Joe Biden one year: How is he doing so far? – BBC News

His star began to fall at the time of a widely criticised withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and as the Delta variant advanced.

Since then, his approval ratings have fallen further as he has struggled to
deliver on his biggest campaign promises to tame the pandemic and
restore prosperity for working families.

Donald Trump Makes Fateful Prediction About the Fate of the Country Under Biden; He Says That At Some Point, Democrat’s Policies Will Bring America to a Point of No Return – Nwo Report

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Former President Donald Trump told Fox News’ Mark Levin on Saturday he is concerned that under President Joe Biden’s policies, America as it once existed is on the brink of being permanently altered and not in a good way.

Trump joined Levin to discuss his new book, “Our Journey Together,” which contains hand-selected photos of him and his family during his four-year term.

Levin speculated to Trump that Biden will become the worst president in the country’s history, even as other critics say they believe Biden’spolicies so far have contributed to an economic downturn that is worse than what the country faced under Democratic President Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s.

Trump told the host that Biden, for instance, has already departed from a previous executive order he signed banning Marxist critical race theory from the federal government.

“If you look, President Obama was very divisive, but people were quieter about it. They didn’t want to insult him, but he was very divisive,” Trump said.

“But the Biden administration is far worse. In fact, I noticed the other day where Obama said ‘this is very dangerous; all of these — you know, what they’ve done. It’s too much for him,” he added.

“But when they look at his top economic people are looking at this inflation, and they’re seeing these bills that are being passed for trillions and trillions of dollars where it’s like throwing money out the window,” Trump continued, a possible reference to how Obama-era economic officials like former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers have been warning against actions taken by some of Biden’s Democratic officials.

“These are Obama people telling Biden people ‘you can’t do this, -‘ but they push forward anyway. Let’s see what happens,” Trump said.

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Second Thoughts: Dems Have A Few – Nwo Report

The man who as a candidate promised to repair our international alliances has dealt NATO a significant if not fatal blow. The rush to bug out of Afghanistan left hundreds, probably thousands of persons who were citizens, green card holders, and allies behind. And our NATO allies have not been able to extract all their people either. Worse, for reasons that seem impossible to justify, we gave the Taliban the names of the people we wanted to extract and turned down their offer to guard the airport ourselves instead of turning that task over to them. Credible reports and videos at the site show how the Taliban refused entry to those entitled to leave. Among others, busloads of American women and schoolchildren who made it to the airport gate were denied entry by our own troops and officials at the Department of State refused to intervene.

Afghans on those flights were not well vetted and it turns out a significant number of them are on terrorist watch lists and will have to be turned down.

Others are being flown to military bases for processing and then will be relocated to locations where local communities will have to bear the burden of providing for them as most of the noncitizens and permanent residents do not have Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) status which entitles them to obtain work permits. That means most were not confirmed alliesof ours in Afghanistan.

War refugees, chain migration and the importation of cruel foreign customs.

War refugees, chain migration and the importation of cruel foreign customs

by tonytran2015.

1. The transplantation of war refugees.

This upsetting story started with the transplantation of a war refugee from Colombo to Australia. The chain of events began with the issue of some humanitarian visas in 1984.

Nations have to offer help and protection to war refugees. But going far beyond that with unchecked immigration and allowing new arrivals to remain un-integrated in the host nation after resettlement is threatening even the survival of the host nation. Fortunately, Australia does not adopted the practice of calling every border-crosser a refugee.

2. The acquiescence to importation of foreign customs

The events of this case brought into Australia a foreign custom of arranged marriage. This foreign custom is enhenced with the advantage offered by Australian rules on chain migration.

On paper, the Sri Lankan-born Kannans ­presented a typical
Australian immigrant story. Kumuthini came to Australia on a
humanitarian visa in 1984 at age 17 after her parents fled the civil war
in Sri Lanka. She finished high school in Melbourne and completed an
occupational health and safety degree before agreeing to an arranged
marriage with Kandasamy, an IT worker from Sri Lanka. She sponsored him
to come to ­Australia on a skilled migrant visa and they were married in
1994 before having three children, who have each been diagnosed with
­varying degrees of autism.

This is confirmed from Court document

117 The civil war in Sri Lanka resulted in you and your family being forced from your home to live in a refugee camp in Colombo for a period of months. You were subjected to an unsettling and frightening time. You later came to Australia with your family on a humanitarian visa in 1984, when you were 17 years old. … you completed one year of applied science at the Caulfield Institute of Technology. This was followed by six years studying a part-time degree in occupational health and safety at Victoria University.
118 … By this stage, you were married and accompanied your husband to Canberra, where you worked for the Department of Immigration for six months, … You disliked living in Canberra and felt
119 You lived in Canberra with your husband for 18 months before returning to Melbourne. You returned to work with City West Water, then engaged in charity work until commencing a family in 2000. In 2002, you started full-time work in customer service at an ANZ Bank call centre. This employment concluded in 2016 when details of this court case were published in the media. Your subsequent attempts at employment were not successful due to adverse media publicity. As such, you have been unemployed since late 2017 and have been living at home.
120 You report having a good relationship with your husband and describe him as a quiet man who gets frustrated easily. There has never been abuse or violence in your relationship. You describe yourself as doing, saying and organising everything for the family.


S CR 2018 0063



3. The imported foreign customs are more than just arranged marriage.

In this case the concern is that “domestic helpers” from other cultures may be a varied form of slavery. Some community of immigrants may not integrate well into the main national culture and retain a close knit of “diverse culture” enamored by the over-promotion of “multiculturalism”.

The Kannans were considered respectable members of their Tamil
community and references that said they were committed to social causes and helping others were a “stark contrast” to their crimes, Justice Champion said.

Actually, the persons keeping a “domestic helper/slave” even have difficulty in realizing by themselves the offence due to their background from another “diverse culture”.

Kandasamy and Kumuthini Kannan were found guilty of using the woman as a slave from 2007 to 2015
The woman endured physical abuse at the hands of her captors, suffering permanent injuries

“Slavery is regarded as a crime against humanity,” he said.

“Your offending occurred in the daily presence and with the obvious knowledge and comprehension of your children…

Justice Champion branded the couple as “almost compulsive liars”.

“The number and brazen quality of the lies has been nothing short of astonishing,” he said.

No statement of sorry were offered

Justice John Champion told the Supreme Court of Victoria the couple showed “a distinct lack of care”.
“They must have been aware she was probably days away from dying, and it’s never been conveyed that ‘we were sorry’,” he said.
Mr Kannan’s barrister said they were reluctant to apologise because any
expression of regret could be taken as an admission of liability or culpability, which could impact an appeal in the future.

And even seriously illegal activities had been made to cover the actions.

… prosecutor Richard Maidment QC told the court a phone in the KK home was tapped by the Australian Federal Police, who captured
conversations the couple had with a man in India.

Mr Maidment presented the jury with transcripts of the conversations, saying it appeared a meeting had been set up between a third party and the alleged victim’s son to encourage him “not to pursue the

Mr Maidment said Mrs KK was captured saying: “We need proof to say they are doing all this to get money”.

So much damages have resulted from the over-promotion of “cultural diversity”.

4. Massive immigration threatens to extinguish established national culture.

Beware that besides chain migration, domestic slavery, there are also other foreign customs awaiting discussions. They are:

Female genital mutilation,

Eating dogs, eating cats.

Unfavourable attitude on existing dressing standard of females,


Once the national culture is gone, national cohesion will disappear. This is the sad consequence of mass immigration.

Assabiya Wins Every Time | The Wentworth Report

Assabiya Wins Every Time. By Lee Smith.

Military strategists, political pundits, foreign correspondents, and even historians will spend the next several decades wondering how a gang of rough Pashtun tribesmen galvanized by a fundamentalist version of Islam managed to defeat the most advanced military in the world. … There is no mystery about why the U.S. experience in Afghanistan ended in failure, embarrassment, and scandal. Nor is it a mystery why the Taliban took over Kabul so quickly. They were fighting for primacy. Their victory was foreordained. The medieval Arab historian Ibn Khaldun explains the dynamic in his 14th-century masterwork, Al Muqaddima. History, he shows, is a repetition of the same pattern seen throughout the ages — a group of nomadic tribesmen overturn an existing sedentary culture, a civilization that has become weak and luxurious. What drives the success of the rising tribe is its group solidarity, or assabiya. Its awareness of itself as a coherent people with a drive for primacy is frequently augmented by religious ideology. The stronger the tribe’s assabiya, the stronger the group. Assimilating the conquered by imposing its will and worldview on them, the victor lays the foundations of a new civilization. But since, as Ibn Khaldun writes, “the goal of civilization is sedentary culture and luxury,” all groups carry the seeds of their own demise. And so the struggle begins anew.

The western elite is soft and corrupt, and has lost connection with the society it rules. Western assabiya has shriveled. The loss of western cohesion accelerated greatly with the great re-alignment in politics. Starting in the 1990s, the western left stopped championing the working class and instead turned to building a coalition of the fringes — identity groups — bound to together by working againstwhite males and plundering whatever they could from them.

For our elite, the fall began during the tail end of the Bill Clinton presidency when Democratic Party strategists augured that they’d soon have a permanent hold on power thanks to urban intellectuals, young single women, racial and ethnic majorities, and the LGBT community. What is described as a coalition is in fact a mélange of clients with varying and sometimes opposing interests that can only be held together by stoking a communal hatred of the national majority — the white middle class. It was hardly a coincidence that this demographic was the source of the wealth that the establishment was busy transferring to themselves and abroad, through initiatives like the North American Free Trade Agreement. The elites rationalized their impoverishment of the white middle class by claiming that they were dying anyway. And when the American heartland didn’t die off quickly enough, the establishment credentialed themselves as progressives by calling the people who live there racists. Being racists, they deserved all the bad things the elite had decided for them. Thus, by betting on sectarianism as the path to permanent power, American elites polarized the United States. The elite institutions that weren’t already part of the left establishment, like entertainment, the academy, the media, and the foreign policy and national security bureaucracy, were co-opted through party initiatives — as, for instance, the Beltway think tank Center for a New American Security vetted the rising ranks of U.S. military officers. Owning all the institutions is a sign of great power and demoralizes opponents. So it was hardly surprising that much of the Republican establishment attached itself to the rising elite and reshaped its policies to fit. Take George W. Bush for instance: After 9/11 he invaded two Muslim countries for revenge and deterrence, but in time he changed the mission to promoting Middle East democracy, a pet theory of pro-Palestinian academics. When Sen. Mitt Romney marched with Black Lives Matter, and Gen. Mark Milley advocated for critical race theory, they were simply demonstrating that they had adopted the manners and belief system of the dominant power

They have grabbed power in the west, but cannot use it wisely. Disasters will become increasingly common.

The only problem with owning all the institutions and compelling obedience from all the elites is that there is no one left to warn you when you’re courting trouble. … Because the new creed held that polarization was the key to holding permanent power, the policies became ever more eccentric. … It kept the coalition coherent by focusing its rage on the internal enemy, which identified itself anytime it questioned those initiatives. Here were the racists again, raising their ugly voices against progress. Accordingly, Barack Obama’s rhetoric became increasingly brittle in his second term. If you’re not for trans bathrooms, you’re a transphobe. Question the wisdom of legitimizing a terror state’s nuclear weapons program and you’re a warmonger. “That’s not who we are,” he said to deflect any hint of criticism. Depending on the policy in question, this meant that according to the ruling establishment, anywhere from 50% to 90% of the electorate wasn’t really American. Seen from this perspective, it becomes clear that the Biden administration’s new national security priorities have been a long time in the making. The absurd claim that the country’s chief threats are “domestic terrorism” and “white nationalism” or anyone who opposes COVID lockdowns or questions the integrity of the 2020 election is the culmination of a project the Democrats embarked on 25 years ago: The white middle class is the enemy. …Of course institutions like the press and intelligence bureaucracies would enlist in the project to split the country. The party owns them. And so there is no one left to question the wisdom of breaking with the more than 150-year-old compact that is the political and cultural foundation of America’s post-Civil War peace — racial equality [of opportunity]. …

It fits the cycle:

The lesson of Ibn Khaldun is that these destructive policies are simply indications that a cycle that has been repeated through the ages is once again in motion. To watch history erupt in our own timeline is indeed terrifying, but it is part of the natural order of human societies. “Their prowess disappears as Time feasts on them,” Ibn Khaldun wrote of dying regimes. “They reach their limit, the limit that is set by the nature of human urbanization and political superiority.” Evidence of the establishment’s decay is everywhere you look — the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the public health bureaucracy’s failed COVID response, even Obama’s 60th birthday.

Only a deracinated and delirious regime would parade an assortment of celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and politics to demonstrate its self-arrogated superiority in front of a nation it locked down, bankrupted, and mocked — only an intoxicated elite with no one left to take away the car keys. …

Approaching the turning point:

To make public demonstrations of breaking assabiyameans they are forfeiting the privilege of leadership, which therefore, as Ibn Khaldun wrote, will pass to another branch of the same nation…. We are part of history unfolding before us, as it has throughout time. But to be clear, what we are witnessing is not the end of America. It’s just the end of this particular branch of American leadership.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Afghanistan: How the Taliban gained ground so quickly – BBC News

Comment by tonyttan2015: Corruption is one cause but not the only cause for failure. In the local culture, there are fighters class and peasants class and they are NOT equal. Afghan government’s soldiers did not come from “fighters class” and are not revered by Afghan culture. Outside powers cannot impose external values on Afghanistan (

…Instead he says “the Taliban is closer to a coalition of independent franchise
holders loosely – and most probably temporarily – affiliated with one another”.

He notes the Afghan government, too, is as riven by local factional
motivations. Afghanistan’s shape changing history illustrates how families, tribes and even government officials have switched sides –
often to ensure their own survival….

France’s top court upholds constitutionality of controversial anti-separatism law aimed at tackling Islamists — RT World News

‘anti-separatism’ bill, upholding its main provisions. The legislation,
which drew criticism on various points, has been seen as a tool against
hard-line Islamists.
The ruling on the legislation, officially known as the “Bill confirming respect for the principles of the Republic,”
was announced by France’s top court on Friday. The judicial body upheld
the legislation as a whole, confirming the constitutionality of its
main provisions.

The ruling was cheered by the legislation’s main
sponsor, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who said the court’s
decision was “excellent news” for the whole republic.

text wanted by Emmanuel Macron will make it possible to fight, with
force, thanks to new weapons, against those who want to undermine
secularism, our common good,” the minister tweeted.

Also on
‘Clothing police’:
Leftist Melenchon denounces Macron for opposing crop tops in French
schools, likens him to ‘Iranian Ayatollahs’

However, the Constitutional Council shot down several minor
provisions introduced under the legislation, chiefly the power to
forcibly suspend associations that are subject to a dissolution
procedure, as this would unnecessarily infringe on freedom of
association. The court also dismissed a provision enabling the
authorities to refuse the renewal of a residence permit to a foreigner
who had shown a rejection of the principles of the French republic. The
court said the bill did not provide a mechanism of “sufficient precision” for non-renewals on such grounds.

legislation, adopted by the country’s National Assembly on July 23, has
been the subject of several months of heated debate. With measures
including providing new tools to fight online hatred, expanding
government control over religious organizations, and severely
restricting home-schooling to prevent religious indoctrination, the
legislation has been harshly criticized as going against what it is
designed to protect – France’s own liberal values.

Also on
How to demonize a
refugee: Western media is proving it only cares about desperate people
if they serve the right political purpose

At the same time, it has also been widely regarded as anti-Muslim
in its essence. It effectively forces Muslim parents to send their
children to public schools where religious symbols and garments are
already prohibited. The legislation also strictly regulates donations
that religious organizations can receive from abroad, with sums above
€10,000 being made subject to mandatory declaration.

Afghanistan war: Taliban back brutal rule as they strike for power – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Afghanistan does not have its national cohesion. It needs to be partitioned and each of the resulting new countries might unite with whichever neighbour it likes.

…The insurgents have been capturing new territory on what seems like a daily

basis as international troops have all but withdrawn. Caught in the middle is a terrified population.

Tens of thousands of ordinary Afghans have had to flee their homes – hundreds have been killed or injured in recent weeks…

What does the Bible teach about Nationalism? — Capstone Report | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Yoram Hazony: Nationalism is a biblical, ‘prophetic’ theory

Many modern nations like the Dutch, English and Americans are built on the biblical model of nationhood, according to Yoram Hazony.

“People read the Bible and they say, ‘Let’s unite our tribes and let’s create a great nation,” Hazony said. “None of these people are racist. None of these people talk about blood when they are talking about constructing their peoples. They are all willing to accept outsiders, to a certain degree. They all have creeds, to a certain degree. Creed is really the wrong word because it sounds like doctrine and it is not doctrine. It is a tradition. Tradition is a much more flexible thing.

The Bible shows through its historical narrative that nations are not formed out of concepts of race but out of a “tradition of kinship” and “a tradition of ideas.” This is exemplified by the Bible’s account of Israel, according to Yoram Hazony. Hazony provides an excellent political overview of the lessons that can be drawn from the Old Testament in this video published by National Conservatism on YouTube. The biblical lessons show how the nation forms and how outsiders can be welcomed into the nation.

Hazony outlines how the Bible provides a historical description of how most nations begin—via aggregation from smaller to larger groups.

“The Bible gives us a normal view of what a nation is,” Hazony said. “First of all, a nation is a collection of tribes. The tribes are collections of clans. Clans are collections of families. That structure is extremely clear in the Bible, which is very detailed about it. And it seems to be something that is pretty universal.”

Hazony points out that when this “aggregation” happens naturally that “outsiders are not hated by nations.” He cites the debate within Israel over the status of the tribe of Rueben—are they in or are they out?

“There is no such thing as race in the mindset of a tribe,” Hazony said. “There are traditions. There are customs. There are all sorts of markers that allow you to recognize pepo9le who are people like you.”

And Hazony explains the Bible even lays out how one joins from outside the group. This is via the adoption of the religious and cultural traditions. He cited the story of Naomi and Ruth, where Ruth affirms that the God of Israel will be her God and Naomi’s people will be her people.

This explains why “a nation is not a race” because even families can adopt, according to Hazony.

Hazony: The Western Tradition of Nations is a biblical construct

According to Hazony, “The Western Tradition of Nations is a biblical construct.” And Nationalism, “the theory that nations should be independent of empires,” arises out of this biblical view of nations.

This view that nations should exist and should be independent “Is a biblically based political theory,” Hazony said. “That does not have significant roots in the Greek or Roman tradition. It is a Jewish idea. It is a prophetic idea.”

This is a great point to stop and urge you to watch the about 25-minute video.

Notice today that what most Big Evangelical celebrities consider “prophetic” is pushing a globalist, or non-national agenda. Evangelical Elites prefer to diminish the nation-state and claim they are acting prophetically.

However, Hazony rightly points out the biblical account shows that God ordained nations. This is affirmed by the New Testament when Paul says that God appoints the extent (borders) and times of nations.

According to Hazony, the freedoms enjoyed today by many in the modern world are a direct result of English Nationalism.

So, why are Evangelical Elites hostile to nationalism if it is both biblical and a source of contemporary freedom and prosperity?

Hazony might provide the answer with the second point of his presentation. Hazony said that todays’ “intellectual culture is systematically hostile to the Bible.”

Now, you might be thinking, wait a minute, how does this apply to Evangelical Elites? They can’t be hostile to the Bible. They love the Bible.

Well, the reason I can say this is by pointing toward the infiltration of sociological ideologies into our Evangelical Elites. Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Intersectionality (I) are praised as “Analytical Tools.” The secular university and coastal elites shape what our Evangelical Elites think.

Thus, our Evangelical Elites shape their theology and teachings into the milieu. It is why racial reconciliation or globalism are talked about incessantly and the biblical understanding of nations and nationalism can be rejected or minimized.

I’ll stop here. This is an excellent video. So, go watch it if you are interested in understanding why nations are biblical.

What does the Bible teach about Nationalism? — Capstone Report