George W. Bush and Barack Obama planning to hold conferences on ‘disinformation’ – Nwo Report

Comment by tonytran2015: So who is the liar on the business of Hunter Biden’s laptop? Can any liar be in charge of keep the truth safe?

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It’s ridiculous how the word “disinformation” has become common. For a while there, we had a Disinformation Governance Board chaired by the Mary Poppins of disinformation, Nina Jankowicz, who was such an expert that she called the Hunter Biden laptop story “a fairy tale about a laptop repair shop.” More than 50 former senior intelligence officials — including James Clapper, Leon Panetta, and John Brennan — signed a letter saying the laptop story popping up right before the election had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Former U.S. Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama are headlining back-to-back democracy conferences next week, highlighting rising threats from authoritarianism and disinformation — and how to combat them globally and at home.

They follow a Nov. 14 meeting set for President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping — and what former President Trump is hyping as a “very big announcement” on Nov. 15, which may address his 2024 plans. Make no mistake these people are horrified of President Trump. Why? If he gets back into the White House they know they are done and may go to JAIL!

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : ‘How Do People Know the Truth?’: Biden Unleashes Tirade Over Musk Restoring Free Speech Protections on Twitter | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

President Biden has previously accused social media companies of “killing people” by refusing to impose robust censorship over a wide range of subjects. Many of those banned or censored were doctors with opposing views on the data and the science related to the pandemic.

Some of those doctors were the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, which advocated for a more focused Covid response that targeted the most vulnerable population rather than widespread lockdowns and mandates. Many are now questioning the efficacy and cost of the massive lockdown as well as the real value of masks or the rejection of natural immunities as an alternative to vaccination. Yet, these experts and others were attacked for such views just a year ago. Some found themselves censored on social media for challenging claims of Dr. Fauci and others.

The Great Barrington Declaration was not the only viewpoint deemed dangerous. Those who alleged that the virus may have begun in a lab in China were widely denounced and the views barred from being uttered on social media platforms. It was later learned that a number of leading experts raised this theory with Fauci and others early in the pandemic…

Kathy Griffin Finally Banned on Twitter After Impersonating Elon Musk – Nwo Report

Posted BY: J.D. Rucker

Failed Hollywood wokester Kathy Griffin has pushed the limits on Twitter for years. Her antics are so tasteless, I won’t even post them. But she has survived because she’s woke and Twitter never crossed the woke. Now that there’s a new sheriff in town, she stepped across the line and found out what happens.

BREAKING: @KathyGriffin has been permanently suspended from Twitter for impersonating @ElonMusk— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) November 6, 2022

She changed her Twitter name to Elon Musk and encouraged people to vote for Democrats on Tuesday. This seems to have prompted Musk to enact a policy about impersonating others and Griffin is an example.

The Two Very Different Narratives Being Pushed About Paul Pelosi’s Attacker David DePape – The Listerzine

We seem to live in a world where when something big happens there is always two contradicting narratives coming out about it and that is certainly the case in the Paul Pelosi attack and his attacker’s beliefs and motivations…I’m not writing this to say who is right as I believe details about all of this are still emerging but I found it interesting how so many people on both sides can be so sure they know without a doubt what really happened…even though none of us have many details at all about it…so I thought it would be interesting to share some Tweets from both sides in the same place and show the stark differences in what people believe in this country these days…

Martha’s Vineyard, While Touting ‘Humanitarian’ Response, Quickly Decided To Ship Illegal Aliens To Mainland | PA Pundits – International

By Fred Lucas ~

Immediately after the arrival of about 50 illegal immigrants from Venezuela, Martha’s Vineyard officials pushed a public image of a humanitarian response from the affluent island resort off the coast of Massachusetts.

However, internal emails reveal officials’ intent to ship the migrants off the island to a military base on the mainland shortly as soon as possible.

Two days after about 50 illegal aliens from Venezuela arrived on Martha’s Vineyard, a government release said Massachusetts state authorities would transport the migrants off the island to a shelter at Joint Base Cape Cod. Pictured: Rafael Eduardo, center, and dozens of other illegal immigrants are transported by boat Sept. 16 off Martha’s Vineyard. (Photo: Dominic Chavez/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Many press releases touted local leaders as providing humanitarian assistance to the migrants, who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard Sept. 14 at the behest of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Writers, Publishers and Editors Call for Termination of Barrett Book Deal in Latest Censorship Campaign – JONATHAN TURLEY

We have been discussing the rising support for censorship on the left in the last few years. Silencing opposing views has become an article of faith for many on the left, including leading Democratic leaders from President Joe Biden to former President Barack Obama. What is most distressing is how many journalists and writers have joined the call for censorship. However, even with this growing movement, the letter of hundreds of “literary figures” this week to Penguin Random House is chilling. The editors and writers call on the company to rescind a book deal with Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett because they disagree with her judicial philosophy. After all, why burn books when you can simply ban them?

The public letter entitled “We Dissent” makes the usual absurd protestation that, just because we are seeking to ban books of those with opposing views, we still “care deeply about freedom of speech.” They simply justify their anti-free speech position by insisting that any harm “in the form of censorship” is less than “the form of assault on inalienable human rights” in opposing abortion or other constitutional rights.

Yet, the letter is not simply dangerous. It is perfectly delusional. While calling for the book to be blocked, the writers bizarrely insist “we are not calling for censorship.”

While the letter has been described as signed by “literary figures,” it actually contains many who are loosely connected to the “broader literary community” like “Philip Tuley, Imam” and “Barbara Hirsch, Avid reader.” It also includes many who are simply identified by initials or first names like “Leslie” without any stated connection.

Nevertheless, there are many editors and publishing figures who list their companies (including HarperCollins, Random House and other companies) and university presses (including Cambridge, Harvard, Michigan Northwestern, Oxford) with their titles in calling for censorship. The list speaks loudly to why dissenting or conservative authors find it more difficult to publish today. These are editors who are publicly calling for banning the publication of those who hold opposing views from their own.

It also includes academics like Ignacio Leopoldo Götz Römer, Stessin Distinguished Professor Emeritus, New College of Hofstra University and Carole DeSanti, Elizabeth Drew Professor of English Language and Literature, Smith College (and former VP and Exec Ed, PenguinRandomHouse).

Small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans | The Wentworth Report

Americans tend to vastly overestimate the size of minority groups. This holds for sexual minorities, including the proportion of gays and lesbians (estimate: 30%, true: 3%), bisexuals (estimate: 29%, true: 4%), and people who are transgender (estimate: 21%, true: 0.6%).

It also applies to religious minorities, such as Muslim Americans (estimate: 27%, true: 1%) and Jewish Americans (estimate: 30%, true: 2%). And we find the same sorts of overestimates for racial and ethnic minorities, such as Native Americans (estimate: 27%, true: 1%), Asian Americans (estimate: 29%, true: 6%), and Black Americans (estimate: 41%, true: 12%).

Propaganda Can Change The Direction Of A Nation | Harbingers Daily | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Propaganda can change the direction of a nation. In Oceania – George Orwell’s chilling totalitarian state in his sinister novel 1984 – we have a compelling description of how the Ministry of Truth used its subtle language Newspeak to brainwash the people. The slogan of Oceania is “War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength.” The Thought Police were able to control the ideas that determined the political and moral views of the culture.

The withdrawal of individual freedoms was sold to the population as a plus. Slavery to the State was presented as the gateway to freedom and prosperity. Conquest was sold as liberation. Everything done was always for ‘the good of the people’. The entry gates of Adolph Hitler’s concentration camps bore the slogan Arbeit macht frei – “Work sets you free.” Newspeak; Doublethink; Thought Police; Big Brother – all of those words and phrases have entered our vocabulary thanks to George Orwell.His writings, perhaps like no other, exposed how propaganda is used to control a totalitarian state, offering insights that all of us should read. Its purpose is to change people’s perception of reality so that despite compelling counter-evidence, people will not change their minds. The goal is to make people impervious to facts, scientific proof and common sense…