Chinese state-run media says Beijing ready to use force against US — RT World News

…The Global Times picked up on National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s statement on Tuesday, in which he said that the US was “going to take every action that we can take, from the point of view of both deterrence and diplomacy
to prevent a scenario where China takes over Taiwan militarily. The
message was echoed the same day by Secretary of State Antony Blinken,
who warned China that a military scenario vis-a-vis Taiwan would be a “very serious mistake.”…

Australia had better prepare for ‘sacrifice’, Chinese media boss warns — RT World News

If the Australian military intervenes in Beijing’s relations
with Taiwan, it had better be ready to “sacrifice” its soldiers to a
counter attack, the editor-in-chief of China’s state-affiliated Global
Times said.
Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton vowed to “support the US in an action if the US chose to take that action” against China over Taiwan, prompting Global Times editor Hu Xijin to shoot back on social media on Sunday.

Australian troops come to fight in the Taiwan Straits, it is
unimaginable that China won’t carry out a heavy attack on them and the
Australian military facilities that support them,” Hu warned.

So Australia better be prepared to sacrifice for Taiwan island and the US.

The government of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has become
increasingly antagonistic towards China and has made repeated
references to conflict and war. The Morrison government has also
increased Australia’s cooperation with the United States, damaging its
previously good relationship with China – a foreign policy shift that
has been criticised by former Australian prime ministers Paul Keating,
Kevin Rudd, and Malcolm Turnbull.

Last week, Keating warned that Australia “should not be drawn into a military engagement over Taiwan, US sponsored or otherwise,” pointing out that Taiwan was “not a vital Australian interest.”

Keating also accused Australia’s foreign policy of being influenced by “spooks”
at intelligence agencies and compared Morrison’s controversial AUKUS
deal with US and UK to obtain nuclear-powered submarines to “throwing a handful of toothpicks at the mountain.”

Here’s why the state of California needs to get a divorce — RT Op-ed

With rural and suburban Californians sick and tired of Democrat
one-party rule being foisted on them by LA and San Francisco, there’s a
growing movement to make ‘New California State’ the 51st star on the
star-spangled banner.
The United States of
America was founded as a constitutional republic with a republican
system of government, rather than as a direct democracy. The founders
designed it this way because, not only did they understand human nature,
but they also understood history.

Taking a lesson from the
ancient Greeks among others, the founding fathers wanted to avoid the
majority ruling over the minority, which is what a direct democracy is
set up to allow by default. That’s because, in a pure democracy, the
populist voice and vote is the final word. In a republic, on the other
hand, everyone – including the minority – has a say, and all have
representation by way of the electorates who represent them. That’s the
point of the electoral college.

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The founders acknowledged that human beings are ambitious (read:
power hungry), and if one-party rule were ever allowed to dominate in
any state, it could become impossible to reverse. Political leaders are
more inclined to hold onto any power they gain, regardless of what’s
best for their constituents, as it turns out.

California’s current
political climate is a prime example of exactly what the framers of the
constitution wanted to avoid: a one-party government that has become
tyrannical, with the majority ruling over a voiceless minority.

are several reasons this came to be, but the primary cause is that
California is a large state with a population of 40 million people, most
of whom reside in one of the coastal cities. The rural areas, which
make up most of the land mass, have far fewer representatives. As a
result, the people who live there have little to no voice in any of the
elections. Meanwhile, the densely populated cities of San Francisco and
Los Angeles are a far cry from reflecting the views of rural and
suburban California, which tend to lean to the more conservative and

The last time the state of California voted for a
Republican presidential candidate was in 1988, for former President
George H. Bush. Since that time, California has become so blue, it has
voted Democratic 100% of the time since the year 2000. However, the
Golden State’s overall voting pattern prior to 2000 was always a 50/50 split between Democratic and Republican presidential candidates.

no single reason why the voting pattern has shifted so drastically
since 2000, but, in brief, it can be explained by mass immigration
combined with domestic migration patterns. In addition to importing more
blue voters both from home and across the border, California has driven
out a large chunk of middle-class Republican voters due to high taxes,
burdensome regulations, and high housing costs. What remains is a
predominately white, über-liberal upper class ruling over the entire
state. But 20 years of mono-party rule may be reaching a breaking point.

Six years ago, a man named Paul Preston, host of Agenda 21 Radio
– a talk show that exposes the real aims of UN’s Agenda 21, a
non-binding 1992 resolution that suggested ways for governments and NGOs
to promote sustainable development – spearheaded a grassroots
initiative with fellow Californians to divide California into two
separate states, forming ‘New California’ as the 51st state.

The movement has steadily gained momentum, with citizen supporters
across the state turning up for twice-weekly conference calls and weekly
courthouse grievance readings
more than 113 grievances have been read in the courts to date, with 95
new ones scheduled, at the time of writing. The list of grievances is
long, but they can be loosely summarized as pointing out the corruption
in the state government, failing infrastructure, burdensome regulations
on businesses, high crime, high taxes, mismanaged forests, and a
tyrannical one-party government.

Fifty-three counties are in
support of the effort, with governing representatives appointed in each
locality. In January 2018, New California State officially declared
independence, and a state constitution is now in the works. Delegates
have thus far conducted eight constitutional conventions, and formed a
bi-cameral legislature, all in a relatively short space of time. But
even more significant is their most recent victory, on October 7, when
New California State representatives secured a meeting with the
California Assembly, the Senate, and the US House of Representatives.

isn’t the first attempt to split up the state, and, in fact, it has
been attempted no fewer than 220 times without success. The major
difference this time, however, is that this effort follows the United
States Constitution and takes the legislative route. For those who may
be curious, this is specifically outlined in Article IV, Section 3 of
the US Constitution, which permits a state to form from another,
following a specific process that requires permission from that state.

this might seem a long shot, consider that California is in a very high
level of debt, with no solution in sight. New California State
delegates propose to take on half of that debt – a small price to pay
for population parity and representation.

If things go well in the
coming months, there will be negotiations, followed by an appeal to the
US legislature. New California would ultimately become home to around
19 million residents, while the other 21 million would remain in old
California. Maps have been drafted, but nothing has been finalized
geographically. It should also be noted that New California doesn’t
endorse any political candidates, and all political parties would be
established in the new state.

At a recent statewide public
conference call, representatives spoke via Zoom and took questions from
the public. They discussed the recent town-hall meetings, where they had
heard from parents who were at breaking point over what their children
were being subjected to in public schools: critical race theory, forced
masking, and the vaccine mandate, to name but a few of the concerns

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Across the board, the education system and government overreach
were the topics on everyone’s minds. One young mother broke down in
tears, when describing the difficult choice she had been forced to make
in pulling her daughters out of school with no alternative provision.
Listening to her, it was hard to believe we were still in America, land
of the free. California has taken a hard-left turn, and its citizens are
suffering. The founders would, beyond doubt, approve of the new state,
if for no other reason than that it offers an escape from this kind of
tyrannical rule. Thankfully and mercifully, they gave us Article IV.

struck me most during the conference call was that people seemed to be
both surprised and elated that they actually now had a platform where
they could express their concerns. It was as though, for the first time,
they were actually being listened to, rather than trampled on by their
own government. And although there was frustration, anger, sadness, and
despair in those voices, there was also hope. Hope that things could
change, and that they might have the chance to be part of a community
that could chart a new course. Hope for a better life, for freedom, and a
fresh start. Hope for a new day – in a New California.

Should Texas go it alone? Ted Cruz thinks secession can’t be written off — RT Op-ed

Robert Bridge
Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. He is the author of ‘Midnight in the American Empire,’ How Corporations and Their Political Servants are Destroying the American Dream. @Robert_Bridge
As Americans find themselves inhabiting increasingly disparate
political universes, failing to find any middle ground amid the ongoing
war, Senator Ted Cruz thinks Texas secession is not out of the question.
While the United States
descends deeper into the quagmire of woke insanity, where school
students are being inundated with mask mandates, sexed-up studies and
critical race theory, the residents of the nation’s second largest state
have a message for Joe Biden and the Democrats: ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’.

since Biden shuffled into the White House, with a pack of crazed
Cultural Marxists in tow, Texans have been attempting to distance
themselves from the leftist blob now engulfing large swaths of the
country. From passing
the most restrictive abortion measures in the country, to battling the
draconian mask and vaccine mandates enforced by the Democrat-controlled
White House, Texas is living up to its rebellious, Lone Star nature.

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For many Texans, however, like Senator Ted Cruz, the legal
bulwark being erected against the encroaching madness is not enough. In
order to fully inoculate themselves from the creeping virus of
hyper-liberal progressivism, Cruz believes that Texas’ secession from
the United States is an option that cannot be ruled out.

During a
rowdy discussion at Texas A&M University, where not a single grungy
mask was seen in the packed auditorium, Cruz warned that if the
Democrats continued to “fundamentally destroy the country” with their deviant woke experiments, there may come a point in time where the situation is rendered “hopeless.”
The senator pointed to other divisive actions being pursued by the
Democrats that could trigger a move to secession, including the packing
of the Supreme Court, declaring the District of Columbia a state and
massively expanding ‘voter fraud’ through various machinations, like
mail-in voting. All of these actions have been kicked around by the
Democrats, who are enraged that the Supreme Court – after Justice Ruth
Bader Ginsburg dealt them a terrible blow by passing away under the presidency of Donald Trump – is now under majority conservative influence.

Should the Democrats enact the above mentioned measures, Cruz suggested that the state of Texas could “take NASA, take the military, and take the oil.” Those are fighting words, considering that Texas is home to NASA’s sprawling Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, 41% of total US oil reserves, and over a dozen major military installations. Clearly the threat ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ is not an empty one; the state has more than enough reserves to survive on its own.

Cruz’s off the cuff remark triggered laughter and applause from the
crowd, the Twitterverse erupted with hysterical howls that the senator
was calling for yet another ‘insurrection’, like the wet firecracker of
January 6 where protesters were escorted through the Capitol building by police.

uttered in jest and before a home crowd, Cruz’s somewhat reckless
comments exposed the deep fissures that exist just below the surface of
crumbling American society. It’s not difficult to imagine, with every
new Biden mandate and liberal experiment that is forced upon the
country, that the possibility of a ‘Texit’ may not be too far off.

understand the deep loathing that exists between the two warring camps,
consider the on-air battle that broke out when Cruz-elect president Joe
Rogan, the popular podcast host, told his millions of listeners that he
used the antiparasitic drug ivermectin for treating his bout with
Covid-19. Judging by the outpouring of Democratic hostility that ensued,
one would think that Rogan had claimed he used a horse dewormer – one
of the many medical uses for ivermectin – to cure himself. In fact, that
is exactly the charge that CNN talking heads leveled against him.

What followed
was yet another one of those tedious he-said, she-said,
right-versus-left mud wrestling matches, which accomplishes absolutely
nothing aside from staining the nation head to toe. Then, just as soon
as the Rogan outrage died down, a fresh one sprang up around Green Bay
Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. It is relentless.

American society continues to be torn apart from the response to
Covid-19, as well as all of the weird experiments emerging from the
progressive’s diabolical laboratory, such embarrassing mudslinging
fights only promise to get worse. But could they lead to an actual call
for secession, another civil war?

To answer that question, it’s
important to recognize that these sensationalist displays of media
infighting (which seldom happen in other countries, by the way), aside
from showing the superficiality and shallowness of American society,
keep the US citizenry penned up – safely for now – in their own
self-identifiable ideological boxes. The media talking heads go to war
each night before the captive American audience, which cheers on their
side just as the ancient Romans – minus the Cheetos and Budweiser – once
did inside of the Colosseum.

Thus far it has been a relatively
harmless sport, a sort of ‘bread and circus’ living room spectacle that
gives the nation a safety release valve from the accumulating political
pressure. However, as witnessed by Cruz’s comments, which were lapped up
by his collegiate audience, it appears that the United States is
heading for the day when the Punch and Judy media show is no longer able
to contain the primal forces now at work in the country.

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The ideological distance between the Democrats and Republicans
are reaching that invisible threshold where the daily antics of the
media talking heads no longer work to console the masses, already
stressed to the breaking point by a pandemic and all of the extreme

Ted Cruz fired a shot across the bow of the
Democratic Party, warning them of the dangers of pushing the nation
beyond the point of no return. Although it may be too early for Texans
to concern themselves with writing a national anthem, or if Joe Rogan
would make a good commander-in-chief, there are definite rumblings of
trouble down the road. Unless Americans can find a way to tame the
fervent political passions of the progressive left, which is dragging
the country into dangerous territory, talk of a national divorce will
only grow louder.

UN HumanRights Experts ‘Strongly Condemn’ Israel’s Designation of Palestine Rights Defenders as Terrorist Organisations  | HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch

(UN News)* — Independent UN human rights experts on Monday 25 October 2021strongly condemned the decision by the Israeli Minister of Defence to designate six Palestinian human rights and civil society groups as terrorist organisations.

In a joint statement, the experts called the decision “a frontal attack on the Palestinian human rights movement, and on human rights everywhere.”

“Silencing their voices is not what a democracy adhering to well-accepted human rights and humanitarian standards would do”, they add.

Calling upon the international community to act, they argue that anti-terrorism legislation must never be used to unjustifiably undermine civil liberties.

According to them, the UN Security Council, the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council have all “been clear” about this issue.  

“The misuse of counter-terrorism measures in this way by the government of Israel undermines the security of all,” the group of 17 experts said.

‘Not in treaty’: Hungary’s Orban sides with Poland, rejects EU law primacy ahead of bloc’s summit — RT World News

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has once again challenged
the idea of the primacy of EU law, accusing Brussels of attempts to
infringe upon the rights of the national governments as he arrived at an
EU summit on Thursday.
Orban dismissed the idea
of imposing sanctions against Poland over its decision to make EU law
subordinate to its national legislation by calling such measures
ridiculous. He also praised Poland as “one of the best European countries,” adding that “there is no need for any sanctions.”

the EU Commission head, Ursula von der Leyen, warned Warsaw it would
face penalties over the move. She said Poland encroached upon the “foundations” of the union. Orban, however, believes that EU law primacy has nothing to do with any EU foundations in the first place.

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Poland will be punished for challenging EU law primacy, European leader warns, as Warsaw claims Brussels is devoid of democracy

“The fact is very clear: The primacy of EU law is not in the [EU] treaty at all,” Orban told reporters in Brussels, accusing the bloc of having a thirst for power.

going on here is… that European institutions circumvent the rights of
the national parliament and government, and modify the treaty without
having any legitimate authority to do so,” the Hungarian prime minister said.

On Monday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki expressed a similar sentiment when he warned that the EU was becoming a “centrally managed organism run by institutions deprived of democratic control.”
Earlier this month, a Warsaw court ruled that areas of EU treaties are
incompatible with Poland’s laws and that national laws should take
precedence, backing Morawiecki’s government.

Orban had already
expressed his support for Warsaw in its standoff with Brussels. In early
October, he demanded the EU respect its member states’ sovereignty and
said that the bloc could only take primacy in areas specifically set out
in EU treaties.

The dispute has become the latest episode in a
series of clashes between Poland and EU authorities. Poland’s
nationalist Law and Justice party and the EU have frequently clashed
over a number of issues, ranging from Poland’s self-declared LGBTQ-free
zones to the situation with the rule of law in the country. The law
precedence dispute was sparked amid a row over whether EU institutions
could influence Warsaw’s plans for reorganizing its judiciary.

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Sacrificing sovereignty is ‘the opposite’ of why Poland joined EU, but don’t expect ‘Polexit’ from it, veteran observer tells RT

It seems, however, that Warsaw and Budapest could have trouble
finding other member states to agree with them. Dutch Prime Minister
Mark Rutte said on Thursday that European nations have to be “tough” on Poland to make it “safeguard” the independence of its judiciary.

independence of the Polish judiciary is the key issue we have to
discuss. It is very difficult to see how a big new fund of money could
be made available to Poland when this is not settled,” he said.

Ireland’s prime minister, Michael Martin, also expressed his “extreme disappointment” with the developments in Poland and maintained that EU law is needed to protect people across the continent.

in Ireland are very concerned, we have good bilateral relations with
Poland, but we believe the primacy of EU law and the Court of Justice is
critical for the protection of citizens all across Europe,” Martin told reporters as he arrived at the summit.

Warsaw itself seems to be unrelenting. Morawiecki said on Thursday that his nation would not cave in to “blackmail” but said Poland is ready to “talk about how to resolve the current disputes in dialogue.”

He rejected the idea of “ever-expanding competencies” of EU institutions by saying that “some European institutions assume the right to decide on matters that have not been assigned to them.” Still, the prime minister once again ruled out the idea of leaving the bloc.

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Merkel warns against isolating Poland, calls on EU nations to find a compromise to prevent unwanted Polexit — RT World News

The outgoing German chancellor has called on EU leaders to come
to a compromise with Poland’s right-wing government after Warsaw was
widely condemned for questioning the supremacy of European law.
Speaking at a summit of EU
leaders in Strasbourg on Thursday, Germany’s soon-to-be former
Chancellor, Angela Merkel, championed unity and compromise as other
European leaders demanded Poland be punished for its moves to prioritize
national law over that of the EU.

The veteran leader warned that a
drawn-out political and legal dispute would not benefit anyone,
especially with the bloc attempting to emerge from the pandemic and its
associated economic consequences.

While many have grown
increasingly frustrated at failed attempts to convince Warsaw to change
tack, Merkel warned against isolating Poland.

“We must find
ways and possibilities to come together again on this, because a cascade
of legal disputes before the European Court of Justice is not a
solution,” Merkel said.

While stating that “the rule of law is at the core of the European Union,” she contended that a Polexit would not be a positive outcome for the EU or Germany. “Germany does not want to have a Polexit. Poland’s place is in the middle of Europe,” Merkel stated according to a senior diplomatic source, adding that isolating Warsaw would not fix the problem.

call for compromise was not universally heeded. Belgian Prime Minister
Alexander de Croo stated that if Poland wanted the benefits of being in
the EU “club” then they needed to respect the club rules.

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‘Not in treaty’: Hungary’s Orban sides with Poland, rejects EU law primacy ahead of bloc’s summit

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said it was difficult to see how EU funding could continue to be channeled to Poland. “We have to be tough,” he added.

was equally demanding, with French President Emmanuel Macron urging
Poland to find a solution in line with the EU principles.

Also on Thursday, David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament, said the lawmakers’ chamber would “sue
the commission president if she failed to uphold their demands to
withhold EU funds from Poland.For now, the European Commission has
barred Poland from tapping the 36 billion euros of grants and loans
destined for Warsaw to help its economy recover from the pandemic.

nationalist Law and Justice party have frequently been at loggerheads
with the EU, notably on the rule of law as well as LGBTQ rights. Earlier
this month, a Warsaw court ruled that areas of the EU treaties are
incompatible with Poland’s laws and that national laws should take
precedence, backing a move by its Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki.
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the challenge to
EU law’s supremacy must be punished.

China-Taiwan tensions: We will not bow to Beijing pressure, says leader – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: The question is whether 23 millions people can decide to break away from an authoritarian regime which claims sovereign rights on almost everything (Mongolia, Tibet, East and South East Asia Seas, ex-Soviet territories)?

Taiwan will not bow to
pressure from China and will defend its democratic way of life, President Tsai Ing-wen has said in a defiant speech amid heightened tensions over the island.

… Taiwan considers itself a sovereign state, while China views it as a breakaway province…

Israel destroyed 172,900 homes, expelled 1.3m Palestinians since the Nakba | Aletho News
MEMO | October 5, 2021

The Israeli occupation has demolished about 172,900 Palestinian homes, displaced 1,324,000 Palestinians and confiscated 19 million dunums (19,000 square kilometres) of the land of historical Palestine “to bring 5 million Zionist immigrant from around the globe to replace the indigenous people.”

Marking the World Habitat Day yesterday, the Land Research Centre in Jerusalem said: “During the Nakba 1948, the Israeli occupation demolished 125,000 Palestinian houses and displaced 800,000 Palestinians, about 47 per cent of the Palestinians.”

The centre stated that the continuous Israeli attacks led to the occupation of about 78 per cent of historical Palestine and demolished about 4,500 houses, rendering 30,000 Palestinians homeless between 1950 and 2021.

During the 1967 war, Israel occupied the rest of the Palestinian lands, including the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, the centre said, stating that 5,500 Palestinian houses were demolished during the war and 200,000 Palestinians were displaced.

“Israeli demolition policies in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are still going on,” the organisation said. “Israeli bulldozers demolished 11,900 Palestinian houses, 7,440 of which are in East Jerusalem, between 1967 and 2021. Thus, 73,000 Palestinians lost their homes, 47,220 are in Jerusalem alone.”

“During the same period, Israeli air strikes demolished 21,000 Palestinian houses in the Gaza Strip – the most vicious attacks were during wars in 2008/9, 2012, 2014 and 2021, leaving 189,000 Gazans homeless, most of them slept or are still sleeping at schools or with relatives, and some still live in tents.”

China Could “Paralyze” Taiwan’s Military | VikingLifeBlog

Taiwan says China could “paralyze” its military if it wanted to. That’s concerning because the Chinese Communist Party considers Taiwan a part of China, and has threatened to take it back by force if necessary. The quad, an alliance between the US, Japan, India and Australia, is doing military drills in the South China Sea. And Chinese teachers have a new mandate: to plant the seeds of socialism in the hearts and minds of their students. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for that and more of this week’s China news headlines.