SpaceX satellite signals used like GPS to pinpoint location on Earth

The Starlink satellites, sent into orbit by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, are designed to provide broadband internet connections in remote locations around the world. The researchers used signals from six Starlink satellites to pinpoint a location on Earth within 8 meters of accuracy.

Polynesia’s master voyagers who navigate by nature – BBC Travel

Comment by tonytran2015: (

Ancient Polynesians settled the Pacific islands through the sacred art
of wayfinding. Today, navigators sail thousands of miles, without
instruments, to preserve the tradition…

Sundial on stone marking Bronze Age grave – Archaeology Wiki

Photo caption

Sundial on stone marking Bronze Age grave

Dating to the 12th or 13th century BC

by Archaeology Newsroom

A carved stone found marking a
Bronze Age grave in the Ukraine is the oldest sundial of its kind ever
found, a new study reveals. The sundial may have marked the final
resting place of a young man sacrificed or otherwise marked as a
messenger to the gods or ancestors.

“Anti-Asian Hate” Mischaracterized to Defame Good Americans While Hiding Black Crime – WarOnPress

April 7, 2021

A wave of “Black” on Asian crime has escalated as the Critical Race Theory hate speech elevated as “curriculum” has expanded the usual racist screed against “white privilege” to include the group that routinely outperforms all other colors of American.

The Cultural Marxists had unceremoniously disenfranchised Asians from their magical “People of Color” designation long before they came up with a new, more hateful, racist and exclusionary term “BIPOC” which explicitly means “everybody but whites and Asians.”

Reports of violent beat downs and even murders of Asian Americans make repeated mention of the ethnicity of the victim, but, in contrast, make absolutely no reference to the perp which is predominantly “black crime.”


Barr: ‘Developments’ likely in Durham investigation this summer

By Justine Coleman – 06/12/20 03:35 PM EDT

Attorney General William Barr said Sunday that “developments” in U.S. Attorney John Durham ’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe are expected this summer.

Barr told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that Durham is “pressing ahead as hard as he can” with the investigation, but he was surprised about the lack of public interest in his probe.

(AG Barr is not listening to the “right” people. He is still messing around with Obama holdover lawyers.)

(Not true, at all – people just want the arrests made and be done with it. The DOJ has been dragging their feet because they still have Obama holdovers in place to make this happen and we know the rest of the story because it keeps happening over and over.

It is called CORRUPTION.)

“So that has been surprising to me, that people aren’t concerned about civil liberties and the integrity of our governmental process,” Barr said.

“In terms of the future of Durham’s investigation, you know, he’s pressing ahead as hard as he can,” he added. “And I expect that, you know, we will have some developments hopefully before the end of the summer.”

The attorney general said the coronavirus pandemic has delayed the probe, but Durham has made progress. The investigation is expected to continue after November’s election but “what happens after the election may depend on who wins,” Barr said.

(WASHINGTON) JUST IN: FBI Issues an alert on Monday about state-sponsored hackers using the Kwampirs malware to attack healthcare supply chain companies and other industry sectors as part of a global hacking campaign just as the pandemic takes hold across…

This time around, the FBI highlighted that some of the group’s targets are organisations in the healthcare industry, currently grappling with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: Besides sending out a PIN (Private Industry Notification), the FBI has also published two Flash alerts, one containing YARA rules to identify the group’s Kwampirs malware on infected networks, and the second containing a technical report, complete with IOCs (indicators of compromise).

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