Cashless and negative interest go hand in hand.

Cashless and negative interest go hand in hand

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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There seems to be a synchronized wars against cash: India, France, Spain…

At the same time there is also a trend to have negative interest rates in many countries.

The two seem to depend on each other: Without cash, you have to park your money in banks to suffer negative interests.

People should wonder that the war on cash is actually just a way to recapitalize banks by people’s money and force people to accept negative interest rates.

This will also open the floodgate to exorbitant bank fees and government duties on money movement.

People may also suspect that this is part of a plot by Globalists. They may plan a three pronged attack on the free American people:

1. They take the guns from free Americans.

2. They silence them.

3. They take their wealth and cash from them to control their activities.

The end result is free Americans will become their slaves.

Update 2016Dec12: Venezuela also demonetize its highest denomination bills. People have 72 hours to change to the new bills.

Euro stop printing 500Euro notes from 2018. Japan and Singapore have been orderly withdrawing their highest denomination notes.



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Negative interest rate is not new.

Negative interest rate is not new

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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People are surprised that central banks now charge them for keeping their money. They should not if they look back into the past and they should know how to live with negative interest rate.

1. Negative interest is not new

In agricultural economies, workers had been paid by fruits and food, which have expiry dates. The wisdom in those times was and still IS “use it up and don’t let it perish”.

Then came the concept of lending for an interest, for example “You can borrow my hammer for a week but at the end you should give me a box of nails”.

So, the concept of negative interest is not an upside down idea from central bankers, it only means that the people around you cannot use your capital for any worthwhile productive venture or are not prepared to share the benefit from that venture with you.

In my own observation, when people around you run out of business opportunities the (much hyped) share markets will have to come down to reconnect to reality. So negative interest rate may be a warning sign of a possible share market tumbling. (Form your own judgement, the opinion expressed here is NOT ANY FINANCIAL ADVICE).

2. Living with negative interest rates and regain POSITIVE INCOMES.

Our fore-parents already knew how to live with perishable goods without touching any cash. Their method is:

1. Barter one type of perishable goods for another type that perishes more slowly. If possible, aim to go to step 3.

2. Use surplus perishable food to farm animals (chicken, pigs) and barter the grown animals (after some months) for other non-perishable goodies.

3. If possible barter the animals and non-perishable goodies for low maintenance, consistently desirable goodies such as gold, cloth making materials, household tools, house furnitures, house construction materials, and store them for gradual consumption or for future bartering.
It is your job to apply their ideas to your tough time in this modern economy.

4. Set up the household tools in a room like a workshop and let your neighbours use them for payment in desirable goodies: You can use my tools to repair your chairs but I must be paid with some of your home produced chicken eggs.

Following this strategy, you can REGAIN earning positive incomes from your capital in the NATURAL WAY !
Good luck.

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