Danish Newspaper Apologizes For “Hypnotically” Following Government Narrative on COVID – Nwo Report


“We failed.”

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

A top Danish newspaper has apologized for “hypnotically” following government narratives on the COVID-19 pandemic, admitting “we failed.”

In fact, “we failed” is the very headline used by tabloid outlet Ekstra Bladet, which goes on to admit, “For ALMOST two years, we – the press and the population – have been almost hypnotically preoccupied with the authorities’ daily coronavirus figures.”

The newspaper also acknowledged that it had been found wanting on the important issue of parsing numbers of people who died with COVID, not from COVID.

“WE HAVE NOT been vigilant enough at the garden gate when the authorities were required to answer what it actually meant that people are hospitalized with corona and not because of the corona. Because it makes a difference. A big difference,” states the piece…

American Pravda – Giants Silenced by Pygmies – The Media Suppression of Our Leading Journalists and Scholars – by Ron Unz – 22 Nov 2021 – muunyayo



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Glenn Greenwald andThe Intercept

During the height of the NSA disclosures a few years ago, Glenn Greenwald probably ranked as the world’s most famous journalist, and his entire career had seemed something out of a left-liberal storybook.

Becoming disenchanted with his corporate law career at a top firm, he co-founded a small practice specializing in First Amendment issues, then started a personal blog denouncing the civil liberties violations of the Bush Administration. He gained such recognition for his insightful commentary that he was hired bySalon, the premier leftist webzine, and a couple of years later was recruited by the liberalGuardian, then at the height of its international reputation. His high-profile writings on governmental abuses drew the attention of Edward Snowden, the young NSA whistleblower, who offered him the story of a lifetime, complete with its James Bond flourishes in Hong Kong, and worldwide…

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Please Stop Trusting Anything The Mainstream Media ‘Report’, by the I & I Editorial Board | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC


It’s been slow in coming, but millions of Americans now realize that the mainstream media is full of shit. From the Issues and Insights editorial board at issuesinsights.com:


America’s mainstream, or legacy, media have an agenda. It’s not to subjectively report the truth but to further leftist ideas and policies, all of which are toxic. The press’ disinformation campaign to prop up critical race theory is yet another example of its effort to deceive, manipulate, and divide on behalf of the party it is constantly shilling for.

A new study from the American Enterprise Institute found the media focus on schools teaching the history of slavery and racism, and largely ignore the “bedrock assumptions of CRT, including its explicit rejection of rationality and objectivity.”

AEI’s Frederick M. Hess “examined all news accounts addressing CRT published over a one-year period by four major newspapers (the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today),” and several “influential education press outlets.” All are news accounts. None are opinion pieces.

“Given that this admittedly revolutionary worldview is what motivates many objections to CRT-influenced pedagogy, one would expect news accounts to routinely address it,” Hess writes in “Media’s Misleading Portrayal of the Fight over Critical Race Theory.”

“Remarkably, however, CRT’s guiding assumptions were rarely mentioned in mainstream media or education press news accounts.”

Continues Hess:

Only a tiny sliver of news accounts even mentioned the substantive concerns about CRT or sought to explore the actual tensions. This is a grave disservice to parents, communities, and educators interested in finding productive ways to debate these heated issues.

Media bias has also infected coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, which is now in the jury deliberation stage. The bias has been so severe that several on the left are “now willing to admit they were duped” by the press’ Rittenhouse reporting, says Legal Insurrection.

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Ex-BBC journalist tells RT who dominates world news — RT UK News


Robin Aitken says there is an “acceptable and polite” view of world events which is dominated by media liberals. The former BBC employee warns that we must all be wary of the “hidden persuaders” that operate in all forms of news.
Speaking to RT, former BBC
journalist Robin Aitken said that media consumers in the West don’t
always get a fair picture of what is happening around the world due to
the presence of the liberal agenda behind much Western reporting.

got a media culture in Britain, but this extends into other Western
countries as well, where there is an acceptable and polite view of world
events which is dominated by media liberals,” Aikten stated.

journalist-turned-author contended that this was very clear when it
came to former US President Donald Trump, noting that there was “unanimity” in Britain’s mainstream media that Trump was a “bad thing and a bad man.”

a similar vein, Aikten suggested that there is a general anti-Russian
atmosphere in the British media. As a result, he argued, people in the
UK are exposed to a very one-sided view of events in and about Russia.

Aikten, who left the British public broadcaster in 2007, warned that we should all be “sceptical of the hidden persuaders”
that operate in the media. He noted that the uninitiated, or those
unfamiliar with the way media works, should be aware that news bias is
about the “selection of stories which you carry” rather than their content specifically.

his point, he said that there are thousands of newsworthy events
happening around the world every day and urged people to question why
some stories are reported, and why others are not. “It’s because journalists have made a selection of stories for presentation to their audience,” he contended.

more specifically about the BBC, Aikten contended that it was probably
difficult to speak out on some issues due to a cohesive and occasionally
coercive internal culture, particularly on issues relating to LGBTQ
policy. He noted that a member of staff would be well advised to keep
their issues to themselves on the matter.

He said it was
particularly concerning that an organization such as the Stonewall lobby
group, which he argued takes a very different view on transgender
rights to the rest of the population, should not be embedded within the
public broadcaster. Aikten suggested it was even “dangerous”
for internal staff organisations or mechanisms, such as those brought in
by Stonewall, to be used to impact the BBC’s output, adding that such a
situation jeopardizes its credo of impartiality.

Also on rt.com
Angry Brits scold BBC for attacking presenter who was against removal of portrait

The Stonewall group plays an important role in the corporate
culture of the BBC as well as other public and state institutions
through its diversity schemes, which other organisations adopt.

recent investigation highlighting the extent of Stonewall’s influence
on the broadcaster prompted employees within the organisation to speak
out and express their concerns.

Maté: Russiagate Has No Rock-Bottom

Maté: Russiagate Has No Rock-Bottom Authored by Aaron Maté via Substack, The indictment of the Steele dossier’s key source newly humiliates the Clinton campaign, FBI, and US media… It did not seem possible for the Steele dossier – the collection of Trump-Russia conspiracy theories funded by the Clinton campaign; hyped by the US media establishment; […]

The Democrats Lose, Claim They Have No Media Support! | PA Pundits – International


By Tim Graham ~

The terrible election results for Democrats are going to lead to some terrible conclusions. One might be the assumption that these bad results reflect a media that’s too hostile to the Democrats.

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post tweeted this lame summary from former Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer: “Republicans have a massive communications advantage…[Glenn] Youngkin used the right-wing media to communicate his MAGA credentials to the base without offending Independents and Trump-skeptical Republicans.”

When Democrats lose, they say crazy things. Pfeiffer is saying with a straight face that Republicans have “created a powerful, self-serving media infrastructure,” and apparently the Democrats have nothing resembling a Democrat media…

Oh, the Hypocrisy!: Dem Elite and MSM Freak Out Over “Let’s Go Brandon” While Ignoring How They Treated Trump – Kingsjester’s Blog


FoxNews.com reports that

Corporate media and liberal reporters have come together, united in a common cause as everyone from allegedly neutral reporters to far-left pundits have gone nuclear in an attempt to shut down three words: Let’s Go Brandon.

The phrase became an internet sensation last month after an NBC reporter at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race incorrectly reported that fans in the stands were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” following a victory by driver Brandon Brown, when they were really shouting, “F–k Joe Biden!”

Memes, jokes, and comments immediately began to spread across the internet posted by users mocking NBC’s coverage during the interview. The “F–k Joe Biden!” chants, which began at some large sporting events across the country as the president’s poll numbers sagged, have now been replaced in some venues with “Let’s Go Brandon” chants.

“This is, I think, a witty and funny viral take on the media’s dishonesty that they tell us something that is clearly not true that we can see with our own eyes, and that is why I think it’s so popular with so many people,” Outkick founder Clay Travis said on Monday during “America’s Newsroom.”

But the chant’s popularity has infuriated the left, resulting in an onslaught of angry tweets, columns and hot takes from liberal pundits. NPR labeled the term “vulgar” and CNN’s Edward-Issac Dovere was so offended by the phrase that he called it “an inside joke telling the president of the United States to perform a sexual act on himself.”

Washington Post reporters Ashley Parker and Carissa Wolf wrote on what they considered “vitriol” from Biden critics in a piece titled “Biden’s critics hurl increasingly vulgar taunts.”

The article claimed, “The current eruption of anti-Biden signs and chants, however, is on another level, far more vulgar and widespread” than anything seen in previous administrations.

CNN has also complained about the chant on air when political analyst Maggie Haberman, who is also a New York Times reporter, spoke somberly about South Carolina Republican Congressman Jeff Duncan wearing a mask with the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase on it.

“There’s nothing serious about this. This is literally done so that he will get attention. And it’s working. It’s just that it involves being on the House floor, which once upon a time was supposed to be something more of a respected space, and a space that was treated differently,” Haberman said on “New Day.”

Also on “New Day,” CNN’s John Avalon called the chant “trollish” and “not patriotic.”

An Associated Press reporter even admitted to nearly getting kicked off a plane when a pilot on a Southwest flight from Houston to Albuquerque allegedly signed off his announcement for passengers by saying, “Let’s go Brandon.”

The possibility of a pilot using the term caused reporters to hyperventilate.

“Vulgarity stand-in from @SouthwestAir cockpit,” Washington Post editor Cathleen Decker wrote while AP’s Colleen Long nearly got kicked off the flight.

“TFW you’re trying to go on vacation and then the pilot says the very thing you’re working on over the loud speaker and you have to try to get him comment but then almost get removed from plane,” Long wrote Saturday.

Will Bunch, an opinion columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, declared he would never fly Southwest again and CNN analyst Asha Rangappa compared the pilot to an ISIS sympathizer.

“As an experiment, I’d love for an @SouthwestAir pilot to say ‘Long live ISIS’ before taking off. My guess is that 1) the plane would be immediately grounded; 2) the pilot fired; and 3) a statement issued by the airline within a matter of hours,” she tweeted.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, responded to her post by saying, “CNN is deranged.”

“And no, as a factual matter, supporting genocidal religious zealots is not the same as disagreeing with the current President,” Cruz posted.

Liberals spent years applauding and celebrating vulgar rhetoric aimed at former President Donald Trump. Robert de Niro once received a standing ovation from the glamorous Hollywood crowd attending the Tony Awards by simply uttering, “f—k Trump.”

Critics of Trump also threatened to blow up the White House, posed with a mock severed head of the former president, and celebrated his fictional assassination in an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.”

I was going to ask how the Democrat Elite and their minions, the Main Stream Media, could be blind to their own hypocrisy.

And then, I remembered that the Democrats’ over-exaggerated sense of self-importance rivals that of the Biblical Pharisees’.

Democrats truly believe that average Americans, the same people they insult and look down their noses at on a daily basis, believe the same way that they do and hold the same immoral and unethical beliefs that they practice on a daily basis.

That misguided notion, along with their never-ending quest for absolute political power, which they believe will come with introducing Marxism as America’s system of government, justifies in their minds their own righteousness in calling Donald J. Trump everything but a Child of God and being upset when the Worst President in the History of America is rebelled against by “Deplorables” (i.e., average Americans).

The Democrats’ arrogance lead them to believe that they would actually get by with putting a senile old man who poops his pants in the most powerful office in the Free World.

They also erroneously believed that average Americans would just sit there and take it when the Greatest Country of the Face of the Earth was turned into a bigger version of Venezuela.

Man, were they wrong!

I, for one, find their whining about the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant not only very funny…but very encouraging, as well.

Americans have had enough.

Newton’s Law states that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

The reaction to the Democrats attempting trashing of America is just beginning.


Until He Comes,


‘Information terrorism’ is being conducted in Australia, according to new book that targets powerful Israeli lobby — RT Op-ed


‘Information terrorism’ is being conducted in Australia, according to new book that targets powerful Israeli lobby

Chris Sweeney
Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written for newspapers such
as The Times, Daily Express, The Sun and the Daily Record, along with
several international-selling magazines. Follow him on Twitter @Writes_Sweeney
‘Information terrorism’ is being conducted in Australia, according to new book that targets powerful Israeli lobby

We all like to think that reporting is free from political
pressure. However, a new book claims that Australia’s media landscape
has been infiltrated by ‘the pro-Israel lobby’ and it may have infected
their whole system.

Australia is not where you would expect an information battle to be waged between Israel and Palestine. But a new book by one of Australia’s leading journalists, John Lyons, titled ‘Dateline Jerusalem: Journalism’s Toughest Assignment’, alleges that a veritable content massacre has occurred.

“The Israel lobby in Australia is the most powerful lobby in the world in terms of the impact it has within its own country,” are the words of a senior officer in the Israeli army, recounted in John Lyons’ book.

award-winning author has spent the last 40 years working in Australia’s
media for several of its biggest newspapers, including a spell as a
Middle East correspondent.

The shock of the revelations is how blatant they are; this is no subtle campaign to stifle pro-Palestinian coverage.

young journalist tells of a sub editor shouting at her in the newsroom
for using the P-word. He bellowed, as cited in the book: “Palestine does not exist. You have to remove it from the article. What kind of journalist are you, using the word Palestine?”

Sydney Morning Herald even opened an investigation in 2019 into their
crossword as on a particular day it contained the clue: “The Holy Land”.
The answer was Palestine. The newspaper’s editor then issued an apology, for the answer not being Israel.

The same publication also refused to print the final column
by their Jerusalem based correspondent, Ed O’Loughlin, as he concluded a
five-year posting in May 2008. At the time, that journalist commented: “There
has been an intensive lobbying effort to skew the Herald and The Age to
a pro Israeli position and I’ve had nothing but support until now.
That’s why I am surprised they pulled my final piece.”

Also on rt.com
How on earth did Britain allow the gender gestapo at Stonewall to set the agenda on trans issues?

In his book Lyons also writes
of a reporter, Hamish McDonald, who was handed a warning before
agreeing to join The Saturday Paper, part of mogul Morry Schwartz’s
stable. McDonald was set to become the world editor and was allegedly
told, “There’s one touchy subject – Morry is very sensitive about
stories about Israel. He would not like to see Israel under attack.”

tales recounted Israeli diplomats and community leaders all applying
pressure to dictate the tone Australians are fed via their media.

most prominent group is the Melbourne based Australia/Israel &
Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC), which one person in the book even
describes as “issuing fatwas” against opponents.

In response to the allegation, AIJAC released on Monday a backlash against Dateline Jerusalem and set the tone immediately by referring to the short book, as a ‘booklet’. They describe it as “a polemic rooted in a conspiracy theory” and go on to say there is no mention that “Israel made three credible offers of statehood to the Palestinians that were rejected – in 2000, 2001 and 2008”.

Another part of AIJAC’s takedown of the book is, “In
fact, there is no reference to any Palestinian terrorism anywhere in
the booklet” apart from a small mention of an article in an Adelaide
newspaper, along with its confirmation that it has never promoted the
“expansion of Israeli settlements”.

The AIJAC seems to be
trying to throw mud at the book and hope some of it sticks. They nitpick
over small editorial details and trash the ‘booklet’, and wade into
political arguments, not media ones.

The problem is the number of
journalists and editors quoted in the book, who supply concrete examples
of where they were either steered to present the pro-Israeli view or
ended up being forced out of the industry for not doing so.

default position that groups like the AIJAC use as collateral is they
are defending themselves against anti-Semitism, but that relates to an
inaccurate and conceited equivalency of Judaism and Zionism. One is a
religion, the other is a political ideology.

Also on rt.com
‘This is totalitarianism’: Doctor ejected from his US hospital for not being jabbed vows to keep fighting for medical freedom

While Australia appears to be the most blatant location for this
takeover of public messaging, it’s also happening in the UK. Over 500
scholars have signed a petition
addressed to the University of Glasgow after it labelled a
peer-reviewed article in its postgraduate magazine as “hate speech”.

The university’s politics department has also reportedly demanded the
right to vet a talk on Israeli/Palestinian politics after a Danish
professor was booked to deliver a presentation, before extra conditions
were placed on him following pressure from the Jewish student body.

out either side of the debate is unacceptable, but judging by the
mounting evidence and accounts, there is only ever a pro Israeli agenda
being applied. As in their battle for statehood, the Palestinians are
far less powerful and influential in media warfare.

The scenario
continually seems to be of the Israeli lobby complaining they are being
unfairly represented, which is very possibly true on some occasions,
but it seems a tall order to believe it’s always the case. There never
seems to be a Palestinian lobby being exposed.

Lyon’s book revelation that Australia is in the eye of the storm is pretty worrying.To
most observers, the land down under didn’t have much of a part to play,
so their media may have been viewed as balanced or benign. Now it seems
the exact opposite is true.

Another damning fact is all the
people speaking in the book are attacking the media, an industry they
are part of, so it’s even more credible as it’s not a self-preservation

Being spoon-fed manipulated messaging is something we all
need to guard against. The biggest lesson is, if the Israeli lobby can
assume stealth control of the agenda out of the way in Australia, where
else have they done the same?