Caitlin Johnstone: Liberals are CRAZY IDIOTS – they pretend to be for truth & morals, then worship John McCain & push Russia hoax — RT Op-ed

Caitlin Johnstone: Liberals are CRAZY IDIOTS – they pretend to be for truth & morals, then worship John McCain & push Russia hoax

The virtuous claim by liberals that they stand against injustice and protect the downtrodden is really laid bare for the sham it is whenever they’re questioned about their undue reverence for warmonger John McCain.

It’s a provocation. I freely admit this. But it’s a provocation with a fuse that should not exist, because nobody should object to someone speaking ill of a killer with a body count like McCain’s. And the charge it sets off is just fascinatingly disproportionate to what’s being said.

I mean, check out the hundreds of responses to my latest act of blasphemy, where I said that McCain was a bloodthirsty warmongering psychopath and the world is better off without him. There are liberals on Twitter saying I deserve to die for tweeting this, that there’s a special place in hell for people who say such things, that my parents should have aborted me, that karma is going to get me for this.

They always babble about “karma.” Before I was temporarily banned from Twitter in 2018, after outraged Democrats mass-reported me for comments I’d made about McCain, my Twitter mentions were full of people telling me over and over again that “karma” is going to give me cancer and kill me for saying the world will be better off without a psychopathic facilitator of mass murder.

And I just think that says so much about the way mainstream liberals tend to see the world. “Karma,” in the way Westerners tend to understand the word, would just mean that someone will say a mean thing about me someday, in the same way I said a mean thing about John McCain. That would be an equal and proportionate pushback from karma. Yet that’s not what they’re saying karma will do. They’re saying they believe karma punishing me with death (and, in some cases, hell) would be the appropriate response from the universe for my having uttered sacrilegious words about one of their elite rulers. Because that’s how much more important, valuable and sacred some dead senator is to them than the life of an ordinary person.

Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good Russia-bashing

Liberals are such crazy idiots. They pretend to stand for truth and logic, then spend years promoting the fact-free Trump-Russia collusion narrative. They pretend to stand for social justice, then drop those values the second it becomes politically convenient. They make homophobic jokes about Trump and Putin, call Lindsey Graham Lady G for being a closeted gay man, and lecture black political leaders about how black people should think and vote. They pretend to stand for the little guy, then support austerity and war while literally worshipping John McCain.

Just last night on MSNBC, Chris Hayes was talking about Trump’s controversial commuting of Roger Stone’s prison sentence and parroted the completely false and utterly baseless claim that Stone had been a “go-between.”

“Roger Stone was what he looked like: a go-between between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, and then he lied about it, which is what he was convicted for,” Hayes said.

This is completely untrue. The only communications between Stone and WikiLeaks prior to the November 2016 presidential election were WikiLeaks telling Stone to stop falsely claiming he was in contact with and had been getting information from the outlet. Stone told the Trump campaign to expect WikiLeaks to publish damning leaks after it was already public knowledge that this was to be expected.

Everyone involved in the story has denied there was ever any back channel to WikiLeaks, and there is no evidence they were lying. Nothing in Stone’s conviction has anything to do with being “a go-between between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks,” because he wasn’t one.

But Hayes said it like it’s a fact anyway. One of the most popular reporters on the most virulently pro-Democrat network in America told his audience an objectively false thing, will suffer no consequences for doing so, and will probably never even have to issue a correction, because lying about anything even remotely related to Russia is considered normal and acceptable in today’s liberal mainstream media.

Yet this same political faction will lament the “post-truth era” they claim Trump has ushered in.

The great liberal charade

Liberals – or “neoliberals,” “corporate liberals,” “centrists,” or whatever word you think everyone should be using for this ideology that nobody can agree on a label for – are just a fake imitation of the thing that actual leftists are. Leftists actually fight for justice, equality, peace, truth and anti-authoritarianism, while liberals are cheerleading Joe Biden and sociopathic intelligence agencies, and throwing endless inertia on any movement aiming at real change. Leftists are the thing that liberals pretend to be.

And that’s why liberals hate the true left: because leftists are a constant reminder that liberals aren’t what they pretend to be. That they are just conservatives wearing a fake plastic mask of justice and sanity. That their lives are a crude crayon drawing of the values they pretend to espouse, a layer of feel-good narratives and podcasts and Hamilton songs wallpapered over a rapacious omnicidal machine of endless war, ecocide and oppression.

And, of course, that’s not entirely their fault – they’ve been psychologically brutalized into their position by generations of mass-media propaganda. But it’s ultimately everyone’s responsibility to expand their own consciousness so they can be useful to the world. At some point, liberals, you’ve got to wake the hell up.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

USA Today Ratio’d Into Oblivion After ‘Fact Check’ Deems American Eagle A Nazi Symbol

USA Today took the bait, publishing a fact-check which was heavily ‘ratio’d’ on Twitter – meaning, more people are slamming the outlet than ‘liking’ or ‘retweeting’ their post.

After their initial tweet came under fire, the outlet issued a lame ‘clarification’ noting “the eagle is a longtime US symbol, too.”

Inside the wicked saga of Jeffrey Epstein: the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell | 60 Minutes Australia – Wake Up To The Truth

Comment by tonytran2015: Despite claims to the contrary by MSM, Trump’s supporters claim that Trump’s side put more action into this investigation.

There was little Jeffrey Epstein wouldn’t do to satisfy his lust for young women and girls. It included spending millions of dollars masterminding a worldwide sex-trafficking operation. Countless innocent lives were destroyed. A year ago Epstein was arrested and a month later he died in custody. Investigators though refused to let this scandal go to the grave with him. Instead they shifted their attention to his high-profile friends. One of them is the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew, who continues to dodge requests from the FBI for an interview. But late this week there was a significant breakthrough in the case with the arrest of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. She’s accused of being Epstein’s right-hand woman and has been charged with multiple child sex offences. As Tara Brown reports, for the first time in a long time, the victims in this wicked saga are feeling relief rather than terror.

via Inside the wicked saga of Jeffrey Epstein: the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell | 60 Minutes Australia – YouTube

European Solidarity call released ‘recordings’ of conversations between Poroshenko, Biden fake | Ukraine Today .org

For six years, fakes have been one of the permanent tools of the Russian hybrid war against Ukraine, as well as against the fifth president of the country personally, European Solidarity Party leader Petro Poroshenko. Recordings released by member of parliament Andriy Derkach purporting to be conversations of Poroshenko with Russian President Vladimir Putin and former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden have been falsified, the European Solidarity Party has said.

The “conversation” with Putin published by Derkach, a graduate of the KGB Higher School, is from the same series. This is the same roughly mounted, carefully compiled counterfeit, as well as alleged conversations with Biden,” the party said in a statement on Thursday.

The party noted that an eyewitnesses, former French President Francois Hollande, once described how Poroshenko actually negotiated with Putin: “He held himself very dignified and firmly defended his position.” According to the recollections of the French president, “Poroshenko and Putin raised their voices against each other many times, and Poroshenko remained adamant about the sovereignty of his country.”

“The fake conversation with Putin, however, is not the main takeaway from today’s press conference of Derkach and [ex-prosecutor Konstiantyn] Kulyk. They are participants in the Kremlin’s plan to whitewash Putin, relieve Russia of responsibility for aggression and shift it to Ukraine. This is precisely what Kulyk’s appeal is for citizens to file a lawsuit not against Putin, but against Poroshenko is about. Kulyk’s words eloquently correlate with yesterday’s statement by Prosecutor General Venediktova for citizens to make petitions against Poroshenko en mass,” the statement said.

European Solidarity said lawyers serving the “fifth column” in Ukraine last week phoned the internally displaced persons and offered them to file criminal lawsuits against Poroshenko, who was allegedly to blame for their loss of property.

“The Derkach-Kulyk press conference, and the statements of Venediktova, and the provocation of these lawsuits are part of the special operation of Moscow agents to impose a Russian ideology on the alleged civil conflict in Ukraine and put the responsibility of the Ukrainian authorities, personified by Petro Poroshenko. This is the Kremlin’s revenge because Poroshenko, as president and supreme commander in chief, did not allow Putin to realize any strategic goal of the Kremlin in Ukraine,” the party said.

COVID Cheerleaders Change the Rules in the Middle of the Game – American Thinker – Wake Up To The Truth

…The DNC media is cheerleading any and all bad news while they bury good news such as the success of hydroxychloroquine in cutting the death rate from COVID in half.

Scarf queen Dr. Deborah Birx took note in May of “presumed” COVID
deaths, based on an assumption of COVID but without a positive test,
falsely inflating the death count, “by up to 25 percent.”

COVID deaths had been falsely attributed to those who died of alcohol poisoning and gunshot wounds. By that logic, George Floyd died not from a policeman’s knee on his neck but from COVID as he happened to test positive at autopsy.

Rising case counts are a great excuse to shut down the country again, as many states are doing, throwing water on a reignited economy. This
also stops Trump rallies and keeps Dementia Joe safely in his basement, away from his sparsely attended rallies and the debate stage where he
will look like Pee Wee Herman going 15 rounds with Mike Tyson.

It was never about the virus but instead the election. The so-called surge in cases is more fake news pushed by media cheerleaders eager to
destroy the U.S. economy and culture if it makes Trump a one-term president. Evil knows no bounds.

THE MEDIA MONOPOLY: Ron Paul – The Media Is Lying About The “Second Wave” | RIELPOLITIK

Ron Paul – The Media Is Lying About The “Second Wave”

For months, the Washington Post and the rest of the mainstream media kept a morbid Covid-19 “death count” on their front pages and at the top of their news broadcasts. The coronavirus outbreak was all about the number of dead.

(Also Read: Houston Hospital Boss Shatters Media’s COVID Fearmongering: “Only About 3 Or 4 More People In ICU” @

The narrative was intended to boost governors like Cuomo in New York
and Whitmer in Michigan, who turned their states authoritarian under the
false notion that destroying people’s jobs, freedom, and lives would somehow keep a virus from doing what viruses always do: spread through a population until eventually losing strength and dying out.

The “death count” was always the headline.

But then all of a sudden early in June the mainstream media did a George Orwell and lectured us that it is all about “cases” and has always been all about “cases.” Death, and especially infection fatality rate, were irrelevant. Why? Because from the peak in April,
deaths had decreased by 90 percent and were continuing to crash. That was not terrifying enough so the media pretended this good news did not exist.

With massive increases in testing, the “case” numbers
climbed. This is not rocket science: the more people you test the more
“cases” you discover.

Fake Hate – FBI and NASCAR Admit Bubba Wallace Claimed “Noose” Was Simply A Garage Door Pull Down Rope… | Centinel2012

It took a lot longer than it should have; and it created buckets more intentional controversy than it should have; but the FBI and NASCAR have finally admitted the “noose” claimed by Bubba Wallace was nothing more than a simple garage door rope tied in a loop and had been there since October 2019. EXACTLY as we outlined:

NPR Retracts Report That Labelled Louisville Woman As “Right-Wing” Extremist In Fleeing Armed Protester – JONATHAN TURLEY

NPR is being hammered this week for its reporting on right-wing extremists attacking peaceful protesters. The news organization previously showed images of a female motorist who struck a protester on Wednesday as an example of “Right-wing extremists are turning cars into weapons.” Despite the video released quickly by the police (and the fact that police found she was fleeing a protester with a gun and did not charge her), the woman was described as part of a pattern of protesters being innocently mowed down. These cases often raise difficult legal questions in torts on issues of defamation and false light (combining two of the favorite subjects of this block: media and torts).

Twitter Reveals that Chicoms are Exerting Tremendous Influence on Twitter to Spread Propaganda – Wake Up To The Truth

According to a report by Natalie Winters, Twitter announced that China used approximately 200,000 fake accounts to meddle in American politics.

These numbers are in stark contrast to Russia, which had less than 1,200 accounts. Because Russia is the Left’s new boogieman, China’s overwhelming presence in American internal affairs is overlooked.

This news was published on June 11, 2020 after a revealing Mediaite report illuminated the extent that fake accounts were involved on Twitter.

Twitter published the information in a report titled, “Disclosing networks of state-linked information operations we’ve removed.”

The report details how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used two methods of targeting Twitter users through the use of Chinese propaganda, which Winters detailed:

  1. 23,750 accounts that comprise the core of the network, e.g. the highly engaged core network;
  2. Approximately 150,000 accounts that were designed to boost this content, e.g. the amplifiers. Based on feedback from researchers on our prior disclosures that we need to better refine the disclosure process to enable efficient investigation of the core activity, we have not included the 150,000 amplifier accounts in the public archive.

Twitter highlighted how these pro-Chinese accounts were “involved in a range of manipulative and coordinated activities” and “spreading geopolitical narratives favorable to the Communist Party of China (CCP), while continuing to push deceptive narratives about the political dynamics in Hong Kong.”

Witners called attention to how these actions followed the spirit of a decree that Xi Jinping issued in 2016 which called for robust propaganda efforts “wherever the readers are, wherever the viewers are.”

The report highlighted how Russia’s activities were confined to “1,152 accounts and associated media” involved in “promoting the United Russia party and attacking political dissidents.”

It’s abundantly clear that China poses a larger threat to the U.S. than Russia. The Cold War is over, and while China has reformed a bit, it still has aspirations of dominating the globe at America’s expense.

In a saner political climate, the U.S. would be using realpolitik to strategically align itself with Russia as a means of checking Chinese influence. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world thanks to the neoliberal and neoconservative consensus that dominates D.C.

via Twitter Reveals that Chicoms are Exerting Tremendous Influence on Twitter to Spread Propaganda – Big League Politics

Riots, BLM: American Exceptionalism coming home

Riots, BLM: American Exceptionalism coming home

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Riots, BLM: American Exceptionalism coming home.

American people proud themselves on their successful independence war from British Empire. There is nothing exceptional about that. Most countries achieved their statehood from uprisals against their former colonnial overlords and they have done that thousand of years ago.

Americans proud themselves on their recent scientific achievements. However actual knowledge is cummulative, has very ancient roots and came from a variety of sources: The New World America has been known at least since the time of Leif Ericson. Astronomy originates from Middle East, mathematics, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, medicine from many sources of the Old World. USA has only a better publicity machinery and a determination to wipe out literatures and archaeological proving otherwise. This is called Cultural Appropriation.

USA joined the two World Wars near to their peaks and avoided heavy attritions by those wars. Late joining to the wars gave USA a chance to appear strong relative to other war-worn combatants. However this gave Americans their false sense of superiority over other races and nations.

This false sense of superiority created the idea of American Exceptionalism: USA has created her own veto power in the United Nation, refused to be under the jurisdiction of the International Courts of the UN. In other words USA thinks that only other nations and nationals should be subjected to its “justice”.

1/- This Exceptionalism has led USA to join England and her allies to create many disputable treaties and laws after the two World Wars. Disputable treaties caused at least the Second World War. Never expiring Copyrights for American Corporations are currently the root of much inequality in the World.

2/- USA stood on World stage of United Nation to call for human rights but USA has not rectified her own injustice against her own indigenous American Indians and her own black people. USA also supports the use of military weapons against civilians in the immoral Population Replacement of Palestine .

3/- USA used false flag operations to forment Revolutions in many weaker countries (Egypt, Iraq, Lybia,…) to install her own American friendly governments.

Now all three above types of actions are coming home to USA and manifested themselves in riots led by Black Lives Matter movement. Haven’t Americans learnt the quote “Don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done upon yourself” (Kỷ sở bất dục dật thi ư nhân-in Vietnamese)?

In Oriental teaching this is just another case of Karma in action.


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[2]. Debating against propagandists.,

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