(WASHINGTON, D.C.) FOIA Judicial Watch Report: Lawsuit against FBI and DOJ Forces Declassification and Relea se of ‘Electronic Communication’ Used to Launch Obama Administration’s Spy Operation on President Trump’s 2016 Campaign ‘ Termed Crossfire Hurrica…


May 20, 2020 | Judicial Watch

The redacted document details seeming third hand information that the Russian government “had been seeking prominent members of the Donald Trump campaign in which to engage to prepare for potential post-election relations should Trump be elected U.S. President.” The document also alleges Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, claimed to an unnamed party that “they (the Russians) could assist the Trump campaign with the anonymous release of information during the campaign that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton.”…………………………The document notes, “It was unclear whether he [Papadopoulos] or the Russians were referring to material acquired publicly of [sic] through other means. It was unclear how Mr. Trump’s team reacted to the offer. We note the Trump team’s reaction could, in the end, have little bearing of what Russia decides to do, with or without Mr. Trump’s cooperation.”

The document is dated July 31, 2016…

California’s Post COVID-19 Financial Catastrophe | PA Pundits – International


By Ronald Stein ~

Californians will continue to pay some of the highest costs for electricity and fuel use as the State unexpectedly collides catastrophically with the global pandemic that will impact businesses and employment for an unpredictable economic future.

The State’s much-touted $21 billion operating-budget surplus is likely to disappear entirely due to declining tax revenues and rising public welfare costs.

Once the world’s 5th largest economy, tax-paying Californians now must cope with uncertain future bureaucracy-distributed State and local monetary expenditures along with the state’s unfunded pension debt liabilities of one trillion dollars, or almost five times the State’s 220 billion-dollar 2020-21 budget! Newsom’s moral dilemma: “Save Everyone” yet continue the state’s lavish and hyperbolic operations which nowadays must be based on a sudden COVID-19 fundamentally weakened state economy and national economy. Certainly, California seaports, both coastal and inland, will need to endure the effects of an international trade throughput decrease, especially with China.

BREAKING: Former FBI General Counsel James Baker Has Flipped! Durham is Building Conspiracy Case on All of Those Who Lied to the Court! — The Gateway Pundit | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


Former US Attorney was on with Howie Carr again this week and he dropped some more bombshells about the current investigation of the investigators involved in removing President Trump and his team from office.

diGenova discussed the Durham investigation and said at the 5:30 mark that Durham is building a conspiracy case and anyone who lied to the court will be indicted for obstruction of justice charges:

At the 8:55 mark diGenova drops another bomb when discussing the notes that were released today that show the government was actively working to frame General Flynn:

Facts About the Bastille Day Holiday in France

Comment by tonytran2015: All causes of the French Revolution have been obviously present in all English speaking countries. Just replace the names of actors by those of their contempory replacements. History may repeat.


The French Revolution

The French Revolution had numerous causes which are greatly simplified and summarized here:
  1. Parliament wanted the king to share his absolute powers with an oligarchic parliament.
  2. Priests and other low-level religious figures wanted more money.
  3. Nobles also wanted to share some of the king’s power.
  4. The middle class wanted the right to own land and to vote.
  5. The lower class were quite hostile in general and farmers were angry about tithes and feudal rights.
  6. Some historians claim that the revolutionaries were opposed to Catholicism more than to the king or the upper classes.

Strangers to the Truth | Liberals Backwards Think


Liberals believe in Democrats even as their masters sabotage America. From Speaker of the House Pelosi (D-CA) delaying rescue bills as businesses crash, to Gov. Northam (D-VA) taking away citizen’s constitutional rights, to Democrat media smearing the most successful Coronavirus treatments, like hydroxychloroquine, not only as being deadly, but as financially profiting Trump, Democrats have brought their civil war against America down to new depths. It wasn’t enough that they were slandering Republicans, terrorizing campuses, and assassinating police. Now they want to convince their lemmings that if they don’t do as commanded, to let they economy die, that they will die, and if they seek help from President Trump, he will kill them and make money from it.

Robert F Kennedy Jr: World’s Unelected ‘President’ Bill Gates Is Using Humans As ‘Guinea Pigs’ – Nwo Report


Source: nworeport

Bill Gates has used his money to systematically purchase “powers exceeding, in some respects, those wielded by presidents” and is using these powers to experiment on human beings like “guinea pigs“, warns Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Gates’ strategy of buying WHO [World Health Organization] and purchasing control of US health officials like Tony Fauci & Deborah Birx” means the Microsoft co-founder can now “dictate global health policies affecting 7 billion people and to control the most intimate details of our lives,” said Kennedy Jr. on his Instagram page.

Coronavirus: Latin American crime gangs adapt to pandemic – BBC News


Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made an unusual demand on Monday.

He told criminal gangs to stop donating food packages during the coronavirus crisis and instead focus on ending the violence which had left more than 100 people dead the previous day.

… On the afternoon of 7 April, as Colombia experienced its 14th consecutive day under a nationwide quarantine decreed to stem the spread
of coronavirus, a large funeral procession made its way through the working-class suburb of Bello in the city of Medellín.

Hundreds joined the funeral cortège, … to honour Edgar Pérez Hernández… who was also known as “El Oso” (The Bear) was the alleged head of
Medellín’s powerful Niquía-Camacol criminal gang.

“Members of the crowd applauded, and fired their guns into the air,” a local newspaper described the scene.

Gangs try to win hearts and minds

Drug cartels have also responded to the current crisis by trying to win over
the local population. They have set up informal welfare schemes in communities which face economic ruin from the pandemic and which have received little or no help from the authorities.

Among the Mexican
syndicates reported to have handed out food parcels “courtesy” of their bosses are the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, the Gulf Cartel and “Los Viagras”.

The extent to which criminal organisations have
replaced state functions in Brazil in poor neighbourhoods was brought home when then-health minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta told local
officials earlier this month to talk with drug lords and gang leaders about how to stop the spread of coronavirus.

…”We have to understand that these are areas where the state is often absent and the ones in charge are drug traffickers,” he said.

Chinese virus: a pox on the experts #coronavirus | Watts Up With That?


By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

It’s déjà vu all over again, and, frankly, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. On the climate question, the totalitarians told us we must believe, just believe the experts. As a hard-headed British engineer once defined it: “Expert: x, an unknown quantity; spurt, a drip under pressure.” On the Chinese virus, we are told the same.

Pity the governments that have had to attempt to take rational decisions on what to do about the Chinese virus when, as with climate change, the data are inadequate and incompetently kept, the world body nominally in charge is inept, corrupt and – to put it mildly – deferential to totalitarian regimes, and the soi-disant “experts” cannot agree among themselves.

“The Top of the FBI Was Scum – You’ll Find Out What I’m Going to Do” – President Trump Goes Off on Corrupt Deep State ‘Scum’ at Presser (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


President Trump defended General Flynn and Roger Stone today the daily coronavirus press conference calling out the former FBI leaders “scum” for trying to take him out.
Trump was right to call this coup attempt a “disgrace.” He’s being kind.

‎Thomas Paine Podcast: Ep. 18 — Robert “Bobby” Kennedy Jr. Joins the Podcast and Drops Absolute Bombshells on Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, FDA, Govt. Vaccine Kickbacks and the List Goes On in a Raucous EXCLUSIVE Sit Down; We Expose Dr. Birx’s Role in …


Robert “Bobby” Kennedy Jr. Joins the Podcast and Drops Absolute Bombshells on Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, FDA, Govt. Vaccine Kickbacks and the List Goes On in a Raucous EXCLUSIVE Sit Down; We Expose Dr. Birx’s Role in Yet Another FBI Scandal Linked to Gates/Clinton’s; The “Scientist” Timothy Shea Joins Us Too to Break Down Inside Intel. Buckle Up, Folks.