British Airways Health “Experts” Confirm Pilot Deaths But Insist “No Link” to COVID Jab – WarOnPress
What started as an Internet rumor getting “fact checked” by the frauds that dominate Social Media platforms has since been verified true by British Airways officials...

The tide is turning against the woke-liberal Blob that misrules us | The Wentworth Report

Comment by tonytran2015: Should Facebook and Twitter be banned for creating misinformations?

The tide is turning against the woke-liberal Blob that misrules us. By Glenn Reynolds.

For the past year, liberals unleashed on the nation an avalanche of ideological nonsense, coupled with brutal pressure to conform. … Until now. Because the tide is turning. And sometimes the break from the party line comes from surprising places. Late-night comics are usually reliable parroters of the message of the day. So it says something that last week, Bill Maher launched an impassioned critique of “woke” culture, while this week, Jon Stewart went on Stephen Colbert’s show to say in no uncertain terms that it looks like the Wuhan coronavirus came from . . . the Wuhan lab. Stewart went further. To Colbert’s horror, he targeted the Wuhan virus’ likely origins in the Wuhan virology lab. Observed Stewart: “I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to science. Science has, in many ways, helped ease the suffering of this pandemic . . . which was more than likely caused by science.” He noted the coincidence: “‘Oh my God, there’s a novel respiratory coronavirus overtaking Wuhan, China! What do we do?’ ‘Oh, you know who we could ask? The Wuhan Novel Respiratory Coronavirus Lab.’” And he mocked the Chinese response: “And then they ask those scientists, ‘So wait a minute, you work at the Wuhan Respiratory Coronavirus Lab. How did this happen?’ And they’re like, ‘Hmmm, a pangolin kissed a turtle? . . . Maybe a bat flew into the cloaca of a turkey, and then it sneezed into my chili, and now we all have coronavirus!’”

In case you haven’t seen it:

All of this makes sense, and there have been people trying to point it out for more than a year. But until a few weeks ago, those people were mostly called kooks and silenced by Big Tech oligarchs. But now the truth is leaking out on Colbert’s show, one of the cathedrals of the woke.

Jon Stewart is one of the smarter and more honest lefties. And often genuinely funny. He is signalling to the US left that it is time to change direction on the origins of the Chinese flu. (Trump’s gone, so you can stop pretending.) Once it’s widely accepted that covid came from a lab leak, the next question is whether the leak was accidental or deliberate. So far two whistleblowers have independently said it was intentional.

What If The Mainstream Media Had Told The Truth? | ZeroHedge | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Authored by PF Whalen via,

What If the Media Had Told the Truth? Five MSM Lies for Which Trump Has Been Vindicated, and the Damage They Caused

1. The Russia Hoax
2. Hydroxychloroquine
Last year at this time it was verboten to even bring up the name of the drug and doing so was enough to get you booted off Twitter or Facebook.
3. St. John’s Church and Lafayette Square
4. Hunter Biden
5. Wuhan Lab was the origin of COVID
The media is now trying to act surprised and put forth the façade that their misreporting on COVID’s origins was just an honest mistake. It wasn’t.

Top Chinese official may have DEFECTED to US with info on Wuhan lab | The US Sun | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

… Former Chinese foreign ministry official Dr. Han Lianchao, who defected after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, claimed in a tweet on Wednesday, that Chinese senior diplomats pressed Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to return Dong.

Blinken reportedly refused.

Experts weighed in on the intrigue.

Biden Has Solo Press Conference, Calls on Reporters From a Pre-approved List, Still Manages to Blow Up at a CNN Reporter – Kingsjester’s Blog

The days of an objective national news media are long gone.

Today’s Main Stream Media are servants of the Democrat Elite…minions, if you will, like those in the “Despicable Me” movies…not too bright but slavishly devoted to their masters.

Just as the MSM viewed it as their jobs to make President Donald J. Trump’s time as POTUS a living Hell, so do they believe that they are Biden’s “Hospice Aides”, whose job is to make his days in office as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

How a Respected Pediatrician Lost His Medical License — Because He Supported Informed Consent | The Most Revolutionary Act

Comment by tonytran2015: Look at the comparison on the rates of autism.

On Dec. 3, 2020, the Oregon Medical Board issued an “emergency order” to suspend the license of Dr. Paul Thomas, a pediatrician, who along with science writer Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., co-authored “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan.”

Affectionately known by his patients and peers as “Dr. Paul,” Thomas was accused by the board of posing a threat to public health by pushing parents to accept his alternative vaccine schedule rather than the routine childhood vaccine schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The apparent impetus for the “emergency” meeting, however, was the publication just days prior of a study showing that compared with his vaccinated patients, those patients who received no vaccines have significantly lower incidence of diagnoses and office visits for a broad range of chronic health conditions — including asthma, allergies, eczema, dermatitis, hives, anemia, eye disorders, ear infections, respiratory infections, other infections, breathing issues, behavioral issues, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Thomas obtained institutional review board approval to use his de-identified patient data for research and publication of the study, which was co-authored by James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D.

The study population consisted of all patients born into his practice. Titled “Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination,” it was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on Nov. 22, 2020.

While the study does not demonstrate that vaccination was the cause of the higher incidence and severity of chronic illnesses among vaccinated children, the results do demonstrate to a reasonable degree of certainty that Thomas’ unvaccinated children are healthier and place less of a burden on the healthcare system.

Among patients born into his practice, the rate of autism was one-fifth that of the CDC’s estimated national prevalence of 1 in 54 children. For ADHD, there were zero cases among his unvaccinated patients compared with 5.3% of the variably vaccinated, which in turn compares with the U.S. national rate, according to the CDC, of 9.4%.

Looking at diagnoses for diseases CDC-recommended vaccines are intended to protect against, the study’s authors found a total of 41:29 for varicella (or chicken pox), 10 for pertussis (or whooping cough), and two for rotavirus. The numbers of diagnoses for the unvaccinated group were 23, nine and two, respectively.

These numbers indicated that 17.2 children born into his practice needed to be vaccinated in order for one child to receive the benefit of protection against a vaccine-targeted disease.

To put it another way, for every 17 children vaccinated, 16 received no benefit from having undergone a risk-carrying pharmaceutical intervention. There were zero deaths in Thomas’s practice from any disease for which the CDC recommends vaccination.



Lessons Learned Lessons Unheeded | Jim Campbell’s

Comment by Jim Campbell

June 14th, 2021

If you were educated in the West, your history lessons taught you that totalitarian regimes always end up ‘coming for your children’.

One need only to recall pictures of Adolf Hitler inspecting the child soldiers making a last stand for the Third Reich.

Or we can remember the famous story of Pavlik Morozov, one of many Stalinist-era teens who denounced his father and reported him to the NKVD for criticizing the regime.

The lesson that we were taught was that these totalitarians purposely weakened the bond between parents and child so as to neuter the family as a rival center of loyalty.

The state had to be the only organization that could command one’s devotion.

We scoffed at the notion that it could happen here.

But it is happening here.

One example is the overwhelming triumph of LGBTism, and now the fad of transgenderism is the triumph of the individual over the family, and the triumph of the state over it as well.

By the abuse of the education system turning children against their parents through approval of toxic ideologies, the state creates willing Janissaries, fanatical in their determination that its the family that is wrong.

Abigail Shirer has written an incredible piece on what happens when the state apparatus comes for your children in the name of transgenderism.

In some cases the ability of the state to wrestle away children as young as 13 from their families without the permission of the family is simply a 21st century version of the Devshirme (Blood-Tax), the Ottoman practice of kidnapping Christian boys, circumcising them, converting them to Islam, and training them to become Janissaries for the Sultan.

Critical Race Theory is now the new frontier of totalitarianism, lead by the same proponents of other toxic ideologies.

Only this time self hate and racial division are the platform the state attempts to steal the children.

Children you should be afraid of if they succeed.



YouTube censors Dr Noorchashm, a retired cardiac surgeon with a PhD in immunology, for “misinformation” – Nwo Report

The former Harvard teacher expressed dismay at the censorship.

Source: Christina Maas | Reclaim The Net

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed YouTube for removing his interview with a cardiology and immunology expert who said immunizing young people who have recovered from COVID is a mistake.

Dr. Hooman Noorchashm appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show where he said that vaccinating the youth was risky, calling it “a colossal error in public health judgment.” Dr. Noorchashm is a retired cardiac surgeon and Harvard Medical School professor, who also holds a PhD in immunology.

According to Noorchashm, young people should not be vaccinated, because of the fact that most of them have already been infected with the virus and recovered, meaning they already have antibodies. Additionally, young people are at a low risk of dying from the virus.

“If a person does not need or stand to benefit from a vaccine, or any medical treatment, they should not be given it because it only opens the door to harm,” he said.

“In addition, we’re doing something unprecedented during this pandemic, which is that we’re vaccinating people in the middle of an outbreak where a lot of people are either asymptomatically infected or have had recent infections.

“And that’s just a recipe for disaster as the data is bearing out.”

On Friday night’s show, Carlson explained that Noorchashm uploaded their exchange on YouTube, which was removed for violating the Google-owned platform’s policy on COVID-19 misinformation.

“Other parents have an absolute right to know these facts,” Carlson said. “But the tech monopolies would no longer allow that discussion.”

The video he uploaded on YouTube was taken down on Friday. YouTube sent him an email stating: “Our team has reviewed your content and unfortunately we think it violates our misinformation policy. We have removed the following content from YouTube.”

The doctor took to Twitter to announce the censorship, saying the video was removed because he was “contradicting expert consensus.” He then added that “in America one can no longer express a dissenting professional opinion or a personal experience.”

Carlson said: “For reasons that we can’t know for certain but are clearly sinister and certainly incompatible with the functioning democracy, Big Tech will no longer allow any questions about vaccines, even from Harvard trained immunologists, who are quoting government data.”

“They censor everything but happy talk and propaganda about vaccines, period,” he added before proceeding to give other cases of censorship of experts that have appeared on his show.

Twitter Censors Factual Information about Anti-White Critical Race Theory Posted by Conservative Activist Group – Nwo Report

Source: Nworeport

Twitter has censored factual information about anti-white critical race theory, which has enraged parents throughout the country for its marxist, anti-American dogma meant to fuel division and hate across America.

The Center for Renewing America (CRA) was censored after they posted a toolkit giving parents truthful and accurate information about critical race theory. Conservative Partnership Institute policy director Rachel Bovard noted this was done at the behest of the Soros-funded special interest group, Media Matters.

Bovard noted how Big Tech’s orwellian censorship tactics are a bigger threat to freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment than any government entity these days:

The CRA has many tools on their website to help activists oppose the teaching of critical race theory in their localities. It includes an essential reading list, a framework of jargon commonly used by this racist curriculum’s practitioners, a primer on the evil and laughably false 1619 Project, and some of the worst examples of the curriculum in action.

“The Center for Renewing America knows that in order to revitalize the American spirit and restore our great nation, this far-left ideology must be defeated. We are committed to that mission and stand ready with millions of citizens to stop this radical cultural revolution,” the group wrote on their website.

Big League Politics has reported on how many states are pushing back against critical race theory:

Columbia University professor John McWhorter is urging for parents to pull their kids out of a prominent prep school in Bergen County, NJ over critical race theory being taught at the school.

McWhorter praised teacher Dana Stangel-Plowe, who resigned from Dwight-Englewood school over her principled opposition to critical race theory. He is calling for parents to pull their kids out of the school until the administrators are held accountable and forced to ditch the curriculum.

“All hail Dana Stangel-Plowe, who has resigned from the Dwight-Englewood school, which teaches students ‘antiracism’ that sees life as nothing but abuse of power, and teaches that cringing, hostile group identity against oppression is the essence of a self,” said McWhorter, who also works as a writer for The Atlantic magazine, in a tweet.

“Truly antiracist parents, in the name of love of their kids, should pull them from the Dwight-Englewood school as of next fall,” McWhorter added. “Only this will arrest these misguided Elect parishioners from their quest to forge a new reality for us all.”

Stangel-Plowe blasted the racist curriculum when she publicly announced her resignation due to her opposition to critical race theory.

“[S]tudents arrive in my classroom accepting this theory as fact: People born with less melanin in their skin are oppressors, and people born with more melanin in their skin are oppressed,” Stangel-Plowe wrote. “Men are oppressors, women are oppressed, and so on. This is the dominant and divisive ideology that is guiding our adolescent students.”

She explained that indoctrinated students now “recoil from a poem because it was written by a man” and “approach texts in search of the oppressor” because this poison has been drilled into their brains by abusive teachers.”

It is clear that Big Tech is fully behind this agenda to push anti-white racism. This is quickly reaching proto-genocide levels, and the West will not survive unless the human vermin pushing these low IQ ideologies out of jealousy and entitlement are firmly rebuked.

Trans propaganda has no place in our schools, fortunately parents and the government in the UK are waking up to this brainwashing — RT Op-ed

Top UK girls schools have been having guest speakers singing the praises of transgenderism and breast-binding without parents’ knowledge. Now groups like Stonewall and Mermaids are falling from grace, we must put a stop to this.

Stonewall, the LGBTQ equality charity, is haemorrhaging support. A number of high profile institutions, including the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Channel 4 television, Ofsted and the DVLA, have withdrawn from its diversity champions programme. The government’s Equalities Minister Liz Truss has urged Whitehall departments to cut ties with Stonewall and stop paying the lobby group money each year. Some of Stonewall’s founders, including Matthew Parris, have publicly criticised the organisation they helped establish. Parris argued that Stonewall should stick to LGB rights and steer clear of the transgender debate.

Good. Stonewall’s deliberate over-interpretation of equality laws has had a hugely detrimental impact on the workings of government departments, the Crown Prosecution Service, local councils, police forces and NHS trusts. Talks by feminist professors scheduled to take place at the University of Essex were cancelled following erroneous guidance from Stonewall, a recent investigation concluded. Stonewall’s insistence upon bizarre gender neutral language, such as replacing the word ‘mother’ with ‘parent who has given birth’, as well as edicts against single-sex spaces, are an undemocratic and elitist attempt to impose social change from on high.

ALSO ON RT.COMStonewall’s reign as the gender gestapo is coming to an end as it feels the heat for its ‘trans-women are women’ stance

Mermaids, a charity designed to support transgender children, fell from grace some time ago. It was dropped by the BBC’s Advice Line service last year. When High Court judges ruled that children under 16 were not able to give informed consent to treatment with puberty-blocking drugs, Mermaids faced scrutiny and criticism.

Anyone who believes in women’s rights, free speech, safeguarding and protecting children from unnecessary medical interventions, should welcome this growing awareness of the damage wrought by Stonewall and Mermaids.

But we still have a problem. Transgenderism is still very much with us. Institutions may be withdrawing from Stonewall but the woke view that gender identity is in our brains not our genitals and that sex is not something we are born with but must discover, now runs far deeper than Stonewall, Mermaids and all the other LGBTQ campaigning organisations with their rainbow flags and diversity champion schemes.

St Paul’s Girls’ School in London recently invited researchers from Princeton University’s human diversity lab to talk to pupils about changing sex. The speakers at the elite private school presented research suggesting there are positive outcomes for young girls who choose to live as boys. They talked to pupils about the ‘trans youth project’, a study of 300 boys and girls aged 3 to 12-years-old who ‘socially transitioned’, that is, they changed their names, pronouns, dress and hairstyles in order to live as the opposite sex. It has been reported that several pupils at St Paul’s wear boys’ clothes and have asked teachers to call them boys’ names.

According to the Sunday Times, the school sent a newsletter to parents proudly highlighting the talk which had been organised by senior pupils in the school’s Science Society and Spectrum, the LGBTQ+ Society. It said that Princeton’s research showing positive mental health outcomes for children who transition was particularly important in light of the recent bans on hormone therapy for under-18s.

ALSO ON RT.COMA new book, ‘Cynical Theories’, finally takes woke warriors to task over crazy ideas such as ‘being fat is the same as being gay’

This is not research but propaganda. It is a one-sided and dangerous narrative that runs counter to other studies that have highlighted mental health difficulties experienced by children seeking to change sex. One study conducted at the NHS’s Tavistock clinic found an increase in suicidal tendencies among under-16s receiving puberty-blocking treatment. And a former practitioner at Tavistock has gone on the record to argue that ‘trans-identified children’ need therapy, not just affirmation and drugs.

The event at St Paul’s comes off the back of another leading girls’ school having circulated a newsletter promoting breast binding and offering guidance on how best to engage in the practice. The LGBT society at Nonsuch High School for Girls in Surrey produced the newsletter which was distributed to pupils as young as 11.

Breast-binding can cause long term damage to young women. The NHS warns that breast-binding should only be a temporary measure because, “binders may strain the back and distort breast tissue, making surgical reconstruction less successful.” In a recent survey of transgender adults, over 97% of respondents claimed they had experienced negative effects from breast-binding. Almost three-quarters said the practice caused them pain, with some reporting rib fractures and shortness of breath.

But the Nonsuch High School newsletter ignored all of this and instead offered young girls advice on how to bind their breasts ‘safely’. This included links to websites explaining that if binding proved painful, surgical procedures that remove breast tissue could be an option to create a “more masculine” appearance.

At both St Paul’s and Nonsuch High School, it is pupils who are members of their school’s LGBTQ+ societies who have taken the initiative to invite speakers or compile newsletters raising awareness about gender-transitioning. This begs the question: where are the adults?

ALSO ON RT.COMIf Forstater, sacked over transgender comments, loses tribunal appeal, no one with a job can claim to have free speech

Why, in neither school, did a teacher not have the confidence to say this material is simply not appropriate for young girls who may be impressionable and confused about their identity. It seems that a fear of being accused of transphobia still stands in the way of child protection.

It is great that Stonewall and Mermaids are, at long last, getting their comeuppance. But sadly we still have a long way to go before transgenderism is kicked out of public life altogether.

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