Latest Data Show Efficacy Of Pfizer Vaccine Falls To 84% After 6 Months
Latest Data Show Efficacy Of Pfizer Vaccine Falls To 84% After 6 Months As pressure builds for the FDA to simply ‘get on with it’ and issue full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna jabs, it looks like the people responsible for deciding whether vaccines are safe and effective are finally coming around to the […]

Statins Double Risk of Dementia AND Are Linked to COVID Deaths | The Most Revolutionary Act


  • Statins do not protect against cardiovascular disease and more than double the risk of dementia in some cases
  • People with early mild cognitive impairment and low to moderate cholesterol levels who used lipophilic statins had more than double the risk of dementia compared to those who did not use statins
  • Statin users also had significant decline in metabolism of the brain’s posterior cingulate cortex, which is the brain region that declines most significantly in early Alzheimer’s disease
  • Among patients with Type 2 diabetes admitted to a hospital for COVID-19, those taking statins had significantly higher mortality rates from COVID-19 compared to those not taking the drugs
  • People who take statins are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes and those who take the drugs for longer than two years have more than triple the risk

Bipartisan Group of Senators Demand ‘Thorough Review’ of US Funding for Chinese Virus Research – Trump:The American Years

A bipartisan group of senators is calling on President Joe Biden to make sure the United States completes a “thorough review” of U.S. funding for Chinese virus research.“The United States must complete a thorough review of existing and prior U.S. government support or funding for research collaboration with the PRC related to gain-of-function, synthetic biology, biotechnology, or other research areas that pose dual-use concerns,” the senators wrote in a July 27 letter to Biden.PRC stands for the People’s Republic of China.No U.S. taxpayer money should go to supporting collaboration with Chinese entities that pose risks for the United States, the lawmakers added, noting that China has “demonstrated lax biosecurity standards, violated the International Health Regulations (2005), attempted to steal intellectual property related to COVID-19 vaccines, and may be in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention.”

Source: Bipartisan Group of Senators Demand ‘Thorough Review’ of US Funding for Chinese Virus Research

As of July 24, 340.4 mln doses of Covid vaccines given to public: CDC – Nwo Report

ATLANTA, Georgia: Latest statistics released by the United States report that 340,363,922 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered throughout the country, as of July 24.

Also, 393,929,955 doses have been delivered nationwide.

The statistics were released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Additionally, 187,579,557 people had received at least one dose while 162,435,276 people are fully vaccinated…

Effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines on covid-19 related symptoms, hospital admissions, and mortality in older adults in England: test negative case-control study | The BMJ

Participants aged 80 years and older vaccinated with BNT162b2 before 4
January 2021 had a higher odds of testing positive for covid-19 in the
first nine days after vaccination (odds ratio up to 1.48, 95% confidence
interval 1.23 to 1.77), indicating that those initially targeted had a
higher underlying risk of infection. Vaccine effectiveness was therefore
compared with the baseline post-vaccination period. Vaccine effects
were noted 10 to 13 days after vaccination, reaching a vaccine
effectiveness of 70% (95% confidence interval 59% to 78%), then
plateauing. From 14 days after the second dose a vaccination
effectiveness of 89% (85% to 93%) was found compared with the increased
baseline risk. Participants aged 70 years and older vaccinated from 4
January (when ChAdOx1-S delivery commenced) had a similar underlying
risk of covid-19 to unvaccinated individuals. With BNT162b2, vaccine
effectiveness reached 61% (51% to 69%) from 28 to 34 days after
vaccination, then plateaued. With ChAdOx1-S, effects were seen from 14
to 20 days after vaccination, reaching an effectiveness of 60% (41% to
73%) from 28 to 34 days, increasing to 73% (27% to 90%) from day 35
onwards. On top of the protection against symptomatic disease, a further
43% (33% to 52%) reduced risk of emergency hospital admission and 51%
(37% to 62%) reduced risk of death was observed in those who had
received one dose of BNT162b2. Participants who had received one dose of
ChAdOx1-S had a further 37% (3% to 59%) reduced risk of emergency
hospital admission. Follow-up was insufficient to assess the effect of
ChAdOx1-S on mortality. Combined with the effect against symptomatic
disease, a single dose of either vaccine was about 80% effective at
preventing admission to hospital with covid-19 and a single dose of
BNT162b2 was 85% effective at preventing death with covid-19.

Vaccination with either one dose of BNT162b2 or ChAdOx1-S was
associated with a significant reduction in symptomatic covid-19 in older
adults, and with further protection against severe disease. Both
vaccines showed similar effects. Protection was maintained for the
duration of follow-up (>6 weeks). A second dose of BNT162b2 was
associated with further protection against symptomatic disease. A clear
effect of the vaccines against the B.1.1.7 variant was found.

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Commons Attribution Non Commercial (CC BY-NC 4.0) license, which permits
others to distribute, remix, adapt, build upon this work
non-commercially, and license their derivative works on different terms,
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More Deaths Among Vaccinated With Pfizer Than AstraZeneca – AZ Report – Sputnik International—report/

20:48 GMT 26.05.2021(updated 12:16 GMT 27.05.2021)

(Sputnik) – Mortality rate after the use of the Pfizer coronavirus
vaccine in six European countries is significantly higher than after the
AstraZeneca vaccine, the company’s report, obtained by Sputnik on
Wednesday, showed.

The Moscow office of the vaccine manufacturer confirmed to Sputnik the authenticity of the document.

“AstraZeneca confirms that it authored the document. This information
was not intended for public release,” the company’s spokesperson said.

The 12-page report, titled “Restoring
Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines and Improved Co-operation Between
Regulatory, Healthcare Agencies and Pharmaceutical Companies — A Call
for Action,” provides statistical data that shows that the total number
of fatal cases per million administered doses of the vaccine in France,
Germany, the UK, Norway, Austria and Italy, is almost three times higher
for Pfizer than AstraZeneca.

According to the statistics submitted by the governments and related
medical agencies, France registered 45.3 fatal cases per million doses
for Pfizer versus 17.9 for AstraZeneca. For Germany, the numbers are
29.9 versus 6.5, respectively, for the UK — 20.7 and 24.2, Norway —
164.3 and 44.6, Austria — 47.5 and 7.5, and Italy — 10.9 and 7.3.

RACGP – Evidence suggests AstraZeneca and Pfizer are equally effective

… a pre-print study
from the UK, recently uploaded to medRxiv, has found that real-world
data suggest both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are equally effective,
with no real difference in the level of protection offered…

Pfizer Vaccine has THREE TIMES MORE DEATHS than AstraZeneca | Principia Scientific Intl.

Here he have an analysis of the adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines
carried out between January 1 and April 6, 2021 from the official site
linked to the European Commission

It shows:

  • a very high proportion of serious effects linked to Covid-19 vaccines compared to the classic influenza vaccine (inactivated virus) over the year 2020
  • a very worrying proportion of sudden deaths and the fact that these sudden deaths occur in less than 24 hours post-vaccination and affect all age groups.

To remember

  • The assumed fatality rate due to …

Unvaccinated snow leopard at San Diego Zoo tests positive for coronavirus

…The case prompted the zoo to request an experimental COVID-19 vaccine
for animals for emergency use. The vaccine from Zoetis, an animal health company that was part of Pfizer, was administered to species most at risk of contracting COVID-19, including several primates and big cats…

Who is Martin Shkreli – ‘the most hated man in America’? – BBC News

…Developed in the 1950s, … People with weakened immune systems, such as Aids patients, have come to rely on the drug, which

until recently cost about $13.50 (£8.80) a dose.

But Mr Shkreli announced he was raising the price to $750 a pill. The more
than 5,000% increase …

… then Mr Shkreli agreed to lower the price.

“We’ve agreed to lower the price on Daraprim to a point that is more affordable and is able to allow the company to make a profit, but a very
small profit,” he told ABC News. “We think these changes will be welcomed.”