Google’s Wokeness Is A National Security Threat – Banned Hipster

Remember this from 2018?After a dozen employees quit in protest, Google has reportedly decided not to renew its contract for military drone initiative Project Maven

Google’s relationship with the Department of Defence triggered a civil war inside the company and cast doubt on Google’s commitment to its old motto: “Don’t be evil.”

As part of an effort called Project Maven, Google provides the Pentagon with artificial intelligence technology that speeds up the process of analysing video images. Google’s participation in the program, which critics contend could help increase the accuracy of drone-missile strikes, sparked controversy both inside and outside of Google.

As was said at the time, you’ve never heard a single criticism from these Silicon Valley Leftists about Google working with China. Or Israel, for that matter. That would get shut down immediately. What has happened is that the Silicon Valley culture has become anti-American. They do not see themselves as Americans – and many of them are not, in fact, American. The whites at Google share the same hatred of traditional America as Jews; they share the class bigotry of the rest of the Professional Managerial class, and their religion – as Yarvin memorably described it, Progressive Idealism – is virulently anti-Christian. LGBT is the new Priest class of the PI religion, as Jews were to the Boomer Liberalism of their parent’s generation. In the same way these PI’s would attack Christians for being anti-LGBT, but never Muslims for being anti-LGBT, the point obviously isn’t anything specifically to do with LGBT, it is an attack on the American people, most of whom are Christian at least culturally. Google is a major, major supporter of mass immigration. We also know that Google actively censors non-Leftist viewpoints. Google worked closely with the Obama administration to stage coups and “Color Revolutions” in Arab countries targeted by Israel. Google is inherently a political company, and it is an extension of the Democratic party. The Pentagon is seen by these people as still a part of “Red America,” thus they stage these strikes about working with them. Now we have the public resignation of DoD’s Chief Software Officer, complaining that the United States has already lost the “AI War” to China, that various DoD computer security is “kindergarden level” and specifically calls out Google for their 2018 refusal to work with DoD. Pentagon Official Says He Resigned Because US Cybersecurity Is No Match for China

Chaillan also told the FT that US national security was being compromised by Google’s refusal to work with the Pentagon on AI.

Google stopped working with the Pentagon in 2018 after 12 employees quit over a project where Google helped the Pentagon make software that could improve the accuracy of drone strikes.

In China, Chaillan said, private cyber and AI companies were at Beijing’s beck and call.

Larry Romanoff’s article, How Does China Evaluate and Choose its Leaders? Understanding China’s University System, details a system China uses that could not be more different than America’s.

When you meet some who has entered the civil service in China’s central government, you can rest assured you are speaking to a person who is not only exceptionally well educated and astonishingly knowledgeable on a broad range of national issues, but is in the top 0.1% of a pool of 1.5 billion people. China’s government officials are all highly-educated and trained engineers, economists, sociologists, scientists, often at a Ph.D. level. We should here consider that the Chinese generally score about 10% higher on standard IQ tests than do Caucasian Westerners. When we couple this with the Chinese process of weeding out all but the top 0.1% from consideration, and add further the prospect of doing the weeding from a pool of 1.5 billion people, you might expect the individuals in China’s Central Government to be rather better qualified than those of most other countries. And they are.

Aside from serious scientific universities such as MIT or Stanford, America’s most elite universities, such as Harvard and Yale, are saddled with Affirmative Action, Jewish nepotism, anti-White and anti-Asian hidden quotas, and an education that is specifically anti-American. The “Wokeness” at the schools educate the new elites to hate America and Americans, and anti-whiteness and anti-Americanism is built into the programs. It’s been noted that China’s leadership is full of engineers and scientists, while America’s leadership is full of lawyers. China’s leadership class is Chinese themselves and pro-China. America’s leadership class is increasingly not American and increasingly openly anti-American.

In China, Chaillan said, private cyber and AI companies were at Beijing’s beck and call.

China is aiming to becoming the leading AI superpower by 2030, and a March report from the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence said the US was “not prepared to defend the United States in the coming artificial intelligence (AI) era.”

Chaillan said it didn’t matter whether the US spent three times as much as China on defense because it was being allocated to the wrong areas, the FT reported.

Who, ultimately, are the Chinese engineers at Google loyal to? The Indians? The Pakistanis? It’s fairly obvious where the loyalties of Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and Sergei Brin lie. This is what we mean when we talk about a Zionist-occupied government.At the very core are dedicated Zionists, and around that periphery are increasingly non-Americans, and all are ideologically anti-American. Similarly, the Soviet Union was controlled by a coalition of Jews and minority ethnic non-Russians, such as the Georgian Stalin. We have the exact same ruling class here in America.

The group says it hopes included in Google’s new AI policy will be the promise to never use consumer data in military operations or for mass surveillance, as well as a pledge never to develop military AI applications.

Of course, this is absurd. Google is nothing but mass surveillance. Google has, in fact, assisted China in setting up their censorship and surveillance infrastructure. Google has no issue with working with totalitarian regimes, what Google has a problem with is America and Americans. Google and other companies like Facebook should be nationalized. Regulation and anti-trust is not enough. The rest of America needs to begin the process of isolating and containing the Silicon Valley Leftist cultural plague. We do not have to be ruled by a cadre of purple-haired, facially pierced, non-binary “activists” that hate us and want us dead.

Contrast this with the Western system where politicians most often have no useful education and no relevant training or experience, and in fact political leadership of any Western nation has no credential requirements whatever, certainly not in education, experience or intelligence.

One of Canada’s recent Prime Ministers, Stephen Harper, had only a minor undergraduate degree and his only job was working in a corporate mail room when he joined the rump of a political party, became the party leader and eventually the Prime Minister. His successor, Justin Trudeau, was a school teacher whose father had been Canada’s Prime Minister many years prior, and whose only credential appeared to be a talent for working the political system. In Canada’s province of Alberta, a recent Premier was a former television news reporter, renowned more for being an habitual drunk than for intelligence or governing ability. US President George Bush was renowned for boasting that he never read any books, being nearly as painfully unintelligent as Ronald Reagan whose only credential was having been a C-class movie actor.

None of these men had a CV sufficient to qualify as a manager of a 7-11 and none demonstrated signs of either intelligence or governing ability, yet a ludicrous and absurd political system permitted them to become the CEO of nations and provinces.

An examination of the backgrounds and credentials of politicians in any Western nation will reveal mostly a collection of politically-ambitious misfits strikingly lacking in redeeming qualities. It is not a surprise that Western politicians are ranked lower than prostitutes, used-car salesmen and snakes in terms of both morality and trustworthiness. In one recent US public poll, the politicians of both houses of the entire US Congress were rated as less popular than cockroaches and lice. (1) It is accepted as a truism that all Western politicians will, after being elected, freely abandon the commitments made to the people immediately prior to being elected, political duplicity and cunning accepted as normal in all Western societies. This is so true that one US commentator recently remarked that “Of course, all politicians need to lie, but the Clintons do it with such ease that it’s troubling”. Such a thing is unheard of in China. Outright lying to the people would be fatal, but in the West dishonesty in politicians is accepted without a murmur.

America has already lost to China. What America needs to do is draw inward and deal with the parasite class that has caused so much damage in the last few decades. A country whose military is obsessed with transgenderism is not a serious country. A country who takes moral cues from pierced non-binary glorified web designers is not a serious country. Google had signaled its anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-white attitudes through their infamous “doodle” since the very beginning of the company. It’s a globalism for everyone except for Americans.

FDA Delays Moderna for Young Teens Pending Investigation into Heart Inflammation Side Effect – Nwo Report

‘So far, the regulators haven’t determined whether there is an elevated risk,’ reports the Wall Street Journal.

Source: Nworeport

The FDA is pausing approval of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine until it investigates cases of myocarditis in adolescents, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to an anonymous source, the federal regulatory agency is investigating whether the mRNA jab could lead to higher incidences of the supposedly rare side effect, described as an “inflammation of the heart muscle” by the Mayo Clinic, after several Nordic countries recommended against Moderna’s use in young children.

From the WSJ:

The Food and Drug Administration is delaying a decision on authorizing Moderna Inc.’s MRNA -2.31% Covid-19 vaccine for adolescents to assess whether the shot may lead to heightened risk of a rare inflammatory heart condition, according to people familiar with the matter.

After four Nordic countries strengthened their stances against giving Moderna vaccines to younger adults last week, the FDA has been taking another look at the risk of the condition, known as myocarditis, among younger men who took Moderna’s vaccine, especially compared with those who received the vaccine from Pfizer Inc. PFE -0.43% and BioNTech SE, BNTX -1.06% the people said.

So far, the regulators haven’t determined whether there is an elevated risk, the people said. The delay could be several weeks, but the timing is unclear, one of the people said.

Myocarditis cases are reportedly contributing to vaccine-hesitant skepticism over the vaccine.

The Journal notes regulators are being extra cautious after several European countries halted the AstraZeneca vaccine rollout over heart complication issues, with Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine showing similar issues in the US.

“The European Medicines Agency safety database recorded three times as many reports of myocarditis among Moderna vaccine recipients than Pfizer-BioNTech recipients, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of reports through Oct. 14.,” reports the Journal.

In spite of this, “Both the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines are cleared for use in people 12 years and older by medicines regulators in the European Union and U.K.,” the Journal reports.

While Moderna’s shot is still pending FDA approval, the Pfizer-BioNTech jab remains the only injection with to be approved for 12 to 17-year-olds, despite the jab prompting several cases of the exact same heart condition.

At the same time, an FDA panel has gone ahead and green-lighted Moderna’s use as a booster shot for “at-risk adults.”

George Galloway: Facebook is fighting to the death to stop those with the ‘wrong’ opinions from being heard — RT Op-ed

George Galloway was
a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. He presents TV
and radio shows (including on RT). He is a film-maker, writer and a renowned orator. Follow him on Twitter @georgegalloway
How convenient that Facebook ‘whistleblowers’ are emerging at
exactly the same time as the social media giant is seeking to “reduce
the presence of politics” on the site. What this means for freedom of
speech is glaringly obvious.
If you had told me during
the years I sat with Nick Clegg in the British Parliament that the
achingly liberal member for Sheffield Hallam – later to become deputy
prime minister of the UK and Sir Nick ­– would become chief censor of
the biggest public square on the planet, Facebook, I would never have
believed it.

In the 2010 general election, when Clegg got the Liberal Democrats off to a flying start in the televised debates, “I agree with Nick” became the catchphrase of his trailing opponents. What began as an expedient has now become compulsory.

Also on
How much do we REALLY know about the background of Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen?

Because if you’re on Facebook and Sir Nick Clegg takes a dislike to what you have to say, you won’t be heard for long.

declare an interest. I am heavily invested in free speech on Facebook. I
have 600,000 followers on there – more than nearly all UK political
figures – and an audience for my speeches and clips etc. of many

When I read Clegg’s pronunciamento recently that he was
going to cut back on political content on the platform I saw it as a
threat. Pictures of my breakfast are but a small part of my Facebook

According to Clegg, “One
of the things we have heard from users both from the US and around the
world since the election is people want to see more friends, less
politics. So we have been testing ways in which we can reduce the
presence of politics for people’s Facebook experiences.”

Then I watched with fascination the orchestral manoeuvres in the dark
of a congressional inquiry into Facebook where a whistleblower, Frances
Haugen, was whistling a highly convenient tune for the powerful – in
the company and in the powerhouses of the establishment – and I realised
we were all being played. And that Nick Clegg is no longer a liberal.

Facebook will fight to the death to stop those with the “wrong” opinions from being heard. Cue: something must be done!

Whistleblower A was heard throughout the world. Another whistleblower,
Julian Assange, has not been heard for many a year on account of his
incarceration in Belmarsh maximum security prison in London, facing the
rest of his life underground in an American Guantanamo.

A was concerned about body-shaming on Instagram and other such
ephemera. Whistleblower Assange was concerned about bodies, quite dead,
at the hands of those like the congressional audience humming along with
confected horror at the tales of Whistleblower A.

And lo, out of
the west, comes news of a Whistleblower B. Another ex-Facebook employee,
Sophie Zhang, has volunteered her horror stories about Facebook Fake
News influencing elections all over the world.

Ms. B, a San
Francisco tribune, has not yet named and shamed, but the elections in
question are unlikely to be the ones – in Russia for example – when a
full-court NGO press was captured on video seeking to reduce the victory
of President Vladimir Putin’s parliamentary party, even if it meant
boosting the Communists!

More likely she has the likes of Donald
Trump in mind as the US rulers begin to show signs of meltdown at the
possibility of the Orange Man’s resurrection.

Also on
Facebook’s secret blacklist is a powerful tool for moderating thought and free speech, and projecting US foreign policy globally

No doubt Ms. Chang will manage to cite mysterious Ivans and Lis
who are still toiling ceaselessly to install favourable candidates in
office in a way the ENTIRE Western mass media and political class would
never dream of.

The mood music is clear. The wrong people have
turned out to be just too successful at persuading the public that our
rulers and their principal narratives are quite naked. They have no

They must be stopped. And like the famous village in
Vietnam which had to be destroyed in order to save it, freedom of speech
must be extinguished in order to preserve it. It’s the liberal way…

Instagram Censors Evolutionary Biologist For Post Pointing Out Men Are Physically Stronger Than Women
Instagram Censors Evolutionary Biologist For Post Pointing Out Men Are Physically Stronger Than Women Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, Facebook owned Instagram has censored Evolutionary biologist Colin Wright after he posted a chart that proves men are biologically stronger than women in a range of sports, even if they have undergone gender transitioning…

Chinese Propaganda Dominates Search Results for US Military Base
The top results for a Maryland military base on prominent search engines link to Chinese propaganda that blames the United States for the coronavirus outbreak, a new study finds. According to a report from the Alliance for Securing Democracy, Chinese propaganda organs rank high on searches conducted on Google and YouTube for information about Fort […]

Target Facebook: Second ‘whistleblower’ and blacklist leak ramp up pressure on Zuckerberg — RT Op-ed

Nebojsa Malic is
a Serbian-American journalist, blogger and translator, who wrote a
regular column for from 2000 to 2015, and is now senior
writer at RT. Follow him on Telegram @TheNebulator and on Twitter @NebojsaMalic

With the second disgruntled employee clamoring to blow the whistle on Facebook, and its secret blacklist of terrorist and hate figures being made public, it’s becoming clear Mark Zuckerberg’s
political allies are out to get him.

I don’t really want to
defend Zuckerberg, or the machine for surveillance and monetization of private information he has built under the guise of a social network. For hundreds of millions of people across the world, Facebook, Instagram
and WhatsApp – all of which his company owns – are the internet, and this is a problem.

Thing is, it’s also a problem for the current US establishment and the media-political complex, which is quite obviously trying to compel Facebook to be even more censorious of
dissidents – under the guise of “protecting the children” and “saving Our Democracy,” of course.

Also on
Bringing Facebook to
heel: A system-connected ‘whistleblower’ and a ‘for the children’
narrative mask a bid for political control

That seemed obvious enough last week, when disgruntled former employee Frances Haugen showed up in the US Senate, backed by high-power PR agencies and lawyers connected to the ruling Democrats. She had
already been instantly verified on Twitter, interviewed by ‘60 Minutes,’
and endlessly promoted across all major corporate outlets. Quite a contrast to the treatment the US establishment has meted out to genuine whistleblowers such as Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, or Edward
Snowden, no?

Another ‘whistleblower,’ Sophie Zhang, has emerged
this week. Much like Haugen, she worked in one of the censorship cells, this one focused on “inauthentic behavior” – i.e. fake accounts
or bots. She supposedly single-handedly took down such a network in
Honduras, and flagged others in places like Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Spain and Ukraine, among others.

Also on
‘Blood on my hands’:
Second Facebook ‘whistleblower’ comes forward to call for content
crackdown, says she’ll testify in Congress

Zhang, who claims to be shy and shun the limelight, has spoken to BuzzFeed in September 2020 and to the Guardian in April this year – and just went on CNN to say she was encouraged by the bipartisan reception given to Haugen, and wants to do her “civic duty” to “democracy” and testify herself.

Then on Tuesday, the Intercept made public Facebook’s blacklist of
‘dangerous individuals and organizations,’ people and entities one is not supposed to mention on the platform under the penalty of censorship. The document was framed through criticism of Facebook’s supposed racist treatment of Muslims and racial minorities, which is the prevailing political orthodoxy in the US at the moment.

It’s worth noting that the outlet originally established to publish Snowden’s revelations about the NSA ran off its founding editor Glenn Greenwald last fall, because he wanted to
criticize the censorship intended to help the Democrats in the 2020

Facebook was involved in that censorship too. Andy
Stone, who came to Facebook after working for numerous Democrats, openly
admitted to shadowbanning the New York Post story about the shady behavior of Joe Biden’s son Hunter. The move was actually more effective at suppressing the story than Twitter’s overt suspension of the Post, in the weeks preceding the US presidential election.

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action,”
is supposedly an old Chicago saying quoted by a character in Ian Fleming’s ‘Goldfinger,’ one of the early James Bond novels. There is
definitely a pattern of attacks on Facebook and Zuckerberg – and it’s
coming from the very people they helped get into power, no less.

Earlier last year, billionaire meddler and Democrat mega-donor George Soros
fired off a series of op-eds demanding the ouster of Zuckerberg and
other top executives, arguing that their refusal to censor President Donald Trump for “misinformation” would lead to him winning the election.

Also on
How much do we REALLY know about the background of Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen?

Trump had admitted to using social media to bypass the corporate outlets – which had overwhelmingly endorsed his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton – in 2016, and his shocking victory led to Democrats demanding
social media censorship on grounds that “Russian misinformation” was to blame. That’s how this whole effort to purge social networks of “wrongthink” started, really.

Also on
Facebook ‘fixing’
Instagram after Haugen leak: Nudging teens away from bad content &
making Section 230 conditional on censorship

Ironically, Zuckerberg had helped Democrats and their friends “fortify” the 2020 election, not just by shadowbanning the Hunter Biden story, but by donating $419.5 million
of his own money to counties across several key states. While theoretically nonpartisan and nonpolitical, these donations went overwhelmingly to Democrat voter-turnout campaigns, hiring poll workers from the pool of Democrat activists, and harvesting mail-in ballots.

Instead of being celebrated as a hero, however, Zuckerberg got a constant, coordinated campaign against Facebook by Our Democracy, which demands full narrative control and tolerates no possibility of dissent.

Also on
Response to Fauci’s emails proves everything is fake, narrative management trumps reality, and those in power want it that way

Perhaps he now hopes to leverage “reforms” Facebook is proposing to Congress, so he can keep paying the protection racket while
his competition gets quashed under the regulatory burden. Surely he’s intelligent enough to realize that this won’t work. No matter how long
he manages to stay atop the tiger, eventually he’ll get eaten with the rest of us.

Lift the minimum wage and employment still rises? How to anger the establishment and win a Nobel Prize – ABC News

They knew they had two very similar labour markets,
but they also realised they had a control group (Pennsylvania) where
nothing was going to change, and a treatment group (New Jersey) where nothing was going to change except for one variable: the increase in the minimum wage.

So, they surveyed 410 fast food restaurants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania before and after the rise in the minimum wage.

“Our empirical findings challenge the prediction that a rise in the minimum [wage] reduces employment,” they said.

“Relative to stores in Pennsylvania, fast food restaurants in New Jersey increased employment by 13 per cent.”

Sex workers, adult shops and gun businesses say they are being denied banking services – ABC News

  • Banks are denying services to legally operating businesses
  • A former small business ombudsman says banks should not be the “moral arbiter”
  • Changes to state and territory laws and the banking code would provide protections for businesses

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says the government is not joking over plans to regulate social media – ABC News

  • Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says the government is prepared to regulate social media

  • He says his desire to regulate the sector is linked to his experience as a parent
  • The comments come after the Prime Minister labelled social media a “coward’s palace”

Pandora Papers open the box of offshore secrets

Why tax havens are problematic

Here’s how offshore companies work: For prices starting at just a few hundred dollars, providers can help clients set up an offshore company whose
real owners remain confidential.

Alternatively, for a fee of $2,000 to $25,000, they can set up a trust that, in some
instances, allows its beneficiaries to control their money while being not legally responsible for their actions. A bit of paper-shuffling and “creativity” help shield assets from creditors, law enforcement, tax collectors and ex-spouses…