Home Buyers from Over There lured by the low Aussie Dollar … market slump … investment protections … wealth and health | COMMUNITY ACTION ALLIANCE FOR NSW (CAAN): HOUSING INEQUALITY WITH AUSSIES LOCKED OUT!


MEANWHILE on the ‘Almost Australian’ program the story of an Afghani child orphan who made his way here alone as a refugee yet he is still on a ‘Temporary Protection Visa’ more than 10 years later … but Money Launderers are welcome in abundance … ‘what a corrupt little nation we have become’ – to quote LVO from memory!

Key Points …

–Emma Vadas from Standen Estate Agents said 90% of enquiries from Chinese have consumed her company with proposals

-these are buyers who have bought and sold 2 to 4 years ago

-real estate speak: ‘such big drops would not happen if a large number of foreign buyers swooped in to capitalise on a temporarily depressed market’

WHY does the FIRB not ensure that the property market is only open to Australian buyers esp. in a recession? Enabling Australians to take advantage of lower house prices … FFS!

YET foreign buyers who are prevented from flying here can buy Australian homes online!

WHAT sort of a government allow the FIRB, and real estate marketers in China luring parents of students studying in the US and the UK to look to Australia

-offering permanent residency with Medicare benefits and access to a range of Visas for family members

Australia a SANCTUARY … with everything they want … and they are coming for it … and you know what … you can’t blame them … BLAME OUR GUVMNT … as they languish before the CCP hoping for an enquiry as our YOUTH are condemned to a life of poverty! FFS!!

Où sont les singes aujourd’hui au supermarché ou à l’hôpital ? | ukgovernmentwatch


Not just at the hospital but also in TESCO when prevented from doing EXACTLY what he wanted by security staff. Mt patience with these people is wearing very thin. I am tempted to say that’s exactly why the places they come from are so backward. They have to look no further than in the mirror for someone to blame!

GW: No-one in ANY of our family has EVER spat upon a member of staff just doing their job. We wouldn’t dream of doing such a disgusting thing. I have told people walking our streets before today that we don’t do THAT in UK!!!!

Is This How Europe Ends? – Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

Comment by tonytran2015: Geography does not change much the attitude and the culture of people. Their attitude and culture co-evolved with their characteristics over centuries.


Will these migrants and asylum seekers become good Europeans? Or will they
create in the great cities of Europe enclaves that replicate the conditions in the African and Middle East countries whence they came?

Leftist Protester Displays “Sweden Must Die” Sign At International Women’s Day March – NATION AND STATE

Comment by tonytran2015: This has revealed that Sweden has fallen into a trap set up by A. Merkel. Sweden should exit from EU and repatriate its asylum seekers with FAIR compensations. Sweden should admit its loss, cut it and get out of its bad deal.


The notion that “Sweden must die” presumably incorporates the demographic obliteration of its native population.

Ethnic Swedes will be a minority in their own country within 40 years, possibly sooner, with 10 per cent on newborn babies in Sweden currently having Islamic names.

A flawed argument in favor of population growth/ Justificación inadecuada en favor del crecimiento poblacional – Scribbles & Photos

Comment by tonytran2015: ().


Some economists and politicians have argued that population growth is a necessary evil to sustain social security plans and public pensions. The argument goes that an expanding number of younger employees is needed to pay for the social security checks of the retiring old workforce. And how can the number of young workers be increased? The answer is -so they claim- incentivizing the population growth.

If this is the model chosen by Government to finance social security programs, we should all raise a huge red flag, as this amounts to nothing but a Ponzi scheme of tremendous proportions, a fraud in the making. Yes, this is exactly the same model used by the notorious Bernie Madoff, the model that led to the financial debacle of hundreds of investors; the same twisted model that put this guy in jail for many years. Granted, there is not a single greedy mind behind social security programs and nobody is getting filthy rich because of those programs. It’s just simply bad policy: the basic mechanism is the same as a devilish Ponzi scheme because payments depend on the continuous expansion of a pool of contributors. Once this pool stops expanding or when it shrinks, the whole edifice crumbles.

Trump releases long-awaited Middle-East peace plan – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: An immoral international scam! No one will agree to giving up his ancestral land, culture, nation in return for a piece of paper with empty promise (Making a credible “Deal of the Century”. posted 2019/04/21).