Philippines President issues gag order to his Cabinet over South China Sea – ABC News

His decision follows weeks of strong rebukes of China by his ministers over the presence of hundreds of fishing vessels in the Philippines’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), fuelling tensions that have gone against Mr Duterte’s policy of rapprochement and non-confrontation with Beijing.

“This is my order now to the Cabinet, and to all and sundry talking for the government, to refrain from discussing the West Philippine Sea with anybody,” Mr Duterte said in a televised address, using the local name for its EEZ.


China says US warship illegally entered its territory in South China Sea – ABC News

  • Washington rejects what it has called unlawful territorial claims asserted by Beijing in the South China Sea
  • China accuses the US of creating security risks in the resource-rich waters

In a statement, the Chinese military’s Southern Theater Command said the USS Curtis Wilbur, a guided-missile destroyer,  entered the waters near the Paracel Islands without permission, adding that its ships and planes followed the US vessel.

It said China opposed the US action, which it said violated its sovereignty and undermined regional peace and stability.

US actions “increase regional security risks, which easily cause misunderstandings, misjudgments and unforeseen maritime incidents,” People’s Liberation Army Southern Theatre Command spokesman Colonel Tian Junli said in a notice posted on social media.

Polokaust Passive Genocide: Reducing the Polish Birth Rate. Jews Wear Star and Poles Wear Letter P: Polish Forced Laborers. Knab |

Wearing the Letter P, by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab. 2016

Parallelism Between the Experiences of Poles and Jews in Nazi Germany. Forced Labor as Passive Genocide–Part of the Polokaust

Author Knab cites German historian Ulrich Herbert. He stated that over 7.6 million foreign workers were registered for the territory of the Greater German Reich. Of these, 1.7 million were Poles (not including POWs), with over half of them female, and with an average age about twenty. (p. 36).


Although Poles and Jews were supposed to be “unequal victims” of the Nazis in the group sense, their respective experiences overlapped considerably. For instance, both Jews and Poles had to wear humiliating identification. In March 1940, the March Decrees on Poles, the POLENERLASSE, had been enacted by the Nazi authorities. They required that Poles wear the “P”, be as segregated from Germans as possible, and be strictly forbidden to have intimate relations with Germans. (pp. 62-65; See also pp. 87-89). Not mentioned is the fact that the POLENERLASSE were parallel to the Nuremberg Laws for Jews.

A juxtaposition of the Polish and Jewish experience in Nazi Germany was recounted by a defiant Polish forced laborer–then 13 year-old Leokadia Dyczynska, “At the police station, they gave us the letter “P”, threatening us with heavy punishment if we failed to wear them on our breasts. The Jews have the star, we have the letter “P”. We are going to wear this symbol. We are not ashamed to be Poles.” (p. 63).

Another juxtaposition of Poles and Jews occurred as follows, “By December 1940, the Trustee for Labor ordered that ‘Poles, like Jews, should be excluded from receiving a Christmas bonus…’” (p. 115).

Some German physicians were so racist that they refused to treat Poles–in violation of medical ethics and the Hippocratic Oath. (p. 153).

The systematic degradation of Poles was intentional. It included Poles being housed with animals in barns. (p. 74).


The Polokaust was both direct and indirect. The removal of Poles from German-occupied Poland was not done solely to satisfy the need for workers. It also served a passive-genocidal purpose: It reduced the population of young adult Poles of prime childbearing age. The foregoing consideration is not mentioned in this book, and I do so for the education of the reader.

Various measures then drastically reduced the birthrate among the deportees. In Germany, Polish forced laborers were not allowed to marry. (p. 182). Pregnant Polish women were often forced to have abortions (pp. 180-on), and no one knows how many Polish women thus lost their children. (p. 185). In addition, no one knows how many pregnant Polish women committed suicide. (p. 182). Infant homes were established for the care of Polish babies while their mothers worked. The infants usually died in a matter of a few weeks from neglect. The infant homes could have numbered in the thousands throughout the Third Reich. (p. 213).


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‘Our friendship will end here’: Duterte defies Beijing, says he won’t withdraw vessels from disputed waters — RT World News

The president of the Philippines has vowed not to withdrawal his country’s ships from waters contested by China as a long-running dispute between the two nations over sovereignty of South China Sea territory heats up.

Speaking in a televised address aired on Friday, President Rodrigo Duterte said he would not heed Chinese demands and would continue to push for sovereignty over islands and reefs in the South China Sea. 

“We have a stand here and I want to state it here and now again that our ships there… we will not move an inch backward,” Duterte said, adding “I will not withdraw. Even if you kill me. Our friendship will end here.”

In April, China demanded the Philippines remove its vessels from the contested waters and called on Manila to “stop actions complicating the situation and escalating disputes.”

On Friday, Duterte said he respected China’s position, but said he didn’t want trouble or to go to war.

The president has been widely criticized for his close relationship with Beijing but has maintained Manila’s claims to islands and reefs in the South China Sea, announcing in April that he would send naval vessels to the area.  Also on Manila claims nearly 300 Chinese militia vessels have swarmed Philippines-held islands in latest incursion

On Wednesday, the Philippines taskforce for the South China Sea reported incursions into its maritime territory by 287 Chinese militia vessels. This year, Manila has frequently called on Beijing to remove its vessels in accordance with a 2016 ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, which threw out China’s claims to the territory and the islands within it. 

Last week, Duterte caused a stir when he suggested that the ruling didn’t mean anything, and that it was just a “piece of paper” that he could throw out.

Islands and reefs in the South China Sea are not only contested by China and the Philippines. Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Brunei also lay claim to overlapping areas of the potentially resource rich sea.

(JERUSALEM) LATEST: At least 90 more Palestinians have been injured on Saturday night in clashes with the Israeli police #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – May.09: Israeli police have clashed with Palestinian protesters outside Jerusalem’s Old City during the holiest night of Ramadan in a show of force that threatens to deepen the city’s worst religious unrest in several years.

Scores of Palestinians injured in Jerusalem during second night of clashes: The current wave of protests broke out at the beginning of Ramadan three weeks ago when Israel restricted gatherings at a popular meeting spot outside Jerusalem’s Old City.

Philippine Foreign Minister takes profanity-laced crack at Beijing over its lingering presence in the South China Sea – ABC News

  • The Philippine Foreign Ministry has accused China of following and hindering Philippine coast guard vessels
  • President Rodrigo Duterte has pursued warmer ties with Beijing but the conflict over territorial waters has grown in recent months
  • The Philippines has been beefing up its maritime muscle in response to the dispute

“China, my friend, how politely can I put it? Let me see…. O…. GET THE F*** OUT,” tweeted Teodoro Locsin, who is known for colourful language on social media. 

“What are you doing to our friendship? You. Not us. We’re trying. You. You’re like an ugly oaf forcing your attentions on a handsome guy who wants to be a friend; not to father a Chinese province …” 

Were You Aware of the Morgenthau Plan whereby the US would completely destroy Germany after World War II | ukgovernmentwatch

Morgenthau wanted not only subdivide Germany into smaller parts, he wanted to wreck all of its industrial capabilities. Industrial facilities were to be destroyed, mines were to be wrecked and filled, experts in production and manufacturing would be forcibly removed from the region and put to work elsewhere. Germany was going to become an agrarian state, set back almost a thousand years.

The US plan to completely destroy Germany after World War II

GW: Sound familiar? This is what the WEF-Bilderber-Globaltards are doing to UK right now.  Best Regards from ”Deep Throat”.

China tells Australia to abandon its ‘Cold War mentality’ while criticising our politicians – ABC News

In his Wednesday press conference Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, called Australia’s politicians the “real troublemakers” and declared Australia’s hyping of a China threat “unethical”.

… relationship with China,… has deteriorated since Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne called for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

Philippines Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told reporters China has “no authority or legal basis to prevent us from conducting these exercises” in the South China Sea because “their claims … have no basis.” The Philippine coastguard and fisheries bureau started maritime exercises on Saturday inside the country’s 321-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ),

The Polar Silk Road | The Tactical Hermit

Communist China’s Quest for Dominance in Antarctica

China’s foothold in African mining for Rare Earth Materials (mostly Tantalum and Cobalt) used in the production of electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets has been steadily growing over the last decade.

Now they have turned their attention to both the North and South polar regions as well.