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If you listen to this clip, there is an important revelation here.

PROTESTOR: “Why are you doing this? Policies are killing people.”

POLICE: “I agree with you, I’m just doing my job…I’m just as over this lockdown as you are mate, but this is my job. I’m not skilled to do anything else.”

The significance here is that the cop is saying his wife is out of a job. At some point, even the police will not lay down their lives at the end of the day. However, here he is saying he does not support this tyranny but it’s the only pay he is getting. This sort of tyranny will go only so far. The main ruthless element that will drive police to kill people is that they are told you are evil. As long as you are POSSIBLY guilty of anything, you will deserve death, despite the fact that the immediate event may more justify the punishment.

This sort of attitude is missing in most of these events. If the police are not CONVINCED of your guilt, then they will flip at the end of the day.

Andrews condemns ‘terrible behaviour’ as protesters storm through Melbourne’s CBD – ABC News

More than 2000 protesters shouting anti-vaccination
messages have marched through Melbourne’s CBD, as the construction industry reels from a snap two-week shutdown imposed overnight on Monday.

After marching onto the West Gate Bridge, the protesters turned back into the city and were met by a line of riot police, who appeared to fire tear gas or rubber pellets at the crowd.

Anti-lockdown protesters clash in inner Melbourne, with smaller gatherings in Sydney, Brisbane and Byron Bay – ABC News

  • Public transport to central Melbourne was stopped between 8:00am and 2:00pm
  • Police estimate between 500 and 700 protestors marched through the streets of Richmond
  • Authorities say 10 police officers were injured in violent clashes with demonstrators

The Economics Of Disaster Capitalism
Authored by Chris Macintosh via, If we look at what is taking place, what seems glaringly obvious to me is that there is a coordinated demolition of entire countries, their business sectors, and with this financial ruin a top-down approach to “fixing” the ruin is being enacted. Step no…

Alleged fake quarantine officer charged | The West Australian

… he allegedly entered the Burwood home of a quarantining woman while posing as an authorised officer last month.

It is alleged he threatened to send the woman into hotel quarantine unless she performed sexual acts.

12 millions Aussies now in lockdown | The Wentworth Report

Comment by tonytran2015: The lockdown of Canberra is actually a blessing in disguise. Politicians and bureaucrats have now to taste their own medicines.

12 millions Aussies now in lockdown. By Ellie Dudley.

Almost 12 million Australians will wake up in lockdown on Friday, as the highly infectious Delta variant of Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc across the country.

The ACT was the latest region to be plunged into a seven day lockdown on Thursday after one new case of Covid-19 was detected in the community.

The ACT’s first lockdown in over a year, caused by one profligate who officially has 3,000 close contacts. From a reader in Canberra:

The nightclub bouncer was a busy boy seeding the city, as his many visits to most parts of mainstream Canberra in a day or so showed. Unlike Queanbeyan, compliance in Canberra with QR code’s on entry to businesses has been poor, so the close contact number is probably nearer to 10,000.

Unlike other States, NSW uses an up to four days delayed, progressive lockdown system with improper policing (was better last year — this time some army personnel are being called in to try to improve things a bit) and being overly sensitive to special interest groups, such as the Arab community in S.W. Sydney during a certain, problematic religious festival. It keeps the economy going for longer, but everywhere pays a bigger price in the end.

Going back through a thousand years of history in Europe, lockdowns work. Not much else does.

Meanwhile, one selfish bloke on a train out of Sydney has now put the Tomago aluminium smelter near Newcastle in jeopardy. Shutting down that simply massive consumer of electricity and resources may sound like a blessing in some ways, but it’s far more costly to start it up again and management is dealing with some difficult duty of care issues.

All from one slip up in quarantine in Sydney, with a limo driver, six weeks ago.

NSW Police set up strike force to find anti-lockdown protesters after thousands shut down Sydney CBD – ABC News

NSW Police Minister David Elliott says 57 people have
been charged after attending an anti-lockdown protest in Sydney today,
and that a strike force has been established to identify others who were

Transparency on Covid lockdown – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Something has been hidden from the citizens. The State of Victoria had more than 800 deaths out of a total of 900 Covid deaths for the whole of Australia.

… Meanwhile, the Victorian opposition is stepping up its attempts to gain access to text messages sent by Premier Daniel Andrews

to his chief of staff relating to the setting up of the hotel quarantine program.

The opposition failed to get access to the text messages via Freedom of Information, and has now
taken the matter to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

A VCAT directions hearing is scheduled for this afternoon, and opposition Upper House leader David Davis said Mr Andrews should release the information

Sunshine Coast Airport arrivals confused and angry at police ‘invasion of privacy’ – ABC News

  • Police say on the first day of the lockdown, 14 people from Victoria flew to the Sunshine Coast
  • Passengers say officers went through their phones to check location data and in some instances demanded to see bank transactions
  • The Queensland Council for Civil Liberties says some of the questioning is “unnecessary” and “an invasion of privacy”

Ontario has had the longest lockdown in North America – which has been so successful it’s just gone into another one | Aletho News

It’s April 2021 and we’re still being fed the same “stay home, save lives” line of 2020. But lockdowns are based on dodgy data and exaggerations, as well as causing more harm than they supposedly prevent.

As of today, Ontario is once again locked down. The last lockdown of two months was lifted only a month ago.

The province has endured the longest lockdowns in the country, thanks to politicians and medical officers pushing selective statistics…