The Silence of DeSantis – Florida Governor Ducks Media Appearances, Records Statements, Seeking to Avoid Questions About Trump Raid | Centinel2012

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 10, 2022 | sundance

We are here because we discuss uncomfortable truths. We accept things as they are, and not as we would wish them to be.

Since the original innocuous tweet 48 hours ago, from a private account, which did not even use the name “Trump,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been absolutely silent about the illicit FBI raid on the home of Florida citizen and former President Donald J Trump. DeSantis is showing us all who he really is; but are you willing to accept it?…

FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago backfires spectacularly as lawmakers call for NULLIFICATION of corrupt federal agencies like FBI, IRS, EPA, ATF, DOJ | American Patriot Email Reports

It took just one FBI raid on President Trump’s private residence to spark an historic backlash against the corrupt, lawless FBI, DOJ, and Biden regime. Until today, any talk of abolishing the IRS, dismantling the FBI, or nullifying the ATF was just “fringe” talk. But thanks to the FBI, it’s now mainstream conservative talk…

Soros-linked prosecutor removed by Gov. DeSantis pledges ‘I’m not going down without a fight’
DeSantis removed Warren, who has been linked to Democrat-megadonor George Soros, for “refusing to enforce Florida law.” Go to Source Author: {Just The News}… Read more

Cannibal Nation – Montesano Today

If you live long enough….you will pretty much see everything. I really mean that.

You think you will never see the time where what you used to call doctors would deliver a healthy baby, then kill it on the delivery table for no other reason than the man who just had it, changed it’s they/their mind about having a baby. Just kill it. And then the “Doctors” and clinics sell the parts of the baby, kicking back some of the proceeds to state and federal politicians in the form of campaign donations.

You don’t even have to be a woman to have the baby. There is no such thing as women anymore.

You never think you would live to see the day that parents would line up in the morning to deliver those lucky enough to escape the knife of the government “Doctor”, only to be delivered into the hands of people calling themselves “teachers”. Who then work to chemically castrate and mutilate them without informing the parents. Protected by government officials they pay off with again, campaign donations. The school day divided into sections to instruct them on courses dealing with self-hate, and various anti-American subjects.

You wouldn’t think it would happen but it does. Daily, and in pretty much every corner of every public school.

Children who resist, mostly all boys, are deemed “uncontrollable”, and parents pressured to put them on drugs. The line in front of the school nurse’s office stretching ever longer…..ever longer….. as they stick out their tongue twice a day. “That’s a good boy…….back to class”. The feeder system for future school shooters.

With just the above as a quick example, it must be taken seriously the recent push to normalize the practice of cannibalism, that is being pushed currently.

The New York Times, as always, is leading the way

Rand Paul: Congress Is Not Allowed To Know About TOP SECRET Gain Of Function Research Committee – Nwo Report

Posted BY: Steve Watson

Appearing on Fox News to discuss the first ever Senate hearing on gain of function research, Rand Paul revealed that there is a committee that is supposed to oversee such experimentation with potentially lethal viruses, but that it is above the oversight of Congress.

Paul noted that according to scientists who testified on Capitol Hill yesterday, “the committee that is supposed to review these viruses is secret.”

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“We don’t know the names. We don’t know that they ever meet, and we don’t have any records of their meetings,” the Senator reiterated, adding “It’s top-secret. Congress is not allowed to know. So whether the committee actually exists, we’re uncertain.”…

Harvard Study: J6 Rioters Were Motivated by Loyalty to Trump, Not Insurrection Against the Constitution – JONATHAN TURLEY

According to The Crimson, Harvard has completed what it calls the most comprehensive study of the motivations of those involved in the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot. Many will not be surprised to learn that most participated out of loyalty to former President Donald Trump. However, the study also found that only eight percent harbored “a desire to start a civil war.” That is inconsistent with the virtual mantra out of the J6 Committee and many in Congress that this was an insurrection rather than a riot. Some of us (including many in the public) have previously questioned that characterization. Yet, it reflects the relatively small number of seditious conspiracy charges brought by the Justice Department.

The study found that a plurality of the 417 federally charged defendants were motivated by the “lies about election fraud and enthusiasm for his re-election.” It concluded that “[t]he documents show that Trump and his allies convinced an unquantifiable number of Americans that representative democracy in the United States was not only in decline, but in imminent, existential danger.”

The study also found that belief in QAnon “was one of the [defendants’] lesser motives.” The study was hardly pro-Trump and one author even expressed surprise with the results since conspiracy theories “were so prominently displayed in much of the [riot’s] visual imagery.”

Once again, none of this exonerates or excuses those who rioted on January 6th or those who fueled the riot. However, the use of “insurrection” by the politicians, pundits, and the press is not an accurate characterization of the motivation of most of the people who went to the Capitol on that day. It was clear that this was a protest that became a riot.

There is no question that there were people who came prepared for such a riot, including some who are extremists who likely would have welcomed a civil war. Yet, the vast majority of people on that day were clearly present to protest the certification and wanted Republicans to join those planning to challenge the election.

One of the key reasons for the resulting damage was the collapse of security at the Hill. The J6 Committee steadfastly refused to address the myriad of questions of why the Congress was not better prepared despite the obvious dangers of a riot (including warnings before January 6th).

The scenes of that day are seared in the memory of many of us. I publicly condemned Trump’s speech while it was being given and I called for a bipartisan vote of censure over his responsibility in the riots. However, there has been an unrelenting effort to make “insurrection” a litmus test for anyone speaking about January 6th. If one does not use that term (and, worse yet, expresses doubts about its accuracy), you run the risk of immediate condemnation as someone excusing or supporting insurrection. This framing also reduces the need to address the question of how this riot was allowed to spiral out of control…

Is the NFA Unconstitutional? | The Tactical Hermit

Is the NFA Unconstitutional?

Knowledge is Power folks and right now the ATF is in full-court press mode against Citizen Firearm Owners en masse using every dastardly backdoor legal trick in the book to ensnare and imprison us.

Namely Ex-Post Facto Legal Actions.

Don’t become another hapless Victim.


This is never before released footage that I took on #Jan6.

from Derrick Evans at TruthSocial

This short video cost me an 18 month legal battle, almost bankrupted our family, & will result in me spending 3 months as a political prisoner.

Notice the fist bump from a police officer who was just standing there. He never told anyone to leave.

Everyone was just taking pictures, and chanting “freedom”, but I reminded them to not destroy anything.

The media wouldn’t show this part of the video. I’m asking you to share it for me.

Sri Lanka: President Rajapaksa to resign after palace stormed – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: This is another case to consider whether or not the right to bear arms by citizen is beneficial to the nation.

…Dozens of people were injured in Saturday’s protests, and a spokesperson
for Colombo’s main hospital told AFP news agency that three people were
being treated for gunshot wounds…