US government plans to force all new vehicles to have a “kill switch” | Aletho News

By Ken Macon | Reclaim The Net | January 16, 2022

If the US government gets its way, it will require car manufacturers to install kill switches in all new vehicles (cars, trucks, and SUVs) from 2026. The kill switch will have a backdoor that can be accessed by law enforcement.

See the text of the bill here.

But, as House Representative Bob Barr noted in an article last year, legislation can change unexpectedly to work against law-abiding citizens.

The kill switch

Anti-terrorism center accused of illegal surveillance — RT USA News

…The Oregon Department of Justice is being sued after its anti-terrorism
Oregon TITAN Fusion Center (OTFC) was accused of illegally surveilling
environmental and Native American protesters who opposed a gas pipeline…

Melbourne man charged with inciting protesters to make explosives – ABC News

…The arrests come after days of emotionally charged protests on the steps of state parliament, where groups opposed to the proposed pandemic laws voiced their disagreement with signs and makeshift nooses and gallows…

Pegasus-style spyware found on thousands of smartphones — RT World News

Cybersecurity researchers have found spyware, similar to the
notorious ‘Pegasus’ malware peddled by Israeli company NSO Group, on
thousands of South Korean smartphones. The software is disguised as
innocent yoga and photo apps.
Used by governments
worldwide to spy on rival politicians, foreign powers, journalists,
lawyers, and business figures, NSO Group’s Pegasus malware has gotten
significant media attention since its existence was revealed earlier
this year by activists. While the Israeli firm has found itself maligned
by the press and blacklisted
by Washington, similar snooping software is reportedly still active and
going unnoticed, as highlighted in a report published on Wednesday by
cybersecurity company Zimperium.

The article examines the PhoneSpy software, which is aimed at South Korean Android users. According to Zimperium, “PhoneSpy
hides in plain sight, disguising itself as a regular application with
purposes ranging from learning Yoga to watching TV and videos, or
browsing photos.” These apps aren’t found on the Android app store,
meaning users had to download them directly, likely by clicking
malicious links or through “social engineering.”

installed, PhoneSpy gives snoops access to virtually every function of
the target’s smartphone. Cameras and microphones can be remotely
activated, call logs and messages retrieved, GPS coordinates tracked,
and web traffic monitored.

Zimperium’s report did not identify who was actually using PhoneSpy to surveil targeted phones, but it said that “thousands of South Korean victims have fallen prey to the spyware campaign.” As the fake apps were all South Korean, the spying operation is believed to be limited to that country.

is one of several Pegasus-like programs currently suspected of being in
operation. When the US added NSO Group to its trade blacklist earlier
this month, it also added Russian firm Positive Technologies and
Singapore’s Computer Security Initiative Consultancy, claiming that both
trafficked in “cyber tools” used to gain “unauthorized access to computer systems.”

Russian ‘shaman’ detained by cops after pledge to ‘save humanity from satanist pedophiles’ — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

A man from Russia’s remote Far East purporting to be a
traditional spiritual leader has been detained by authorities after
blogging his colossal journey across Siberia on foot as part of a
self-declared mission to save the world.
On Sunday, law enforcement
officials in the Urals city of Ekaterinburg confirmed to local media
that Nikolay Dylykov, who goes by the name Dylyk Khan, had been taken
into custody as a potential risk to himself and others.

Within the
past year, the self-declared spiritual leader had filmed himself on a
marathon walk across the vast expanse of eastern Russia, pledging to
reach the city, Russia’s fourth largest. Local media reports that he had
announced he was on a mission “to save humanity from satanist pedophiles.”

is said to have introduced himself to police as Alexander Gabyshev,
a different self-declared shaman who was detained in 2019 after
declaring an intention to march thousands of kilometres to Moscow, from
remote Yakutia, supposedly to exorcise the soul of Russian President
Vladimir Putin.

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Russian shaman who attempted SEVEN THOUSAND KILOMETER walk to ‘exorcise’ Putin sent to mental health institution for observation

“The police weren’t looking for Gabyshev,” a law
enforcement source told Moscow’s Kommersant. It later emerged that the
detainee was actually Dylykov, who is reportedly registered with the
Ministry of Internal Affairs as a vulnerable person who potentially
poses a threat to others.

After an international media storm, a
court in the East Siberian city of Yakutsk placed Gabyshev into a secure
facility in July after he reportedly threatened to stab a public safety
official with a homemade sword. He is now serving his time in the
specialist institution for an indefinite period.

In an original
plan disclosed to investigators, he claimed he would walk the 7,500
kilometer distance from his native Yakutia to Moscow’s iconic Red
Square, where he would light a ritual bonfire of fermented dairy
products and horsehair. After uttering a shamanic prayer, Putin would
calmly resign, Gabyshev said at the time.

It’s utterly unacceptable that Canada’s military ran a secret psyops campaign to manipulate & control the public’s views on Covid — RT Op-ed

Eva Bartlett
Bartlett is a Canadian independent journalist and activist. She has
spent years on the ground covering conflict zones in the Middle East,
especially in Syria and Palestine (where she lived for nearly four
years). Follow her on Twitter @EvaKBartlett

The plan, devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command, relied on propaganda techniques like those used during the Afghan war. What on earth is going on in the upper echelons of Ottawa?

High-up elements of the Canadian Forces have been waging psychological operations on the public over Covid-19 to manipulate their emotions and thoughts, and to gauge their reactions. While this is not uncommon around the world, getting caught is.

A new article in Canada’s National Post states that the Canadian Joint Operations Command used“propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war”on the Canadian public.

The Post cites a December 2020 investigation by retired Major-General Daniel Gosselin, who was asked to look into it by then-Chief of the Defence Staff General Jon Vance.

According to the article, the federal government was innocent and not aware of the plan – a claim I find unbelievable, considering the amount of gaslighting and knowingly pointlessregulations the government has subjected Canadians to since the start of the pandemic scare.

The plan involved “shaping”and “exploiting” information, the Post noted, to “head off civil disobedience by Canadians” and “bolster government messages about the pandemic.”

Among the stranger aspects was scaring Canadians with stories of a wolf invasion.

This, according to the Post, involved Canadian Forces’ military information operations staff forging a letter from the Nova Scotia government warning about wolves on the loose, in September 2020.

The Post claims the letter’s release was inadvertent, and basically ran with the Canadian Forces’ claim that this was down to a few bad apples, reservists who “lacked formal training and policies governing the use of propaganda techniques.”

ALSO ON RT.COMCanadian military saw Covid-19 pandemic as ‘unique opportunity’ to deploy propaganda on own population – report

Canadian journalist Dan Dicks, who was among the first to report on and analyze the wolves story, noted at the time that it was a classic example of a psychological operation.

Dicks has also pointed out what the National Post omitted, highlighting:

“They created a fake letter from the government saying there are dangerous wolves, and they set up loudspeakers in the area, projecting out wolf noises. This isn’t just research, this isn’t just a training exercise, they’re actively engaging in this psychological operation to scare people using loudspeakers.

‘Psyops’, he noted, is a term used “to denote any action which is practiced mainly by psychological methods with the aim of evoking a planned psychological reaction in other people,” and they are “aimed at influencing a target audience’s value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behaviour.”

Canadian journalist James Corbett likewise commented on this at the time, pointing out how a rumour is floated to see how the public reacts:

“This entire coordinated campaign to convince an entire public of a threat that doesn’t exist, in order to test how they will react to that, what will the public respond to and how will they respond? That really speaks volumes to the world we are living in. And you really think they are going to do all of that, but they are never going to use that for any nefarious purposes?”

An article in the Ottawa Citizen noted at the time that Canada’s Department of National Defence claimed: “The fake letter wasn’t meant to be released to the public and an investigation is underway to determine how that happened. The letter was an aid for the propaganda training.”

The department also claimed to not know why the loudspeaker was set up to transmit wolf sounds.

I guess a member of the public who read the letter must have taken it upon themselves to set up the loudspeaker then, hey?

The same Ottawa Citizen article cites Bard College professor Emma Briant, who specializes in researching military propaganda, calling the stunt a “major violation of ethics.”

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UK “anti-masker” razor-blade poster hoax

The “shaping” and “exploiting” of information on Covid-19 to gauge and shape the public mood is, of course, not unique toCanada. To give another example, in May 2020, the UK Column obtained a leaked internal document of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) from March 26, 2020, which advised:

“Use the media to increase the sense of personal threat. Use the media to increase the sense of responsibility of others. Use the media to promote positive messaging around actions. Tailor the messaging and use and promote social approval for desired behaviours.”

I recently spoke to UK-based journalist Iain Davis on a variety of issues pertaining to fear porn and media hype around the issue of Covid-19.

In our interview, Davis spoke of another hoax that appeared on the BBC last July: a Cardiff woman who claimed she had been cut by a razor blade allegedly stuck on the back of an ‘anti-mask’ poster.

What the BBC did not bother investigating was that the poster in question was laminated, thus stiff, and the razor blade stuck flat to the back of it, making it virtually impossible that the woman had actually cut herself.

“When you took it off the wall, it would have been like a card, not a piece of paper you could scrunch up, it would have been a stiff card,” David said.

Nor did the BBC question why she threw away the ‘evidence’ instead of turning it over to the police she had contacted. They didn’t look into her apparent history of outlandish and improbable claims, like being disemboweled and walking to hospital holding her intestines in, nor her admitted history of self-harming, lending credence to the likelihood she staged the sliced-hand photo.

While this story seemingly originated from an unstable individual, it was pushed unquestioningly by British state-owned media.

Further, as Davis noted, the nonsensical razor poster story re-emerged two months later, this time with London transport warning of “anti-mask posters with razor blades.”

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In this story, the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union cited by the BBC actually said it wasn’t aware of any razor-blade incidents. Yet the BBC ran with the claims nonetheless (using the previous unstable person’s photo to support the claims).

These were not the first razor-blade poster stories, though. In 2020, the BBCand other media ran stories claiming razor blades (and needles) had been put behind anti-5G posters, again not providing any actual evidence to back the claims.

Anti-mask, anti-5G… and ‘razor-blade posters’. Clearly, this looks like another psyop to indoctrinate the public into equating people who have legitimate and science-based concerns about particular issues as being not only bat-s**t crazy, but dangerous, a menace to society.

But these stories are being cooked up in underhand ways by some powerful forces that shouldn’t be engaged in these matters, while the masses actually concerned about these issues are raising their concerns in peaceful manners: petitions, peaceful demonstrations, scientific papers… All that is easily obscured by a few tabloid stories with screaming headlines.

According to Davis, the point is “to seed the idea into the public imagination to associate people that question vaccines with extremism, ultimately with terrorism. There is a lineage going back quite a few years where you can see this narrative being seeded into the public consciousness. It has really ramped up in the last couple of months.”

Indeed, in November 2020, the Ottawa Citizen revealedthe Canadian Forces’ desire to “establish a new organization that will use propaganda and other techniques to try to influence the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of Canadians,” noting they’ve already spent over $1 million to “train public affairs officers on behaviour modification techniques of the same sort used by the parent firm of Cambridge Analytica.”

ALSO ON RT.COMHealthcare workers are burned out by the Covid-19 pandemic and need care themselves. But who will help the helpers?

While noting nominal opposition and concern by the defence minister, the Citizen reported that “work is already underway on some aspects of the plan and some techniques have been already tested on the Canadian public,” as well as that “a series of town halls were already conducted last week for a number of military personnel on the strategies contained in the draft plan.”

Dan Dicks, in his commentary on the wolves scare story, aptly opined, “It frustrates me so much that the government is actively trying to silence me as being ‘fake news’ or putting out ‘false information’, when they are actively engaged in propaganda campaigns to distribute false information designed to scare Canadians.”

Indeed, we who speak out on uncomfortable issues are censored, ostracized, and labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists’, while governments are actively spewing misinformation and manipulating the masses.

Department of Commerce says it will stop surveilling citizens’ social media accounts for census “disinformation” – Nwo Report

After finding it didn’t have “adequate legal authority.”

Source: Ken Macon

The Department of Commerce has announced it will end an internal security division after an investigation concluded that it abused its powers by launching criminal investigations into US citizens and employees in the department.

An investigation into the Investigations and Threat Management Service (ITMS), a division of the Commerce Department, by the department’s Office of General Counsel, said that the division did not have “adequate legal authority” to perform any criminal investigations.

The ITMS’ activities were brought into question following a report by the Washington Post. The division was then investigated by the Senate’s Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, led by Sen. Roger Wicker who released a memo claiming that the ITMS “surveilled social media activity on Twitter to monitor accounts that posted commentary critical of processes used to conduct the US Census.”

The memo added that the ITMS surveillance of social media was an effort to prove its “intelligence-gathering capabilities by linking those account holders – members of the general public – to disinformation campaigns orchestrated by foreign governments.”

But the ITMS never found any evidence of efforts to discredit the census.

The congressional investigation claimed that the questionable activities of the ITMS began in the mid-2000s. The department, during its announcement of the disbanding of the division, said that only two of ITMS’ investigations ended up in criminal charges.

The Office of General Counsel recommended the elimination of the ITMS within 90 days, suggesting the distribution of its other security duties to other divisions within the department.

Saying it would accept the recommendations of the General Counsel, the Department of Commerce, on Friday, said: “Our most important priority is creating an environment at the Department of Commerce where employees feel safe and respected. We are committed to maintaining our security, but also equally committed to protecting the privacy and civil liberties of our employees and the public.”

The investigation’s report said that the ITMS, while poorly managed, had “not found any firsthand or documentary evidence that racial, ethnic, or national origin bias motivated any specific cases,” as some had alleged.

The investigation also recommended the department to “discontinue the criminal law enforcement function that was part of ITMS’s mission, clarify that the Department does not possess the authority to conduct counterintelligence activities, and redistribute other remaining functions of ITMS to other offices.”

Apple Delays Controversial Child Abuse iPhone Spying Program After Backlash
By Tyler Durden After major backlash at the possibility of big brother-esque monitoring of everything you do – ironically juxtaposed against an entire advertising strategy… Apple Delays… Go to Source Author: Activist Post… Read more

‘Like remote-controlling your arm against you’: Snowden says Apple WON’T DECIDE what it scans the phones for – governments will — RT World News

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has dissected Apple’s
phone-scanning plan, saying it not only blurs the line between what is
and isn’t private, but will eventually enable governments to meddle into
intimate details of one’s life.
Snowden has been among
vocal critics of Apple’s plan to scan content on all iPhones for
criminal evidence. The tech giant says it wants to identify child
pornography stored on devices, but skeptics see it as the latest
corporate move to encroach of people’s privacy under the guise of
protecting children. It goes one step further from what many companies
already do when they scan files that users store in cloud storage on the
providers’ servers.

“Fundamentally, the distinction here is
they are taking away that separation between what they own and what you
own. And now they are telling your device what to look for,” Snowden said on Thursday in an interview with Russian media.

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Apple’s new ‘child-safety’ features face fresh challenge over censorship & privacy from over 90 rights groups

Critics of the plan say that if such an invasion of privacy is
accepted and implemented, it would further erode protections for
everyone, first and foremost from government snooping. In the end, Tim
Cook’s company would not be the one making decisions on which content
will be searched for, Snowden argued.

“Can Apple say ‘no’ to
the United States government? Can they say ‘no’ to the Russian
government? Can they say ‘no’ to the Chinese government?” he asked rhetorically. “Of course the answer is ‘no,’ not if they want to keep selling their products in these countries.”

Apple breaks down this barrier between their servers and your phone,
and they start on your phone, they can scan for anything. They can scan
for political criticism, financial records, really anything,” Snowden said, adding that it’s really irrelevant whether one trusts Apple’s professed commitment to privacy or not.

Apple has established the precedent, once they’ve done it for the first
time, this type of scanning, they lose the ability to say what it will
and won’t be used for. Once it’s proven possible, it’s no longer a
question for Apple, it’s a question for the governments, it’s a question
for the lawmakers, and they can use it in any way they want.

data constitutes a red flag may vary dramatically depending on the
government. While in one jurisdiction it’s images of sexual abuse of
children, it could well be political cartoons in another. The company
doing the scanning would simply be fed “digital fingerprints” to look for by some agency, Snowden predicted.

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‘It will never happen’: Snowden laughs off suggestion Julian Assange or himself would ever get Nobel Peace Prize

The invasion of privacy this practice would lead to can already
be witnessed in the burgeoning market for targeted phone hacking, in
which governments are the primary clients. The Israeli firm NSO received
a lot of bad press recently after allegations that its spy tool Pegasus
has been aimed in some countries at dissidents, investigative
journalists and other people, whose privacy in some cases is a literal
question of life and death.

Considering how big a role phones now
play in people’s lives, any vulnerability in the security of the device
is hard to underestimate, Snowden believes.

“Wherever you go,
your phone goes. It knows what you’ve bought, it knows who you talk to,
it knows what you’re interested in and has seen every photograph that
you’ve had. These are intensely personal, intensely private things,” he said.

Also on
Journos, ministers,
Khashoggi’s son & a ruler’s family on list of 50,000 possible
targets for Israeli spyware Pegasus – reports

Having a phone hacked is “like you’ve paid someone $10 million and they give you the ability to remote-control someone’s arm, and use it against” that person.

who became world-famous after exposing illegal mass surveillance by the
US and its allies during the Obama era, was speaking in an interview
filmed for the New Knowledge educational “marathon.” The online
event, this time marking the beginning of the academic year in Russia,
previously featured such celebrity speakers as Elon Musk.

has been living in Russia since 2013, forced to stay in the country by
the US after his transit trip via Moscow was cut short by Washington’s
move to revoke his passport in the wake of explosive revelations. He was
eventually granted political asylum and resides somewhere in Moscow
with his wife and child.

Preview to Answering The Big Question, How Do We Fix This Mess? | Centinel2012

Comment by tonytran2015:

Hoover… directed the bureau into secret and illegal domestic
surveillance spurred on by his conservative patriotism and paranoia. His nefarious tactics had been suspected for decades by government
officials, but presidents from Truman to Nixon
seemed unable to fire him due to his popularity and the potentially high political cost. In 1975, the Church Committee… conducted a full investigation
of COINTELPRO’s operations and concluded that many of the agency’s
tactics were illegal and, in many, cases unconstitutional.

A Fourth Branch of Government was quietly created, and technology allowed the tentacles of the system to touch us. That’s the root of it, and if we take the time to understand how the Fourth Branch originated, questions about this perpetual angst start to make sense…

History provided enough warnings from Dwight D Eisenhower (military), to John F Kennedy (CIA), to Richard Nixon (FBI), to all modern versions of warnings and frustrations from HPSCI Devin Nunes and ODNI Ric Grenell.

The Intelligence Branch functions much like the State Dept, through a unique set of public-private partnerships that support it. Big Tech industry collaboration with intelligence operatives is part of that functioning; almost like an NGO. However, the process is much more important than most think. In this problematic perspective of a corrupt system of government, the process is the flaw – not the outcome.

… Many people say that congress is the solution to eliminating the fourth and superseding branch of government, The Intelligence Branch. This is an exercise in futility because the legislative branch, specifically the SSCI, facilitated the creation of the Intelligence Branch. The SSCI cannot put the genie they created back in the bottle without admitting they too are corrupt; and the background story of their corruption is way too intense to be exposed now.

Every member of the SSCI is compromised in some controlling manner. Those Senators who disliked the control over them; specifically disliked because the risk of sunlight was tenuous and, well, possible; have either left completely or stepped down from the committee. None of the SSCI members past or present would ever contemplate saying openly what their tenure involved….