Chinese scientist filed COVID vaccine patent after contagion emerged: report

Zhou Yusen, a decorated military scientist for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) …, filed a patent on Feb. 24 2020, according to documents obtained by The Australian.

The patent — lodged by the “Institute of Military Medicine, Academy

of Military Sciences of the PLA” — was filed just five weeks after China
admitted there was human-to-human transmission of the virus, and months
before Zhou died under mysterious circumstances, the report noted.

… Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinders University told the paper.

… something being looked into as part of the international investigation ordered by President Biden, the paper insisted…

Pompeo: Fauci ‘Should No Longer Be Serving in American Government’ | Truth2Freedom’s Blog
Pompeo accused Fauci of obfuscating on the question of whether the U.S. funds dangerous research in China. Source: Pompeo: Fauci ‘Should No Longer Be Serving in American Government’

Bipartisan Group of Senators Demand ‘Thorough Review’ of US Funding for Chinese Virus Research – Trump:The American Years

A bipartisan group of senators is calling on President Joe Biden to make sure the United States completes a “thorough review” of U.S. funding for Chinese virus research.“The United States must complete a thorough review of existing and prior U.S. government support or funding for research collaboration with the PRC related to gain-of-function, synthetic biology, biotechnology, or other research areas that pose dual-use concerns,” the senators wrote in a July 27 letter to Biden.PRC stands for the People’s Republic of China.No U.S. taxpayer money should go to supporting collaboration with Chinese entities that pose risks for the United States, the lawmakers added, noting that China has “demonstrated lax biosecurity standards, violated the International Health Regulations (2005), attempted to steal intellectual property related to COVID-19 vaccines, and may be in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention.”

Source: Bipartisan Group of Senators Demand ‘Thorough Review’ of US Funding for Chinese Virus Research



Our corrupt government is using illegal aliens as bio-weapons.

You know sometimes I wonder if should even talk about how corrupt the N.W.O. is. It’s a waste of time. Eventually every dumbed down citizen will realize their life is in danger. To be honest I think my time would be better spent brainstorming on how to stop these evil people.

There’s nothing else left to prove. It’s about time to route these heathens.

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WSJ board hits Dems, media on avoiding gain-of-function research accountability: ‘Inexcusable’ | Fox News | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

The Wall Street Journal editorial board accused the media of “groupthink” in avoiding coverage of potential gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology because doing so might give credence to Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and “the populist right.”

‘Democrats and much of the media will avoid the topic because [Rand] Paul and the populist right have taken up this cause’

French Intelligence Warned Obama State Department About Wuhan Lab In 2015: Former US Official

former State official David Asher told the Daily Caller.

The State Department alleged
in January 2021, at the end of the Trump administration, that the Wuhan lab had engaged in classified research on behalf of the Chinese military since at least 2017.

China refuses to participate in 2nd phase of WHO’s Covid origins probe, says research into lab leak theory goes against ‘science’ — RT World News

Beijing has put the brakes on its involvement in the World
Health Organization’s (WHO) investigation into the origins of Covid-19,
citing its disapproval of any inquiries into the possibility that the
virus came from a lab.
The Chinese government
will not take part in a second phase of the WHO’s probe into what caused
the pandemic, Zeng Yixin, deputy head of China’s National Health
Commission, said on Thursday.

The senior health official said at a press conference in Beijing that he was “surprised”
to see research into the lab leak theory – which was initially
dismissed by the WHO as highly unlikely – as a listed objective for the
organization’s proposed second visit to Wuhan and other locations in

“In some aspects, the WHO’s plan for the next phase of
investigation of the coronavirus origin doesn’t respect common sense,
and it’s against science. It’s impossible for us to accept such a plan,” he said.

Liang Wannian, a senior scientist and the representative for the
Chinese side of the WHO’s joint investigation, said during the same
press briefing that, instead of returning to China, the team of experts
should prioritize the “very likely” possibility that
coronavirus originated in animals. He also pointed to reports of
Covid-19 being found in wastewater from different countries around the
same time that the disease was first detected in Wuhan, and suggested
that investigators expand their research to locations outside China.

officials also used the press conference to reiterate that the Wuhan
Institute of Virology had no links to the outbreak. Yuan Zhiming,
director of China’s National Biosafety Laboratory and professor at the
Wuhan lab, stressed that, before December 30, 2019, he and his
colleagues had never preserved or studied the novel coronavirus.

spending around four weeks in China early this year, the experts
concluded in their initial report that the virus likely originated in an
animal before spreading to humans in December 2019. But the findings
have come under scrutiny from Western states, which claim the
investigation lacked transparency. US President Joe Biden has since
ordered US intelligence agencies to conduct their own assessment into
how the health crisis began.

The theory that Covid-19 may have
leaked from a laboratory – possibly the Wuhan Institute of Virology –
was embraced by Donald Trump’s administration in the early months of the
health crisis. At the time, US media outlets rejected the idea as
implausible and even dangerous misinformation. But, in recent months,
the theory has gone mainstream, after Washington began to question the
thoroughness of the WHO’s preliminary findings.

The WHO has
expressed similar concerns about China’s purported lack of openness.
Last week, its director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called on
Beijing to be “transparent and open, and to cooperate” with the organization’s ongoing probe into Covid-19’s origins.

Also on
WHO chief says China still hasn’t provided raw Covid-19 data, hindering investigation into origin of the virus

Beijing has rejected such allegations, insisting it has cooperated fully with the international investigation.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said last week that the origin probe is a “scientific issue” and “all parties should respect the opinions of scientists and scientific conclusions, instead of politicizing the issue.”

Beijing has seemingly dismissed the idea that the virus could have come
from a Chinese lab, it has remained open to the possibility that it may
have leaked from an American facility. On Wednesday, the Chinese
Foreign Ministry backed calls for an investigation into whether
coronavirus came from Maryland’s Fort Detrick biolab, after 4.7 million
Chinese petitioned the WHO to send experts to the US military facility.

Covid: WHO urges China to co-operate better in virus origin probe – BBC News

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has urged China to be more co-operative with the WHO’s second phase of the investigation into the
origins of Covid-19.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called for more access and transparency.

The first phase of the WHO’s investigation ended in February.

Speaking in Geneva on Thursday, Dr Tedros said the WHO needed access to raw
patient data from just before and the start of the pandemic this time around…

WHO To Correct ‘Errors’ In Report On Early COVID Cases In Wuhan, Won’t Release Underlying Data
WHO To Correct ‘Errors’ In Report On Early COVID Cases In Wuhan, Won’t Release Underlying Data The World Health Organization is fixing several “unintended errors” contained in a joint report with China on the origins of COVID-19, and will look into other potential discrepancies, according to the Washington Post, which apparently triggered the review with…