Ukraine war: Crimea airbase badly damaged, satellite images show – BBC News

The Saky base in the west of Russian-ruled Crimea was rocked by a string of blasts on Tuesday, killing one person.

The base’s runways appear intact, but at least eight aircraft seem damaged or destroyed with several craters visible…

ISW: Ukrainian officials using confusion about Crimea explosions to obfuscate Ukraine’s longer-range capabilities

Comment by tonytran2015: Ukrainian war reports now look like real reports from a war participant. Previously they looked like commercials for weapon makers, giving hints for counter-measures.

ISW: Ukrainian officials using confusion about Crimea explosions to obfuscate Ukraine's longer-range capabilities

ISW: Ukrainian officials using confusion about Crimea explosions to obfuscate Ukraine’s longer-range capabilities

Ukrainian officials are using the confusion
in Russia about the theories behind explosions in Crimea to obfuscate
Ukraine’s long-range capabilities.
The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said this in its latest Russian offensive campaign assessment, Ukrinform reports.

Analysts say that mixed stories in Russian media and among Russian
milbloggers indicate that either officials within the Russian Ministry
of Defense have competing theories regarding the attack and are sharing
them with the media, or that the Kremlin has failed to coordinate its
information operation to deny that Ukraine conducted a successful attack
so far behind Russian lines.

Instead, Ukrainian officials are playing up the evident Russian
confusion surrounding the attack to obfuscate Ukraine’s longer-range
capabilities. An anonymous Ukrainian official told the New York Times
that the attack was carried out with the help of partisans. Another
anonymous Ukrainian official told the Washington Post that Ukrainian
special forces caused the explosion, while other Ukrainian officials
implicitly referenced the attack but did not overtly take credit for it.

ISW still cannot independently assess what caused the explosions at
the airfield – satellite imagery depicts multiple craters and scorch
marks, but such damage could have been caused by many things – special
forces, partisans, or missiles, on-site or from a distance.

“Ukrainian forces have various systems that they could have used or
modified to hit Russian military infrastructure in Crimea or southern
Kherson region,” the report said.

Earlier reports said that “authorities” in Russian-occupied Crimea
had confirmed explosions on August 9 outside Novofedorivka, where a
Russian military airbase is located. Russia’s Ministry of Defense said
that “aircraft ammunition detonated” at the airfield.

The head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Refat Chubarov,
said that Russian citizens illegally staying in Crimea received the
first “call” about the need to immediately leave the occupied territory.

Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea eight years ago, from 600,000 to
1.5 million Russians moved there, whereas 30,000 Crimean Tatars were
forced to leave the peninsula.

Zelensky: This Russian war on Ukraine must end with liberation of Crimea

Zelensky: This Russian war on Ukraine must end with liberation of Crimea

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has
reiterated the fact that Crimea is part of Ukraine, and that the
country will never leave it behind. The Russian war, which started with
Crimea, must end with its liberation, the leader stressed.
The president made the statement in a video address to the nation, released on August 9, Ukrinform reports.

“This Russian war against Ukraine and against all of free Europe
began with Crimea and must end with Crimea – with its liberation,” the
Ukrainian president said.

According to Zelensky, there is a lot of attention these days to the
topic of Crimea, which is right. “Because Crimea is Ukrainian, and we
will never leave it behind. We will not forget that the Russian war
against Ukraine began with the occupation of Crimea. Russia has turned
our peninsula, which has always been and will continue to be one of the
best places in Europe, into one of the most dangerous places,” Zelensky

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He noted that the Russian Federation brought large-scale repression,
environmental issues, economic hopelessness, and war to Crimea. The very
presence of Russian occupiers in Crimea is a threat to all of Europe
and global stability, the head of state added.

“Maybe one day historians will determine how many people were killed
by Russia’s terror. Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? From
Ukraine and Georgia to Syria and more distant regions,” Zelensky said.

He is convinced that the Black Sea region cannot be safe as long as
the peninsula remains occupied. There will be no stable and sustainable
peace in many Mediterranean countries either as long as Russia is able
to exploit the Ukrainian peninsula as its military base, Zelensky

As Ukrinform reported earlier, the occupying “authorities” of Crimea
confirmed the explosions in the Novofedorivka area, where the Russian
military air base is located. Ambulance vehicles were seen rushing to
the scene.

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The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in a comment on the “fire” at the
Saki airfield near Novofedorivka in the temporarily occupied Crimea said
it cannot verify the cause of fire, but once again reminded that the
occupation authorities should abide by “fire safety rules and refrain
from smoking in undesignated areas.”

Explosions reported near Russian military airbase in Crimea

Explosions reported near Russian military airbase in Crimea

Explosions reported near Russian military airbase in Crimea

photos, video

The “authorities” in Crimea have confirmed
explosions near Novofedorivka, where a Russian military airbase is
located, with ambulances rushing to the scene.
That’s according to the Telegram channel of the Russian state news agency RIA-Novosti, Ukrinform reports.

At the same time, the local single dispatch service clarified that, in addition to ambulances of the Saky district and Yevpatoria, emergency services are working in Novofedorivka.

Earlier, the media reported
that, according to three local witnesses, they heard several loud
explosions in the village and saw black smoke rising from the direction
of a Russian military airbase. Smoke is visible on the beach in
Yevpatoria, located 30 kilometers from Novofedorivka.

According to Telegram channels, the explosions occurred near the
airfield of the Russian Armed Forces (the Saky military airfield is
located in the village). Six to seven explosions were reported, with
eyewitnesses saying they hear “something like the detonation of shells”
every minute.

Residents of Crimea also reported explosions near the military airfield in the village of Novofedorivka.

Ukraine war: Blasts rock Russian airbase in annexed Crimea – BBC News

Russia’s defence ministry later said ammunition was detonated, but this has not been independently verified.

The ministry said there was no “fire impact” on the ammunition storage area, Russia’s state-run Ria news agency reports.