Afghanistan war crimes investigation may not have uncovered all illegal killings, Angus Campbell says – ABC News

…Australian Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell has conceded Australian special forces may have committed more illegal killings during deployments in Afghanistan than have so far been discovered by a long-running probe…

ABC’s Mark Willacy wins Gold Walkley for Four Corners’ Killing Field expose into Australian war crimes in Afghanistan – ABC News

…The story uncovered suspected war crimes by the Australia Defence Force in Afghanistan, revelations that prompted the recent Brereton inquiry…

China Is Stealing Border Land From Tiny Nepal To Build Military Bases

China Is Stealing Border Land From Tiny Nepal To Build Military Bases Tyler Durden Mon, 11/02/2020 – 21:00 China is again being accused of a blatant landgrab along the disputed Himalayan high altitude border region not far from where Chinese and Indian Army troops previously clashed. This time it’s the country of Nepal that has accused China…

(BRUSSELS) Joint Statement: EU states call on Israel to halt settlement construction as Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain condemned Tel-Aviv’s plans to build over 4,900 new settler homes in the occupied West Bank, urging Israel and Palestine to re…

Comment by tonytran2015: The obvious impossibility has been created and now its creators try to shift the blames.

#AceNewsReport – Nov.01: The expansion of settlements violates international law and further imperils the viability of a two-state solution to bring about a just and lasting peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” the five countries said in a joint statement on Friday: They called for an immediate halt to settlement construction as well as to evictions and demolitions of Palestinian structures in East Jerusalem and the West Bank: The statement comes as the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s planning committee gave its final approval for 2,166 new homes in the West Bank on Wednesday, and “pressed forward on plans for more than 3,000” units on Thursday, according to the Tel-Aviv-based settlement watchdog Peace Now:

The organization reports that more than 12,150 new settlement buildings were approved this year, most of them in the area between the Palestinian cities of Ramallah and Nablus. The Palestinian Authority on Thursday described new approvals for Jewish settlements as “madness,” with Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesperson for PA President Mahmoud Abbas, saying that expanding settlements “eliminates any real opportunity for a just and comprehensive peace.”

Arab League head DENOUNCES Israel’s approval of over 2,000 new settlement units in occupied West Bank

The European states called for the full implementation of the 2016 UN Security Council resolution 2334, which condemns settlements and calls for all settlement construction to cease: The countries also noted that Israel’s suspension of plans to annex parts of occupied Palestinian territories, which it announced last month in exchange for normalizing ties with the Bahrain and UAE, “must become permanent.”“We call on both sides to refrain from any unilateral action and resume a credible dialogue as well as direct negotiations on all final-status issues,” the statement concluded. The West Bank has been occupied by Israel since the 1967 Six-Day War: Both Israelis and the Palestinians assert rights over the area, however, decades of on-again, off-again talks have not yet yielded any resolution.

#AceNewsDesk report …………Published: Nov.01: 2020:

South China Sea: Vietnam ‘scraps new oil project’ – BBC News

OLD NEWS: 2018 Mar 23

… President Trump’s visit to Vietnam late last year and his subsequent conversations with the Vietnamese leadership seemed to suggest that the two governments were working together to counteract pressure from China.

Other countries in the region are also keen to develop their offshore oil and gas reserves.
Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines are all coming under pressure from China to concede “joint development” in areas where the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) gives them sole rights. So far all the South East Asian states have resisted the pressure…

‘Iraq War Diaries’ At Ten Years: Truth is Treason, by Ron Paul

Ten years after Julian Assange and Wikileaks published the Iraq War Diaries about the US government and military’s misdeeds in Iraq—the veracity of which has never been challenged—Julian Assange sits in a British prison, awaiting probably extradition to the US to face charges that could result in up to 170 years in a US prison. From Ron Paul at

The purpose of journalism is to uncover truth – especially uncomfortable truth – and to publish it for the benefit of society. In a free society, we must be informed of the criminal acts carried out by governments in the name of the people. Throughout history, journalists have uncovered the many ways governments lie, cheat, and steal – and the great lengths they will go to keep the people from finding out.

Great journalists like Seymour Hersh, who reported to us the tragedy of the Mai Lai Massacre and the horrors that took place at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, are essential.

Ten years ago last week, Julian Assange’s Wikileaks organization published an exposé of US government wrongdoing on par with the above Hersh bombshell stories. Publication of the “Iraq War Diaries” showed us all the brutality of the US attack on Iraq. It told us the truth about the US invasion and occupation of that country. This was no war of defense against a nation threatening us with weapons of mass destruction. This was no liberation of the country. We were not “bringing democracy” to Iraq.

No, the release of nearly 400,000 classified US Army field reports showed us in dirty detail that the US attack was a war of aggression, based on lies, where hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed and injured.

We learned that the US military classified anyone they killed in Iraq as “enemy combatants.” We learned that more than 700 Iraqi civilians were killed for “driving too close” to one of the hundreds of US military checkpoints – including pregnant mothers-to-be rushing to the hospital.

We learned that US military personnel routinely handed “detainees” over to Iraqi security forces where they would be tortured and often killed.

Ten years after Assange’s brave act of journalism changed the world and exposed one of the crimes of the century, he sits alone in solitary confinement in a UK prison. He sits literally fighting for his life, as if he is successfully extradited to the United States he faces 175 years in a “supermax” prison for committing “espionage” against a country of which he is not a citizen.

On the Iraq war we have punished the truth-tellers and rewarded the criminals. People who knowingly lied us into the war like Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, the Beltway neocon “experts,” and most of the media, faced neither punishment nor professional shaming for their acts. In fact, they got off scot free and many even prospered.

Julian Assange explained that he published the Iraq War Diaries because he “hoped to correct some of the attack on truth that occurred before the war, and that continued on since that war officially ended.” We used to praise brave journalists not afraid to take on the “bad guys.” Now we torture and imprison them.

President Trump has made a point of singling out the US attack on Iraq as one of the “stupid wars” that he was committed to ending. But we wouldn’t know half of just how stupid – and evil – it was were it not for the brave actions of Julian Assange and whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Journalism should not be a crime and President Trump should pardon Assange immediately.

China has forced Russia to officially enter the Indo-Pacific

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Russia sending to Belarus militants from occupied Donbas – activists | Ukraine Today .org

In the Russian-occupied Donbas, local draft offices and the “Prizrak” (Ghost] Brigade are recruiting “volunteers” to be sent to Belarus, a rights watchdog reports. Male recruits aged 18 to 55 are offered 30,000 rubles or $400 plus daily expenses during the deployment, according to the Eastern Human Rights Group.

The War that Never Was? – Station HYPO

Proceedings recently asked several frequent contributors how the next
conflict might start. This essay is the first in the series.

By Admiral James A. Winnefeld, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Michael J. Morell

The beginning of major state-on-state conflict is almost always a surprise . . . at least to one of the two sides. The China–Taiwan conflict of early 2021 was no exception. The overlapping factors that
brought it about now seem so obvious in retrospect. First, the
convergence of Thucydides’ three sources of conflict—fear, honor, and interest—was unprecedented at the time. On top of this, Chinese
recognition of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and leader Xi Jinping’s eagerness to solidify his re-election in 2023 made it almost inevitable.

Why Now?

Xi, needing his own political win before his 2023 re-election, argued to his
hand-picked allies on the Committee that such an opportunity would only
appear every few decades. Once the members came to agreement that China
would be willing to suffer what it believed would be temporary and
half-hearted opprobrium from the international community in exchange for achievement of a long-held goal, the die was cast. The PBSC decided in mid-December to place in motion Operation Red Province—to bring Taiwan back into China.


Source: U.S. Naval Institute