Nato summit: Nato must face up to China’s rise, alliance chief says – BBC News

…According to a draft of the summit’s communiqué (concluding statement)
seen by news agencies, China’s “stated ambitions and assertive behaviour
present systemic challenges to the rules-based international order and
to areas relevant to Alliance security”…

Stuck between China and the US, Australia must choose its best friend – ABC News

… It also buries the notion that Australia does not have

to choose between its biggest trading partner China and its strategic alliance shared values and friendship with the United States.

We have returned to a world of great power rivalry with the risk of war —
Morrison says ever present and growing — and Australia has chosen.

It was the choice we would always make: we are all in with America.

G7 summit: Spending plan to rival China adopted – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Belt and Road is attractive to corrupt leaders of small countries. They would not get attracted by the “transparent partnership”. How can they get their own cuts in any “transparent partnership”?

…In a statement at their summit in the English county of Cornwall, the G7
leaders said they would offer a “values-driven, high-standard and
transparent” partnership..

Japan throws support behind Australia over opposition to China’s economic ‘coercion’ – ABC News

The two countries issued a detailed joint statement in the aftermath of
the meeting touching on a wide range of issues, including Myanmar,
defence cooperation and tensions in the South China Sea and East China

Malaysia accuses China of conducting ‘suspicious’ activity over contested South China Sea – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Aggression on others in their disasters is not unusual for immoral nations.

Malaysia’s air force says 16 Chinese military transport planes came close to violating Malaysian airspace after they were detected conducting “suspicious” activity over the South China Sea.The Chinese planes did not contact the regional air traffic controller despite being instructed several times, the air force said.

Why the Black Sea Might Make or Break Russia’s Sea Power | Ukraine Today .org

On June 14, NATO will be holding a summit in Brussels, and at the top of the agenda will be the rising Russian presence in the Mediterranean. As a precursor to the summit, the NATO Steadfast Defender 2021 exercise kicked off early this month off the Coast of Portugal. The live maritime exercise includes participation from 11 allied nations from North America and Europe, and it will be led by U.S. Second Fleet Commander Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis, who also heads NATO’s Joint Force Command Norfolk.

“This is a much more subtle fight – literally from seabed to outer space across all domains – when compared to World War Two’s transportation of goods and manpower from North America to Europe,” Lewis said in describing the exercise.

Top Special Forces Official Urges US Deployment For Taiwan To Resist “Chinese Invasion”

Biden’s nominee for assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict, Christopher Maier, if confirmed is sure to get the attention of Beijing given his words this week to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Taiwan. The man who is also…

Biden to speak with Zelensky before meeting with Putin – Foreign Ministry | Ukraine Today .org

The Ukrainian diplomacy is convinced that the U.S. will go for no compromises with Russia on Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is preparing negotiations between the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Joe Biden.

The two leaders will talk ahead of the summit of the U.S. President and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, which is scheduled for June 16, says Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Yevhen Yenin, Ukraine 24 reports…

Pakistan rejects US request for military bases | Aletho News

By Javed Rana | Press TV | May 27, 2021

Islamabad – As the US is negotiating with countries in Central and South Asia to set up its military bases in the region to carry out possible airstrikes on Afghanistan after later this year withdrawal from the country, Pakistan says it won’t ink any similar agreement with the US once again.

The US is fast pulling out its troops from Afghanistan under a peace deal with Afghan Taliban. However, before completing its withdrawal by September 11 this year, Washington is desperately negotiating with regional countries in Central and South Asia to set up military bases to retain its political clout in this part of the world.

The US used Pakistan’s military bases for years to carry out over 57,000 sorties on Afghanistan which killed tens of thousands of Afghan civilians. Similarly as many as 4,000 Pakistani civilians were killed in the bordering region with Afghanistan in US drone attacks most of which were carried out from the secret southern locations of Pakistan.

Not long ago, under public pressure Pakistan shut down the US military bases. Now the US is once again struggling hard to be allowed to have military bases in this part of the world.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, which won the 2018 general elections partially exploiting anti-American sentiments, has vowed not to allow the US to have military bases again in Pakistan.

Earlier the Foreign Office denied the presence of any US military or air base in Pakistan, stating that any speculation is “baseless and irresponsible” and should be avoided.

If nothing works, the Pentagon says it can use its aircraft carriers already stationed in the West Asia and Persian Gulf to carry out any possible airstrike on Afghanistan in future.

Despite shutting down the US military bases in Pakistan, the Pentagon continues to use air corridors of Pakistan to support its shrinking military presence in Afghanistan. And Pakistan has yet to clarify on whether or not it would allow the US to retain its air space facility for any possible airstrike in Afghanistan after the US completely exits from Afghanistan later this year.