Government will not complain about Chinese navy ship near Australian waters – ABC News

Speaking on Adelaide radio station 5AA, Scott Morrison said the ship was in Australia’s economic zone.

“They can be in those areas just like we can be in the South China Sea,” he said.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews confirmed the government monitored the
ship as it travelled through the Torres Strait and down the eastern coastline…

Israeli role in killing of top Iran commander Soleimani revealed — RT World News

…Former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) intelligence chief Major General Tamir Hayman has admitted the country’s role in the assassination of
Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani, describing the killing as “significant and important.”…

Daily SA: China using 5G to spy on Americans – Nwo Report

Comment by tonytran2015: Australia was the first to ban Huawei and alerted her allies. The action angered China tremendously and triggered the “punishment” against Australia.

NSA: The National Security Agency and U.S. Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) jointly warned that hackers, without naming China, could target American 5G networks through existing security gaps. In part, the warning encouraged 5G providers to take recommended steps to close security holes, focusing on preventing lateral movement for hackers who have gained access to 5G cloud servers. (Analyst Comment: Earlier this year, we reported from the annual Blackhat hacking convention, where security researchers stressed that criminal and state-backed hacking groups had adopted new tactics, including targeting upstream networks to gain wider access to downstream targets. You can read our full report in the 09 August 2021 issue of Early Warning. Attacks against critical infrastructure are increasing, and conditions are likely to worsen. Readers should continue preparing for disruptions to the supply chain, oil and gas, and the information and communications environment – M.S.)

Damning Report Details How Four US Intel Agencies Failed To Predict Rapid Taliban Victory

Damning Report Details How Four US Intel Agencies Failed To Predict Rapid Taliban Victory The Wall Street Journal has obtained and reviewed two dozen classified US intelligence assessments on Afghanistan from four different agencies including the CIA, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), the State Dept.’s intelligence bureau, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).…

Turkey busts ‘Mossad espionage network’, arrests 15 men for spying on Palestinians & foreign students – reports — RT World News

Turkey’s intelligence agency reportedly cracked a Mossad spy
ring in an operation earlier this month, exposing five cells and
arresting 15 men suspected of conducting covert activities on foreign
students and Palestinians.
After tracking the network
for over a year, the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) shared
the information with counter-terrorism forces. According to the Sabah
daily newspaper, a 200-strong team raided the cells in a secret
operation across four provinces on October 7.

The Turkish
newspaper reported that the arrested men had been instructed to gather
information on foreign students, particularly Palestinians, enrolled in
Turkish universities – with an eye on those thought to have a future in
the defense industry. The spies were also allegedly tasked with looking
into a number of other unspecified associations and organizations that
hosted Palestinians in Turkey.

The network apparently used this
information to put together profiles on individuals, which were then
relayed to Mossad officials through end-to-end encryption programs like
ProtonMail and SafeUM – a software that generates fake phone numbers.
They also communicated through WhatsApp.

As compensation, the
suspected agents were transferred payments via Western Union, Moneygram,
and even Bitcoin in some cases, the paper said. The network also
reportedly developed a courier system to transfer funds, using jewelry
stores and markets.

of the suspects, identified by his initials ‘A.B.’, was said to be a
payment courier who was reported missing in Istanbul’s Maltepe district
in June – in an apparent bid to mislead security forces. He was
reportedly paid $10,000 this year for his spying activities, according
to the paper.

Another individual named as ‘R.A.A’ apparently met
with Mossad field agents in the Croatian capital of Zagreb and received
payments of $1,000 and $1,200. A third member, ‘M.A.S’, travelled to
Zurich twice to meet with an official. Like ‘A.B’, both men had
previously been reported missing.

While the Daily Sabah did not
disclose the men’s nationalities, a number of Israeli and Arab papers
have reported that they were of “Arab origin.” The Middle East
Eye (MEE) outlet revealed that six Palestinians who had been reported
missing in Turkey since last month are among those arrested.

In a
phone interview with MEE, the brother of an alleged Mossad agent
identified by the initial ‘M’ said that he had received a call from M a
few days ago confirming that he was in police custody in Istanbul and
asking him to hire a lawyer.

The brother claimed the allegations were “all false.”
M had reportedly lived in Turkey for the past nine years and was
supposed to graduate from a medical school in the city of Konya in two

Also on
Turkey’s Erdogan considers kicking out 10 Western ambassadors over calls to release jailed opposition figure Kavala – media

Meanwhile, an unidentified source close to the Israeli security
establishment told MEE that the spy ring may have been working for both
Mossad and the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service. The source
also speculated that the alleged operatives could have spied on students
studying in fields thought to be useful for the Palestinian militant
group Hamas.

The Daily Sabah reported that a “comprehensive indictment” will be prepared once the MIT finishes interrogating the suspects.

Neither Turkish nor Israeli authorities have commented officially on the matter as yet.

Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA’s secret war plans against WikiLeaks

…The CIA’s fury at WikiLeaks led Pompeo to publicly describe the group in
2017 as a “non-state hostile intelligence service.” More than just a provocative talking point, the designation opened the door for agency
operatives to take far more aggressive actions, treating the organization as it does adversary spy services, former intelligence
officials told Yahoo News…

…The fear at the National Security Council, the former official said, could be summed up as, “Where does this stop?”…

The Latest Spy Story: Was It Involving Israel Yet Again? | Aletho News

By Philip Giraldi | Strategic Culture Foundation | October 21, 2021

An intriguing though fragmentary espionage story made headlines eleven days ago and then disappeared abruptly, suggesting that some folks in high places in the government and media were fearing that the full tale would prove to be embarrassing to someone. I am referring to the report of the arrest made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service of an American government employee who worked in nuclear engineering. Jonathan Toebbe and his wife Diana apparently had stolen highly sensitive information on nuclear propulsion systems and the stealth hull designs of the next generation U.S. Navy Virginia class attack submarine fleet and had been caught after several times seeking to sell their wares to what they thought to be a foreign power.

Two days after the arrest, the Toebbes appeared in court in Martinsburg West Virginia and were ordered to remain in jail as they were considered a flight risk. So far, so good but the interesting part of the story is that the intended purchaser was apparently not obvious adversaries like Russia and China, but rather an ostensibly friendly country, which was not identified. The Toebbes clearly thought they were offering their technology to a foreign country’s intelligence service, one presumes, but they were in fact in contact with the FBI, which allowed them to arrange dead drops in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia and paid them to continue providing new material on small digital computer cards before closing the trap and making the arrest.

And how the FBI learned about the Toebbes is another interesting part of the story. Apparently in April 2020 the couple had mailed a package containing manuals and other material relating to the propulsion systems to a foreign country, together with an offer to establish a covert relationship in return for payment in cryptocurrency. The package somehow wound up in someone’s hands in the foreign postal system or government and eventually made its way anonymously eight months later to the FBI legal attaché at the U.S. Embassy. It included a note that read “Please forward this letter to your military intelligence agency. I believe this information will be of great value to your nation. This is not a hoax.”

One has to suspect that the material actually had reached the foreign intelligence agency that it had been sent to where it was considered too hot to handle, so it was forwarded on to the U.S. officials anonymously to get rid of it.

The documents involved relating to the arrest and the alleged crimes committed by the Toebbes are heavily redacted, far beyond the identity of the foreign country involved, so it is somewhat difficult to reconstruct exactly what happened. Toebbe, a former naval officer, has held senior positions in the Navy bureaucracy, up to and including serving on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations, which would have given him access to beyond top secret codeworded details of next level submarine technology. It is information that is only shared with Great Britain and, in a recent policy move, with Australia, both U.S. allies that will deploy nuclear powered submarines in the Pacific to deter China. The documents the Toebbes reportedly stole and tried to sell were produced by a little-known U.S. government facility the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory in West Mifflin Pennsylvania.

One of the most interesting aspects of the case is the question of who might have been the potential buyer of the stolen technology. Building nuclear submarines is not exactly high on the priority list of any but a small handful of countries that have global or regional pretensions that might be supported by having cruise missile nuclear weapons capable ships that can stay under water for months at a time. Germany could conceivably build such vessels but has no defensive needs that require such an expedient. So could France, presumably. Japan and South Korea are perhaps more plausible recipients, particularly as they have the industrial and scientific bases that could benefit from and use the technology if they chose to go that route, and both are threatened by China.

And, of course, there is always Israel, which frequently tends to come up when there are stories of espionage committed by a friendly country against the United States. In this case, of course, the Israelis, if targeted by the Toebbes, apparently did not seek the approach and that may be why the information sent in the package possibly to Mossad was sat on for over six months. Nevertheless, there is a definite resemblance to what the Toebbes set out to do with the Jonathan Pollard case of the 1980s. Pollard, a non-practicing Jew and Navy analyst, stole a whole roomful of top-secret defense materials. He was in it for the money and tried to sell the intelligence to several foreign governments before he “got religion” and found a buyer in Israel. He became the most damaging spy in the history of the United States. After being caught, tried, convicted and spending twenty-eight years in federal prison, he was released on parole but not allowed to travel. The Donald Trump administration did not renew the parole in 2020 and he moved to Israel, where he was met at the airport by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who presented him with his citizenship papers. He is regarded as a hero in Israel and he has a city square named after him. So, the question becomes, was history repeating itself with the Toebbes?

Against that speculation is the fact that Israel already has an established nuclear deterrent more than capable of eliminating its regional enemies if needs be. It has no use for an expensive submarine with abilities that are not required in the goldfish bowl of the Middle East, unless of course if the United States were to gift Jerusalem with such a new military bauble. It would also have no need to get involved in something that might ultimately have tremendous blowback if exposed, potentially severely damaging the relationship with Washington.

My own theory is that Israel was indeed the target of the Toebbes’ scheme. It is widely known that the Jewish state is the most aggressive and successful “friendly” nation spying on Washington and it is backed up by a host of wealthy and powerful co-religionists who work hard to both “help” it and cover-up for its crimes. I suspect that if Israeli intelligence were interested in collecting on the submarine technology they would eschew potential screwballs like the Toebbes and instead work their other sources in Washington to collect the information independently, accounting for the time lag between the mailing of the package and the forwarding of it to the FBI. When Pollard was active, his Israeli Embassy handler would sometimes ask him for specific files by number, indicating they had other high level agents at work, and it must be assumed that that is still the case. Far too many in Congress and the Pentagon are very happy to have a lunch with that nice young man or woman from the Israeli Embassy and maybe share a secret or two.

But, that speculation aside, perhaps the strongest indicator that Israel was the planned recipient of what the Toebbe’s stole is the silence over who the target might have been. When the media and the federal government are silent on a foreign policy or national security issue it often means that Israel is involved, directly or indirectly. Will we the American public ever learn “who was it?” Probably not. Just one more secret.