China responds angrily to Australia-US joint statement a day after AUKUS submarine deal was announced – ABC News

  • China responds angrily to Australia-US joint statement criticising Beijing on issues like Hong Kong and Xinjiang

  • The joint statement came a day after Australia announced a deal to acquire nuclear submarines in partnership with the US and UK
  • The deal is widely perceived to be aimed at countering China’s territorial expansion in the Asia Pacific….

Australia to acquire nuclear submarine fleet as part of historic partnership with US and UK to counter China’s influence – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: It is time now to buy big defence items. Otherwise the lefties in Australia will waste money on many unworthy feel-good projects.

  • Australia, the UK and US have formed a new security partnership named AUKUS
  • As a first initiative, AUKUS will build nuclear submarines for Australia’s fleet
  • The new partnership is designed to counter threats in the Indo-Pacific

Cuba Says ‘Mysterious Syndrome’ is Not Scientifically Plausible | Aletho News

Comment by tonytran2015:Sonic weapons are real posted 2018/06/07.

teleSUR | September 13, 2021

A technical report was released Monday by a multidisciplinary research team created by the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) on the “unidentified health incidents” reported in Havana in which some U.S. employees complained of various symptoms when they were stationed in Havana. Similar symptoms apparently appeared in some Canadian citizens and, later, in U.S. employees in other countries.

The report debunks a narrative it calls “mystery syndrome,” which assumes that the cause of these incidents are attacks with some unidentified energy weapon. Its authors reveal that the narrative is based on the following – unverified – claims:

1) A novel syndrome with shared core symptoms and signs is present in the affected employees;

2) It is possible to detect in these employees brain damage originating during their stay in Havana;

3) A directed energy source exists that could affect people’s brains from great distances after crossing the physical barriers of homes or hotel rooms;

4) A weapon capable of generating such a physical agent is achievable and identified;

5) Evidence of an attack was discovered;

6): The available evidence rules out alternative medical explanations.

The report critically examines the plausibility of these claims and the evidence on which they are based, concluding that the “mystery syndrome” narrative is not scientifically acceptable in any of its components and has only survived because of a biased use of science.

Although the report lacks some information, it provides plausible interpretations that fit the available facts better than the “mystery syndrome” narrative, based on published reports in the United States and Canada and field studies in Havana.

The text details the arguments for these interpretations, which are that:

Possibly some U.S. employees while stationed in Havana felt ill due to a heterogeneous collection of medical conditions, some pre-existing before going to Cuba and others acquired due to simple or well-known causes.

Many diseases prevalent in the general population can explain most of the symptoms. Thus, there is no novel syndrome (something evident in the official U.S. reports). Only a minority of people have detectable brain dysfunction, most due to experiences prior to their stay in Havana and others due to well-known medical conditions.

No known form of energy can selectively cause brain damage (with spatial precision similar to a laser beam) under the conditions described for the alleged Havana incidents.

The laws of physics governing sound, ultrasound, infrasound or radio frequency waves (including microwaves) do not permit this. These forms of energy could not have damaged brains without being felt or heard by others, without disturbing electronic devices in the case of microwaves, or without producing other injuries (such as ruptured eardrums or skin burns).

The report assures that at no time was anything of the sort reported. Although there are weapons that use sound or microwaves they are large in size and there is no possibility that this type of weapon would not go unnoticed (or leave a trace) if it had been deployed in Havana. Neither the Cuban Police, nor the F.B.I., nor the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, have discovered evidence of “attacks” on diplomats in Havana despite intensive investigations.

Finally, psychogenic and toxic explanations for many symptoms in some cases were rejected by adequate research. Specifically, all the conditions for the psychogenic spread of distress were present in this episode, including probably an inadequate initial medical response, early official U.S. government endorsement of an “attack” theory, and sensationalist media coverage, among others.

The experts stand ready to revise its conclusions if new evidence emerges, inviting efforts to refute its interpretations in a climate of open scientific collaboration. However, it firmly rejects as “established truth” a narrative built on flimsy foundations and flawed scientific practice. An example is the idea that there was an “attack,” which is accepted as “established truth without critical thinking.”

Some scientific articles – and most of the news read – accept as an axiom that there were attacks in Havana, so they take it as an idea on which to build theories. However, after four years, no evidence of attacks has surfaced, making it time to rethink the narrative, the report’s authors hold.


The $83 billion number is not invented out of whole cloth. But it reflects all the money spent to train, equip and house the Afghan military and police — so weapons are just a part of that. At this point, no one really knows the value of the equipment that was seized by the Taliban.

The Facts

The $83 billion figure — technically, $82.9 billion — comes from an estimate in the July 30 quarterly report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) for all spending on the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund since the U.S. invasion in 2001.

In recent years, the spending has decreased. For fiscal 2021, about $3 billion was spent on security forces, which was similar to 2020.

Separately, the U.S. government spent about $36 billion on shoring up the Afghan government. The total bill for the Afghan project added up to more than $144 billion.

In any case, the $83 billion spent on the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) goes back two decades, including almost $19 billion spent between 2002 and 2009.

Osama bin Laden predicted Joe Biden would be incompetent president and ‘lead America into a crisis’ | Daily Mail Online

Comment by tonyytan2015: Is there any other way for Taliban to possess such a huge amount of abandoned US weapons?

Osama bin Laden banned al Qaeda from assassinating Joe Biden because the Democrat would become an incompetent president and ‘lead the US into a crisis’ if jihadists were successful in killing Barack Obama.

Russia to expand navy with new warships & nuclear subs as Putin says new tech, from AI to robotics, will drive next-gen weapons — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

… Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed that the country’s
shipyards have begun work on half a dozen new vessels for its growing
navy, and that Moscow is now planning to revamp its armed forces with
cutting-edge hardware.
Speaking as part of the Army 2021 expo on Monday, Putin announced that “the potential of our sailors is increasing.” Therefore, he said, “today,
at leading shipyards across Russia, two modern short-range ships and
four new submarines – including two equipped to carry nuclear missiles –
are being laid.”

Manufacturers on the Baltic Sea, along the
waters of the Arctic and on the coast of the Sea of Japan in the
country’s Far East are all now working to deliver the orders. In July, a
shipyard in Severodvinsk, near the northern city of Arkhangelsk, put
out to sea a nuclear missile cruiser; while in May, another nuclear
submarine, ‘Kazan’, was delivered to the navy.

Also on
Putin says Russia
developing high-tech nuclear & laser weapons, warning ‘provocateurs’
will regret crossing country’s red lines

In addition, the Russian president said that there is now a need
to overhaul the country’s military equipment in order to take advantage
of the latest innovations. “We are developing Russia’s defense
industry and our armed forces in line with new technological principles
based on our scientific and technical advances,” he said.

Significant attention is being paid to “areas
such as the use of artificial intelligence and robotics to support the
troops, as well as the latest command and control systems.” Putin
added that the share of modern weapons in the strategic nuclear forces
already exceeds 80%, with outdated hardware having been replaced.

Also on
WATCH: Russian warships
& nuclear submarines on show in St. Petersburg parade as Putin hails
country as world-leading naval power

The president also said that Russia had achieved technological supremacy in a number of areas of military technology. “Many of these weapons have no analogues elsewhere in the world in terms of their tactical and technical characteristics,” he said, “and according to what we see, one can firmly say: They will not have them for a long time.”

April, Putin said that hypersonic and laser weapons are a key focus for
the Russian Armed Forces and were an important deterrent in dealing
with potentially unfriendly states. “We have patience, self-confidence and righteousness on our side,” Putin added. “I hope no one will think of crossing red lines in their relations with Russia. Where that line sits is ours to determine.” Those planning provocations, he said, “will regret their deeds in a way they have not regretted anything else for a long time.”

Russian minister confirms rumors that country is planning replacement for ‘doomsday plane’ to house officials during NUCLEAR WAR — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

A senior Russian minister has revealed that the country is
working on a new version of the notorious ‘doomsday plane’, confirming
long-standing rumors of planned replacements for the four Soviet-made
Il-80 flying command posts.
“Work in this direction is underway,”
Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov told news agency Interfax
on Sunday, noting that the Russian aviation industry now has the
capability to produce aircraft of all classes, including planes for this

A ‘doomsday plane’ is designed to house the country’s
top leaders and keep them out of harm’s way in case of all-out nuclear
war on the ground, allowing them to organize military movements from
safety. All branches of the armed forces – ground units, navy, aviation,
and strategic missile systems – can be controlled from the aircraft.
These new jets will eventually replace the existing Il-80, also made by
the country’s well-established Ilyushin aircraft manufacturer.

Also on
Doomsday still an option: Only ‘secondary’ equipment looted from Russia’s top-secret plane by cheeky thieves

According to a source for Moscow daily Izvestia, the plane is
still in its very early development stage. It will be based on the new
Il96-400M, which has still not yet made its first flight.

the high-security nature of the doomsday plane, one of Russia’s Il-80
flying command posts was robbed last year. Two assailants, not yet
caught, stole 39 units of electronic equipment and five radio station
boards installed onboard the plane while it was undergoing scheduled
modernization work in Taganrog, in the south of the country. However,
according to the state-owned United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), none of
the stolen equipment was essential for the purpose of the aircraft.

the special equipment was dismantled from the aircraft immediately upon
its arrival and was stored in special warehouses. During the incident, a
number of secondary appliances, not related directly to the purpose of
the aircraft, went missing,” UAC told the TASS news agency.

Free electron laser insight: laser-beam interaction in a dipole magnet. – Scientific Inquirer

Free electron lasers (FELs) generate short-wavelength radiation with extreme brilliance on ultrafast timescales. Developed over the past three decades, FELs provide an important research tool for physics, biology, chemistry, and other areas.

Unlike other synchrotron light sources, the amplification of FEL pulses comes from strong and continuous interaction of electromagnetic waves and relativistic electron beams in a periodic lattice of alternating dipole magnetic fields, known as an undulator. The undulator for modern x-ray FELs (XFELs) exploits a positive feedback loop—a revolutionary development that facilitates research into the nanoscale world. While XFELs continue to develop, one of the most basic processes of FEL lasing—energy exchange within the subperiod of the undulator—had not been measured directly until recently.

Researchers from the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute and the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences contributed to a deeper understanding of FEL physics

Sellout in Chief | disturbeddeputy

Isn’t treason when you aid and give support to the enemy? What else can you call it when Americans are abandoned to terrorists and you supply them with weapons?

White House says a ‘fair amount’ of US military equipment provided to Afghans is now in Taliban hands

Just what would you consider a “fair” amount?

Pentagon says terrorist threats from Afghanistan could be worse than anticipated

In Jimmy Carter’s footsteps: Creating a hostage crisis.

Senators “Horrified” To See Black Hawk Helicopters In Taliban Hands
A group of senators led by Republican Marco Rubio of Florida is demanding answers to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, writing in a letter: “As we watched the images coming out of Afghanistan as the Taliban retook the country, we were horrified to see U.S. equipment…