Fable of a donkey and the hut of his master

Fable of a donkey and the hut of his master.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Fable of a donkey and the hut of his master.

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Figure: Two donkeys tied to a donkey transport vehicle.

I learnt of the following fable from a French book many many years ago:

Once there was a man who used to have his donkey tied near to the door of his hut.

On a cold night he heard the thumpings on his door.

When he opened the door, he saw the donkey doing the thumpimg. The donkey then said:

“Master, it is cold for my head, I want to put my head inside your hut.” The master thought that he should help his donkey and agreed to the request.

The following night, he woke up in the night to see the donkey squeezing him while saying to him: “Master, it is too cold outside, not only you but both of us had to be inside, I now only have my front half inside.” He felt upset but he had no strength to push the donkey out of the hut.

The morning came, he untied the donkey then went out for work. Late after work, he came back and saw the donkey sleeping comfortably in his hut. He told the donkey to get out, the donkey replied: “Master, it is too cold ouside for me, you should not upset me, you should sleep outside, there is not enough room inside for both of us !”

The morality is Always make clear to the recipients of your help that your help to them is not limitless.


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