How Three Million Germans Mass Murdered after Destruction of the Reich | VikingLifeBlog

Nigel Jones reviews After the Reich: From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift by Giles MacDonogh.

MacDonogh argues that the months that followed May 1945 brought no
peace to the shattered skeleton of Hitler’s Reich, but suffering even
worse than the destruction wrought by the war. After the atrocities in
Europe, some degree of justified vengeance was inevitable, but the
appalling bestialities that MacDonogh documents so soberly went far
beyond that. The first 200 pages of his brave book are an almost
unbearable chronicle of human suffering.

His best estimate is that some three million Germans died
unnecessarily after the official end of hostilities. A million soldiers
vanished before they could creep back to the holes that had been their
homes. The majority of them died in Soviet captivity (of the 90,000 who
surrendered at Stalingrad, only 5,000 eventually came home) but,
shamingly, many thousands perished as prisoners of the Anglo-Americans.
Herded into cages along the Rhine, with no shelter and very little food,
they dropped like flies. Others, more fortunate, toiled as slave labour
in a score of Allied countries, often for years. Incredibly, some Germans were still being held in Russia as late as 1979.

The two million German civilians who died were largely the old, women
and children: victims of disease, cold, hunger, suicide – and mass murder.
Apart from the well-known repeated rape of virtually every girl and woman unlucky enough to be in the Soviet occupation zones, perhaps the most shocking outrage recorded by MacDonogh – for the first time in English – is the slaughter of a quarter of a million Sudeten Germans by
their vengeful Czech compatriots. The survivors of this ethnic cleansing, naked and shivering, were pitched across the border, never to return to their homes. Similar scenes were seen across Poland, Silesia
and East Prussia as age-old German communities were brutally expunged.

In fiery speech in Russian Parliament, Vladimir Zhirinovsky condemns arrest of Khabarovsk governor, threatens mass resignations and even ‘revolution’ in response | Ukraine Today .org

In a speech at the State Duma, LDPR party head Vladimir Zhirinovsky condemned the arrest of fellow party member Khabarovsk Governor Sergey Furgal, who’s accused of organizing multiple contract killings more than a decade ago. Zhirinovsky even threatened to stage mass resignations by all LDPR members in response to what he says is the unjust case against Furgal.

“Let the whole world know about the mess in this country. Is it a constitution you need? We gave you a constitution! And in return, you put handcuffs on our hands! You’ve no shame! You sit there in high offices and, like under Stalin, you take action. But [FSB head Alexander] Bortnikov is no [Stalinist secret police czar Lavrentiy] Beria. And you don’t have enough KGB vans [to take us all away],” Zhirinovsky said.

Chinese embassy accuses Australia of violating international law after Hong Kong visa extensions announced – ABC News

will offer a path to permanent residency for thousands of Hong Kong
citizens, while suspending its extradition agreement with the city in
response to China’s crackdown on personal freedoms and dissent.

Marxists Unveil Controversial Lenin Statue In western Germany | Ukraine Today .org

Gelsenkirchen’s city council took the Marxists to court in an attempt to stop the action, calling Lenin a “representative of violence, suppression, terror, and immense human suffering.”

But the council’s case that the statue would “disturb the view” of a nearby historic bank was thrown out and the Marxists were given the green light to erect the monument.

… But after the council’s legal defeat, “we have no choice but to accept the court’s rulings, since the piece of land where the statue is due to be installed is privately owned [by the MLPD].”

Did China Just Kill Hong Kong? | VikingLifeBlog

The Chinese Communist Party has forced a national security law on Hong Kong that applies to every person on the planet. Criticism of China is all but illegal, with people facing life in a Chinese prison for violations. Hong Kong protesters are not backing down though, though open calls for autonomy, independence, and democracy, have been forced underground. The One Country, Two Systems is dead. Will Hong Kong ever be free?

Hong Kong: First arrests under ‘anti-protest’ law as handover marked – BBC News

… Seven people were held accused of violating the law, including a man with a pro-independence flag. Nearly 200 others were detained at a
banned rally.

The national security law targets secession, subversion and terrorism with punishments up to life in prison.

Activists say it erodes freedoms but China has dismissed the criticism.

Hong Kong’s sovereignty was handed back to China by Britain in 1997 and certain rights were supposed to be guaranteed for at least 50 years under the “one country, two systems” agreement.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said: “[China] promised 50 years of freedom to the Hong Kong people, and gave them only 23.”

Opinion: No alternative facts about Ukraine’s Holodomor | Edmonton Journal

In this era of fake news and alternative facts, we must avoid misinformation drawn from the propagandistic backwaters of the internet. Those interested in learning more about the Soviet regime and the Holodomor should, instead, consider well-researched and scholarly sources, such as the following: Labour and the Gulag: Russia and the Seduction of the British Left, 2017; Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine, 2017; Bloodlands, Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, 2010; The Holodomor Reader: A Sourcebook on the Famine of 1932-1933, 2012; and finally, The Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine: An Anatomy of the Holodomor, 2018.

The latter two are available through the University of Alberta Press. An easily accessible source is the website of the Holodomor Research and Educational Consortium,

How fake news helped hide Soviet genocide in Ukraine | Ukraine Today .org

Stalin’s man-made famine in 1930s Soviet Ukraine ranks as one of the worst crimes of the totalitarian twentieth century. Millions died in the famine, which was orchestrated by Moscow in order to crush Ukraine’s independence movement and break rural resistance to the collectivization of agriculture in what was then the breadbasket of the Soviet Union. The scale of the atrocity is hard to fathom, with many of Eastern Europe’s most fertile regions transformed into apocalyptic wastelands and countless villages depopulated. However, unlike the far more notorious horrors of the Nazi regime, Stalin’s greatest crime remains relatively unknown.

How the Elite Control Us and What They Will Do When They Lose Control – The Truthers Journal

… The globalists are not yet ready to completely subjugate the planet. However, they do have failsafe positions which they will resort to if the trend curve of their movement is being thwarted by an awakening population. What are these failsafe strategies? World War III comes quickly to mind. One has to simply create a false flag, blame the next terrorist group and go to war in order to perpetuate the threat. Groupthink is invoked and history repeats itself, again. The globalists have even a more virulent failsafe position in the form of a biological attack upon the people of the United States. A widespread biological attack would quickly reverse the momentum of any social movement against globalist tyranny.

Regardless, the only weapon that humanity has at it disposal in the moment, is to awaken as many people as possible.

On Mob’s Side, Government Tells Citizens: You’re on Your Own — but Don’t DARE Defend Yourself |The New American Mobile

… Yet it’s not just that taxpaying Americans and their culture go
unprotected now, notably in Democrat cities, but that they’re actually
sometimes punished for protecting themselves and their culture. For
example, Democrat Philadelphia officials condemned citizens guarding a Christopher Columbus statue, and radical leftist city district attorney Larry Krasner threatened to bring charges against them.

Recently in Nashville, an 88-year-old female liquor store owner was charged with assault for non-fatally shooting an alleged robber. A man in Democrat-run New York was arrested
early this month for expressing on social media that he was going to
shoot rioters. And a smoke shop employee in Democrat-run Virginia was arrested in March for using a firearm to ward off a trio of robbers.

Of course, this just reflects the Europeanizing of America, something
the Left trumpets as it admires Western Europe’s norms. Consider, for
example, that in 1999 already, Britain imprisoned an oft-victimized farmer for five years for shooting a burglar in his home.

Oh, the farmer, Tony Martin, had initially been given a life
sentence. It was ultimately reduced to manslaughter, but he was denied
reduced time on that charge because, the authorities said, Martin “would
continue to pose a danger to any other burglars.”

Consider that Democrat governors locked down
mostly virus-free rural areas along with pandemic hot spots such as NYC. But would they have locked down the cities if there were a disease
ravaging mainly the country?

In reality, it’s reminiscent of how the Soviets’ Joseph Stalin persecuted farmers, killing millions of them, beginning in the 1930s.
Historically, the cities have been bastions of leftism while rural people are more likely to oppose it…