Three civilians killed with Russia’s cluster munitions in Bilozerka

Three civilians killed with Russia’s cluster munitions in Bilozerka

Three civilians killed with Russia’s cluster munitions in Bilozerka

Three civilians have been killed in Russia’s shelling of the Bilozerka territorial community, Kherson Region.
The relevant statement was made by Kherson Regional Military Administration on Facebook, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

On May 21, 2022, Russian occupiers shelled the Bilozerka territorial
community with cluster munitions, leaving three civilians killed and 10
detached houses damaged.

Kherson Regional Military Administration Head Yurii Sobolevskyi noted
that Russia’s shelling of the urban-type settlement of Bilozerka is
another war crime committed by the occupation forces. He called on local
residents to stay alert and careful during shelling.

A reminder that a young teacher, Daria Holik, was reported killed in Russia’s shelling of Bilozerka, Kherson Region.

Last day at Azovstal through eyes of Mariupol defenders

Last day at Azovstal through eyes of Mariupol defenders

Last day at Azovstal through eyes of Mariupol defenders


Film “Mariupol Fortress. Last Day at
Azovstal” by Dmytro Kozatsky, an Azov Regiment fighter, the regiment’s
press secretary who spent 84 days at the steelworks next to his
comrades, has been released.
The film was posted on the Telegram channel of Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to Mariupol mayor.

The film, which Orest (Dmytro Kozatsky) made the day before his
captivity, shows the steelworks from the inside. The Russians destroyed
the Azovstal, dropping bombs from the sky, constantly firing artillery
from the ground, and launching missiles from the sea. Twisted metal
rods, rails, various broken production structures, and the open sky
visible in the holes of the bombed industrial building.

“The last day at Azovstal. The video was edited by BABYLON’13 based
on materials provided by the Mariupol Garrison. We are all indebted to
our Defenders of Mariupol. There are no words to describe their feat and
heroism,” reads the caption below.

As reported, Ukrainian service members defended Mariupol for more
than 80 days. On May 16, the evacuation of Ukrainian defenders from the
Azovstal steelworks, blocked by Russian invaders, began. More than 50
seriously wounded soldiers were evacuated to a facility in Novoazovsk
for medical treatment. More than 200 people were taken to Olenivka
through the humanitarian corridor. An exchange procedure will be carried
out to return them home.

Photo: Dmytro Kozatsky (call sign Orest), Azovstal


Kremlin spreading fake news of Poland’s “insidious plans” for Ukraine

Kremlin spreading fake news of Poland's

Kremlin spreading fake news of Poland’s “insidious plans” for Ukraine

The Center for Countering Disinformation at
the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has published the
latest review of fake news and manipulative reports designed by Russian
The Russians are spinning claims that Poland allegedly harbors insidious intentions to side with Russia and eventually capture the western part of Ukraine.

That’s according to the Center’s report delivered via Telegram, as seen by Ukrinform.

“Russian propaganda is spreading a fake story claiming that Poland
insidiously intends to side with Russia and seize a western part of
Ukraine. A video with the relevant message is being spread by a
pro-Kremlin blogger Yuriy Podoliak,” the report reads.

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The malign narrative that Poland is preparing to annex the western
part of Ukraine remains one of the main ones in Russia’s hybrid
infowarfare against Ukraine, which aims to pit Ukraine and Poland
against each other.

Any such massages have no evidence to back them other than falsified “facts.”

At the same time, on May 20, 2022, Polish President Andrzej Duda stated
he would see Ukraine’s victory with the full restoration of
territorial integrity as the best ending to the war. This once again
confirms the good neighborly relations between Poland and Ukraine

Russia’s laser weapon claim derided as propaganda – BBC News

…Yury Borisov, the deputy prime minister in charge of military development, told Russian TV that a laser prototype called Zadira was
being deployed in Ukraine and had burned up a Ukrainian drone within
five seconds at a distance of 5km (three miles).

Moldova responds to Russian criticism over protests outside embassy

Moldova responds to Russian criticism over protests outside embassy

Moldova responds to Russian criticism over protests outside embassy

Moldovan Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu has
addressed recent statements by Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman
Maria Zakharova, who complained that Russian diplomats in Chisinau could
not work properly due to protests outside the embassy.
This was reported by, according to Ukrinform.

“I appeal to all diplomatic missions. Diplomats, get used to the fact
that citizens in Moldova have the right to protest. Get used to the
fact that in Moldova, any citizen can protest in front of parliament,
government, president, and even an embassy. This is very important. If
this is not possible in your country, be aware that anyone in Moldova
can do it,” Grosso said.

Earlier, Zakharova complained that due to continued protests outside
the Russian Embassy in Chisinau, the embassy “can’t work properly.”

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“Anti-Russian demonstrations take place every day for two months due
to inaction of Moldovan authorities. These protests affect operations of
the diplomatic mission,” Zakharova claimed.

Israel to simulate attack on Iran – media — RT World News

18 May, 2022 17:27

Israel to simulate attack on Iran – media

The exercises cover potential Iranian retaliation for the shelling of its nuclear facilities
For the first time, the Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) major ‘Chariots of Fire’ exercises will include practice drills for a “wide-scale strike in Iran,” the Times of Israel reported on Tuesday, citing sources.

The drills over the Mediterranean Sea will begin on May 29 during the fourth and final week of the month-long exercises.

light of growing uncertainty regarding a return by Iran to the 2015
nuclear deal, amid long-stalled negotiations with the United States, the
Israel Defense Forces in the past year has ramped up its efforts to
prepare a credible military threat against Tehran’s nuclear facilities,” the newspaper said.

to the newspaper, a potential strike by Israel on Iran poses several
challenges for the IAF: It has to find ways to shell the Iranian nuclear
facilities that are located deep underground, to somehow bypass “increasingly sophisticated” Iranian air defenses, and to prepare for retaliation by Iran and its allies.

The upcoming drill is also expected to focus on preparing for and responding to such retaliation,” the report said.

all of the units of the Israel Defense Forces take part in the
‘Chariots of Fire’ exercises. As Israeli Channel 13 reported on Tuesday,
during the Iran-attack simulation, US tankers will practice a midair
refueling of Israeli fighter jets.

Earlier that day, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz claimed that Iran “stands just a few weeks away from accumulating fissile material that will be sufficient for a first bomb.”
He stressed that Iran continues to “accumulate irreversible knowledge
and experience” in all aspects related to the advanced centrifuges, and
that the price for “tackling the Iranian challenge on a global or regional level” is constantly growing.

Iran has insisted its nuclear program is solely for peaceful purposes.

President Ebrahim Raisi had previously warned Israel that his country’s
military would strike “the center of the Zionist regime” if Tel Aviv
made “the tiniest movement” against Iran.

Meanwhile, talks aimed at restoring the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan
of Action (JCPOA), known as the Iran nuclear deal, have stalled. Signed
by Iran and the US, UK, Russia, France, Germany, China, and the EU, the
deal proposed Iran sanctions relief in exchange for a halt to its
nuclear program. Former US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew
from the deal in 2018, claiming that Iran was breaching its

After a year of negotiations in Vienna, a deal
appeared close at hand in February. However, Iran demanded guarantees
from Washington that any future US president would not withdraw from a
new agreement, and asked the US to remove Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary
Guards Corps from its list of terrorist organizations. The US has not
responded to these requests.

If the US gives its response to
some of the solutions that were proposed, we can be in the position
that all sides return to Vienna,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Monday

EU won’t let Ukraine run out of weapons – top diplomat — RT World News

17 May, 2022 19:23

EU won’t let Ukraine run out of weapons – top diplomat

Josep Borrell has promised Kiev a never-ending supply
European Union will not let Ukraine run out of equipment,” EU foreign
policy chief Josep Borrell told reporters on Tuesday in Brussels
following a meeting of European defense ministers.

The diplomat theorized that Russia may have suffered “impressive losses
since attacking Ukraine, suggesting casualties of as many as 15% of its
troops, but demurred when asked how long he felt the war might
continue, stating “I wouldn’t dare to make an hypothesis about how long Russia can resist.”

On Friday, Borrell announced another $526 million (€500 million)
package of lethal aid to be sent to Kiev, bringing the total amount
pledged to $2.11 billion (€2 billion). The money would buy heavy weapons
such as tanks and artillery, he said, adding that he was also
optimistic the continental alliance would reach an elusive agreement on a
Russian oil embargo.

The promised embargo failed to materialize
on Monday as the EU devised its sixth package of anti-Russia sanctions.
Hungary, said to be the last remaining holdout, has demanded hundreds of
millions of dollars in compensation, having repeatedly argued that
cutting itself off from Russian oil and gas would do significantly more
harm to its own people than to Moscow.

Following Russia’s attack
on Ukraine, the EU took the unprecedented step of providing €450 million
in lethal aid to Kiev, with several member states following suit. The
bloc previously had a policy of not supplying weapons to countries
involved in a conflict. In attempting to justify the decision, Borrell
declared that “we live in unprecedented times,” arguing “this war requires our engagement in order to support the Ukrainian army.” While Ukraine is seeking to join both the EU and NATO, it is currently a member of neither alliance.

Earlier on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed doubt that Western states seek to benefit Ukraine: “Nobody
cares about Ukraine. Ukraine is an ‘expendable material’ in the proxy
war against Russia. There can be no doubts about it now. It has been
voiced publicly.”

Russia attacked the neighboring state in late February,
following Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk
agreements, first signed in 2014, and Moscow’s eventual recognition of
the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The German- and
French-brokered Minsk Protocol was designed to give the breakaway
regions special status within the Ukrainian state.

The Kremlin has
since demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country
that will never join the US-led NATO military bloc. Kiev insists the
Russian offensive was completely unprovoked and has denied claims it was
planning to retake the two republics by force.