China applies to join key Asia-Pacific trade pact – BBC News

… The pact that eventually became the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement

for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), was created by the US to counter China’s influence.

However, former President Donald Trump pulled the US out of it in 2017.

Business Secretary to block Chinese bid to take over British chip-maker after national security fears | ukgovernmentwatch

The takeover of a Welsh graphene maker could be blocked after Kwasi Kwarteng intervened on national security grounds.

The Business Secretary has ordered an investigation into an attempt to buy Perpetuus Advanced Materials by a company called Taurus International and a Chinese scientist.

There are also concerns about Aberystwyth university academic Zhongfu Zhou’s involvement in the merger.

Zhou was educated in China at the prestigious University of Science & Technology in Beijing, where he gained a PhD in 1998. After years of research at other institutions – including Oxford – he moved to Aberystwyth in 2010. He is listed as being Perpetuus’ chief nanotechnology specialist.

It is the second national security interventionKwarteng has launched in a matter of weeks after he waded into the sale of Ultra Electronics to Advent International last month.

Advent, through its British group Cobham, is trying to buy the submarine-hunting kit maker for £2.6billion. The Competition and Markets Authority will now have until February to prepare a detailed report on the potential takeover of Perpetuus – and the Secretary of State will then make a decision.

Few details about the deal have been released so far.

Taurus International Ltd was registered last year by a property businessman called Victor Gembala, according to records on Companies House. It is not clear how much Taurus and Zhou are offering for Perpetuus or how the deal has been structured. But the company’s strategic significance has been underlined, as at least a quarter of a particular type of graphene technology and services supplied in the UK come from Perpetuus.

Perpetuus is to provide functionalized graphene, in sheet or roll form, for G24’s production of a range of advanced graphene-enabled components

Stronger than steel and thinner than paper, Graphene is widely expected to become a key ‘super-material’ of the future.

JAggelos, Salisbury, United Kingdom,
They are pumping it into our water supply, Chem trailing it in the air we breath and filling the jabs with it! Neuro control! Tin foil hat conspiracy theories? Read the peer reviewed scientific papers, especially those published for those working with the CIA and other interesting organisations who of course have our best interests at heart. What could possibly go wrong?

Angel Mail, Somewhere, United Kingdom,
It’s in the vaccines. No wonder they want it.

Still Fed Up, Middle of nowhere, Antarctica,
Stop it. China just steals technology.

blencathra, RUGBY, United Kingdom
and don’t forget the yanks hoovering up everything

GW: Perpetuus concludes successful trials of graphene-enhanced tires – with an average increase of 40% in wear resistance

Cambodia’s Chinese-financed dam violated rights of thousands of indigenous people – report — RT World News

… A Chinese-backed hydroelectric dam built in the north-east of

Cambodia has been condemned by Human Rights Watch (HRW) for displacing
and destroying the lives of thousands of indigenous people in a new report released on Tuesday.
The Lower Sesan 2, a
400-megawatt project and one of the widest dams in Asia, has come under
criticism since its completion in 2018, including for flooding large
areas of the Sesan and Srepok rivers. The construction project itself
forced the displacement of around 5,000 people, according to HRW, with those affected “coerced into accepting inadequate compensation.” Tens of thousands are believed to have suffered devastating losses to their incomes.

authorities need to urgently revisit this project’s compensation,
resettlement, and livelihood-restoration methods, and ensure that future
projects don’t feature similar abuses,” HRW’s Asia advocacy director John Sifton said following the release of the report.

Lower Sesan 2 dam washed away the livelihoods of Indigenous and ethnic
minority communities who previously lived communally and mostly
self-sufficiently from fishing, forest-gathering, and agriculture.

the impact on the community, HRW has also raised concerns about the
production capacity of the dam, arguing that output is “likely far lower” than the goal of “one-sixth of Cambodia’s annual electricity.”

findings come after the group interviewed more than 60 members of the
community, civil society leaders, academics, scientists and individuals
with expert knowledge of the project.

Cambodian government spokesperson Phay Siphan rejected HRW’s concerns and defended the dam project saying it has provided “positive impacts” and arguing that villagers who were resettled have been given new homes, farmland and electricity.

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“The allegations are not reasonable, they don’t look at
Cambodian experiences…and the new location is better than the old place,” media reports quoted Phay Siphan as saying in response to the report.

The Lower Sesan 2 dam is not the first project constructed as part of
China’s Belt and Road Initiative to face criticism for damaging environmental effects or a disregard for community concerns. Other
projects flagged by HRW include the development of Pakistan’s port city of Gwadar and the Myitsone Dam project in Myanmar’s Kachin State.

The dubious terms of China’s massive international loan spree – China News

Yet the terms of these loans to sovereign borrowers have been shrouded in secrecy. Until now. The Peterson Institute for International Economics, a DC-based think-tank, has a fascinating paper published earlier this year* which pulls together findings based on 100 contracts made to sovereign creditors mainly in Africa and South America...

China Aims to Dominate Global Governance
Though the dangers to the world of China becoming a global powerhouse are evident, a few frilly words from China seem to be all that is needed for Western elites to disbelieve their eyes. Go to Source Author: {American Thinker}… Read more

Company accused of using forced labour still supplying parts for new Melbourne trains – ABC News

New trains for Melbourne’s railway network continue to
be built with parts from a Chinese company accused of using forced labour from Uyghurs because changing suppliers would cost too much and cause delays, the Victorian government says.

Victoria continued to use Uighur labour firm to avoid delays on $2.4b rail project

Comment: Is money above all ? What else are there behind the deals between Daniel Andrew’s government and Chinese government ?

 Would you believe China and Dan Andrews about anything? – News

… new report by an Australian research group has identified and mapped
more than 380 suspected detention facilities in China’s western Xinjiang
region. Between July 2019 and July 2020, 61 suspected detention sites had seen construction or expansion, including 14 facilities apparently still under construction as shown in the most recent satellite imagery.
The issue of forced labour being used to make trains, etc for Victoria’s $2 billion deal with communist China can be put to bed if you believe what China says and if you believe what Dan Andrews says!

US adds 11 companies to economic blacklist over China’s treatment of Uyghurs – ABC News

The US Commerce Department has added to an economic
blacklist 11 Chinese companies implicated in alleged human rights
violations in connection with the treatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang in western China.