Sinophobia: How a virus reveals the many ways China is feared – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Asian people don’t embrace the concept of Political Correctness.

… the anti-Chinese rhetoric here has also taken on a deeper and possibly more xenophobic tone. One common theme has been a suspicion of mainland Chinese overrunning and infecting local populations.

In Singapore and Malaysia, hundreds of thousands have signed online petitions calling for a total ban on Chinese nationals from entering their countries – and both countries’ governments have put in place some
form of entry ban. In Japan, some have labelled the Chinese as “bioterrorists”, while conspiracy theories about the Chinese infecting locals, particularly Muslims, have proliferated in Indonesia and elsewhere.


Comment by tonytran2015: This is just a taste of regulations/laws against speculations, politically incorrect informations and “alternative news”.

Why is the mainstream media so scared of asking difficult questions about this coronavirus outbreak?

… In particular, the coverage of this coronavirus outbreak has been absolutely abysmal.

Other than dutifully repeating the basic information being fed to them by the CDC and the Chinese government, mainstream media coverage of this crisis has amounted to little more than assuring everyone that everything is going to be just fine.

CORONAVIRUS EXECUTION?: North Korea reportedly shoots official dead after he breaks quarantine | Canoe

Comment by tonytran2015: Is it true? If is is untrue then it is obviously right wing propaganda. If it is true then this is the future of Virginia after voting for lefties.

THE MEDIA MONOPOLY: ‘Body Count’, An Abstraction of an Abstraction – By Ben Hunt | RIELPOLITIK

Comment by tonytran2015: The comments on the figures for 2019-nCoV pandemic are frighteningly true. It is obvious that some authority is manipulating the figures.

All epidemics – before they are brought under control – take the form of a green line, an exponential function of some sort. It is impossible for them to take the form of a blue line, a quadratic formula of some
sort. This is what the R-0 metric of basic reproduction rate means, and if – as the WHO has been telling us from the outset – the nCov2019 R-0 is >2, then the propagation rate must be described by a pretty steep
exponential curve. As the kids would say, it’s just math.