Bank governor warns firms raising prices ‘hurts people’ – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: The warning is useless. This is just the game of a dog chasing its own tail. It is essential to find out who have to stop first: Business owners or consumers or central banks.

He said higher inflation “hurts people” and warned the Bank would raise rates again if prices continued to increase…

Homelessness up 22 per cent in Queensland, almost three times the national increase – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015The problem was partially caused by Australian governments’ policy of robbing unit owners/investors in communal housings to feed greedy, corrupt Managing Corporations mostly owned by a particular greedy ethnic group which heavily influence law makers and judges. Queensland’s unit owners are being robbed by Managing Corporations (“Legalised corruption” – The Queensland body corporate legislation – UOAQ),Victorian owners are also similarly robbed.  (Do-not-buy-dwelling-units-in-australia-victoria , Don’t trust laws on Communal Housing in the State of Victoria, Australia.Was the election FRAUDULENT ?The horror of living in Communal Housing: How laws makers scrambled the laws in Victoria, Australia, Part 1.The-real-ongoing-legalised-robbery-of-flat-unit-apartment-owners-in-victoria-australiaThe real, ongoing legalised robbery of flat/unit/apartment owners in Victoria, Part II: The Benefit Principle and derelict buildings). Problems from such over-influential ethnic group(s) are well known in politics. There would be steep rent rise as well as shortage of rental housings in both Queensland and Victoria (Homelessness caused by Australian governments robbing unit owners to give to greedy Management Corporations). Australian Commonwealth also creates steep interest rate rise pushing Australia toward a recession. Many people become dispossed and become homeless (A conspiracy to rob Australian unit owners and trigger recession in Australia.).

  • Homelessness in Queensland has gone up 22 per cent
  • It’s the second highest increase nationally, after Western Australia
  • In regional Queensland, homelessness is up 29 per cent

Credit Suisse bond BAIL-IN proves the entire western financial system is a grand CON – Nwo Report

Comment by tonytran2015: A conspiracy on interest rates to rob investors and trigger recession. posted on 2023/03/14. 200 small US banks might also be acquired as well. Then shopping centres, communal dwellings might follow.

Posted BY: | NwoReport

(Natural News) Based on the combination bail-in / bail-out that just took place on an emergency basis in Switzerland yesterday, we now know that the entire western financial system is a grand con. They will change the rules at any moment and steal your money, just like they did to Russia in 2022 by seizing $300+ billion in Russian deposits held at western central banks. Yesterday, as part of the panicked, illegal bailing out of Credit Suisse, they wiped out US$17 billion in AT1 (tier-1) bonds, leaving the bond holders high and dry.

As CNBC reports, “The $17 billion wipeout of Credit Suisse bondholders has not gone down well in Europe.”

One section of Credit Suisse’s bondholders is set to be wiped out following the struggling bank’s takeover by UBS, causing them to see investments worth 16 billion Swiss francs ($17 billion) become worthless. The Swiss regulator FINMA announced Sunday that the so-called additional tier-one bonds, which are widely regarded as relatively risky investments, will be written to zero as part of the deal.

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Meanwhile, the actual shareholders of Credit Suisse were able to keep most of their assets intact because they received UBS shares in exchange. And the entire deal was carried out illegally, in violation of Swiss laws, by skipping the required Credit Suisse shareholder vote.

The message to the financial world is crystal clear: Your money isn’t safe in any western bank, not in Europe, America, Canada or anywhere. It’s not even safe in “systemically important” banks, because governments will simply change the rules without notice, completely outside the law, and they will steal your bonds, your deposits and your shares to keep their own authoritarian regimes in power while gutting investors.

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Comment by tonytran2015: A very useful service.

Freeze Drying | The Tactical Hermit

…Move over canning, there’s a new food storage method that’s taking the US by storm, go to original blog for links.

Although the startup cost is substantial, the long-term payoff more than compensates.

If you are brave and handy with DIY, it’s possible to build your own freeze dryer as well!….

What affects inflation and deflation?

What affects inflation and deflation?

by tonytran2015.

Price goes up or down depending on what is available for the transaction.

1. What can be bought or sold?

1a. Physical assets: Household items, houses, lands, gold.

1b. Services to be provided: Works on production lines, domestic works.

1c. Future assets and services: Advanced selling of goods and services to be produced.

1d. Future money: Government issued bonds, privately issued bonds (I Owe yoU papers).

1e. Foreign fiat moneys.

2. What is used as exchange medium?

Only fiat money.

3. The law of supply and demand always apply.

When there are too many Treasury Notes and Mortgage Backed Securities, their prices fall down. The problem is worse when people anticipate that there would be additional Treasury Notes coming to the market

A bond that will become $100,000 in 5 year time will be bought for less than $100,000. Otherwise prospective buyers would not bother and they only need to put their own $100,000 in own safes for 5 years. If it was bought at $95000 then $95000 would earn $5000 as compound interest in 5 years. The interest rate would be:

(100,000/95,000)^(1/5) – 1 = 1.0103114593 – 1 = 1.0311% yearly.

As a second example, if it was bought at $80000 then $80000 would earn $20000 as compound interest in 5 years. The interest rate would be:

(100,000/80,000)^(1/5) – 1 = 1.0456395526 – 1 = 4.5639% yearly.

If there were too many of those bonds, their prices would come down and so the interest rates would go up.

So if there are many Treasury Notes issued, there will be higher interest rates.

4. The amount of Treasury Notes in USA.

As of March 21, 2013 the US Treasury balance sheet included $3250B of securities with $2870B on T-Notes, some due to QE ( As at 2020, UK had spent £900B on Quantitative Easing. For comparison, the US Budgeted Revenue was $4228B for 2023 (; the total of circulated money is $2308B in 2023 ( Treasury’s holding of T-Notes and MBS climbed up fast from 300B in 2008 to 4000B 2015 due to QE. That is the Treasury is lending to the US government $4000B it has created out of thin air. For comparison, the US Budgeted Revenue was $3316B for 2017 (

This amount of $4000B of Treasury Bonds (future money) has been sold to big banks (at low prices than $4000B) when interest rate was 5% and then bought back in the process called Quantitative Easing (at near face value) when interest rate was under 1%. It would become real fiat money after maturity but at present its worth is less than $4000B.

This massive amount of T-Notes makes these T-Notes have lower prices (by the law of supply and demand), consequentially their interest rates become higher. Additionally inflation also goes higher due to the massive increase of money in circulation (ahead of increase in assets available for transactions) when these Treasury Notes/bonds mature.

“Why Would I Want to Fight For People Who Hate Me?” U.S. Army Ad Panned on YouTube | DC Dirty Laundry | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

…The regime needs cannon fodder for the simultaneous wars they have planned with China, Russia and Iran and there’s simply not enough “cisgender millennial Latinxas” and “little girls raised by two moms” that need free US Army-funded sex-changes to meet recruiting goals.

Comment by tonytran2015: This is the best sign opponents (Russia, China, NKorea, Iran) of US government could hope for. If this rate of decay keeps going on, the dysfunctional USA society will have dysfunctional armed forces by 2050. The collisions of USS Fitzgerald and Mac Cain invited China to test out USS Decatur of the same design.

Ukraine’s Zelensky to world’s Jews: ‘Do not remain silent right now’ – Jewish Telegraphic Agency

…“To the world: What is the point of saying ‘never again’ for 80 years, if the world stays silent when a bomb drops on the same site of Babyn Yar? At least 5 killed. History repeating…” Zelensky tweeted immediately after Tuesday’s attack, which drew widespread condemnation from Jews and others….

Comment by tonytran2015: WW2 and World History had many victims of genocides. Currently there are Pakestinian victims. Should historic claims be even-handed? See

The real, ongoing legalised robbery of flat/unit/apartment owners in Victoria, Part III: The fraudulent process of electing “Commissars”.

The real, ongoing legalised robbery of flat/unit/apartment owners in Victoria, Part III: The fraudulent process of electing “Commissars”.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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#parasite, #body corporate, #owners corporation, #robbery, #over-price maintenance, #inefficient repairs,

Australia is fast becoming MORE CORRUPT (Ranking 7 falling down to 13 from 1995 to 2022, Fishes rot from their heads. Body Corporate Legislations rob from unit owners to give their lifetime savings/investments to Managing Corporations and colluding treacherous (Managing) Committee Members. The problems have become serious in the two Australian States of Queensland, and ofVictoria (Do-not-buy-dwelling-units-in-australia-victoria , Don’t trust laws on Communal Housing in the State of Victoria, Australia.The horror of living in Communal Housing: How laws makers scrambled the laws in Victoria, Australia, Part 1.The-real-ongoing-legalised-robbery-of-flat-unit-apartment-owners-in-victoria-australiaThe real, ongoing legalised robbery of flat/unit/apartment owners in Victoria, Part II: The Benefit Principle and derelict buildings).

1. The background

In the 1980, there were many flats/units/apartments built and sold in Melbourne, Australia. People bought them for living in or for investment (renting to someones who want live there). The advantage of living in flats/units/apartments are lower (shared) costs of maintenance of roofs, walls, foundation, common properties and services (water, electrical, telephone). The set (collection) of unit owners in a block or few related blocks is called an Owners Corporation (OC). Its old name was Body Corporate. More details are given in the previous articles The real, ongoing legalised robbery of flat/unit/apartment owners in Victoria, AustraliaThe real, ongoing legalised robbery of flat/unit/apartment owners in Victoria, Part II: The Benefit Principle and derelict  buildings

Then in 2021 the Victorian government amended Owners Corporations Act 2006 (OCA) giving sweeping power to Committees. Too much power for Committee members (called here “Commissars”) and the unjustifiable secrecy of their works undemine financial interests of lot owners. It also promotes the collusion between Management Corporations and “Commissars” to over-charge unit owners by over-priced contracts while colluding Commissars still claim to represent the interests of lot owners.

That is a familiar theme in non-democratic regimes. Yet the failed system is still being repeatedly promoted by the State government of Victoria: The management is not by people bearing the financial burden but by organized coordinated “Commissars” working in collusion with Managers to hijack Communal budgets to award over-priced servicing contracts to their aquaintance. Unit owners owning more than one unit in any Owners Corporation would fare more badly against coordinated hijackers in elections for Committee positions (Unless each multi-unit owner goes at length to have proxies appointed to act in coordination on his behalf).

The Victorian State government let the mortal, corruptible “Commissars” and Manager decide on the spending for maintenance: Unfortunately, Committee members are corruptible and are more likely to award over-priced contracts to their acquaintance service providers (for kick-backs).

A flawed model of management had been set up and its relevant Litigation service had sprung up within  a year.

Giving sweeping power to Committee and Manager while having lax enforcement of Owners Corporation Act 2006 and the unregulated practice of claiming  confidentiality on everything by Committees in Victoria have created a perfect ground to breed corruption (kickbacks to Committees and Managers) and financial frauds against unit owners. gave Australia ranking of 18 in its corruption perception index for 2021 (

The protection of the unit owners could be hemmed in if they failed to “‘follow established procedures.’” It’s the process that’s the punishment. In other words, the bureaucrats make the rules, whether or not they’re in law or not. And if you violate those rules, there are consequences,

The faulty model of managing OC with the Civil and Administrative Tribunal will surely be the major cause for the dysfuntion of many OC’s in Victoria.

2. Managers and Committees switch roles to avoid responsibility and abuse power.

Although Managers hold themselves out as managing specialists, in practice they pretend to be dumb, incapable, knowing no service providers, and only do solely Administrator works for the corrupt, (fraudulently or otherwise) elected Committees.

Service providers are all supplied by the corrupt “Commissars” of Committees then approved by the Managers (not the other way around, as expected by unit owners and any reasonable person). So Managers don’t have to reveal any hidden connections to selected service providers (which were supplied by the Committees) and OC Act doesn’t require Committees to reveal their commissions and connections to the selected service providers. So Managers and their colluding Committees switched their roles and escaped the legal requirements from OCA. 

122 Duties of manager: (1) A manager— (d) must take reasonable steps to ensure that any goods or services procured by the manager on behalf of the owners corporation are procured at competitive prices and on competitive terms; and …(f) before a contract is entered into
122A Manager must disclose beneficial relationship with supplier.

122B Manager must disclose commission, payment or
other benefit,

OC Act 2006 (Vic., Aust)

Many OC Managers have already relied on this loop hole in the OC Act to redefine their activities to mostly administrative tasks, leaving aside building and facility services as extra works.

The most inexperienced unknowledgeable meekest persons are elected as Chairperson and committee. This strata manager rules them absolutely and always maintains the ‘committee’ instructs and approves all the maintenance reports….

… You’ve got Owners Corporation management, you’ve got building management and facility management, so especially for the larger properties, you have a dedicated building manager, and then an Owners Corporation manager as well. For a lot of the smaller properties, there won’t be a full time or even a part time building manager but you do have an Owners Corporation Manager.

This leads to an unaswered question: If there was an accident caused by a building defect of an OC having only a Manager (conforming to the requirements of OC Act), would the Manager or the OC be responsible?

3. The mortal fights to control Committees in Victoria, Australia.

Owing to the large amounts of money involved, there are professional Committee Members who get into Management Committer only to sell their souls to treacherous Management Corporations to receive some kickbacks from Service Providers.

Elections have become corrupt, such as quotted in the following actual minute of AGM meeting in Melbourne, Australia, in April 2022 (The case is on going so identifying details still have to be masked (

Members voted on the election of each nominee for the committee, voting results are as

  1. To elect Mr A, Lot 1, 2, 3, 4
    Motion ‘to elect’, Motion Denied By Majority of Votes Cast (note: ‘supplement summary of votes’
    records a more detailed summary of the votes that were cast)

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting:
HELD: April 2022, by Managing Corporation (for Property Address: … Melbourne).

For Section 12.4 the following eligible votes were counted:

  1. To elect Mr A of Lot 1, 2, 3, 4
    Motion ‘to elect’, Moved by: 3 votes, Against: 4 votes, Motion Denied

Supplement Summary of Votes, by Managing Corporation (for Property Address: … Melbourne).

Why was that election claimed to be fraudulent?

Although OC Act contains no section to specifying the election required in Section 100, Consumers Affairs Victoria (CAV), the OC Act regulator, had given a sample “rule” for the elections of committee, if by ballot:

• Voting will be recorded by either:
o Every lot owner or member recording his or her vote by striking out every name on the ballot paper except the name of the candidate for whom he or she wishes to vote; or
o Every lot owner or member recording his or her vote by placing a number beside each candidate in order of preference.
• Each lot owner shall be required to sign his or her ballot paper.
• The lot owner or member shall then go to the secretary to have his or her name recorded as having voted and, when directed, place the ballot paper into the ballot box.
• Immediately after the close of the poll the secretary shall unlock the ballot box and ascertain the number of votes for each candidate and shall declare the candidates who polled the most votes to be elected.

And here is the ballot paper for committee election: from

This is significant for two reasons:

1. It’s been issued by the OC Act regulator – CAV.

2. There can only be votes FOR a candidate(s), not votes AGAINST a candidate(s).

Note that “election” of Committee members is described in Section 100 of OC Act, and is NOT “motions to elect”. Section 89 of OC Act only applies to resolutions for motions and not to election.

The vote-counting method used by Victorian Electoral Commission ( is also given below for reference.

Proportional vote counting: Proportional representation is a way of counting votes in an election when there is more than one person to be elected,

4. There were also other causes to reject the above “election”.

The election did NOT proceed according to the agenda of the Annual General Meeting. There was a bait and switch in its Agenda.

Agenda items:

2.2. Assessment of Quorum & Entitlement to vote (a member whose fees are unpaid is not entitled to vote)

12.1. The Owners elect a Committee, Chair Person and Secretary

12.2. To execute the Instrument of Delegation appointing the committee and affix the common
12.3. The Owners elect a Grievance Committee


Minutes of AGM:

2.2. Manager was authorized to take the minutes. It was resolved that voting will be by verbal
indication, and to set a procedure for voting at this meeting whereby voters who are silent on a motion will be considered to have cast their vote in agreement with those voters who have verbalised their vote, but only where all votes verbalised for a motion are in agreement with one another. Aaron noted that if anyone is not in agreement with the other members who state their vote in relation to any particular motion, to make sure they verbalise their vote at the time so that their alternative
vote can be recorded.

12.1. Nominations for the committee are as follows: Mr A, for lots 1,2,3,4, Mr B for lots 5, 6…

12.2. It was resolved that rather than following the voting procedure set as pet item 2.2, the Owners
Corporation will vote on which of the committee nominee’s (set out in item 12.1) will be
elected by temporarily moving each nominee into the Zoom Waiting Room while the other
members are casting their vote on whether to elect that nominee as a member of the
committee, so that votes can be cast by those members without any direct or perceived
influence by way of the nominee being present during their vote. Voting will be via verbal
Moved by: 1, 6, 13, 18, 22, 23 & 31, Against: 0, Motion Carried
12.3. Managing Corporation (during item 12.4) proceeded to temporarily move each member to the waiting area
while the other members cast their vote on whether to elect them or not.
12.4. Members voted on the election of each nominee for the committee, voting results are as

Sections 71 and 72 of OC Act provide protection to owners against such “bait and switch” ambushes:

71 Agenda for annual general meeting
(1) The person convening an annual general meeting must prepare an Agenda setting out the matters to be dealt with at the annual general meeting.
(2) The matters to be dealt with at the annual general meeting must include—
(a) the election of a committee, if the owners corporation is to have a committee;…

72 Notice of annual general meetings
(1) The person convening an annual general meeting
must give notice in writing of the meeting to each lot owner at least 14 days before the meeting…

(2) The notice must include the following—
(a) the date, time and place of the meeting; and
(b) the Agenda for the meeting; and
(c) the text of any special resolution or unanimous resolution to be moved at the
meeting; and…

The then Manager who conducted the AGM had transgressed both sections 71 and 72 of OC Act and the guide line issued by VAC (the regulator of OCA) for election of Committees. OC Act always applies unless the act specifically provides option to not apply it. There was no option to change election process.

Where is due process of law?

I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how. J.Stalin. In Russian: Я считаю, что совершенно неважно, кто и как будет в партии голосовать; но вот что чрезвычайно важно, это - кто и как будет считать голоса. Said in 1923, as quoted in The Memoirs of Stalin's Former Secretary (1992) by Boris Bazhanov [Saint Petersburg] (Борис Бажанов. Воспоминания бывшего секретаря Сталина).


5. Don’t put your hope in Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal VCAT for any simple, low cost resolution of disputes.

The dispute on the “election” was submitted VCAT in April 2022, VCAT gave first direction hearing in Aug 2022, second direction hearing in October 2022 which ordered a 3 hour long compulsory mediation conference in April 2023

(no reason had been given for the 3 hr long compulsory mediation and the 6 months delay)

and the process is still on going. The instruction from the 2nd directional hearing reads

If a party fails to attend the conference at the allocated time, the compulsory conference will proceed in the absence of that party and orders will still be made.

Meanwhile the term of the “elected” Committee run from Feb 2022 until the following AGM sometime around March 2023.

6. Lessons learnt:

Do not buy dwelling units in Australia, Victoria , 

Don’t trust laws on Communal Housing in the State of Victoria, Australia.

For owners against managers, owners corporations, and VCAT members. The VCAT Owners Corporation list is fully funded by the Victorian Property Fund, which in turn is funded by Real Estate Agents and Owners Corporation Managers. Consequently a ‘conflict of interest’ exists. VCAT is certainly perceived as having a bias towards managers. VCAT not only refuses to rule against managers and OC’s, but it protects them by coming down hard on any owner who dares to complain. The linked article from The Age below, is a small sample of the bias. from

Unit owners rely on the laws and OC Act for their protection but the Owners Corporations Act 2006 has been deliberately made in favour of Managers’ and their treacherous colluding Committees puppets while nothing can stop some sitting members of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal giving favour to Management Corporations before joining them on their retirements from VCAT. In real life VCAT had appeared to be willing to enforce the laws only against owners, but often NOT against the Managers and treacherous Committee members, the latter openly engaged in fraudulent election, with little fear of punishment, to ensure their grip on the budgets of the Owners Corporations.

The horror of living in Communal Housing: How laws makers scrambled the laws in Victoria, Australia, Part 1.

One single object . . . [will merit] the endless gratitude of the society: that of restraining the judges from usurping legislation. Thomas Jefferson

Our judges are as honest as other men and not more so. They have, with others, the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps. Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson “Selected letters of Thomas Jefferson”,

The illusion of Justice in rules based Western countries is really an illusion.

There are certainly more problems with owning a communal dwelling in Victoria:


The real, ongoing legalised robbery of flat/unit/apartment owners in Victoria, Part II: The Benefit Principle and derelict buildings


Credit Suisse emergency loan sparks banking fears – BBC News

Credit Suisse has said it will borrow up to 50bn Swiss francs (£44.5bn) from the country’s central bank to shore up its finances...

Comment by tonytran2015: A conspiracy on interest rates to rob investors and trigger recession.