NATO troops conduct exercises near Belarus, Russia borders

NATO troops conduct exercises near Belarus, Russia borders

NATO troops conduct exercises near Belarus, Russia borders

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26.11.2022 07:07

Some 2,000 Allied troops took part in the Tumak 22 exercise in northern Poland near the borders with Belarus and Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave.

This was reported by Poland’s Ministry of Defense, according to Ukrinform.

Polish military from various units practiced operational interoperability with their American, British, Romanian, and Croatian counterparts.

In the course of the exercises, the military crossed rivers and reservoirs, repelled the attacks of a conventional enemy, and also ran a counteroffensive.

A thousand units of combat equipment and logistical support were also involved in the drills. Prime Minister, Head of the Ministry of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak of Poland noted that the Polish military is ready to take responsibility for the security of NATO’s entire eastern flank.

“We know very well that the tasks, in addition to those we have seen, also relate to maintaining the border – both that with Belarus and with Russia’s Kaliningrad region. We react early, not after. We are immune to any threats posed by Russian policy,” Blaszczak added.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, Canada began training Ukrainian sappers on Polish soil.

Photo/video: Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej

The Kremlin does not teach its troops how to behave while surrendering

The Kremlin does not teach its troops how to behave while surrendering

The Kremlin does not teach its troops how to behave while surrendering

26.11.2022 15:23

The Russian forces fighting in Ukraine are completely illiterate and ignorant when it comes to observing the internationally established rules and customs of war.

The top and middle-tier command evidently opt to not inform their subordinates about the limitations posed by international humanitarian law. Also, the command may actually encourage troops to violate it.

The consequences of such nihilism and ignorance are deplorable.

Russian troops commit war crimes in Ukraine — executions, torture, and inhumane treatment of unarmed civilians and prisoners of war. Their conduct gives grounds to believe that the Russian occupiers have received a “blessing” from their command to wreak havoc. This is not dissimilar to how Hitler inspired his soldiers: “I hereby free you from the chimera called conscience.”

In addition, the Russian command does not encourage its subordinates to observe even those norms of international humanitarian law which are designed to ease their own fate.

Russian troops fail to understand that there may be circumstances when they need to surrender. And this is nothing to be embarrassed of and neither this is a crime.

Captivity is a status that limits freedom, but at the same time, it is not the same as serving a sentence in prison for crimes committed. Civilized surrender and dignified stay in captivity are notable achievements of modern international law that have humanized war.

The Ukrainian political leadership and military command relied on the norms of international humanitarian law regarding the observance of the rights of prisoners of war when they ordered the Azovstal garrison to cease resistance in May 2022. And that is why most of the Ukrainian forces survived.

Putin’s troops in Ukraine, on the other hand, seem to be adhering to the opposite tactic. Stalin disowned his prisoners, brandishing them as weak-minded and treacherous. A soldier in Stalin’s era was supposed to die rather than surrender. Putin trains his soldiers the same way. At the same time, though, he allows them to resort to perfidy and treachery. For example, the troops are encouraged to pretend to surrender only to kill the enemy taking them prisoner.

This is what Prigozhin meant when he was recruiting inmates in the infamous video: “No one backs down, no one gives up, no one surrenders. When you are trained how to surrender, they’ll tell you: there are two grenades you must carry.”

This behavior is defined as perfidy and proscribed by Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 (namely Art. 37). Violating civilized norms, the Russian military exposes itself to danger, instead of taking advantage of the guaranteed rights of prisoners of war.

The incident with the death of unidentified Russian troops in the video being spun by Russian propaganda is precisely a consequence of this barbaric attitude to international law. In case of armed resistance during capture, the opposing party is entitled to adequate self-defense.

Russia must publicly undertake to conduct outreach work with its troops regarding the laws and customs of war and the duty to strictly observe them. Otherwise, it is rather difficult to qualify these units as legitimate combatants.

Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security

Russian death toll in Ukraine up to 84,600 – General Staff

Comment by tonytran2015: The war is intense, its casualty figure is 30% higher than its average of 260/day. Ukraine may run out of soldiers (with a population of 50 millions) while Russia (with a population of 150 millions) may run out of conventional weapons, finance and political credibility and may decide go nuclear.

Russian death toll in Ukraine up to 84,600 - General Staff

Russian death toll in Ukraine up to 84,600 – General Staff


21.11.2022 10:44

The Armed Forces of Ukraine from February 24 to November 21 eliminated nearly 84,600 Russian invaders, including 390 in the past day alone.

That’s according to the General Staff, Ukrinform reports.

Also, Ukraine’s defenders destroyed 2,892 enemy main battle tanks (+6 in past day), 5,822 (+5) armored combat vehicles, 1,870 (+2) artillery systems, 393 (+0) MLR systems, 209 (+0) air defense systems, 278 (+0) warplanes, 261 (+0) helicopters, 1,537 (+0) operational and tactical-level UAVs, 480 (+0) cruise missiles, 16 (+0) warships/cutters, 4,378 (+7) trucks and fuel tankers, and 161 (+0) units of specialized equipment.Read also: Russian war crimes in Ukraine: More than 44,000 criminal proceedings already opened

Further incoming data is being verified.

Ukraine expects Poland to station Patriot systems at common border – Ihnat

Ukraine expects Poland to station Patriot systems at common border - Ihnat

Ukraine expects Poland to station Patriot systems at common border – Ihnat

21.11.2022 16:00

Ukraine hopes that Poland will station Patriot air defense systems at the border with Ukraine.

Yuriy Ihnat, Spokesperson for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said this at a briefing at the Ukraine – Ukrinform Media Center, when asked about Patriot systems.

“Since the Russian Federation’s invasion began, we have asked the whole world to protect us, to close our skies, to provide weapons and aircraft. We’d like it to really happen. At least on that part of the front, somehow protect our sky with these systems,” said Ihnat.

As reported, German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht offered Poland support in securing airspace with Patriot air defense systems after a missile landed near the border with Ukraine. Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Polish Ministry of Defense Mariusz Błaszczak said that he welcomed the proposal of his German counterpart to place additional Patriot systems on the territory of Poland.


Russian deserter speaks about war crimes committed by Russian army in Kyiv region

Russian deserter speaks about war crimes committed by Russian army in Kyiv region

Russian deserter speaks about war crimes committed by Russian army in Kyiv region


21.11.2022 13:10

Russian serviceman Nikita Chibrin, a member of the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, who escaped from the front and managed to reach Spain, confirmed the numerous war crimes committed by the invaders in Bucha district of Kyiv region.

“I know for sure that there were cases of looting. I saw how cars were taken in Lypivka and Andriivka, I saw how they broke cars that could not be started, destroyed houses. Apparently, they went crazy because they got power, tanks, IFVs, weapons, etc… They took jewelry from houses, mobile devices,” Chibrin told The Insider in an interview.

He also says that Russian soldiers raped women in the village of Andriivka.

Chibrin notes that Russian soldiers are in terrible conditions at the front. Also, according to him, the Russian command exerts physical and psychological pressure on those who wanted to leave the front or for being captured.

He claims that he pretended to be crazy so that he would not be sent to the front line. Later, everyone turned their backs on him, including his family, because he ran away and refused to shoot. Chibrin says that he wants to testify in the international court: “I have nothing to hide. This is a criminal war that Russia started. I want to do everything I can to make it stop.”

Chibrin joined the army in the summer of 2021 due to financial problems. He spent the first month of the war in the village of Lypivka, 50km from Kyiv. During this period, his comrades-in-arms committed genocide in Bucha and Andriivka. On June 16, he managed to get out of Ukraine, hiding in a truck headed for Russia. After his escape, he contacted human rights activists asking to help him leave Russia. On November 15, Chibrin landed in Madrid where he requested asylum. While his application is being processed, he will be placed at a temporary shelter for refugees.

Chibrin served in military unit No. 51460, the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, stationed in Knyaze-Volkonskoye, Khabarovsk Krai. Soldiers of the 64th Brigade arrived in Bucha in mid-March. Over the next 18 days, 12 people were killed in one of Bucha districts the brigade took control of, including the residents of six houses where the soldiers had set up camp.

Residents of Andriivka accused the brigade members of robberies, looting and killing civilians. Vazhnyye Istorii outlet correspondent managed to confirm the identity of at least four soldiers of the brigade. One of them, Daniil Frolkin, confessed to the murder of Ruslan Yaremchuk, a resident of Andriivka.

On April 18, 2022, Vladimir Putin awarded the brigade the honorary title of “guards” “for mass heroism and bravery, resilience and courage shown by the personnel.”


Twitter Users: A Choice for Elon Musk: Principles or Profit? Losing Money or Loosing Face – Counter Information

Back in April of this year, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, stated,

“Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.”

A question: can you declare that you are for freedom of speech/expression and ban, or maintain a ban, on a person from expressing himself in a purportedly public forum and preserve your integrity? Whether the new owner of Twitter, Musk, steadfastly stands on the principle of freedom of expression looks like it is about to be revealed.

One question is whether the former president Donald Trump will be allowed back onto the Twitter platform.

Musk was critical of Twitter’s ban of Trump. He called it a “morally bad decision” and “foolish in the extreme.”

A section of the corporate sector (obviously, the corporate sector is not a monolith, as Trump and Musk both belong to this sector) is threatening a boycott of its advertising dollar if Musk allows Trump back on Twitter. This has set the stage for what could turn out to be a showcase of corporate infighting…