Having fled Myanmar’s coup to the jungle, these young activists are now being trained in combat – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: This is a belated realization of the need for the right to bear arms.


There should be little doubt that the timing is intentional: China on Thursday passed its sweeping new law to ‘safeguard’ Chinese businesses and entities from Western and especially US sanctions, just hours ahead of President Joe Biden sitting down with G-7 leaders in Cornwall to argue […]

Wisconsin Senate approves plan to punish cities, counties that defund police

The proposal imposes a dollar-for-dollar cut in state aid for every dollar that local governments take away from law enforcement. Go to Source Author: {Just The News}… Read more

Cop Convicted for Role in Raid that Left Innocent Couple & Dog Slaughtered in Their Home


By Matt Agorist Houston, TX — The murder of an innocent Houston couple made national headlines in 2019 as police took to smearing their names… Cop Convicted for Role in Raid that Left Innocent… Go to Source Author: Activist Post… Read more

!Remember Alexei Navalny? – 4dforum


Alexei Navalny, Russian lawyer, anti corruption activist and opposition leader has been imprisoned since February 18th. You might remember he was poisoned and then treated in a German hospital. German doctors stated he had been poisoned with a cholinesterase inhibitor. His doctor died suddenly.

Weird thing is he went back. Upon arrival he was promptly arrested and thrown into the IK-2 Male Correctional Colony in the Russian Federation. According to former inmates the place is no more than a Gulag where the staff destroys the individual’s will. Former inmates said they were subjected to torture, sexual assault and psychological manipulation (Reuters). This all harkens back to Vlad Putin’s days in the KGB and is reminiscent of the Chinese re-education camps for Uighurs (BBC). Marxists love to torture, sexually assault and brainwash people.

The organizations related to Navalny’s fight against government corruption have been labeled terrorist organizations and leaders associated with him have been arrested. Protesters, Amnesty International, the German and other governments put enough pressure on Russia to get them to allow Navalny to be moved to a hospital. He had suffered two spinal disc herniations and lost feeling in his hands.



Govt confiscates $90,000 earned by Capitol riot participant for selling footage of Ashli Babbitt’s fatal shooting — RT USA News


The US has seized the $90,000 received by a participant in the Capitol Hill riot for selling footage of the death of pro-Trump protester Ashli Babbitt, who was fatally shot by police while storming the US legislature building.

The repossession was revealed after court filings against John Earle Sullivan were unsealed on Thursday. Sullivan also received additional criminal charges for his actions during the events of January 6 and is now facing a total of eight criminal counts.

Sullivan is an oddball figure among the more than 440 people charged with various crimes related to the Capitol violence. He had his 15 minutes of fame in the aftermath, speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’, presenting himself as a left-wing activist who had mingled with the pro-Trump crowd to document their misdeeds. Also on rt.com Feds charge ANARCHIST who appeared on CNN after telling Capitol rioters to ‘burn this s**t down’

Shortly afterwards, he became a central figure in a theory adopted by some Trump supporters, which suggested the riot was orchestrated by Antifa and Left agitators. Before January 6, Sullivan was involved in organizing several Black Lives Matter protests in Utah.

Sullivan also reportedly did work for causes supported by the opposite side of the political spectrum, such as gun rights, and was suspected by activists on each side of being a double agent. Another explanation put forward by people he worked with was that Sullivan was simply acting opportunistically, latching on to whatever protest movement he could find to benefit from personally.

The 40-minute video that he filmed during the Capitol Hill riot ultimately led to his arrest in January. On the video he can be heard egging on participants of the rally, telling them at one point: “Let’s burn this s**t down.” Also on rt.com Capitol Police officer media claimed was ‘killed’ in January 6 riot died of NATURAL CAUSES, says medical examiner

As he moved through the halls of the Capitol, he joined a group trying to press their way into the House Speaker’s Lobby. He called on Capitol police standing in front of a barricaded door to leave. As the officers tried to move away, Babbitt attempted to get through a hole in the door and was shot. Sullivan claimed his inciting of the riot was necessary to “blend in” with the protester crowd.

Babbitt was one of five people who died amid the Capitol Hill riot, and the only one whose death was definitively linked to the use of lethal force. Capitol police refused to identify the officer who shot her, clearing them of criminal wrongdoing in the incident.

The court filings did not identify the media outlets which paid Sullivan for the footage of Babbitt’s death, but the Washington Post was among those which previously reported doing so.

How US police training compares with the rest of the world – BBC News


More people are killed by police in the US than in any other developed country, and there are growing calls for improved training to reduce the use of lethal force.

We’ve looked into what training US police officers receive, and how it compares with other parts of the world.

House Set To Introduce Bill Establishing Committee to Investigate January 6th Protests – Pelosi Organizes Politics of Commission to Assist Democrats 2022 Election | Centinel2012


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… Everyone can see what the real motive and intent of this commission really is.  It is simply a way for Democrats to exaggerate the details of the January 6th protest and cast their political opposition in the light of extremism.  Thus if you do not support democrats in the 2022 election you are an extremist.  The highly political FBI will be used as an institution to affirm this narrative construct.

Driving an extremist narrative has been the intent of the Democrats ever since they installed armed military and fencing around the Capitol.  The bill that carries the initiation of the 1/6 commission also funds a national guard presence and quick reaction force for the future.  This is all part of the continued objective to label political opposition as extremists.

Techno-Fog has a great article citing the expectations of the Commission as outlined in THE BILLSEE HERE

(JERUSALEM) LATEST: Saudi Arabia on Saturday denounced Israeli plans to evict Palestinian families from their homes in Jerusalem amid soaring violence in the city #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services


#AceNewsReport – May.11: Israel reinforced its security operation on Saturday after clashes on Friday night, when more than 200 Palestinians were injured.

JERUSALEM: Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman reject Israeli measures to evict Palestinians: ‘Riot police fired rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades at Palestinians inside Al-Aqsa Mosque, where throngs of worshippers, including women and children, were praying on the last Friday of Ramadan’