden has refused to hold
Big Tech to the same standard regarding election interference that he
wishes to hold Putin.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Putin
himself has been more vocal about Big Tech’s election interference than
the US leader, which has further diminished the United States standing
as an authority on fair elections

Following Trump’s ban from
nearly every Big Tech social media platform in January 2021, Putin
himself, who the Democrats have spent years vilifying and falsely
accusing of election interference, used his platform to call out Big
Tech’s out-of-control power. During his speech at the Davos World
Economic Forum this year, Putin argued that Big Tech is undermining free
and fair elections through their monopolistic business practices.

“Digital giants have been playing an increasingly significant role in wider society,” Putin said via videolink. “In
certain areas they are competing with states… Here is the question, how
well does this monopolism correlate with the public interest? Where is
the distinction between successful global businesses, sought-after
services and big data consolidation on the one hand, and the efforts to
rule society[…] by substituting legitimate democratic institutions, by
restricting the natural right for people to decide how to live and what
view to express freely on the other hand?” he asked.

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New York Times reporter deletes tweets calling Trump supporters ‘enemies of the state’

As I previously wrote in a previous Op Ed: “Big
Tech and the Democrats love virtue-signaling about fake news and
foreign-election interference, but it’s a classic case of projection,
because spreading fake news and interfering in democratic elections is
exactly what they are guilty of doing.”

While there may be
no cure for Biden and the Democratic Party’s debilitating case of
cognitive dissonance, which will surely worsen as time goes on, it will
be up to the American people during the 2022 midterm elections to adopt
the task of curtailing Big Tech’s election interference so that America
can continue to remain a respected world leader and set the global
standard for free and fair elections.

Arizona State Rep Mark Finchem Says AZ Attorney General Will Likely Seize Maricopa County Election Routers Within 30 Days – Trump:The American Years

Comment by tonytran2015: This is the opening scene for the way to secession and the end of federalism.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland yesterday issued a letter threatening states holding audits of the 2020 U.S. general election with Federal criminal charges.

You can read the entire document on the PDF tab below:fullDownload

Today on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic, Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, who is running for AZ Secretary of State, said that if Maricopa County Board of Elections does not turn over election routers, spunk logs, and other equipment subpoenaed by the State Senate, the issue would be turned over to the AZ Attorney General and equipment could very well be seized within the next 30 days.

Decertification of the 2020 election results by the AZ legislature is also strong possibility.

“AZ AG Mark Brnovich has this authority and he knows it,” declared Finchem.

Finchem also again pointed out that under the U.S. Constitution, states have the authority to run their own…

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Impact of the Arizona Audit – There is no Going Back | Centinel2012

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Jul 30, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Martin you posted today about the Arizona audit and the fraud. My question is?

Besides the obvious Arizona will start the process of correcting the ballots, does this mean people are going to be kicked out of office? Does this mean the Supreme Court will finally have to address the fraud issue? There doesn’t seem to be a clear path. Maybe, it’s like playing poker you don’t want to show your Ace quite yet?

The average guy like me just looking for a little hope.

Thank you


ANSWER: The Arizona audit has obviously revealed FRAUD with 74,000 mail-in ballots being counted that were never mailed out. This election was vital to rig because if you just open your eyes, we see this Build Back Better agenda of the Great Reset is not in EVERY major country in the West. As long as Trump was in office, they could NOT accomplish this takeover of the world they have been dreaming about. There were plenty of hate mails that I go to saying I was just a Trump supporter as they refused to look at this globally. This election WAS NEVER ABOUT Trump v Biden as if who was more competent. This was an election that HAD TO BE RIGGED to push forward the agenda coming from the World Economic Forum.

This FT video shows that there was PANIC in the air at Davos when Trump was elected. They were planning this Great Reset back then. Trump had to be removed at all costs and we are starting to witness just what that cost really was.

The results of this audit are being carefully explained. They are simply saying they made a mistake rather than calling it FRAUD. So it is a question of “decertifying” the election, not calling it a FRAUD. I seriously doubt that the Supreme Court would dare to step into this quagmire. I do not believe we will see Trump returned to office. The BEST we can hope for is that Arizona would be able to recall its politicians – but not alter the presidency. The Supreme Court would never rule on this issue for they would then have to pronounce that the Democrats lied and rigged the election. That would collapse confidence in the entire political system so I doubt the Supreme Court would dare cross that line.
Part of this cancel culture is the limit the topics people are allowed to talk about. If they can do that, the illusion of freedom of thought can be maintained. This is what is really taking place. They are trying to cancel people and ideas and restrict the conversation to what is only approved to keep the delusion that we are free like in the movie the Matrix.
The Biden Administration is fighting back threatening people who audit elections with criminal charges. This proves b beyond a shadow of a doubt that the election was rigged. If there was no FRAUD, then the Democrats would welcome such audits and then use them in the 2022 election to verify that Trump and the Republicans lied about the election. That would be a strong argument but they are not interested in proving their allegations because they know the elections were rigged.
The Biden Administration wants to keep the COVID terrorist campaign and has the FDA trying to prevent any treatment for COVID other than vaccines. This is just not right! Then the British data shows that those vaccinated have a higher chance of death with the COVID variants than those not vaccinated.
This is all about this Agenda and getting to the truth is just not going to be an easy task. Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and there is no putting this all back together. We just have to get through this political corruption so we can come out the other side of 2032 when government collapses.

Why are Democrats so opposed to voter ID, and other common sense voting rules? | ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together

The Daley Gator

Well, to put it as simplyas I can, it makes it very tough to “exploit” votingrules. As The Other McCain explains…..

A couple of months ago, I had a long phone conversation with an old friend from Douglas County, Georgia. Among other things, we talked about the election there and, when I mentioned suspicions of fraud, my friend said he didn’t believe Democrats had fabricated votes in Fulton County. Instead, he said, they had exploited the Secretary of State’s decision (contradicting state law) to permit widespread mail-in voting with drop boxes. What Democrats did with that loophole, my friend explained, was to deploy an army of ballot harvesters who were soliciting votes in grocery store parking lots andthey knew whose votes they were looking for, IYKWIMAITYD. So, according to my friend, the election wasn’t exactly stolen, but it was not exactly legitimate, either…

Biden’s Department of Justice Just Issued a Warning to States on Performing Election Audits – Nwo Report

The Department of Justice just issued a warning about states performing election audits or considering conducting election audits.

“The department warned that auditors could face criminal and civil penalties if they destroy any records related to the election or intimidate voters in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1960 and federal laws prohibiting voter intimidation,” the NY Times reported.

“The admonishment came in election-related guidance documents issued as part of the department’s larger plan to protect access to the polls, announced by Attorney General Merrick B. Garland in June,” the Times continued. “Another document released on Wednesday outlined federal laws on how ballots are cast and said that the department could scrutinize states that revert to prepandemic voting procedures, which may not have allowed as many people to vote early or by mail.”

“The warning was the Justice Department’s latest effort to alert state lawmakers that their audits could run afoul of federal law,” the Times added. “Department officials cautioned the Republican-led Arizona State Senate in May that its audit and recount of the November election in Maricopa County, widely seen as a partisan exercise to fuel grievances over Donald J. Trump’s election loss, may be in violation of the Civil Rights Act.”

It is not the first time the Department of Justice has tried to keep states from reviewing 2020 election results with forensic audits.

In late June, the Biden Department of Justice, headed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, sued Georgia over its new election law. Advertisements

“Today, the Department of Justice is suing the state of Georgia. Our complaint alleges that recent changes to Georgia’s election laws were enacted with the purpose of denying or abridging the right of Black Georgians to vote on account of their race or color,” Garland claimed without being specific.

On Wednesday, the Arizona State Senate announced that it had completed the counting of ballots in Maricopa County, and the ballots were being returned to the county.

“The counting of the ballots is complete and they are being returned to Maricopa County,” Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann tweeted. “Now we wait for the draft and final reports.”

In Florida, a GOP state lawmaker recently called for a forensic audit, even though Donald Trump had won the state during the 2020 election.

“A full forensic audit of the five counties must be done immediately,” State Rep. Anthony Sabatini said. “Florida voters’ confidence in our elections is at an all-time low. Disturbing revelations in Arizona, Georgia and other states make clear that the Secretary of State needs to do more than attempt to secure future elections. They must also look back and ensure that laws already on the books were followed in previous elections.” Advertisements

“This is not a partisan issue and is a necessary step in ensuring voter confidence in future elections,” he said, adding that “it’s about time”that election officials “start showing some transparency.”


Department Of Justice Threatens To Sue To Keep 2020 Election Chaos | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

New documents represent the Biden administration’s latest attempt to squelch investigations into irregularities, silence critics of the 2020 election, and cement free-for-all voting ‘procedures.’

‘We’re F**ked’: Democrats Panic Over 2022 Midterms After 18 States Pass Election Reform Laws – Nwo Report

Top Democrats are beginning to panic over their party’s prospects in the 2022 midterm election after Republican legislatures in 18 states passed election integrity laws, with more to come.

The alarm bells are sounding through a piece by Politico warning that Democrat election operatives are worried that new voting laws will prevent them from pulling the same tricks with mail-in ballots they used in the 2020 election.

Nse Ufot, the CEO of the Stacey Abrams-founded New Georgia Project, admitted as much to the far-left publication on Monday.

“If there isn’t a way for us to repeat what happened in November 2020, we’re fucked,” Ufot said.

“We are doing what we do to make sure that not only our constituents, our base, the people, the communities that we organize with, get it. We’re trying to make sure that our elected officials get it as well.”

Democrats also don’t believe Joe Biden or Kamala Harris is capable of overcoming the voting laws in 18 states.

Wisconsin Republicans Promise Forensic Election Audit – Nwo Report

The people of Wisconsin deserve to know the truth about the 2020 election…’By Managing Editor July 27, 2021

The Republican head of the Wisconsin Assembly elections committee said Monday she will ensure there is a “comprehensive, forensic examination” of ballots cast in the 2020 presidential election at the same time the state’s nonpartisan audit bureau conducts a review.

The broadened investigation comes as the result of widespread evidence of fraud as President Donald Trump and other national Republicans take a closer look in Wisconsin, a state President Joe Biden was awarded by an alleged 20,000 votes. Democrats have derided calls for more investigations.

One of the loudest critics of how the election was run is Rep. Janel Brandtjen, chair of the Assembly elections committee. She said in a statement Monday that her committee will request additional materials to conduct a deeper review.

The committee’s investigation is in addition to a review ordered by Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, being done by three retired police detectives and overseen by a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, and the independent review by the audit committee.

Another separate, independent investigation is being done by several individuals convinced there was widespread fraud in Wisconsin.

The type of probe Brandtjen describes mirrors an audit being done in Arizona. Brandtjen and three other Wisconsin Republicans traveled to Arizona last month to observe that review.

“The people of Wisconsin deserve to know the truth about the 2020 election,” Brandtjen said in a statement.

She said her committee will look into “broader issues that have been raised” in the “most transparent and coordinated way possible.”

Trump’s loss to Biden in Wisconsin withstood a partial recount ordered by Trump in Milwaukee and Dane counties, the two most heavily Democratic counties. But ballots were not scrutinized for their veracity and mail-in votes were not compared with envelopes to confirm they were allowed under state law.

Brandtjen repeated concerns about absentee voting by people who said they were “indefinitely confined,” which under state law meant they did not have to show a photo ID to obtain their ballot, and about election officials filling in missing information on the envelopes that contained absentee ballots. That practice was done for prior elections under guidance from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

She also raised concerns about how ballot counting machines work.

“Voters have made it clear that they want a thorough, cyber-forensic examination of tabulators, ballot marking devices and other election equipment, which I will be helping facilitate,” Brandtjen said. “IP addresses, chain of custody on ballots and audit trail logs must be thoroughly inspected by cyber-audit technicians in order to provide confidence for voters in our elections, both completed and upcoming.”

Democratic state Rep. Mark Spreitzer said Brandtjen was “reviving dead conspiracy theories and making up new ones about tabulation machines.”

“Wisconsin deserves better than right-wing extremists pretending to have insight into elections that they lost,” Spreitzer tweeted.

Five Years Later | The Wentworth Report

Five Years Later. By Julie Kelly.

Five years ago this week, Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS, boarded a train in Washington, D.C. bound for Philadelphia. The Democratic National Convention was in chaos after WikiLeaks released emails that showed party officials rigged the primary process in favor of Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders supporters were mutinous; Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then-head of the Democratic National Committee, resigned on July 25, 2016. Simpson and his business partner hightailed it to the City of Brotherly Love to woo the media away from the escalating scandal. The well-connected pair met with top journalists and editors, including New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet, to spin a dark tale about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia including rumors of prostitutes in a Moscow hotel. It worked like a charm. … That last week of July 2016 exposed the seamless and shameless web of paid political operatives, top news organizations, Democratic Party honchos, and the upper tier of the most powerful government agencies in the country. It culminated with the official launch of Crossfire Hurricane on July 31, 2016, an investigation ostensibly about four campaign associates’ collusion with Russia but which, in reality, targeted Trump himself. …

Five years of boiling frogs:

The five-year arc from July 2016 to July 2021 is stunning. It took less than five years from the time the Justice Department told a secret court that Carter Page was a foreign agent to the Justice Department telling a federal judge that a working-class Trump supporter from Florida is a domestic terrorist. It took less than five years from the time the FBI ambushed National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in the White House to the FBI ambushing Iraq war veterans and Alaskan spa owners in their own homes. And it took less than five years from the time Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was placed in solitary confinement under a pre-trial detention order to dozens of Trump supporters languishing in solitary confinement conditions in jail under pre-trial detention orders for mostly nonviolent crimes.

Differential law enforcement, depending on your politics:

Meanwhile, those protected by the legal system and the news media roam free — and continue to rake in the dough. Hunter Biden for years acted as a pass through between corrupt foreign regimes and the Biden family’s flush bank account. But while Biden still faces no criminal charges related to his overseas grift, … Tom Barrack, the chairman of Trump’s 2016 inaugural committee, was indicted on July 20 for several counts of foreign lobbying violations and obstruction of justice. Hunter Biden worked as an unregistered foreign lobbyist disguised as a “board member” for years, pocketing millions while his father was vice president and continuing after the “Big Guy” left office; he now collects steep fees for his artwork. … It’s unclear how Barrack, a billionaire, profited from his alleged lobbying activity, or even if the accusations laid out by prosecutors represent legitimate “lobbying.” But none of it matters. The only thing that matters is Barrack’s longtime friendship with the Beltway’s bogeyman, Donald Trump. Just ask Rudy Giuliani or Roger Stone or Mike Flynn or anyone in Trump’s inner circle how that works. …

Changing the topic:

And, like five years ago, when Glenn Simpson and the Democrats used Trump-Russia collusion to obscure a legitimate scandal and then destroy Donald Trump, the Capitol breach probe and January 6 select committee are the diversion from a real American scandal: a rigged presidential election that gave Joe Biden the White House. The media, as usual, is playing along, insisting January 6 was a terror attack comparable to 9/11 while claims of election fraud are a “Big Lie.”

At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a lady asked Dr. Benjamin Franklin “Well Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin replied, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.” Not much longer.

Arizona Senate Issues Fresh Subpoena For 2020 Election Audit
Arizona Senate Issues Fresh Subpoena For 2020 Election Audit Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times, Arizona senators on Monday issued a new subpoena to the state’s largest county for materials related to the 2020 election. Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Arizona Senate Judiciary Chairman Warren Petersen ordered Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors to…