The journey back to North Korea of Kim Jong Un

The journey back to North Korea of Kim Jong Un

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The method to return back to North Korea by Kim Jong Un may speak about future relationship with America.

The journey back to North Korea of Kim Jong Un.
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Figure 1: Map of China and Asia on Chinese made glass Globes.

1. The trip from North Korean to Singapore.

Mr Kim Jong Un took a China Airline as North Korea has no international carrier. There seems to be precaution against something [1].

2. The return trip from Singapore to North Korea.

If there is an agreement with Donald Trump that is unfavorable to China [2], Mr Un would have to hesitate using China Airline on his return trip. He may have to use Singaporean Airline or some Swiss Airline under escort by US and Japanese Airforces.

The incident to Lin Biao cannot be ignored [3].






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