Nord Stream 2: Germany halts approval of Russian gas link – BBC News

…The regulator said its approval procedure would remain suspended until
“the main assets and human resources” had been transferred from the
Swiss-based Nord Stream 2 parent company to its German subsidiary, which
owns and operates the German part of the pipeline…

Russia ending gas transit through Ukraine escalates risk of WAR, Kiev’s state gas firm claims as Nord Stream 2 tests continue — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

… Cutting Ukraine off from billions of dollars in Russian gas transit fees by striking new deals to export supplies through pipelines that bypass the country could lead to outright conflict, Kiev’s state gas firm has claimed.

On Monday, in an interview
with the UK’s Financial Times, the head of Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko,
said the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline increased the chance of war between
Ukraine and Russia. According to him, circumventing Kiev could leave the
nation more vulnerable to a Moscow-ordered “invasion.”

The energy boss claimed that if “there is no physical transit [of gas] through Ukraine, this increases the chances of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine with all its

Construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline,
which connects the gas fields of Siberia to consumers in Western Europe,
was completed in September. Running from Russia to Germany under the
Baltic Sea, it can transport up to 55 billion cubic meters of gas per
year. It is now undergoing final tests and awaiting approval from
regulators in Berlin to begin operating.

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Nord Stream 2 ‘does not endanger’ security of EU gas supply, German government tells regulator, urging pipeline’s certification

The same month, Kiev said it would “continue its fight” against the new gas network “until and after its completion,” with the country’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, decrying the Russian project as a geopolitical “weapon.”
Kiev has claimed that the pipeline will leave Ukraine at least $3
billion out of pocket in transit fees currently paid by Moscow if the
overground network that runs through the country is no longer needed.
According to him, the move could see the state unable to pay for its
armed forces.

Moscow has insisted there are no plans to
turn off the taps, and that current agreements will be honored. Any
future deals, the Kremlin has added, are a commercial matter for

The US has consistently supported Ukraine in the row,
imposing sanctions on companies involved in the construction. Ahead of
the completion of the pipeline in September, Russian Foreign Minister
Sergey Lavrov claimed that “there is still a full-frontal attack, in spite of everything, on Nord Stream 2,” despite the fact “everyone knows the Americans have realized [it will be delivered.]”

Hochstein, a senior adviser on energy security at the US State
Department, called on Kiev in September to look to the future and focus
on advancing its own gas networks, rather than opposing the new Russian

“Stay in your vehicle”: Truckies denied toilet access at delivery sites

Comment by tonytran2015: (,,,,

With current Covid restrictions ramping up, many truckies are being
refused access to toilets at delivery sites; and current processes are
making it near impossible for some to adhere to fatigue management

Big Rigs came across the letter, which was first shared on the ‘Transport – COVID-19 CENTRAL’ Facebook page.

One Sydney driver we spoke to, who preferred not to be named, was
handed this letter at Andrews Meat in Lidcombe instructing drivers to
“stay in your vehicle at the loading dock”.

It goes on to state, “No access allowed to the warehouse building, including: smoking area, toilets/amenities.”

Why is there a food emergency in Sri Lanka? – BBC News

…the country’s debt burden has also been growing – from 39% of Gross National Income (GNI) in 2010 to 69% in 2019, according to the World Bank.

…In April, the government banned imports of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, to encourage organic farming…

…In 2008, Bhutan introduced a policy of going 100% organic by 2020.

But it fell a long way short of achieving this target and a recent study shows yields from the organic farming it has introduced have been substantially lower, leading to a rise in dependence on imports…

Business Secretary to block Chinese bid to take over British chip-maker after national security fears | ukgovernmentwatch

The takeover of a Welsh graphene maker could be blocked after Kwasi Kwarteng intervened on national security grounds.

The Business Secretary has ordered an investigation into an attempt to buy Perpetuus Advanced Materials by a company called Taurus International and a Chinese scientist.

There are also concerns about Aberystwyth university academic Zhongfu Zhou’s involvement in the merger.

Zhou was educated in China at the prestigious University of Science & Technology in Beijing, where he gained a PhD in 1998. After years of research at other institutions – including Oxford – he moved to Aberystwyth in 2010. He is listed as being Perpetuus’ chief nanotechnology specialist.

It is the second national security interventionKwarteng has launched in a matter of weeks after he waded into the sale of Ultra Electronics to Advent International last month.

Advent, through its British group Cobham, is trying to buy the submarine-hunting kit maker for £2.6billion. The Competition and Markets Authority will now have until February to prepare a detailed report on the potential takeover of Perpetuus – and the Secretary of State will then make a decision.

Few details about the deal have been released so far.

Taurus International Ltd was registered last year by a property businessman called Victor Gembala, according to records on Companies House. It is not clear how much Taurus and Zhou are offering for Perpetuus or how the deal has been structured. But the company’s strategic significance has been underlined, as at least a quarter of a particular type of graphene technology and services supplied in the UK come from Perpetuus.

Perpetuus is to provide functionalized graphene, in sheet or roll form, for G24’s production of a range of advanced graphene-enabled components

Stronger than steel and thinner than paper, Graphene is widely expected to become a key ‘super-material’ of the future.

JAggelos, Salisbury, United Kingdom,
They are pumping it into our water supply, Chem trailing it in the air we breath and filling the jabs with it! Neuro control! Tin foil hat conspiracy theories? Read the peer reviewed scientific papers, especially those published for those working with the CIA and other interesting organisations who of course have our best interests at heart. What could possibly go wrong?

Angel Mail, Somewhere, United Kingdom,
It’s in the vaccines. No wonder they want it.

Still Fed Up, Middle of nowhere, Antarctica,
Stop it. China just steals technology.

blencathra, RUGBY, United Kingdom
and don’t forget the yanks hoovering up everything

GW: Perpetuus concludes successful trials of graphene-enhanced tires – with an average increase of 40% in wear resistance

Tailor or failure: Why learn to sew?

…In Australia we pretty much don’t manufacture anything, and in the 1980s
when the tariffs were abolished (remember the buy Australian campaign?)
we all said “bugger buy Australian: that Chinese garbage is really cheap!!” and the first of our industries to suffer was clothing

This all fills me with sadness…

(YEMEN) Petroleum Piracy War Report: Company says the Saudi-US coalition continues to cause more killings in the Arab country by seizing ships carrying oil derivatives to the port of Hudaydah #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Aug.17: We call for an end to the piracy and the arbitrary conduct of the US-led war coalition countries in their continuous seizure of ships carrying petroleum products and preventing them from entering the port of Hydaydah,” it added…..

#AceDailyNews says that US, Saudi Arabia cause more killings in Yemen by seizing oil tankers: Petroleum Company: In a statement on Monday, the company said the Saudi-US coalition is still holding four oil vessels, including two gas tankers containing 60,000 liters of gasoline and diesel for a period of more than eight months, the company said, according to Yemen’s al-Masirah television network.

Monday, 16 August 2021 6:04 AM [ Last Update: Monday, 16 August 2021 6:22 AM ]

Press TV

Yemen Petroleum Company also blamed the coalition countries and the United Nations for the catastrophic consequences of the coalition’s continued piracy.

European Nat Gas Prices Spike To Unprecedented Levels As Russian Supply Collapses
One week after we first observed the staggering surge in European nat gas prices, those same prices hit a new record high as a slow at first, then much faster tightening of Russian supply looks set to cause a storage crunch on the

Brace For Astronomical Shipping Costs As China Goes Into Lockdown Mode
Brace For Astronomical Shipping Costs As China Goes Into Lockdown Mode With the latest weekly update of container shipping rates showing that prices – already at all time high – simply refuse to back down, as rates from China to the US surpassing a record $20,000, a new threat looms which could send already sky […]