China a bigger threat than Russia, US senator says in bid to arm Taiwan — RT World News

… “China is a bigger threat than Russia to the United States. Taiwan is much more important to the United States than is Ukraine,” Cotton said, while admitting he believes “both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin want to overturn the United States as the global superpower” even if neither leader feels compelled to “openly coordinate or talk about these actions.”…

US explains why it asked Russia not to make its security response public — RT World News

…while he [US Secretary of State Antony Blinken] restated several of Washington’s talking points with regard to the confrontation over Ukraine, he declined to go into specifics, arguing that “diplomacy has the best chance to succeed when we provide space for confidential talks.”…

Bulgaria insists it’s a loyal NATO ally, but won’t send troops to Ukraine — RT World News

…Earlier on Wednesday, CNN reported that Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania were in discussions with the US to
accept 1,000 American troops each, as part of Washington’s effort to “reassure” NATO members in Eastern Europe and “deter” the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine. The US intelligence has
heralded such an invasion since late October, though Moscow dismissed it
as “fake news.”

Dredgers spotted off Cambodian naval base where China is funding expansion, says US think tank – ABC News

…The report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies
(CSIS) said the dredgers could be seen in photos released this month by
the Cambodian government and in commercial satellite imagery.

China seeks 1st naval base in Atlantic – US media — RT World News

….Beijing wants to set up a military base in Equatorial Guinea, a western African country 28,000 square kilometers (1,0810 square miles) in size and with a population of 1.4 million, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said, quoting unnamed US officials with knowledge of classified intelligence reports…

Australia mocks China’s ‘silly’ AUKUS concerns — RT World News

Australia’s Defense Minister derided a senior Chinese diplomat’s
comments as “silly” and “comical,” after the latter dubbed Canberra’s
trilateral nuclear-powered submarine pact with the US and UK a threat to
During a television interview on Friday, Peter Dutton said acting Chinese Ambassador Wang Xining was “probably reading off a script from the Communist Party” when he warned that Australia would become the “naughty guy” if it procured the stealth-combat vessels through the AUKUS deal.

who is China’s most senior representative to the country after the
previous ambassador’s term ended last month, told The Guardian on
Thursday that Australia would be labeled a “sabre-wielder” rather than a “peace defender.” He said the Australian public “should be more worried” about the impact of the security pact their nation had made with the UK and the US.

zero nuclear capacity, technologically, in Australia, that would
guarantee you will be trouble free, that you will be incident free. And
if anything happened, are the politicians ready to say sorry to people
in Melbourne and in Adelaide?

However, Dutton “dismissed” the comments and countered that “most Australians [would] see through [their] non-productive nature.”

“We don’t see it from any other ambassador here in Australia. It’s quite remarkable,” the minister told the Nine Network, adding that “this type of diplomacy” was seen elsewhere in the world too.

“These provocative comical statements – it’s just so silly. It’s funny,” he added.

September, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the deal
to obtain at least eight nuclear-powered vessels as part of its new
defense alliance. The pact angered not only China but also France, which
claimed it had been “stabbed in the back” after Canberra unilaterally scrapped a multi-billion-dollar diesel-electric submarine contract with Paris.

weekend, Dutton had irked Beijing by stating that he could not conceive
of a situation in which Australia would hesitate to support the US
should armed conflict with China break out over Taiwan. Under its ‘One
China’ policy, Beijing has pledged to reunify the island with the

Wang warned Australian politicians on Thursday not to do anything that would be “destructive to our relationship.”

US covered up deadly air strikes in Syria, New York Times reports – BBC News

The US military covered up an attack that killed dozens of civilians in Syria, according to an investigation by the New York Times newspaper.

The 2019 attack on so-called Islamic State (IS) fighters killed 80 people – only 16 identified as militants.


Comment by tonytran2015: Has V. Putin been successful in keeping Russian territory? Is this the result of USA treating Russia badly?


…Trud summed up the view in its May 20 editorial, titled “Russia hands out islands.” A total of 337square kilometers (about 130 square miles) will be transferred to China, the newspaper noted. Russia will soon loose two of its islands, the Ekho Moskvy Radio agreed on May 20. The
radio conducted an overnight opinion poll that found 82% of the listeners opposed the border agreement.

“Why should we transfer islands to the Chinese?” asked the popular
Komsomolskaya pravda. The newspaper quoted Viktor Ishayev, governor of
Khabarovsk region, as saying that the “yellow threat” could soon become a
reality, notably by 2020 when China’s population is expected to reach 1.5 billion (Komsomolskaya pravda, May 21)…