Did Hillary Clinton push Trump-Russia hoax to distract from her e-mail server scandal? | WINTERY KNIGHT


… So, if this report is true, Hillary Clinton is the source for the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, and Obama knew about it all along. It went right to the top, just like the IRS persecution of conservative organizations in Obama’s re-election year. Another story the mainstream media news ignored.

I remember how the mainstream news media, the Democrat party politicians, and the so-called “fact-checkers” all pushed the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. I don’t find Comey’s failure to remember very convincing.

GOP Poll Worker in 2020 Detroit: ‘They Treated Me Like a Criminal!’ – Nwo Report


Source: Rebecca Behrends

In a soon-to-be-released report, called “TCF Timeline – The 2020 General Election in Detroit,” from Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity, author Phillip O’Halloran meticulously details the disturbing events at the absentee voter counting boards at the TCF Center in Detroit during the 2020 election, which can only be characterized as ‘fraud.’

It’s the story of a whistleblower, Jessy Jacob, who worked in ballot-counting and was appalled at what she saw. Her story briefly was told in some of the press but not truly heard by the public given the pushback by mainstream media which claimed there was no fraud at all.

Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (MC4EI) of which O’Halloran is a vice president of research, believes it is high time for her side of the story to get out more fully.

Jessy Jacob is an elderly Indian immigrant with 30 years of experience working for the City of Detroit. According to the report, Jessy provided an affidavit (Exhibit 3, p.36) of her involvement with the 2020 election in Detroit as part of a lawsuit filed by the Great Lakes Justice Center alleging fraud and misconduct in Wayne County pertaining to the election.

She worked at one of the satellite precincts as an election worker for most of October right up through Election Day. She observed on a daily basis the City of Detroit election workers and employees coaching voters to vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat party. They even accompanied voters to the voting booths and coached them for whom they should vote. This is in violation of Michigan election laws, punishable as misdemeanors for up to $500 and 90 days in the county jail.

How was this claim handled by Judge Tim Kinney in the court case? He dismissed her testimony regarding the improper behavior of election workers and employees as “not credible” as she did not provide precise names and dates of who and when these violations occurred.

Imagine that you see a steady stream of wrong behavior over a month’s period of time and because you don’t catalog it for the benefit of a later legal review, it is dismissed as irrelevant, something that never happened. Citizens are not attorneys, and this hasn’t been the standard of proof in other kinds of cases, such as, say, child molestation.

Jessy had previously been a whistleblower in the City of Detroit in 2009. She used to be the top civil engineer in Detroit. She rightfully raised red flags then over $12 million rigged bids involving Bobby Ferguson for work on a public housing project. Ferguson was subsequently indicted on charges of conspiracy to defraud the U.S., mail fraud, and money laundering, and was sentenced to 28 years in prison. Jacob alleged that she was demoted thereafter to a rank-and-file civil service position and was forced to work alone in a vacant storage room without voice mail and with no inclusion on department emails and memos. Her lawyer, Mary Anne Helveston, said “nobody’s listening to her. It’s a disgrace.”

Everyone complains about the waste and theft of taxpayer money through corrupt and lazy government individuals. Is this the thanks a whistleblower gets who tries to bring unlawful behavior to light?

Now, fast forward to 2020. Given what Jessy had experienced before, how easy do you think it would have been for this woman to come forward and express her concerns?

Things got worse on Nov. 4, the day after the election. Jessy was told to backdate the ballots she was processing to Nov. 2. These were ballots that did not match with names in the registration rolls. Who were these “ voters”? She was instructed to permit them to be put into the tabulators and counted. A co-worker said this had been going on all night with thousands of ballots involved.

Jessy reported this to the Absent Voter Counting Board Director and the Senior Election Advisor who agreed that the procedure was not correct but told her to do it anyway. She refused. Jessy was also instructed to disregard flagrant mismatches of signatures and “let it go.” She even dropped a yellow sticky note for a GOP attorney to see, notifying her of the back-dating going on. She also motioned to a GOP observer to meet her in the restroom where she delivered another sticky note informing her of the back-dating. Later, this GOP challenger sought Jessy out who was “scared to death” and Jessy gave her phone number to her. An election official yelled at Jessy not to talk to GOP observers or show them anything. She was ushered away from her work area. She claimed she was harassed and intimidated. When she offered to do other work, a State of Michigan official said, “I don’t need any of your help. Get out!” and then she threw her badge at Jessy.

Jacob testified, “I just wanted to serve the City of Detroit” and “I never expected this kind of treatment. It was really, really bad.” She stated, “They treated me like a criminal!”

The election advisor later claimed that he said to Jessy, “Why should we punish voters for a processor’s mistake?” What was this so-called “mistake”? The official explanation: Clerks had failed to click “save” when entering data on ballots into the computer. We interviewed other clerks who said this would have been very unlikely for thousands of ballots.

The obvious conclusion is that these ballots should have been rejected. The “failure to click save” explanation holds no water and the only other reasonable conclusion is that these were truly late-arriving non-verified ballots after the deadline!

Why does this matter? Because if bad actors intend to commit fraud, they need to know what magic number to arrive at to turn an election in their favor. If they can stretch out election night on the pretense that due to COVID and an immense number of absentee ballots arriving, they have the time to “create” ballots and “backfill” names into the registration rolls to cover up their malfeasance. Again, Judge Kinney later ruled that the senior election advisor was a more credible witness than Jessy Jacob even though he was the one Jacob was accusing of ordering to violate proper election procedure. He could not by any stretch of logic be considered a neutral authority on this matter.

And so there you have it. What level of corruption or fraud is acceptable in America? Is it okay as long as it “doesn’t overturn an election”? How do we know if such wrongdoing would or would not overturn the election without the equivalent of a crime scene investigation ie a full forensic audit? As seen by Jacob’s experience at the TCF Center in Detroit, ballots should only be counted if they are verified and legitimate. Anything else is……yes, there we go again, the ‘fraud’ word!

There was nothing to be gained for this elderly Indian immigrant woman to put herself on the chopping block- again. The only explanation is that we still have citizens in our society with such a strong moral compass, that they cannot keep silent in the face of wrongdoing. It has been said, that “when a man is penalized for honesty he learns to lie.” (Criss Jami). Do we want to create a society of liars? People afraid to tell the truth?

“Without courage there cannot be truth, and without truth there can be no other virtue.” (Walter Scott). Thank God for people like Jessy Jacob.

Look for the upcoming report here.

Something Being Overlooked in the Danchenko Indictment – A Bigger Indictment of U.S. Media | Centinel2012


Every single person in Washington DC, and every single person who reports on the people in Washington DC, knows that Robert Mueller’s purpose was to coverup for the corrupt activity of the FBI, DOJ, intelligence community and politicians in congress. They all know it. They all know it to a demonstrable certainty. Yet, they pretend as if it’s something just not discussed in polite company.

Igor Danchenko Arrested as Part of Durham Investigation [Updated] – JONATHAN TURLEY


The office of Special Counsel John Durham has confirmed that Igor Danchenko, a key source for British ex-spy Christopher Steele, has been arrested.
This is the third arrest by Durham who is moving toward the prosecution
stage of his investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion
scandal. Durham is variously described as either painfully methodical or positively glacial
as a prosecutor. But he is widely credited with being a dogged and
absolutely apolitical prosecutor. Danchenko’s arrest is a seismic
development and confirmed Durham is far from done with his

Washington was recently rocked by the indictment of
Michael Sussman, former counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential
campaign and the Democratic National Committee, for his alleged role in
spreading a false Russia conspiracy theory.

Now Danchenko is being charged with five counts of making false statements.

Danchenko is widely referenced as the sub-source for former British
intelligence officer Christopher Steele for his controversial dossier.
That dossier, funded by the Clinton campaign, served as the basis for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Danchenko told the FBI that the dossier was “unsubstantiated” and
said that Steele asked him to look for any “compromising” information on
Trump. Mr. Danchenko worked for the Brookings Institution, a liberal
Washington think-tank that often produced reports critical of Trump.

Danchenko is not someone who immediately comes across as an apex
defendant — the highest target in an investigation. He was a key source
used by others to advance false or unsubstantiated claims against Trump.
He is the type of defendant that prosecutors pressure to flip against
those who retained him or used him in this effort. In other words, he
strikes me as someone who can be used as a building block to apex

Potential apex targets above him in the investigation range from Steele himself to Clinton general counsel Marc Elias to Clinton campaign officials.

The indictment circles around an unnamed figure called PR-Executive-1
who was a close Clinton adviser who held high positions in the
Democratic party and prior Clinton campaigns. Most embarrassing are
references to the Clinton adviser meeting with possible Russian
intelligence figures and other Russian sources, including this line:

PR Executive-1 gifted to Russian
Sub-Source-1 an autobiography of Hillary Clinton, which he signed and
inscribed with the handwritten message, “To my good friend [first name
of Russian Sub-Source-1], A Great Democrat.”

That is one book I think Hillary Clinton would like back.

The indictment describes the individual in this way:

“PR Executive-1 had served as (1) chairman
of a national Democratic political organization, (2) state chairman of
former President Clinton’s 1992 and 1996 presidential campaigns, and (3)
an advisor to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Moreover,
beginning in or about 1997, President Clinton appointed PR Executive-!
to two four-year terms on an advisory commission at the U.S. State
Department. With respect to the 2016 Clinton Campaign, PR Executive-!
actively campaigned and participated in calls and events as a volunteer
on behalf of Hillary Clinton.”

There is no indication if Durham has possible evidence of criminal
acts by those figures but there is every indication that he is not done
by a long shot with this investigation.

Here is the indictment: Danchenko indictment

How indictment of ‘Steele dossier’ source may unravel entire Trump-Russia narrative — RT Op-ed


Charges against Igor Danchenko, primary sub-source for the
infamous ‘Steele Dossier’ on Trump-Russia ties, suggest it was a
fabrication fueled by Democrats and that the FBI knew it, but used the
dossier to spy on Trump anyway.
Danchenko, a former
researcher at the liberal Brookings Institution think-tank in
Washington, was arrested on Thursday by the FBI and charged with five
counts of making false statements. According to the indictment
originally filed under seal on November 3, Danchenko lied multiple
times about contacts with Russian national Sergei Millian, and denied
speaking with an unnamed public relations executive with Democrat ties,
who turned out to be feeding him information to include in the infamous

Danchenko was released on a $100,000 bond and ordered to surrender his passport and not leave the Washington, DC area.

Also on rt.com
DOJ says federal agents arrested analyst involved in anti-Trump ‘Steele Dossier’

This is the third indictment so far in the probe led by special
counsel John Durham, a career federal prosecutor tasked with digging
into the FBI investigation of candidate and later President Donald Trump
over Democrat allegations that he had ties to Russia.

The so-called “Steele dossier,”
authored by former British spy and FBI informant Christopher Steele,
was used by the FBI to secure warrants to spy on Trump via campaign aide
Carter Page, well into his presidency. It was also chiefly based on information passed on by Danchenko, as it later emerged.

indictment itself is not evidence, and Danchenko is presumed innocent
until proven guilty. The claims in the document, however, have been
described as “bombshell stuff” by multiple analysts.

addition to alleged lies about meeting or talking with people, the
indictment also says Danchenko lied about staying at a Moscow hotel in
June 2016. This stay is when he supposedly spoke to staff and fed Steele
rumors that served as the basis of the dossier’s claim Trump had paid
Russian prostitutes to urinate on him in the same bed where former
President Barack Obama once slept. Steele claimed that Russian spies had
the video of the alleged encounter, which made for “kompromat” they could use to control Trump.

was never any actual evidence for any of this, but with the federal
prosecutors now saying Danchenko didn’t make it to the said hotel until
October 2016, the speculation he fed Steele is even more suspect.

Also on rt.com
Russian PR executive outed as ‘source’ of ‘Russiagate’ Steele Dossier claims it was made up by British spy’s employee

Multiple false statement charges deal with Danchenko’s claims to
have spoken with Millian, who allegedly told him about Trump-Russia
ties. Millian has insisted that this never happened, and proclaimed his
vindication on Thursday, citing the indictment.

Another charge is related to an unnamed PR executive close to the Democrats. Though he is mentioned only as “PR-Executive-1,” investigative journalists have worked out a match with Charles H. Dolan of Ketchum Public Relations.

One of them arrived at that conclusion by cross-referencing the deposition of Olga Galkina, Danchenko’s school friend who was identified as one of his sub-sources last year.

Later in the day, an attorney representing Dolan confirmed he was indeed “PR-Executive-1.”
His involvement sets up a chain of dominoes in ‘Russiagate’: Democrats
fed information to Danchenko, who fed it to Steele, who sold it to
Fusion GPS, which leaked it to the corporate media, who in turn accused
Trump of “collusion” with the Kremlin.

The indictment also confirms the 2020 revelation
that the FBI was aware of Danchenko’s false statements in early 2017,
but continued to use the Steele Dossier as grounds for spying on the
Trump presidency. The dossier was the basis of the original FISA warrant
to spy on the Trump campaign via former aide Carter Page, starting
during the 2016 election and continuing after Trump was sworn in.

Danchenko is the third person to get caught up in the Durham probe. The first, FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith,
pleaded guilty to making false statements early on in the
investigation. He admitted to altering evidence to make it seem Page was
a foreign agent, thereby enabling the FISA application. He was
sentenced to probation in January, after Joe Biden was sworn in as

Michael Sussman, a partner at law firm Perkins Coie – which has long represented the Democratic National Committee – was charged in mid-September, also with lying to the FBI. Sussmann allegedly pretended he wasn’t telling the FBI about the “Alfa Bank” conspiracy theory on behalf of the party or the Clinton campaign, even though he allegedly was.

Also on rt.com
What did he know and when? Biden’s National Security advisor implicated in Alfa Bank Russiagate scam

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley believes Durham is “not done by a long shot” with this investigation, as Danchenko doesn’t appear to be the “apex defendant” but rather someone who might be pressured into a plea-deal to testify against others.

speculated the potential targets of the probe could include Steele
himself and Hillary Clinton’s general counsel and former Perkins Coie
partner Marc Elias, among others.

Russian Source for Steele Dossier Indicted for Lying To FBI

The Russian analyst who served as the main source for the Steele dossier was indicted Thursday on charges that he lied to the FBI about his efforts to compile information on Donald Trump, as well as his interactions with a longtime adviser to Hillary Clinton.…

Illegal voting in New Jersey, 2021 | Stella’s Place


Project Veritas under cover video of New Jersey poll workers allowing a non-citizen to vote. Apparently he was also allowed to vote in the Presidential election in 2020.

Speaking of the 2020 Presidential election, the NJ Election Worker, Essex County, says: “Remember, we were allowing anyone to come in.”…