Murdoch Accuses Facebook, Google Of Censoring Conservative Voices
Murdoch Accuses Facebook, Google Of Censoring Conservative Voices Authored by Daniel Teng via The Epoch Times, Rupert Murdoch has accused tech giants Google and Facebook of silencing conservative voices on their platforms and has called for “significant reform” and transparency around digital advertising supply chains. “What we have seen in the past few weeks about the practices at…

Please Stop Trusting Anything The Mainstream Media ‘Report’, by the I & I Editorial Board | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

It’s been slow in coming, but millions of Americans now realize that the mainstream media is full of shit. From the Issues and Insights editorial board at

America’s mainstream, or legacy, media have an agenda. It’s not to subjectively report the truth but to further leftist ideas and policies, all of which are toxic. The press’ disinformation campaign to prop up critical race theory is yet another example of its effort to deceive, manipulate, and divide on behalf of the party it is constantly shilling for.

A new study from the American Enterprise Institute found the media focus on schools teaching the history of slavery and racism, and largely ignore the “bedrock assumptions of CRT, including its explicit rejection of rationality and objectivity.”

AEI’s Frederick M. Hess “examined all news accounts addressing CRT published over a one-year period by four major newspapers (the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today),” and several “influential education press outlets.” All are news accounts. None are opinion pieces.

“Given that this admittedly revolutionary worldview is what motivates many objections to CRT-influenced pedagogy, one would expect news accounts to routinely address it,” Hess writes in “Media’s Misleading Portrayal of the Fight over Critical Race Theory.”

“Remarkably, however, CRT’s guiding assumptions were rarely mentioned in mainstream media or education press news accounts.”

Continues Hess:

Only a tiny sliver of news accounts even mentioned the substantive concerns about CRT or sought to explore the actual tensions. This is a grave disservice to parents, communities, and educators interested in finding productive ways to debate these heated issues.

Media bias has also infected coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, which is now in the jury deliberation stage. The bias has been so severe that several on the left are “now willing to admit they were duped” by the press’ Rittenhouse reporting, says Legal Insurrection.

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NHS accused of ‘lying’ about Covid stats to promote vaccination — RT UK News

NHS chief Amanda Pritchard claimed that 14 times as many Covid-19 patients are in Britain’s hospitals as this time last year. However, even the NHS itself has admitted that Pritchard’s claim uses misleading figures.
Multiple news reports on Monday told the same story: Britain’s hospitals are seeing “14 times more coronavirus patients than this time last year,” and the country faces a “difficult winter,” as people gather indoors, where the virus is more likely to spread.

The source of the “14 times”
figure is Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive of NHS England. Pritchard
used the apparently alarming surge in hospitalisations to encourage the 4.5 million Britons who still haven’t gotten vaccinated to roll up their
sleeves, and those eligible to take their third shot of the vaccine.

However, NHS data
shows that Pritchard’s figures are false. According to the health service, a 7-day average of 9,331 Covid-19 patients were in hospital at
the beginning of November, compared to 12,654 a year earlier. Just over 1,000 people per day were being admitted to hospital at the end of October, compared to 1,500 last year.

Pritchard was swiftly accused of peddling fake news, with commentators warning that such misleading figures were straying into “resignation territory.”

Amid a growing clamour online, NHS officials told reporters shortly afterwards that Pritchard was citing figures from August 2021
compared to August 2020. Hospital admissions were indeed 14 times higher
this August than in 2020, but only for several days toward the end of the month. Since then, they have trended downwards and are now comparable to last year’s rate.

However, hospitalisations persist despite the fact that nine out of 10 people
over the age of 12 in the UK have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, according to NHS statistics. Rising cases too have called into question the long-term efficacy of the jabs, but government officials still insist on vaccination as key to defeating the virus –
and studies suggest those vaccinated patients still fare better if they catch the virus.

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Drastic drop in Covid vaccine effectiveness – study

As Pritchard called on the population to get vaccinated or go in for booster jabs, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock called on Monday
for the government to mandate vaccines for healthcare workers. “There is no respectable argument left not to force health and social care workers to get jabbed,” he wrote in The Telegraph, calling the vaccine “the only reason for the safe return of our liberty.”

Ex-BBC journalist tells RT who dominates world news — RT UK News

Robin Aitken says there is an “acceptable and polite” view of world events which is dominated by media liberals. The former BBC employee warns that we must all be wary of the “hidden persuaders” that operate in all forms of news.
Speaking to RT, former BBC
journalist Robin Aitken said that media consumers in the West don’t
always get a fair picture of what is happening around the world due to
the presence of the liberal agenda behind much Western reporting.

got a media culture in Britain, but this extends into other Western
countries as well, where there is an acceptable and polite view of world
events which is dominated by media liberals,” Aikten stated.

journalist-turned-author contended that this was very clear when it
came to former US President Donald Trump, noting that there was “unanimity” in Britain’s mainstream media that Trump was a “bad thing and a bad man.”

a similar vein, Aikten suggested that there is a general anti-Russian
atmosphere in the British media. As a result, he argued, people in the
UK are exposed to a very one-sided view of events in and about Russia.

Aikten, who left the British public broadcaster in 2007, warned that we should all be “sceptical of the hidden persuaders”
that operate in the media. He noted that the uninitiated, or those
unfamiliar with the way media works, should be aware that news bias is
about the “selection of stories which you carry” rather than their content specifically.

his point, he said that there are thousands of newsworthy events
happening around the world every day and urged people to question why
some stories are reported, and why others are not. “It’s because journalists have made a selection of stories for presentation to their audience,” he contended.

more specifically about the BBC, Aikten contended that it was probably
difficult to speak out on some issues due to a cohesive and occasionally
coercive internal culture, particularly on issues relating to LGBTQ
policy. He noted that a member of staff would be well advised to keep
their issues to themselves on the matter.

He said it was
particularly concerning that an organization such as the Stonewall lobby
group, which he argued takes a very different view on transgender
rights to the rest of the population, should not be embedded within the
public broadcaster. Aikten suggested it was even “dangerous”
for internal staff organisations or mechanisms, such as those brought in
by Stonewall, to be used to impact the BBC’s output, adding that such a
situation jeopardizes its credo of impartiality.

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Angry Brits scold BBC for attacking presenter who was against removal of portrait

The Stonewall group plays an important role in the corporate
culture of the BBC as well as other public and state institutions
through its diversity schemes, which other organisations adopt.

recent investigation highlighting the extent of Stonewall’s influence
on the broadcaster prompted employees within the organisation to speak
out and express their concerns.

Maté: Russiagate Has No Rock-Bottom
Maté: Russiagate Has No Rock-Bottom Authored by Aaron Maté via Substack, The indictment of the Steele dossier’s key source newly humiliates the Clinton campaign, FBI, and US media… It did not seem possible for the Steele dossier – the collection of Trump-Russia conspiracy theories funded by the Clinton campaign; hyped by the US media establishment; […]

The Democrats Lose, Claim They Have No Media Support! | PA Pundits – International

By Tim Graham ~

The terrible election results for Democrats are going to lead to some terrible conclusions. One might be the assumption that these bad results reflect a media that’s too hostile to the Democrats.

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post tweeted this lame summary from former Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer: “Republicans have a massive communications advantage…[Glenn] Youngkin used the right-wing media to communicate his MAGA credentials to the base without offending Independents and Trump-skeptical Republicans.”

When Democrats lose, they say crazy things. Pfeiffer is saying with a straight face that Republicans have “created a powerful, self-serving media infrastructure,” and apparently the Democrats have nothing resembling a Democrat media…

China’s coronavirus death toll is curiously low. Can we believe the numbers? – ABC News

…If the figures are accurate, that means China has a case fatality ratio for the past 18 months of 0.016 per cent — 12 times better than
Singapore at 0.2 per cent and 62 times better than Australia’s rate.

Wikipedia in Chinese editing war of words – BBC News

… Anyone can edit most Wikipedia pages, but only a fraction of users tend to do so – and only some of those on a regular basis.

Matters came to a head in September when Wikipedia’s governing body banned
seven active pro-Beijing editors and removed the administrative powers
of a further 12…

US mother accuses school board of teaching her daughter she was ‘BORN EVIL’ because she is WHITE — RT USA News

The Virginia school board at the center of a row over its
gender-affirmation policies and alleged critical race theory (CRT)
curriculum has been accused by a parent of teaching primary schoolers
that white people are “born evil.”
At a Loudoun County School
Board meeting last week, a mother revealed that she had pulled her
children from the county’s public school system after her six-year-old
daughter asked her last year if she was “born evil because she was a white person.” The child had apparently learned this in a history lesson taught at her former school.

of the incident was widely shared over the weekend. It showed the
unidentified woman accusing the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS)
board of allegedly forcing its “uncompromising political agenda” on parents. Claiming that the board was “[destroying] our schools,” she called on its members to resign over a series of recent scandals.

the last month, the national spotlight has been trained on Loudoun
County after school administrators reportedly covered up a sexual
assault by a supposedly ‘gender-fluid’ student. The unnamed “boy in a skirt”
was convicted last week of forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio in
relation to the rape of a teenage girl at Stone Bridge High School in
May. While that incident was being investigated, he was quietly
transferred to Broad Run High School, where he allegedly assaulted
another student on October 6.

In August, the LCPS board enforced
policy proposal 8040 – a directive that requires district schools to
affirm the preferred gender of students by calling them their chosen
pronouns and allowing them access to gender-restricted areas, such as
locker rooms and bathrooms.

Last week, students at Broad Run staged a walkout to protest the school board’s policy as “enabling” behavior. At a previous school board meeting last month, an angry parent said the policy was “rushed through to a vote without consideration for the safety of all students, simply to satisfy a liberal agenda.”

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Loudoun County ‘boy in a skirt’ found GUILTY of girls’ bathroom sex assault as school boards’ actions trigger walkouts

A series of contentious school meetings in recent months has laid
bare the tensions surrounding the policy, which has seen at least one
teacher resign after refusing to “push highly politicized agendas”
on students. Another teacher who refused to abide by the policy on
account of his religious beliefs was suspended by the board, but a court
later ordered his reinstatement on First Amendment grounds.

the National School Board Association (NSBA) appeared to smear the
first victim’s family and other concerned parents as “domestic terrorists”
in a controversial letter to the White House that requested FBI
involvement after alleged threats to LCPS board members. After criticism
from some 20 state school board associations, the NSBA partially
apologized for the letter, blaming renegade leaders and expressing
remorse at “some of the language” it used.

But the debate
over schooling in Loudoun County is not limited to trans issues.
Critics of the board are accusing it of adopting ideology-driven
agendas, like shaping the curriculum in line with CRT. The LCPS board
has denied embracing the highly controversial view of American history
and society, which states that the country was founded on
institutionalized racism that needs to be dismantled.

school board member Beth Barts is expected to step down on Tuesday,
after announcing her resignation last month, parents and other critics
have repeatedly called on LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler to resign.

May, Ziegler emailed the school board about the sexual assault at Stone
Bridge High School, but claimed at a June school board meeting that the
“predator transgender student or person simply does not exist” and that there was not “any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.” He later apologized but insisted there was no cover-up.

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Parents want Loudoun
County, Va. school board to quit after accusation it covered up bathroom
rape by ‘gender-fluid sex predator’

‘Eco conscious’ EU outsourcing hidden cost of renewables drive to developing nations & taxing them for it – Russian security chief — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

… ‘Green’ technologies promoted by Western politicians carry hidden environmental costs which are being outsourced to developing nations and then used to apply pressure on their economies, Russia’s top

security official has claimed.
Nikolai Patrushev, who
heads Russia’s National Security Council, said, on Sunday, that rich
countries that advocate a fast transition away from fossil fuels and
toward renewables to combat climate change are at the same time using
the pretext of carbon footprints to undermine developing economies.

was referring to the EU’s plans to tax imported products based on the
estimated greenhouse gas emissions created during their manufacturing.
The policy will be phased in between 2023 and 2026, according to the
European Commission’s timeline. Russia is expected to lose at least 1.1
billion euros ($1.27 billion) annually once the border levy is fully

According to Patrushev, the tax is rather
hypocritical, considering that it would apply to products from the very
countries that carry the hidden costs of the bloc’s transition to

“The manufacturing process of solar panels, the
extraction of rare metals required for their production, are quite
energy-consuming and are mostly based in nations that use coal power
plants,” Patrushev explained to Moscow daily Komsomolskaya Pravda.

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Putin tells G20 that
Russia fully committed to reducing carbon emissions & calls for
global cooperation on climate change fight

The same is true for batteries, which are required for electric
cars and to buffer changes of output from solar panels and wind
generators, the former FSB chief added. There is also the issue of waste
like broken panels and turbine blades, which rich operators tend to
ship out to poor nations with less stringent environmental rules.

“Europe not only outsources ‘dirty’ production, but also plans to slap the so-called ‘carbon tax’ on those producers,” Patrushev said of the planned levy. He called it an example of “Western meddling” in affairs of other nations under the guise of fighting climate change.

some future conference on climate change and global warming should be
held in an African or Asian nation, where the ‘dirty’ production of
those ‘clean’ technologies is done,” he suggested.

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‘Very green’: VIDEO of Biden’s massive 85-car motorcade ahead of climate summit leaves critics stunned

Russia supports a global transition to more environment-friendly
technologies that are necessary to mitigate the threat of climate
change, the Russian official said. But it should be done in a way that
doesn’t undermine individual nations or result in crises, like the one
that is affecting Europe at the moment. European nations are
experiencing a significant surge in prices of natural gas due to a
shortage, which was caused, among other factors, by lower-than-expected
electricity generation by renewable sources.

“It’s obvious that moving away from fossils in favor of renewables can only be done at a measured pace,” he said. “All the talk about an imminent radical abandonment of traditional energy sources is highly exaggerated.”