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When Republicans failed to deliver for the American people and lost their majority in the United States House of Representatives in 2018, a true poison was unleashed on the nation. For a second time, Nancy Pelosi became U.S. Speaker of the House and in her latest stint in this position she has been incredibly damaging to this country.

For months, she pursued a divisive and unnecessary impeachment of President Donald Trump. Instead of working to fight the coronavirus in January and February, congressional Democrats were only focused on impeaching and convicting President Trump. The Ukraine hoax which led to the flimsy impeachment charges was as ridiculous as the Russia hoax, but it did not matter to Democrats inflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Pelosi’s Partisan Agenda

As the impossible dream was nearing an end, Pelosi, in an act of partisan rage, tore up the President’s State of the Union speech, the most disrespectful behavior ever displayed by a U.S. Speaker of the House on national television.

Since that time, Pelosi and the Democrats have been working non-stop to blame the President for an “almost sinful” response to the coronavirus, while pushing dangerous legislation to financially ruin the country.

Instead of joining the President in affixing blame on Communist China for the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, Pelosi calls it “an interesting diversion.” She blames the President of the United States for acting too slowly in protecting Americans, even though he instituted the travel ban from China that saved the lives of countless Americans. Democrats did not support the travel ban but called it “racist” and “xenophobic.”

House Passes $3 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill So Full of Pork They Should Have Named It “Hogzilla” | Kingsjester’s Blog

Comment by tonytran2015: US’ GDP is $21000 b (Wikipedia).

The legislation aims to get more money into the pockets of Americans hard-hit by widespread business closures. Eligible individuals would receive $1,200 checks for each person in their household, up to $6,000.

The bill extends add-on unemployment benefits of $600 payments, in addition to state benefits, through January 2021, creates a special enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act exchanges for the uninsured and provides $175 billion for families to pay their mortgages and rent. The legislation includes student loan forgiveness, an employee retention tax credit and increases maximum SNAP benefits, which are currently $768 a month, by 15 percent.

But tucked into the legislation are provisions that rankled the Republicans including expanding $1,200 checks to certain undocumented immigrants, restoring the full State and Local Tax Deduction (SALT) that helps individuals in high-taxed blue states, a $25 billion rescue for the U.S. Postal Service, allowing legal marijuana businesses to access banking services and early voting and vote-by-mail provisions.

“So much of what’s in this bill simply has nothing at all to do with the current crisis,” said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla. “It’s more like a liberal Christmas … wish list. It would make more sense … to just send it straight to Santa Claus than to send it to the United States Senate. It would have a better chance of becoming law that way.”

Great Trump news – The Unseen Moon

THE NEW YORK TIMES and its disreputable cohort The Washington Post, which once were great newspapers, now publish slanted or outright fake news about the president on a daily basis due to their Woke, transgendered and intersectional staffs, so let’s look elsewhere for honest reporting and opinion.

  1. Let’s start with the New York Post and a piece titled, “No, ObamaGate is not a conspiracy theory.”The Obama White House conspired against the incoming Trump administration in what, one prays, are indictable offenses against both Obama and Sleepy Joe too. Stay tuned. Investigations are thundering down the highway.
  2. Trump on Friday named a team to “develop a coronavirus vaccine at warp speed.” See the details at Politico’s website. The news was announced Friday at a White House news conference.
  3. Nancy Pelosi, she of the dark heart, set a House vote on more coronavirus “relief” legislation. The $3 trillion (!) legislative package was written entirely by Democrats and, yet again, is crammed with pork that has squat to do with the current crisis. Again, the New York Post has this information that you will not find in the corrupt, gray, old ladies of “journalism” I mentioned in the first paragraph. And during the vote on the pork bill, Democrats opted to make illegal aliens eligible for taxpayer-funded “stimulus” payments. Dear Lord.
  4. Trump unveiled the new Space Force flag in the White House today. The Space Force will be a sixth branch of the U.S. military. MAGA marches on.

The New Way Forward “End America” Bill: The Worst Legislation You Never Heard Of |

This is no exaggeration. Introduced by Democratic Representatives Jesús “Chuy” Garcia (Ill.), Pramila Jayapal (Wa.), Karen Bass (Calif.), and Ayanna Pressley (Mass.) in December 2019, the New Way Forward Act (NWFA), shockingly, is supported by almost one-fifth of House Democrats, including Representatives Ilhan Omar (Minn.) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.).

Just as shockingly, this nation-rending bill has received virtually no media attention, tragic as it “would entirely remake our immigration system, with the explicit purpose of ensuring that criminals are able to move here, and settle here permanently, with impunity,” Carlson also relates.

The commentator calls the NWFA “the most radical single piece of legislation we’ve [ever] seen,” making the Green New Deal, and proposals to end fracking via executive order and nationalize healthcare seem sane by comparison. The bill’s promotional materials actually state, “Convictions … should not lead to deportation” Carlson reports.

VOODOO ECONOMICS: The Secret Plan to Introduce Cash Grabs, Wealth Taxes and Asset Confiscation in the U.S. | RIELPOLITIK

The U.S. will issue over $3 trillion in debt between April and June of this year. The Federal deficit is already on pace to surpass $4 trillion in 2020 and that’s before the next round of stimulus programs are introduced (some members of Congress want bailouts for states as well as pension funds).

The U.S. funds its budget with tax revenues. However, tax revenues are dropping due to the economic shutdown. Moreover, the U.S. has already introduced one tax deferment to July for 2019 and 2020 taxes… and the Trump administration is now floating a proposal to extend this deferment to September or even December.

Put simply, tax revenues are collapsing right as the U.S. issues record amounts of debt…

Elites knew well in advance that another crisis was coming, and they put in place legislation that would allow them to:

1) Freeze bank accounts and use them to “bail-in” financial institutions/ banks.

2) Close the “gates” on investment funds/ money market funds to stop you from getting your money out.

3) Impose wealth taxes and seize unused assets.

Coronavirus cluster at Melbourne meatworks grows as Victorian aged care homes in lockdown – ABC News

Today is the fourth consecutive day Victoria has seen a double-digit rise in its coronavirus cases, largely driven by new cases
being diagnosed in the Cedar Meats Australia cluster.

Of the 17 new COVID-19 cases in Victoria, four are linked to Cedar Meats,
seven are returning overseas travellers in mandatory hotel quarantine and six cases remain under investigation.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) confirmed the first case
linked to the business was diagnosed on April 2, but said the worker had
not been at Cedar Meats for four weeks so the abattoir was not considered an exposure site.

DHHS said the second and third cases linked to the workplace were diagnosed on April 24 and 26, and were the first indication of a possible cluster.

Professor Sutton said contact tracers were investigating whether the cluster was
due to some employees being part of a close-knit community outside of work.

The third case was diagnosed after the worker developed symptoms while at Sunshine Hospital with a severed thumb from a workplace injury.

“It was the first time Cedar Meats became aware that one of its employees had a positive COVID-19 result,” general manager Tony Kairouz said in a

Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien has called for an
independent inquiry into the way the Government and DHHS handled the cluster and questioned why the facility was not told when the first worker tested positive.

“This is Daniel Andrews’s own Ruby Princess,” Mr O’Brien said.

“We’re seeing massive outbreaks of coronavirus. Our numbers are going up right around the state, and the Government needs to explain how they got this
so wrong.”…

… “When you’re talking about a massive cluster of coronavirus infections, and when you look at

government incompetence that has led to this situation being far worse than it should have been,” he said.

Opposition health spokeswoman Georgie Crozier said the public should have known
details earlier, saying there were “many questions to answer” about how
the cluster got to its current size.

Despite coronavirus-caused cutbacks, Israel expects to get full $3.8 billion

The current aid to Israel is part of a package promised by the Obama administration in 2016 under which Israel would get $38 billion over the next 10 years – the largest such package in U.S. history.

The aid package works out to $7,230 per minute to Israel, and equals about $23,000 per each Jewish Israeli family of four.

Under the Obama-Netanyahu Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the $3.8 billion per year was to be a ‘ceiling’ – the agreement was that Israel would not ask for more money on top of this annual disbursement.

However, an MOU is a non-binding agreement and can be changed. Therefore, Israel partisans in Congress have introduced legislation that would make it into law – and the legislation before Congress makes the terms even more beneficial to Israel than the MOU.

Under the current bill
before Congress, the $38 billion would be a ‘floor’ rather than a
‘ceiling,’ meaning that aid could increase, as it almost always has in the past.

NYC Mayor di Blasio says That NYC will be Open in a few more months | Kingsjester’s Blog

However, to attempt to close down one of the Biggest metropolitan areas in the whole wide world for “a few more months, at least” shows an insensitivity to those New Yorkers who need to go back to work right now in over to keep up with their bills.

Like Governor Whitmer of Michigan, Mayor de Blasio seems to be quite enamored of the level of control which he has over the citizens of New York City.

This is the same guy who New York’s Finest (the police) have been turning their backs on when he speaks in public.

This is a Mayor who will be hollering and screaming to his staff to “get me the White House please”…because he is extremely positive that his state will get bailed out again.

De Blasio is an embarrassment,

We Need to Shut Them Down… – NATION AND STATE

For whatever reason, many governments persist in destroying resources and fundamental liberties on the basis of a debunked epidemiological model.

The national government should actively intercede, as it did to protect Americans’ rights during the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement, neither of which were very civil. But even if it doesn’t want to interfere with states’ rights today, under no circumstances should it FUND their oppression.

There is just no way Americans in the free states are going to fund the continued subjugation of their fellow Americans in California, Michigan, and elsewhere, which have essentially been invaded and occupied by their own governments.

But what then shall the poor state and municipal governments do? Obviously, they need to lift most economic restrictions so that taxes again begin to flow in. And they also need to cut their “nonessential” workers, which is essentially most of them.

Pelosi Demands $1 Trillion In Pandemic Relief For States And Local Governments | Zero Hedge | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

It also foreshadows a fierce fight with Republicans in the Senate, where GOP leaders had rejected any new funding for state and local governments in the last “interim” coronavirus bill, enacted last week, and are wary that any new help for states going forward would simply bail out governors for fiscal mismanagement preceding the health crisis. –The Hill

“That strikes me as a pretty outrageous number, just for state and local support,” Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn told reporters, adding “We’ve already provided 150 billion dollars” in CARES 1.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says he’d rather see states go bankrupt than tap into federal funds, warning that Senate Republicans won’t support “revenue replacement for state governments,” or “solving their pension problems,” according to the report.