Here Is What Dr. Shiva’s Limited Analysis In Arizona Has Found – Nwo Report

Source: Jacob Palmieri

The fight for election integrity continues.

One of the leaders in it has been Dr. Shiva.

He was able to do a limited analysis for the Arizona audit.

What he has found is stunning.

Fulton County’s Audit Case Was Just Dismissed – the Reason Has Election Fraud Observers Furious – Nwo Report

Source: Kyle Becker

Fulton County’s audit case was just dismissed. Henry County Superior Court Chief Judge Brian Amero reasoned that the case had a lack of standing.

“A judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit that alleged fraud in Georgia’s most populous county during the 2020 election,” the Independent reported. “The suit sought a review of some 147,000 absentee ballots in search of illegitimate votes, but no evidence emerged to justify such a broad search, the judge said.”

“Henry County Superior Court Chief Judge Brian Amero’s order dismissing the case says the Georgia voters who brought the lawsuit ‘failed to allege a particularized injury, and therefore lacked the standing to claim that their state constitutional rights to equal protection and due process had been violated,” the report added.

The court’s order to dismiss the case can be read here:

“All citizens of Georgia have a right to know whether or not counterfeit ballots were injected into the Fulton Co. election results, how many were injected, where they came from and how we can prevent it from happening again in future elections,” Favorito wrote about the ruling in an email. “It is not adequate for any organizations to secretly tell us there are no counterfeit ballots and refuse to let the public inspect them.”

However, Georgia investigators on Tuesday argued just that: There were no counterfeit ballots found.

“Georgia election investigators were unable to find any counterfeit ballots among batches identified by Republican vote-counters, according to a court brief Tuesday, dealing a blow to a lawsuit seeking to inspect absentee ballots cast in last year’s presidential election,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

“The court document filed on behalf of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said investigators reviewed 1,000 absentee ballots from batches in Fulton County that allegedly contained ‘pristine’” ballots with perfectly filled-in ovals and no fold lines,” the report continued. “All ballots in those batches appeared to be legitimate.”

“The secretary’s investigators have not uncovered any absentee ballots that match the descriptions given by affiants or otherwise appear to be fraudulent or counterfeit,” stated the 89-page response to the court by Georgia Assistant Attorney General Charlene McGowan.

Garland Favorito argued that a full inspection of Fulton County’s 147,000 absentee ballots will be needed to find any counterfeits.

“Sworn affidavits say there were counterfeit ballots, and we need to know where they are and how they got there so we can fix this for future elections,” Favorito said.

Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Robb Pitts celebrated the dismissal of the lawsuit.

“Today was a win for democracy,” he claimed. “This lawsuit was the result of the Big Lie, which is nothing more than a meritless conspiracy theory being spread by people who simply cannot accept that their side lost. Its defeat here today should echo throughout the nation.”Advertisements

However there are still major unresolved questions about how Fulton County handled the 2020 election. It appears that there will be no remedy for its apparent corrupt practices.

Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea Shaye Moss were central to the after-hours ballot-counting operation at State Farm Arena during the 2020 election. Among their activites were dragging out boxes of ballots from under a table after election observers were wrongfully sent home early at State Farm Arena. CCTV shows that the election workers ran stacks of ballots through tabulators on video, some of them multiple times.

Judge Amero in May ruled to allow the inspection of physical ballots to resolve what litigants describe as “large discrepancies” uncovered in ballot images from the 2020 election.

“In the hearing, lawyers for described large discrepancies (21%) between the number of ballot batches reported by the GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who certified the election, and the number of ballot batches actually provided by court-ordered access in the previous April hearing in the case,” CDM reported.

In July, Tucker Carlson reported on the finding that numerous ballots in Fulton County were double-counted, which would appear to match what was seen on the State Farm Arena video.

“At least 36 batches of mail-in ballots from the November election were double-counted in Fulton County, that is a total of at least 4,000 votes,” he said.

“How’s that possible? I don’t know,” he added. “Every American should want to know, because the answer gets to the heart of the integrity of our elections, otherwise known as our democracy. We’re not talking about a couple of ballots here. We are talking about a lot of ballots, at least hundreds of ballots involved. Enough potentially to affect the outcome of the election.”

Tucker Carlson then discusses the “seven falsified” audit tally sheets discovered by VoterGA.

“How is that not flat-out criminal fraud?” Tucker asked. “We’d love to know. Because it certainly sounds like flat-out criminal fraud.”

As reported earlier, an independent election audit team poured through ballot images in Fulton County, Georgia and found numerous examples of fraudulent ballots double-counted in the election.

The forensic auditing team found double-counted ballots from the 2020 election and showed them in a video release.

The ballots scanned were identically marked in their entirety. The issue with double-ballot counting is that it circumstantially corroborates video-recorded evidence that appears to show Fulton County election workers running stacks of ballots through tabulators.

Contrary to widespread media myths, as the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway rightly pointed out, the State Farm vote-counting video has not been “debunked.”Advertisements

After the release of thousands of ballot images under a Georgia state law that has made them available to the public, the mainstream media has finally conceded that hundreds of double-scanned ballots were cast in Fulton County in the 2020 election.

“Digital ballot images made public under Georgia’s new voting law show nearly 200 ballots — including one for [Kanye] West — that election officials initially scanned two times last fall before a recount,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“The discovery of identical ballots provides evidence to back up allegations of problems in the presidential election, but on a relatively small scale that had no bearing on the final certified count,” AJC claims. “A group of voters seeking to prove the election was fraudulent say double-counting is just the beginning of what they hope to find.”

VoterGA’s efforts to get transparency and accountability for the 2020 election debacle experienced a serious setback on Wednesday. But election integrity is a standard that concerned American voters must continue to work tirelessly to restore.

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Three Detroit Women Charged With Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election – Nwo Report

Source: Kristin

After what we witnessed in the 2020 election, there’s no doubt that Arizona and Georgia are the only two states with widespread evidence of voter fraud.

Over the past year, cases of voter fraud have popped up in Texas, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

Now we can formally add Michigan to the list.

Yesterday, Attorney General Dana Nessel charged three Detroit women with voter fraud relating to absentee ballots and ballots submitted for the 2020 election.

Learn More

Election Fraud Deniers – The Truth Plantation

Let’s use their own words and create a little confusion. In the immature minds of children it could get funny to those of us who can recognize humor. “The big lie” is Joe Biden won. The true insurrection wasn’t on January 6th it was on November 3rd. See how it works? Trump has already been doing this but a real effort could find an endless number of more truisms for the democrats to ponder. My body my choice. Permission slips from parents to allow tyranny. Congressional domestic terrorism. Let’s go Brandon. The Clot-Shot. See how many you can come up with…..

Unlimited Voter Fraud: All California voters to receive mail ballots in every election – Nwo Report

Source: AP

Every registered California voter will get a ballot mailed to them in future elections under a bill signed Monday by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom

The law makes permanent a change adopted during the pandemic for the 2020 election and the recent recall against Newsom. California, the nation’s most populous state, joins several other Western states in mailing all voters a ballot, including Utah, Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

Under the new law, ballots in California must go out at least 29 days before the election. Voters still have the option to drop off their ballot or vote in person. Prior to the pandemic, many Californians were already voting by mail.

“Voters like having options for returning their ballot whether by mail, at a secure drop box, a voting center or at a traditional polling station. And the more people who participate in elections, the stronger our democracy and the more we have assurance that elections reflect the will of the people of California,” California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, a Democrat, said in a statement.

Newsom signed 10 other voting-related bills on Monday, crafting them as part of an effort to expand voting rights and access. Voting rights have become a major political flashpoint nationally. Democrat-led states are pushing legislation aimed at expanding voting access while many Republican-led states are trying to tighten it amid baseless accusations of widespread voter fraud by former President Donald Trump and other GOP leaders.

“As states across our country continue to enact undemocratic voter suppression laws, California is increasing voter access, expanding voting options and bolstering elections integrity and transparency,” Newsom, a Democrat, said in a statement.

Mail-in voting put California Republicans in a tricky spot during the recent recall election against Newsom, which he handily defeated. Many Republicans didn’t trust the process, leaving party leaders to both encourage their voters to cast ballots while promising they were closely monitoring claims of fraud.

Republicans who hold a minority in the state Legislature rejected the effort to expand mail balloting.

Trump Finally Concedes He Only Won 2020 Election By A Small Margin | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

From The Babylon Bee:

PALM BEACH, FL—At a press conference held at the Mar-a-Lago Club today, former President Donald Trump finally acknowledged that he didn’t win the 2020 election by a massive landslide, and that he only won it by a normal, narrow margin.

Trump said he was convinced by mounting evidence coming out of recounts and audits in various states and now agrees that he did not win the election by 10 million votes, but “probably more like 2 or 3 million” overall.

“After reviewing all the evidence, I’m willing to concede that I didn’t win the 2020 election by a record landslide margin, and only won it by a smaller, normal margin,” he said somberly to reporters. “I’m a fair guy. Maybe the fairest ever. And I know when I’m wrong. People say that to me all the time. They say, ‘Hey, Don, you know what I like best about you? Your intelligence. But do you know what I like second best about you? Your humility and your willingness to admit when you’re wrong.’ Very smart people say that, all of ’em.”

“So I come to you humbly now and ask your forgiveness for being slightly wrong about just how many votes I won by.”

Trump then demanded Biden leave the White House now that he has conceded that he only won by a decent margin.

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BREAKING: Wisconsin Legislature Votes to Approve ‘Special Counsel’ to Audit 2020 Election – Nwo Report

Source: Kyle Becker

The Wisconsin legislature has approved an audit for the 2020 election. The news was reported by Right Side Broadcasting Network on Friday.

“Wisconsin Republican state legislators approved an audit of the state’s 2020 presidential election results, to begin in the coming weeks,” RSBN reported. “Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman was appointed to oversee the investigation of the election results.”

The election audit details were reported earlier by the Wisconsin Examiner.

A copy of the letter via Rep. Mark Spreitzer.

“With no public hearing or public meetings — using merely a paper ballot distributed by Republican leadership to members’ offices — the committee that sets the Legislature’s agenda voted along party lines 5-3 to hire staff and officially begin an election audit under the direction of Speaker Robin Vos,” the Wisconsin Examiner reported.

“The brief 5-line ballot did not specify any funding — or cost limits — on the election investigation, but Republicans have indicated they plan to spend $680,000 on ‘at least to start’ in their hunt to find fraud and a ‘steal’ of the presidential election,” the report continued.

“The actual ballot wording allows Vos to appoint someone to ‘oversee an Office of Special Counsel’ investigating the integrity of the election (Well before the vote he had already tapped former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman — an outspoken critic of the 2020 presidential election),” the report added.

The Examiner reported also added essential background on the audit.

“The Wisconsin presidential election is also being audited by the Legislative Audit Bureau, a nonpartisan legislative agency,” the report noted. “And it has been confirmed as accurate in three canvases, two partial recounts, random machine audits, the Wisconsin Elections Commission oversight and withstood various court challenges.”

“In a sign that there is still a division among Republican election skeptics, some legislators are getting lobbied to support the Brandtjen audit instead of Vos’ plan,” the report added. “Previously, that audit was referred to by supporters as a ‘cyber forensic audit,’ but with Vos now calling his audit by that name, Brandtjen’s supporters are now demanding a ‘Full Forensic Physical and Cyber Audit’ (or FFPCA for short) in contrast with Vos’ ‘orensic cyber audit.’ Proponents of election-fraud theories, both groups and individuals, continue to express dissatisfaction with Vos on various message boards and email lists viewed by the Examiner. A key difference appears to be their desire to seize machines and materials.”

The news comes amid Sen. Ron Johnson throwing cold water on claims of election fraud in the State of Wisconsin.

“Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump who supports an audit into Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential results, acknowledged President Joe Biden’s victory in the key swing state and said Trump underperformed other Republicans in a video released Tuesday,” Forbes recently reported.

“Johnson was seen rebutting suggestions by Democratic activist Lauren Windsor, who was posting as a Trump supporter, that the election was stolen in a video Windsor posted of a GOP event just outside Milwaukee on Sunday,” Forbes continued. Johnson noted Trump underperformed other Republican candidates further down the ballot, arguing Trump ‘lost Wisconsin’ because ‘51,000 Republicans didn’t vote for him’ and that there’s ‘nothing obviously skewed about the results’.”

“Johnson nevertheless expressed support for an audit into Wisconsin’s election results – which were already partially subject to a Trump-funded recount in November that expanded Biden’s lead – in a separate video posted by Windsor,” the report added.