Two crucial questions Putin may ask Trump.


Two crucial questions Putin may ask Trump

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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At the Helsinski summit, Russian leader V. Putin may ask American leader D. Trump two crucial questions the answers to them may drastically bring peace to the World.

Two crucial questions Putin may ask Trump.

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1. The two crucial questions.

a. Putin may ask if Trump knows that Crimea belonged to Russia until Krutchev transferred its administration to Ukraine in 1954 just for the sake of administrative efficiency. At the time of the transfer, both Russia and Ukraine belonged to the USSR.

b. Putin may ask if Trump is aware that after the dissolution of USSR, US nationals robbed national wealth of former USSR republics. Those US nationals abused the primitive administration processes of these newly formed ex-communist countries to line their own pockets.

2. Honest answers may bring an end to the current Cold War.

If there is an agreement between them on the answers and solutions to these two questions then there is no more reason to keep the Cold War.

The lobbyists and war profiteering bankers in US may try their best to stop the leaders’ attempt at scaling down the Cold War.











about, like Bush’s connection to the Rockefellers and his membership in the CFR & TriLateral Commission!), we may eventually cite Bush’s back-stabbing of a disintegrated Soviet Union and the new Russian state. It was the Bush / Council on Foreign Relation gang that dispatched an army of economic hit men to begin the rape of Russia which would then intensify during the 8-year reign of Kill & Killary Clinton. — But now is simply not the time to even bring up such matters….

1. “The Highway of Death” — fleeing Iraqi troops and civilians were mass slaughtered in the most cowardly fashion. // 2. Working with the traitor Gorbachev, Bush laid the foundation for the coming rape of Russia — a period of immense suffering and humiliation for Russia, in advance of what was supposed to be the final conquest of Eurasia for The New World Order. // 3. George Bush getting chummy with arch-Globalist gangster, David Rockefeller. The Bushes and the Rockefellers go back a long way.


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