Sharks use Earth’s magnetic fields as a map when making long-distance migrations, scientists say – ABC News

… When the team adjusted the current to match conditions 600 kilometres south of where the sharks were collected from, they swam in a northward direction, indicating that they were able to read the magnetic field like a map to guide them home.

“Using the difference in magnetic field, they were able to surmise that they were south of their target location and that they needed to orient north to get back,” Mr Keller said.

They also checked what happened when the magnetic field values north of Florida, in the middle of the state of Tennessee, were reproduced.

In this case, the sharks showed no particular swimming preference.

(LONDON) MOD REPORT: The British Army will receive a fleet of 148 Challenger 3 main battle tanks as part of an £800 million contract with Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL), the Defence Secretary has announced Friday #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – May.08: Based in Telford, the contract will create 200 jobs at Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL), including 130 engineers and 70 technicians, with a further 450 jobs to be established throughout the wider supply chain across the West Midlands, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne and the Isle of Wight:

British Army to possess most lethal tank in Europe: The new tank will carry additional high velocity ammunition able to travel at faster speeds with an increased range. Ammunition will also be programmed digitally from a new turret with a 120 millimetre smoothbore gun. This cutting-edge tank will also feature an upgraded engine with a new cooling system and suspension to improve accuracy when firing in transit.

CIA task force examines ‘Havana Syndrome’ after more officers fall ill |

Comment by tonytran2015: Sonic weapons are real published 2018/06/07

THE UNITED STATES CENTRAL Intelligence Agency has established a task force to examine recent cases of the so-called “Havana Syndrome”, a mysterious medical condition that continues to puzzle experts. The matter came to light in 2017, when Washington recalled the majority of its personnel from its embassy in Havana, Cuba, and at least two more diplomats from its consulate in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The evacuees reported experiencing “unusual acute auditory or sensory phenomena” and hearing “unusual sounds or piercing noises”.

Subsequent tests showed that the diplomatic personnel suffered from sudden and unexplained loss of hearing, and possibly from various forms of brain injuries. In April of 2019 the Canadian embassy evacuated all family members of its personnel stationed in the Cuban capital over similar health concerns. A subsequent study by the National Academies of Sciences reported the collective findings of leading toxicologists, epidemiologists, electrical engineers and neurologists, who examined the symptoms experienced by nearly 40 US government employees.

There are now reports that “more than a dozen” officers of the CIA have returned to the US for medical tests, after reporting symptoms that are associated with the “Havana Syndrome”. Citing “current and former US officials and people familiar with the matter” CBS News said on Thursday that some of the officers required emergency medical evacuation after feeling sick all of a sudden. They returned to the US from three different continents in the early months of 2021, according to CBS.

A White House spokesperson told the news station that the “Havana Syndrome” continued to be an area of “active inquiry”. A spokesperson from the National Security Council added that it was not possible to discuss specifics regarding the CIA personnel. The spokesperson went on to say that a “government-wide effort” was underway to determine those responsible for the phenomenon, and to protect US government personnel serving abroad.

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Xenophobe in Chief | We the People of the United States

Joe Biden’s spokesperson has announced a new policy concerning international travel:

The administration will restrict travel from India starting immediately. The policy will be implemented in light of extraordinarily high COVID-19 caseloads and multiple variants circulating in India.

As the cited article pointed out, Biden previously stated that travel bans won’t stop the virus.

More important, Biden is on record calling President Trump’s announcement of a similar policy banning travel from China “hysteria, xenophobia, and fear mongering.”

Mind you, Biden tweeted this on 2/1/2020, the day after President Trump announced the ban on travel from China, where the pandemic was (allegedly) just beginning.

In February 2020, the world knew little about COVID-19 but one thing we did know is what we saw on TV, coming out of China, where thousands were dying and the Chinese had to construct entire hospitals within days to handle the number of sick and dying patients.

There was no vaccine. Doctors had not yet developed treatments. They didn’t know to put patients in a prone position so they could breathe more easily. They didn’t have the “antibody cocktail” that has been used more recently to save lives, perhaps even President Trump’s life.

Back in Feb. 2020, President Trump wisely acted to save American lives, and Joe Biden called him a hysterical, fear-mongering xenophobe for doing so.

Fast forward to April 30, 2021: In the midst of an alleged wave of anti-Asian sentiment in the U.S., Joe Biden bans travel from an Asian country!

This, despite the fact that science now has several (allegedly) very effective vaccines against COVID-19, millions in the U.S. are now vaccinated, and there are more effective treatments for those who do contract the virus, leading to a very significant boost in survival rates.

Nevertheless, Biden has banned travel from India. Why?

Using Biden’s own standards, we can only assume that it’s because Biden is a hysterical, fear-mongering xenophobe in chief.


Dollar Dumps In April As S&P Does Something It’s Never Done Before

April saw gold, bonds, and stocks (The Dow) all rise around 2% while the dollar fell around 2% against its fiat peers… Source: Bloomberg All major US equity indices ended April higher with Nasdaq 100 leading the way and Small Caps lagging… Source: […]

NARRATIVE DESTROYED: Stunning New Data Proves New York Had Worst COVID Response In The Country – Nwo Report

Source: Jonathan Davis

… The mainstream media couldn’t get enough of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo last year as the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the country.

He was the hottest TV ticket around, this suave, debonair, Italian ‘love guv’ who was so masterfully handling ‘the worst pandemic ever’ — and so much better than that other guy on the national stage at the time named Donald Trump. Cuomo even got an Emmy Award for his virus briefings, if you recall.

Except that he wasn’t.

Not only did Cuomo force COVID-sickened patients into nursing homes, which many believe inflated New York’s coronavirus death toll by several thousand, but the rest of his policies also weren’t much better and his state winds up at the bottom of the list in terms of overall COVID response, according to a new report.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Empire State had the most job losses per capita during the pandemic and one of the highest rates of excess deaths, according to data from Hamilton Place Strategies. The firm hypothesizes that the outcome is driven by the state’s large reliance on the tourism and hospitality industries, as well as the big hit of coronavirus cases it underwent during the country’s first wave of infections in spring 2020.

“New York was the state with the worst overall outcome—hampered by both high excess deaths and high job losses—while Idaho, Utah, and West Virginia emerged in relatively strong positions,” the firm noted in a tweet…

BLM Protesters Tell ‘White Ally’: “You’re White, You Don’t Belong!” – Nwo Report

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters were caught on camera telling a white liberal ally, “You’re white! You don’t belong!” before demanding that he leave the area because he asked that other protesters stop throwing objects at the police.

The incident occurred during more protests that took place last night outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

The clip shows the white protester being told to “shut the fuck up” before another woman tells him, “You’re a guest in a black space, remember that!…if you can’t be a guest in a black space, get the fuck out!”

“You’re white, you already don’t belong!” she adds.

The white protester attempts a feeble comeback but is immediately told, “Shut the fuck up!” once again.

“I’ma tell you one more time and them I’m not gonna talk to you,” another male BLM protester says. “Go that way, go that way.”

The woman then lectures him again, telling him he is “here for all the wrong motherfucking reasons – get the fuck out!”

The pathetic whitey then leaves, offering no resistance….

Wilderness tips – © blogfactory

Comment by tonytran2015: I would put the tips into 4 main groups: Knowing your way, Making fire, Making shelter, Finding food.

We don’t think much about survival skills in our on-demand society. Everything happens at the touch of a screen, and we usually have our basic needs met with some ease. But what happens when you’re lost, stranded, or injured and you need to keep yourself safe from harm?

Do you know the basic skills necessary to stay alive long enough to get to safety? Most people can’t say with any certainty that they would know how to survive in a wilderness situation.

Many people even believe survival myths that could hurt or kill them. That’s why we’ve created this list of 50 of the most important wilderness survival tips that could mean the difference between life and death.

1. Stay Calm

2. Make Shelter

3. Collect Water

Imminent war –>> Taiwan: ‘Record number’ of China jets enter air zone – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: This is the pattern of provocation by China against any weaker opponent. China wants its opponent to fire the first shot for China to ENGAGE IN A FULL WAR of its own choice. Taiwan should take the proof of provocation and go to an International Court (if that can provide any ruling).

The defence ministry said 25 aircraft including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers entered its so-called air defence identification zone (ADIZ) on Monday.

The incursion is the largest in a year and comes as the US warns against an “increasingly aggressive China”…