Amazon hit with whopping $887 million fine by European privacy regulators — RT World News

Amazon has been handed an $888 million fine by European Union
regulators for breaching the bloc’s data protection laws. The fine is
the largest issued by the EU, but is still less than one percent of the
firm’s annual revenue.
The Luxembourg National
Commission for Data Protection (CNPD) issued the fine earlier this
month, and Amazon reported it on Friday in a filing to the US Securities
and Exchange Commission (SEC)…

Mark Zukerberg Is Positioning Facebook To Take Over Online Worship Services And His First Line Of Attack Is Partnership With Laodicean Hillsong — Now The End Begins | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Mark Zuckerberg believes the coronavirus pandemic has created a new opportunity for Facebook to grow. His plan involves incentivizing churchgoers — who have become familiar with virtual services over the past year due to lockdowns — to permanently move their religious worship online.

Just a short while ago, Facebook removed my post because it went against their Community Standards, and was something that could potentially ’cause harm’ to certain groups of people. What was in that post that was so egregious and offensive to the Facebook censors? It was Proverbs 20:1 warning against the corrupting influence of alcohol. Now Facebook wants to control the Christian worship service, and to that end, they have found the perfect first willing victim. Laodicean Hillsong.

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Revelation 3:15,16 (KJB)

Charles Spurgeon once prophetically remarked that ‘A time will come when instead of shepherds feeding the sheep, the church will have clowns entertaining the goats’.Hillsong Church and all their ilk are the living, breathing fulfillment of that statement from the 19th century. The fact that they are partnering with Facebook to create a ‘modern worship experience to engage 21st century technology-savvy users’ shows me the falling away from 2 Thessalonians is now complete. And then some.


Mark Zuckerberg Wants Laodicean Churchgoers to Connect with God on Facebook

FROM BREITBART NEWS: The company is intensifying its formal partnerships with faith groups across the United States…

German company Leifeld refused to supply high-precision equipment to the Ukrainian KB LUCH | Ukraine Today .org

The German company Leifeld refused to supply high-precision equipment to the State Kyiv Design Bureau Luch.

The Odessa forum “Effective for the defense industry,” said chief designer DKKB “Ray” Oleg Korostelev, said in the article Valentine Badrak “With an eye to NATO as the domestic defense industry plans to cooperate with the West” on .

“When we needed thermal imagers, we were helped by Turkey, when we needed modern drones, we were helped again by Turkey,” Korostelov said.

Valentin Badrak suggests that the German company refused under the influence of the desire to resume business with Russia…

The End of Meritocracy? | The Wentworth Report

The End of Merit. By Joel Kotkin.

Woke educators, like San Francisco’s School board member Alison Collins, claim that “merit, meritocracy and especially meritocracy based on standardized testing” are essentially “racist systems.” Some among the new racial cadres even denounce habits such as punctuality, rationality, and hard work as reflective of “racism” and “white privilege”.

John Hinderaker:

A society that denigrates hard work and rationality cannot possibly succeed. … The main reason why the United States easily outstripped Europe and Asia in economic growth and cultural influence in the 19th and 20th centuries is that we were a meritocracy. Talent and hard work prevailed over privilege of birth and adherence to established ideologies. Sadly, we have lost that advantage. … The Left’s war on standards has resulted in a dumbing down of our educational system and our culture. None of our competitors has been this stupid, and China, in particular — despite ostensibly being a Communist country! — is a ruthless meritocracy where it counts.

Joel Kotkin again:

Only 5 percent of American college students major in engineering, compared with 33 percent in China; as of 2016, China graduated 4.7 million STEM students versus 568,000 in the United States, as well as six times as many students with engineering and computer science bachelor’s degrees. … The skills shortage may be even more profound on the factory floor. Due to an aging workforce, as many as 600,000 new manufacturing jobs expected to be generated this decade cannot be filled. The percentage of the skilled manufacturing work force over the age of 55 has doubled in the last 10 years to 20 percent of active workers. And there is no deep bench of talent waiting to replace retirees — 50 percent of the active workers are above the age of 45. The current shortage of welders, now 240,000, could grow to 340,000 by 2024. Manufacturing employment is expanding more rapidly than in almost four decades but there are an estimated 500,000 manufacturing jobs unfilled right now.

And John Hinderaker again:

The conclusion is obvious. If America is no longer a meritocracy, but rather a cynical left-wing spoils system, we no longer have a meaningful reason for being.

America is rapidly becoming un-serious. So post-modern. In today’s America more than half the population goes on to college — where most run up large debts, and many learn to sit around and belly-ache about fictitious systemic racism. But, so woke! Possibly related:

Why most film reviewers blatantly lie to the audience | Political Arena

This is yet another glaring illustration of how corrupt and dishonest the corporate media is.

If a reviewer or a journalist says a bad thing about a movie studio’s product the studio and the distributor can and very often do blacklist said review or journalist. So they have no choice but to tell you that these crappy products are great and that you should go out and see them…..otherwise no free trips, tickets, behinds the scenes interviews, access to the actors etc.


Who is Martin Shkreli – ‘the most hated man in America’? – BBC News

…Developed in the 1950s, … People with weakened immune systems, such as Aids patients, have come to rely on the drug, which

until recently cost about $13.50 (£8.80) a dose.

But Mr Shkreli announced he was raising the price to $750 a pill. The more
than 5,000% increase …

… then Mr Shkreli agreed to lower the price.

“We’ve agreed to lower the price on Daraprim to a point that is more affordable and is able to allow the company to make a profit, but a very
small profit,” he told ABC News. “We think these changes will be welcomed.”

FTC Rules On Right To Repair | Hackaday

… the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) came out with a 5-0 unanimous vote on its position on right to repair. (PDF) It’s great news, in that they basically agree with us all:

Restricting consumers and businesses from choosing how they repair products can substantially increase the total cost of repairs, generate harmful electronic waste, and unnecessarily increase wait times for repairs. In contrast, providing more choice in repairs can lead to lower costs, reduce e-waste by extending the useful lifespan of products, enable more timely repairs, and provide economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and local businesses.

The long version of the “Nixing the Fix” report goes on

He Wants to Be God | disturbeddeputy

His megalomania is way out of control. His actions expose him for what he is, and it ain’t holy. You’re more likely to find God in a den of ill repute. Sorry, repeating myself, that’s the same as FaceBarf.

Tencent shares slide after Beijing crackdown on music rights – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: China seems to have a policy against anti-competition. What is happening in the US ?

…Tencent bought China Music Corporation in 2016, giving it rights to more
than 80% of all music tracks in the market and an unfair advantage over
rivals, the SAMR said in the ruling…

The dark side of TikTok’s algorithm – ABC News

…The study — which was funded by the US State Department — found hashtags about the mass detention of Uyghurs, Hong Kong protests, LGBTQI and anti-Russian government videos were among those being suppressed.

…“We’re really at risk of having generations of young people that … have formed identities in response to something that a technology platform
prescribes to be normal or the new normal.”…