Covid: Why are UK cases so high? – BBC News

…Health leaders in England have called for Covid restrictions to be re-introduced ahead of winter, as cases rise.

Thanks to the vaccine, getting infected is now much less likely to land you in
hospital. But soaring cases – which are outstripping some European nations – are still proving a cause for concern…

Pfizer has power to ‘silence’ governments and ‘maximize profits’, consumer group alleges – ABC News

That was the key criticism made by Public Citizen, a consumer rights group, which published a report containing leaked Pfizer contracts with the
United States, United Kingdom, European Commission, Albania, Brazil,
Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic and Peru…

Remembering the Crew of the USS Liberty – Station HYPO

On June 8 1967, the USS Liberty (AGTR 5) was attacked in international waters by Israeli forces killing 34 Americans and wounding another 171. Seven out of every 10 crew members was either killed or injured. Let us remember those who were killed and those who survived, including their families – many have physical and emotional scars that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

The men who gave their lives:

COUP CORRUPTION: McCabe FBI Memo Describes COUP Plot Against Trump – YouTube | Truth2Freedom’s Blog
Judicial Watch uncovered this and other key evidence documenting the corruption of Andrew McCabe, who was recently given a taxpayer cash handout by the Biden administration despite his corruption and lies...

OSHA Won’t Track COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Because It Doesn’t Want To Undermine Biden’s Shot Campaign — Conservative Review | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

OSHA is not requiring companies to report any of their employees’ potentially damaging side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine.

OSHA Won’t Track COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Because It Doesn’t Want To Undermine Biden’s Shot Campaign — Conservative Review

Israeli Regime Revokes Permanent Residency Of Jerusalemite Lawyer Salah Hammouri | Aletho News

Al-Mezan Center For Human Rights | October 18, 2021

Earlier this morning, the Israeli Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked officially notified 36-year-old Palestinian-French human rights defender Salah Hammouri of the revocation of his permanent residency status in Jerusalem based on a “breach of allegiance to the State of Israel.” This decision comes after being approved by the Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit and Minister of Justice Gideon Sa’ar. The initiation of his residency revocation and forced deportation, pursuant to Amendment No. 30 to the Entry into Israel Law of 1952, comes on the heels of the Israeli apartheid regime’s targeted harassment campaign against Salah Hammouri, a vocal Palestinian human rights advocate, long-time employee at Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, and former prisoner.

In communicating the decision to move forward with residency revocation on the basis of “breach of allegiance,” the Minister of Interior cites intentionally vague and broad allegations of “terroristic activities” and/or affiliation with “terrorist entities,” based on withheld “secret information” withheld. The withholding of “secret information” mirrors the Israeli occupation’s administrative detention practices, in stark violation of fair trial standards, which place Palestinians under indefinite detention based on secret material that cannot be disclosed to the detainees or their lawyers. To this end, she further cites recommendations based on his past history of arrests—most of which were under administrative detention, without charge or trial. Notably, the Ministry explicitly alludes to the notable escalation of permanent residency revocation of Palestinian Jerusalemites for “breach of allegiance,” as exemplified by the case of Salah Hammouri, by stating that the decision was necessary “to deter others from breaching allegiance to the State of Israel.”

As a Palestinian human rights defender who challenges Israel’s widespread and systematic human rights violations and voices legitimate calls for justice and accountability, Salah has endured constant Israeli attempts to intimidate him and his family, including previous arbitrary arrests, banning from entering the West Bank for almost 16 months, and the deportation of his wife, Elsa Lefort, a French national, separating him from his wife and son in 2016.

Previously, on 3 September 2020, the Israeli occupying authorities notified Salah Hammouri of the Ministry’s intention to revoke his permanent residency status for so-called “breach of allegiance” to the State of Israel. Notably, Salah and his legal counsel, HaMoked Center for the Defence of the Individual and Advocate Lea Tsemeel, submitted written and oral claims challenging the decision.

Salah is alarmed by the imminent threat of having his residency revoked, which denies Salah’s basic human rights to family life, freedom of movement and residence, including the right to leave and to return to his country, freedom of expression, as enshrined in Article 19 of the ICCPR and freedom of peaceful assembly and association, in line with Articles 21 and 22 of the ICCPR.[1] Residency policies embedded in Israel’s regime of racial domination and oppression are designed to maintain a perilous legal status for Palestinians in East Jerusalem and uphold an Israeli-Jewish demographic majority in the city.

Israel’s policy of revoking Palestinian residency rights in East Jerusalem further violates Article 43 of the Hague Regulations and Article 64 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which stipulates that the Occupying Power may not act as a sovereign legislator or extend its own legislation over the occupied territory.[2] Moreover, the criterion of allegiance to Israel is illegal. In fact, international humanitarian law explicitly forbids the Occupying Power from demanding allegiance from the occupied population, as stated in Article 45 Hague Regulations and Article 68(3) of the Fourth Geneva Convention.[3] Furthermore, the transfer of Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem is considered a war crime under Article 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.[4] The revocation of residency policy forms part of a widespread and systematic transfer policy directed against a civilian population, which may also amount to a crime against humanity under Article 7 of the Rome Statute.[5]

[1] Articles 19, 21, and 22, ICCPR.

[2] Hague Convention (IV) Respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land and Its Annex: Regulations Concerning the Laws and Customs of War on Land (adopted 18 October 1907, entry into force 26 January 1910) (henceforth the “Hague Regulations”) Article 43, Hague Regulations, and Article 64, Fourth Geneva Convention.

[3] Article 45, Hague Regulations, and Article 68(3), Fourth Geneva Convention.

[4] Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (adopted 17 July 1998, entry into force 1 July 2002) 2187 UNTS 3. (henceforth “Rome Statute”)

[5] Article 7, Rome Statute

Israeli Minister of Interior to Officially Revoke Permanent Residency of Lawyer Salah Hammouri_0.pdf

Victoria’s privacy commission orders release of secret COVID lockdown briefings – ABC News

The Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) ruling … may pave the way for the advice behind other measures to be released.

KOMMONSENTSJANE – BIDEN AFGHANISTAN DISASTER – Judicial Watch SUES for the truth! | kommonsentsjane


OCTOBER 15, 2021

“Not only did he surrender to the Taliban, he’s now almost immediately begun funding their regime by helping them ‘pay’ for healthcare workers”

Judicial Watch is fighting tirelessly for records on the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, and its “indirect” funding of the Taliban, a series of events which Fitton describes as “the most humiliating defeat in the history of the United States of America.” As Fitton states in the Weekly Update, “Biden’s decision-making and incompetency … led to 13 Americans being killed. […] We are going to hold him accountable.”

Currently seeking information on the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Kabul Airport, Judicial Watch has requested:

Images, including video, showing Afghans clinging to the sides of a U.S. military aircraft at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan
Images, including video, of persons falling from a U.S. Air Force C-17 military transport aircraft after taking off from the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.

In addition to these requests, Fitton reminds viewers that Judicial Watch has “countless FOIAs that are pending, and that are coming ripe” on the topic of the Afghanistan pull-out. “It’s important that the American people have the full information about the Afghanistan debacle so that the administration can be held accountable,” Fitton adds. “Adding to the Afghan scandal,” Fitton continues, “photos and video of this catastrophe are now being hidden, contrary to the law, from the American people.”

What’s more, “Biden has already begun funding the Taliban through the United Nations,” Fitton adds. As Fitton states, “[Biden] authorized the expenditures of certain funds using the United Nations as a cutout, another entity that the United States is the chief funder of. So they’re money laundering your tax dollars to help the Taliban ‘pay for healthcare workers.’”

If you want to know more about how the administration is handling the ongoing Afghanistan scandal, support Judicial Watch today!





Did this put Bill Clinton in the hospital? The oil is rising to the surface. Wonder if it will go anywhere?


OCTOBER 12, 2021
Targeting Trump: Durham Uncovers New Clinton, FBI Connections in Russia Probe

The wheels of justice grind slow—much to the exasperation of, well, everybody. In April 2019, Attorney General William Barr appointed federal prosecutor John Durham to get to the bottom of the Russia mess: the sensational allegations, both before and after Donald Trump’s November 2016 presidential election victory, of Trump connections to dirty Russian money, dirty players, and dirty deeds.

Testifying before a Senate subcommittee, Barr said he wanted a review of “both the genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign during 2016.” Durham’s mandate: investigate the investigators—particularly the FBI. What did the FBI know about Trump’s accusers and when did they know it?


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