Alarm: Using AMP may kill your website

Alarm: Using AMP may kill your website

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Alarm: Using AMP may kill your website.

Google Search engine offers an Accelerated Mobile Project. However, if you enable that AMP feature for your site, your traffic will be diverted to the cached site of AMP, the menu bar of your WordPress site is not displayed and your site loses any traffic diverted to AMP cache site.

1. The damages caused to your site.

AMP diverts your visitors to its own site. There is only a tiny chain link with tiny characters for them to click on to see your original site.

Although the numbers of site visitors may (or may not?) be credited to your original site, pictures and figures from your original site may not receive their due numbers of traffic and clicks.

This will degrade the rating of your site and make it loses any potential.

2. Restoring your WordPress site settings.

You have to go to Web Admin site to manually nodify the settings of each of your blogs. It is labor intensive to undo the terrible setting.

1. Log in to on a Desk Computer.

2. Click on MY SITE

3. Click on VIEW ADMIN.

4. Click on DASHBOARD

5. Click on your POSTS to list all your blogs.

6. Click on EDIT next to your selected individual blog post.

7. On the right hand side column of the new editing screen, search for Publish/AMP.If AMP has already been Disabled, you don’t need to Edit it. Click EDIT next to the box Enabled to reveal the box Disabled for AMP.

8. Click on the box DISABLED for AMP.

9. Click OK button near to AMP to confirm that it is to be disabled.

10. Click UPDATE and wait for the blog post to be updated and see that AMP is now Disabled.

11. The selected blog post has been AMP Disabled, you may now click on the back arrow on the top left of the screen to see all your POSTINGS to modify the next post.

This is a laborious process to get out of a traffic starvation trap.

3. Assessing your damages.

You have lost the ratings of your figures and components in the blog posts.

Your site rating has dropped dramatically and is waiting for your visitors to return

As usual, there is no free meal. Do not participate in anything offered if you don’t know it fully.






[5]. Just do a Google search on “AMP steals traffic” and see the results.

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