Frequently Asked Questions.

1. My browser does not load this site.

My browser does not load this site and there is a time out message.


The site is frequently checked with various browsers to spot any unusual problem.

The site is required to load and to behave well.
However if your network blocks access to wordpress.com (like in Vietnam and in China) then you will have a time out message from your browser. The cause is the blocking by your network.

2. Some pictures are missing.


Again, this may be caused by restricted speed on your network.

Each blog has been duly tested before publication. If your network is too slow your browser may decide not to load those “slow pictures”.

3. Compatibility problem with Internet Explorer.


Internet Explorer is a browser designed by Microsoft. It is known to be often incompatible with other browsers. It is a difficult problem for site owners to chase an ever elusive compatibility with Microsoft products. Visitors who owns Internet Explorers can use other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome to overcome their problems.


4. Stopping notification emails from this site.


Please mark any of the unwanted notification email as SPAM. Any subquential email from the same address will be diverted to your spam box.

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