America, Meet Your New Dictator-in-Chief: The President’s Secret, Unchecked Powers | John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have given way to permanent crisis management: to policing the planet and fighting preventative wars of ideological containment, usually on terrain chosen by, and favorable to, our enemies. Limited government and constitutional accountability have been shouldered aside by the kind of imperial presidency our constitutional system was explicitly designed to prevent.”— David C. Unger, The Emergency State: America’s Pursuit of Absolute Security at All Costs

America, meet your new dictator-in-chief.

As the New York Times reports, “Newly disclosed documents have shed a crack of light on secret executive branch plans for apocalyptic scenarios—like the aftermath of a nuclear attack—when the president may activate wartime powers for national security emergencies.”

Uvalde shooting: Texas school gunman ‘walked in unobstructed’ – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Police is often hesitant risking members’ own lives but is often seen enjoying acting brutally against unarmed citizens.

…One mother told the Wall Street Journal
that she was briefly handcuffed, accused of impeding a police
investigation, after demanding along with other parents that officers
storm the building. Angeli Rose Gomez said she saw one frantic father
thrown to the ground by an officer, another father pepper-sprayed and a
third who was later tased…

An empire that can’t feed its babies is an empire in COLLAPSE … America fails to do what off-grid jungle tribe villagers can do quite readily – FEED their babies – Nwo Report

Posted BY: Jasmine S | NwoReport

(Natural News) The American empire is in a state of accelerating collapse, and there’s no turning it around. This once-great empire now cannot achieve the most basic of tasks that even isolated jungle tribes can still manage to do: feed their own babies

Video: The World Health Order (WHO) and the “Global Pandemic Treaty”: The Back Door to “Global Tyranny” – Global Research


Below is transcript of the interview.


Angel Warrior Network (AWN): Please tell us about WHO, your experience with them, who they work for, who finances them, how WHO was created…. And more.

Peter Koenig (PK): Before anything else — What we must know about is the new WHO Pandemic Treaty.

The World Health Organization has started drafting a Global Pandemic Treaty on pandemic preparedness that would grant WHO absolute power over global biosecurity, such as the power to implement digital identities / vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions, lockdowns, standardized medical care and more.

See this “The Corbett Report’s”, where independent journalist James Corbett reviews what this Treaty is all about in details.

This Pandemic Treaty, if implemented, will change the global landscape and strip you and me of some of our most basic rights and freedoms.

Make no mistake, the WHO Pandemic Treaty is a direct attack on the sovereignty of its member states, as well as a direct attack on your bodily autonomy.

It is a back door to Global Governance, to Global Tyranny imposed by Fear over your Health.

AWN: Is there a WHO meeting May 22-26, 2022 where WHO is seeking to …

Biden’s Treason On A World Scale! – The Marshall Report

Biden uses WHO to trigger RESET and the New World Order – attempting to hand over the United States without a whimper to the Khazarian Mafia! This is treason folks! And he doesn’t stop there, he attempts to end the sovereignty of all nations. The fact is President Trump withdrew the US out of WHO,…Continue…

Taking the milk out of babies’ mouths: Food shortages are the new globalist weapon | Aletho News

By Kate Dunlop | TCW Defending Freedom | May 18, 2022

ARE you getting used to the Great Reset? How are you liking the New World Order built on globalist diktat, infection, mass poisoning by inoculation, inaccessible healthcare, inflation, draconian policing, shortages, uncontrolled migration, fear, more fear, and war…

You’ll doubtless be prepared for what’s coming next. It’s not a secret – Bill Gates and his World Health Organisation cohorts have already told us. The next viral releases – Hantavirus, Nipah virus, Marburg, whatever – are all primed and ready to go, together with monkeypox and avian bird flu. All come packaged with their own ‘off the shelf treatments’ from Big Pharma, all guaranteed to be equally as effective as the Covid jabs.

Supply chain problems are already here and will worsen, depending on whatever the next emergency is, and the UK is as well prepared for them as it is for shortages of fuel, gas, and electricity – which is to say not at all.

Now we are being told that a major food crisis is inevitable. Speaking at a Nato conference…

Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Sues Schiff, CNN, Politico, Daily Beast for Defamation | Make Them Pay | ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together

Donna Brazille also argues Hunter’s Laptop (that there is now new information) by bringing up January 6; WHEN THE TOPIC IS HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP. (Arlin Report comment)

Daily Browse

“After fighting to reveal the truth, all I want now is for the rest of the country to know that there was a collective and orchestrated effort by social and mainstream media to block a real story, with real consequences for the nation,” Mac Isaac told theNew York Post.

It has been a year and a half since Mac Isaac closed his business after receiving death threats for providing hard drive data from the laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden to Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer at the time for President Donald Trump.

Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Sues Schiff, CNN, Politico, Daily Beast for Defamation

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How to Reclaim Our Power From Corrupt Global Corporatists | The Most Revolutionary Act

The corruption of political systems by global corporatists has filtered down to our science, medicine and healthcare systems.

Because science, medicine and politics are three threads woven into the same cloth of public policy, we have to work to fix all three simultaneously.

The corruption of political systems by global corporatists has filtered down to our science, medicine and healthcare systems and must be exposed.

Furthermore, the perversion of science and medicine by corporate interests is expanding its reach; it is pernicious and intractable. Regulatory capture by corporate interests runs rampant throughout our politics, governmental agencies and institutes.

The corporatists have infiltrated all three branches of government, and it is up to us, the people, to take control back. Corporate-public partnerships that have become so trendy have another name, that name is fascism — the political science term for the fusion of the interests of corporations and the state.

Basically, the tension between the interest of the republic and its citizens (which Jefferson felt should be primary), and the financial interests of business and corporations (Hamilton’s ideal) has swung far too far to the interests of corporations and their billionaire owners at the expense of the general population.

The nation and its governing arms…