China Threatens Japan in Disputed Waters

China enrages Japan as the Coast Guard sails into disputed waters in the East China Sea, near the Senkaku Islands, or Diaoyu Islands as they’re known in China. This comes as the New Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga meets with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss the Quad.

China has forced Russia to officially enter the Indo-Pacific

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‘New York Governor Threatens President Trump: He “Better Have an Army” to Protect Him if He Comes to NYC’ – Will Cuomo Be Arrested For An OPEN Threat to the POTUS, the Commander-in-Chief? (VIDEO EVIDENCE) – Wake Up To The Truth

TWITCHY | September 3, 2020

As Twitchy reported earlier, President Trump has ordered a
review of federal funds going to “anarchist jurisdictions” like New York
City, and within an hour of that announcement, Gov. Andrew Cuomo had
called an emergency press conference to threaten the president.

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via ‘New York Governor Threatens President Trump: He “Better Have an Army” to Protect Him if He Comes to NYC’ – Will Cuomo Be Arrested For An OPEN Threat to the POTUS, the Commander-in-Chief? (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

Russia sending to Belarus militants from occupied Donbas – activists | Ukraine Today .org

In the Russian-occupied Donbas, local draft offices and the “Prizrak” (Ghost] Brigade are recruiting “volunteers” to be sent to Belarus, a rights watchdog reports. Male recruits aged 18 to 55 are offered 30,000 rubles or $400 plus daily expenses during the deployment, according to the Eastern Human Rights Group.

The War that Never Was? – Station HYPO

Proceedings recently asked several frequent contributors how the next
conflict might start. This essay is the first in the series.

By Admiral James A. Winnefeld, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Michael J. Morell

The beginning of major state-on-state conflict is almost always a surprise . . . at least to one of the two sides. The China–Taiwan conflict of early 2021 was no exception. The overlapping factors that
brought it about now seem so obvious in retrospect. First, the
convergence of Thucydides’ three sources of conflict—fear, honor, and interest—was unprecedented at the time. On top of this, Chinese
recognition of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and leader Xi Jinping’s eagerness to solidify his re-election in 2023 made it almost inevitable.

Why Now?

Xi, needing his own political win before his 2023 re-election, argued to his
hand-picked allies on the Committee that such an opportunity would only
appear every few decades. Once the members came to agreement that China
would be willing to suffer what it believed would be temporary and
half-hearted opprobrium from the international community in exchange for achievement of a long-held goal, the die was cast. The PBSC decided in mid-December to place in motion Operation Red Province—to bring Taiwan back into China.


Source: U.S. Naval Institute

Erdoğan Needs New Enemies – Wake Up To The Truth

In the face of increasing Turkish assertiveness, Macron also ordered the French Navy to the Eastern Mediterranean to provide military assistance to Greece.

Erdoğan’s idea of vote-hunting by regional troublemaking is not
limited to naval adventures only. Against the background of a sudden
border flare-up between Azerbaijan and Armenia on July 12, the Turkish
and Azeri militaries launched a two-week long joint military exercise, involving the traditional allies’ air and ground forces.

In Turkey’s southeast, Iraq blamed Ankara for a drone attack
that killed two high-ranking Iraqi military officers. The incident
occurred shortly before a planned visit by Turkish Defense Minister
Hulusi Akar to Baghdad. A fuming Iraqi government said the Turkish
minister was no longer welcome.

Russian military intelligence sergeant from 19th Motorized Rifle Brigade spotted in the Ukrainian Donbas | Ukraine Today .org

Russian Federation continues to deploy its professional military personnel in the occupied territories of the Ukrainian Donbas who carry out special missions disguising themselves as militants of the illegal armed formations of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) or Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR). New facts relate to the participation in the war against Ukraine of a professional Russian serviceman Andrey Zorkin, who is serving in the 19th Motorized Rifle Brigade (MRB), the 58th Russian Army. Servicemen of the 19th MRB have repeatedly come to the attention of InformNapalm volunteers and are listed in our OSINT investigations database. Read more:

Tensions In The Aegean: Greek Frigate Rams And Damages Turkish War Ship – Greek City Times

…Last night, the Greek frigate Limnos rammed and damaged the Turkish Kemal Reis war ship in the Aegean.

Turkish media has remained completely silent about this incident, and the only outlet brave enough was EHA News, who wrote on their Twitter that the Greek frigate was “intercepted” by the Turkish frigate Kemal Reis and caused damage to the Greek ship, forcing it to return to port.

However, photos published today by the Navy from the aeronautical exercise with the French show the Greek ship intact without damage or other problems. EHA News quickly deleted their Tweet after it was revealed that the Limnos frigate had no damage.