Anti-lockdown protesters clash in inner Melbourne, with smaller gatherings in Sydney, Brisbane and Byron Bay – ABC News

  • Public transport to central Melbourne was stopped between 8:00am and 2:00pm
  • Police estimate between 500 and 700 protestors marched through the streets of Richmond
  • Authorities say 10 police officers were injured in violent clashes with demonstrators

No public transport into the CBD between 8am and 2pm on Saturday 18 September – Public Transport Victoria

At the request of Victoria Police, public transport will not run through the CBD on Saturday 18 September 2021.

Major road closures on thoroughfares into the CBD will also be in place… CBD access will only be granted at roadblocks to those travelling for essential work, healthcare or to attend a vaccination.

Science Denied: The Biden Vaccine Mandate | ZeroHedge | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

In a maniacal move of wild desperation – or as an excuse to try out the most extreme powers of his office – he is using every weapon that he believes he has to assure compliance with his dream of injecting as many arms as possible. Only then will we crush the virus, all thanks to his leadership, all the complaints about “freedom” be damned – and never mind that the realization of his dream did not work in Israel or the UK.

What are the immediate problems here? At least five:

1. The Biden mandate pretends that the only immunity is injected, not natural. And so it has been from the beginning of this pandemic, even though all science for at least a year – actually you can say centuries – contradicts that. Indeed, we’ve known about natural immunity since 400 B.C when Thucydides first wrote of the great Athens plague that revealed that “they knew the course of the disease and were themselves free from apprehension.” Biden’s mandate could affect 80 million people but far more than that have likely been exposed and gained robust immunity regardless of vaccination status.

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Department of Commerce says it will stop surveilling citizens’ social media accounts for census “disinformation” – Nwo Report

After finding it didn’t have “adequate legal authority.”

Source: Ken Macon

The Department of Commerce has announced it will end an internal security division after an investigation concluded that it abused its powers by launching criminal investigations into US citizens and employees in the department.

An investigation into the Investigations and Threat Management Service (ITMS), a division of the Commerce Department, by the department’s Office of General Counsel, said that the division did not have “adequate legal authority” to perform any criminal investigations.

The ITMS’ activities were brought into question following a report by the Washington Post. The division was then investigated by the Senate’s Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, led by Sen. Roger Wicker who released a memo claiming that the ITMS “surveilled social media activity on Twitter to monitor accounts that posted commentary critical of processes used to conduct the US Census.”

The memo added that the ITMS surveillance of social media was an effort to prove its “intelligence-gathering capabilities by linking those account holders – members of the general public – to disinformation campaigns orchestrated by foreign governments.”

But the ITMS never found any evidence of efforts to discredit the census.

The congressional investigation claimed that the questionable activities of the ITMS began in the mid-2000s. The department, during its announcement of the disbanding of the division, said that only two of ITMS’ investigations ended up in criminal charges.

The Office of General Counsel recommended the elimination of the ITMS within 90 days, suggesting the distribution of its other security duties to other divisions within the department.

Saying it would accept the recommendations of the General Counsel, the Department of Commerce, on Friday, said: “Our most important priority is creating an environment at the Department of Commerce where employees feel safe and respected. We are committed to maintaining our security, but also equally committed to protecting the privacy and civil liberties of our employees and the public.”

The investigation’s report said that the ITMS, while poorly managed, had “not found any firsthand or documentary evidence that racial, ethnic, or national origin bias motivated any specific cases,” as some had alleged.

The investigation also recommended the department to “discontinue the criminal law enforcement function that was part of ITMS’s mission, clarify that the Department does not possess the authority to conduct counterintelligence activities, and redistribute other remaining functions of ITMS to other offices.”

Trump: “Our Country Is More Unsafe Now Than Ever Before” — The Gateway Pundit | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Trump released a statement warning Americans about unvetted Afghans entering the United States.

Trump asked, “how many terrorists are among them?”

He also pointed out that America “is more unsafe now than ever before.”

The Biden administration evacuated about 124,000 people.

The Biden administration has no clue who many of these people are.

Bloomberg reported:

Days after the Biden administration finished evacuating about 124,000 people from Afghanistan, it’s coming to grips with the reality that it doesn’t know who many of those people are.

What’s emerging, according to government officials and advocates, is that a small percentage of the Afghan citizens who got out are the ones the U.S. pledged to place at the top of its priority list: the thousands who had worked for the U.S. and its allies as well as employees of nongovernmental groups and media organizations.

23,876 afghan refugees have already arrived in the United States.

CNBC reported:

More than 23,000 Afghan refugees deemed to be “at risk” have arrived in the United States, State Department spokesman Ned Price said Wednesday, a number that represents more than one-sixth of all the evacuees airlifted out of Kabul in the past two months.

Price told reporters that 4,446 American citizens have also arrived in the country as part of the airlift, along with 2,785 legal permanent residents. The total number of people who have entered the United States after leaving Afghanistan through Aug. 31 is 31,107.

Eric Caron, a decorated ex-Homeland Security agent, just said America is more vulnerable to a terrorist attack today than before 9/11.

Just The News reported:

A decorated former Homeland Security agent is warning that America enters the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks more vulnerable to terrorism, saying weakened immigration and border enforcement, a messy Afghan war exit and less rigid focus on screenings at ports of entry have given enemies wide openings to strike.

“Are we safer today than we were before 9/11? Absolutely not,” retired agent and author Eric Caron told Just the News. “You know, our borders are wide open. And all we talk about right now is the southern border. No one’s paying attention to our northern border. And bad guys, as you know, and I know, will go whereever it’s soft.”

“We’re not paying attention to our container ships that are coming into America,” said Caron, who focused on port security and weapons of mass destruction as a Homeland Security agent assigned to Dubai in the Middle East more than a decade ago. “We have to understand our ports of entry, land ports, airports, seaports, they all need to be secure. We’re more vulnerable today than we have ever been, under this administration.”

Trump: “Our Country Is More Unsafe Now Than Ever Before” — The Gateway Pundit

NZ terror attack: Ahamed Aathill Mohammad Samsudeen

Comment by tonytran2015: Why didn’t some person fleeing Sri Lanka go to any nearer countries such as India, Pakistan or Bangladesh ?

…Samsudeen’s refugee status was granted on December 20, 2013 after a tribunal found he had a well-founded fear of facing harm if he returned
to Sri Lanka…

New Zealand terrorist attack: What we know about the knife-wielding extremist gunned down in a supermarket – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: This is a World-class clowns show. The bigger question is how could he come to New Zealand from Sri Lanka with his ideology? How can IS ideology be a lone wolf action?

… The attacker was a Sri Lankan national who arrived in New Zealand in October 2011 and became a person of national security interest from 2016.

Ms Ardern said the man had a violent ideology and was inspired by ISIS.

“The attacker has been through the court system for several years now,” said
terrorism expert at Auckland University, Dr Chris Wilson…

The Economics Of Disaster Capitalism
Authored by Chris Macintosh via, If we look at what is taking place, what seems glaringly obvious to me is that there is a coordinated demolition of entire countries, their business sectors, and with this financial ruin a top-down approach to “fixing” the ruin is being enacted. Step no…

Apple Delays Controversial Child Abuse iPhone Spying Program After Backlash
By Tyler Durden After major backlash at the possibility of big brother-esque monitoring of everything you do – ironically juxtaposed against an entire advertising strategy… Apple Delays… Go to Source Author: Activist Post… Read more

‘Like remote-controlling your arm against you’: Snowden says Apple WON’T DECIDE what it scans the phones for – governments will — RT World News

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has dissected Apple’s
phone-scanning plan, saying it not only blurs the line between what is
and isn’t private, but will eventually enable governments to meddle into
intimate details of one’s life.
Snowden has been among
vocal critics of Apple’s plan to scan content on all iPhones for
criminal evidence. The tech giant says it wants to identify child
pornography stored on devices, but skeptics see it as the latest
corporate move to encroach of people’s privacy under the guise of
protecting children. It goes one step further from what many companies
already do when they scan files that users store in cloud storage on the
providers’ servers.

“Fundamentally, the distinction here is
they are taking away that separation between what they own and what you
own. And now they are telling your device what to look for,” Snowden said on Thursday in an interview with Russian media.

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Apple’s new ‘child-safety’ features face fresh challenge over censorship & privacy from over 90 rights groups

Critics of the plan say that if such an invasion of privacy is
accepted and implemented, it would further erode protections for
everyone, first and foremost from government snooping. In the end, Tim
Cook’s company would not be the one making decisions on which content
will be searched for, Snowden argued.

“Can Apple say ‘no’ to
the United States government? Can they say ‘no’ to the Russian
government? Can they say ‘no’ to the Chinese government?” he asked rhetorically. “Of course the answer is ‘no,’ not if they want to keep selling their products in these countries.”

Apple breaks down this barrier between their servers and your phone,
and they start on your phone, they can scan for anything. They can scan
for political criticism, financial records, really anything,” Snowden said, adding that it’s really irrelevant whether one trusts Apple’s professed commitment to privacy or not.

Apple has established the precedent, once they’ve done it for the first
time, this type of scanning, they lose the ability to say what it will
and won’t be used for. Once it’s proven possible, it’s no longer a
question for Apple, it’s a question for the governments, it’s a question
for the lawmakers, and they can use it in any way they want.

data constitutes a red flag may vary dramatically depending on the
government. While in one jurisdiction it’s images of sexual abuse of
children, it could well be political cartoons in another. The company
doing the scanning would simply be fed “digital fingerprints” to look for by some agency, Snowden predicted.

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‘It will never happen’: Snowden laughs off suggestion Julian Assange or himself would ever get Nobel Peace Prize

The invasion of privacy this practice would lead to can already
be witnessed in the burgeoning market for targeted phone hacking, in
which governments are the primary clients. The Israeli firm NSO received
a lot of bad press recently after allegations that its spy tool Pegasus
has been aimed in some countries at dissidents, investigative
journalists and other people, whose privacy in some cases is a literal
question of life and death.

Considering how big a role phones now
play in people’s lives, any vulnerability in the security of the device
is hard to underestimate, Snowden believes.

“Wherever you go,
your phone goes. It knows what you’ve bought, it knows who you talk to,
it knows what you’re interested in and has seen every photograph that
you’ve had. These are intensely personal, intensely private things,” he said.

Also on
Journos, ministers,
Khashoggi’s son & a ruler’s family on list of 50,000 possible
targets for Israeli spyware Pegasus – reports

Having a phone hacked is “like you’ve paid someone $10 million and they give you the ability to remote-control someone’s arm, and use it against” that person.

who became world-famous after exposing illegal mass surveillance by the
US and its allies during the Obama era, was speaking in an interview
filmed for the New Knowledge educational “marathon.” The online
event, this time marking the beginning of the academic year in Russia,
previously featured such celebrity speakers as Elon Musk.

has been living in Russia since 2013, forced to stay in the country by
the US after his transit trip via Moscow was cut short by Washington’s
move to revoke his passport in the wake of explosive revelations. He was
eventually granted political asylum and resides somewhere in Moscow
with his wife and child.