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Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (ret.) was one of the former military officers to write an open letter to the Biden Administration, pleading with our current leaders in Washington to do what’s right for our nation and our Constitution. But Boykin says it’s not just those officers dissatisfied with far-left politics encompassing every aspect of our society today, including our military.

Boykin, former commander of the Army’s Green Berets and Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under George W. Bush, predicts a quiet exit from the military while Biden is Commander in Chief. In fact, one man working in Kuwait told him recently, “I can’t take it anymore.” Here’s more with Boykin on the Glenn Beck Show.


The Criminalization of Dissent | Aletho News

By CJ Hopkins | Consent Factory, Inc. | May 3, 2021

One of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent. Not just the stigmatization of dissent or the demonization of dissent, but the formal criminalization of dissent, and any other type of opposition to the official ideology of the totalitarian system. Global capitalism has been inching its way toward this step for quite some time, and now, apparently, it is ready to take it. Germany has been leading the way. For over a year, anyone questioning or protesting the “Covid emergency measures” or the official Covid-19 narrative has been demonized by the government and the media, and, sadly, but not completely unexpectedly, the majority of the German public. And now such dissent is officially “extremism.” Yes, that’s right, in “New Normal” Germany, if you dissent from the official state ideology, you are now officially a dangerous “extremist.” The German Intelligence agency (the “BfV”) has even invented a new category of “extremists” in order to allow themselves to legally monitor anyone suspected of being “anti-democratic and/or delegitimizing the state in a way that endangers security,” like … you know, non-violently protesting, or speaking out against, or criticizing, or satirizing, the so-called “New Normal.” Naturally, I’m a little worried, as I have engaged in most of these “extremist” activities. …

Putin Enacts Fines for Sharing Unlabeled ‘Foreign Agent’ Media Reports | Ukraine Today .org

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law fines for publishing information and reports from “foreign agent” media without identifying the outlet’s status amid what observers call tightening restrictions on dissent ahead of key elections.

Under to the new law that Putin signed Friday, media organizations can be fined up to 50,000 rubles ($650) for distributing a report without indicating that the distributed material was produced by a “foreign agent.

Individual journalists face fines of up to 2,500 rubles ($33) and officials up to 5,000 rubles ($66) for the same violations…

Recipe for Disaster – 4dforum

To take over a country one needs to create a revolution. A revolution can be violent or through an election process. To create a revolution people must be unhappy with their government. To make people unhappy with their government one must get the government to do things that make people unhappy. To make the government do things that make people unhappy you must control the government or at least enough of it to affect it’s actions subversively….

Who Wags the Dog? Israel’s Friends in Washington Mean Constant War in the Middle East – The Mad Truther

By Philip Giraldi | Strategic Culture Biden, like presidents before him, is caught in the trap between an extremist-dominated Israel and the all-powerful domestic Israel Lobby. Donald Trump, who was elected President of the United States in 2016, may have won due to voters attracted by his pledge to end many of the “stupid” wars […]

Myanmar Seizes George Soros Foundation’s Bank Accounts — The True Defender | The Most Revolutionary Act

Comment by tonytran2015: In the Yin-Yang theory of opposing tendencies, each side carries the seed of its opponent. The Bad movement carries the seed for the Righteous movement.

This isn’t the first time Soros has used currency speculation to attack a Southeast Asian country.

Vermont Folk Troth

A coup d’etat occurred after the winner, Aung San Suu Kyi won a landslide victory in the November elections.

According to a report published by Reuters,

“The military junta in Myanmar has detained an official from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and has frozen the billionaire financier’s bank accounts in the country under the suspicion that the group funded elements opposed to the February coup in the country.” 

“In the immediate aftermath of the coup, during mass civil disobedience in the country, the Global New Light of Myanmar — a military propaganda newspaper — alleged that Open Society Myanmar withdrew $1.4 million from its account at the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank, or SMED.”

Afterwards, the money was exchanged into local currency, “without following the necessary rules and regulations.”

According to the Financial Times, a picture of Suu Kyi with Soros was also published. The photo was taken back…

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The Big Takeover Has Started in Germany | VikingLifeBlog

…Hey guys, the federal government is taking over in Germany. Federal states are bypassed in th edecision making process and laws will just be changed at short notice. Our whole political system is just being streamlined for global integration and homogenization and nobody seems to be concerned about that.

Red Pill Germany

Biden’s California Dream, by John Stossel | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

… Some hopeful folks still move there, but so many more leave that California now loses more than 10,000 citizens every month. In fact, the state will soon lose a congressional seat.

Why do Californians leave? “Exorbitant tax rates, high crime rates, the failing public school systems, the exorbitant cost of living,” says reporter Kristen Tate in my new video.

So many Californians move away that there’s now even a shortage of U-Hauls. Renting one to go from Los Angeles to Houston costs four times as much as it does to go from Houston to LA…

But this seems crazy. California has great weather and all kinds of natural advantages.

The state’s politicians drive people away with bad policies…

Erdogan Warns Of New Coup As He Arrests Ten Admirals

Two weeks ago, in the immediate aftermath of the latest financial crisis in Turkey following the shocking termination of the hawkish Turkish central bank head at the hands of Erdogan, we said that it was almost time for another diversionary “coup” to take place. Almost…

Vendors Selling Bricks, Molotovs Outside Derek Chauvin Trial | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—“Bricks, get yer bricks here, 2 for 10, 2 for 10!“ cries John Braxton, 42, as he mills through a Minneapolis crowd gathered outside a courthouse. „Fine bricks, get yer fine bricks here!“Braxton, like dozens of other concession vendors, down on their luck after a year of low-attendance and no-attendance sports games, has come to Minneapolis to sell his wares to the crowds waiting outside Derek Chauvin’s murder trial. Instead of popcorn and cotton candy, though, he’s selling bricks, Molotov cocktails, and pitchforks. He’s turned in his Cracker Jacks for brass knuckles, his beer for bricks, and his Minnesota Twins foam fingers for foam fingers reading „Black Lives Matter.“

„Honestly, I’m gonna make a fortune,“ said Braxton as he sold ten bricks to a white kid visiting from Portland for the show and riot. „These guys are gonna riot no matter what happens in the trial here, so I’m gonna make out like a bandit.“…