QE may be just another scam to steal national wealth.

QE may be just another scam to steal national wealth

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Figure: Fiat money relies on the payments to government employees with it and the power to collect it back as taxes on the population.

It has been a US policy of borrowing from bankers through Treasury bonds (the method is given in section 1). USA have thus been designed to be in a perpetual state of indebtedness to bond holder bankers. Quantitative Easing is an even more outrageous extension of that monopoly. This posting shows why.

1. Borrowing from the population.

(as previously posted in ref. [2], sect. 7)

We note that the US government regularly issues and has been using its own Fiat money. When the government wants to borrow X units of its fiat money from its citizens, it may have to conduct an “auction”.

b. It may offer to all of its people to give the government any each of their spare $1000 now to receive a (transferable, resellable) certificate to receive $30 every year and hold it until the end of 10th year to get $30 plus the principal of $1000.

Too many of its citizens may accept the offer and the total amount of their money may far exceed the requirement of the government. If that is the case, it may next say No, not $30/year anymore, but $20/year. The amount may goes up again until the acceptance has only about X units, the amount it requires.

This is the idea of Treasury Notes, Treasury Bonds.

Anti-corruption requires that the bidding process be public and transparent.

If the final auction price is $30/year of for $1000 of money then the Treasury Bond rate is 30/1000 or 3.0% per annum.

The transferable T-Bonds is then available for resale on the financial market. Initially it is worth $1000 then it may drift up or down.

Its value at any time is the worth of all money collected from the remaining time compared to prevailing market.


A $1000 bond entitled to $30/year has 9 years left. The economy now has 0.01% interest and this rate will extend past the redemption date.

When interest rate is at 0.01%, the present value of the bond is worth nearly

$30 X 9 + $1000 = $1270,

(To be exact, the inflation discounted values should be used. Inflation has been assumed to be zero in the calculation).

It has been US government practice to always keep the US in debt with Treasury bonds. There has been no plan to ever free the US from debts.

It would be alright if the debts are spread to ordinary US citizen. In reality, the debts are concentrated to only a handful of billionaires. The indebtedness to a handful of them may threaten the democracy of the US and these people have now extended their grip into another scheme for skimming national wealth called Quantitative Easing.

2. Quantitative Easing.

Quantitative Easing is an even more outrageous extension of the manipulations on Treasury bonds.

When the government wants to have more money circulated in the economy of the population, it can buy gold from the population so that the population keeps the money and the government keeps the gold for future resale. Beside gold the government can also buy infrastructures or services from the population.

But instead of doing that the US government carried out QE (Quantitative Easing) (see reference [7], [8]). This is what the government does in a QE (continuing with the example at the end of section 1):

The government now buy back the Treasury Bond at a price of nearly $1270 from bankers a bond it has previously sold 1 year ago for $1000.

So the government has given away $270. The government lost money for nothing. That why US debt has ballooned up after Quantitative Easing. See reference [6] for the new level of debt.

The injection of money should have been done by government buying gold, infrastructures (including hiring people to build anew or maintain infrastructures) or services from the population.


1. Reference [4] stated that “A central bank enacts quantitative easing by purchasing—without reference to the interest rate—a set quantity of bonds or other financial assets on financial markets from private financial institutions. .. QE does directly increase the broad money supply even without further bank lending.”

2. If inflation had been targeted by the government to be 2% (see reference [5]), buying back a 9 year bond at $1180 is just giving away $180, and bankers will be happy to take that.

3. QE gives bond holders surprised gifts.

As long as the bond holders know that the government wants to buy back an enormous amount of X dollars of immatured bonds, they will hold tight to their bonds until the auctioning bid reaches its present value discounted by inflation. Any reasonable bond holder would do that.

After that, the absurdity of zero interest rate is born.

4. Social effects of absurd zero interest rate.

With zero interest rate, pension (or superannuation) funds will not have incomes on any future investments in bonds. They will have to keep cash, gold or plunge into the share markets. This shows that even well designed pension funds will face more risks from the share markets.
Bond holders (including some pension funds) got a surprise gift of free money through QE by the government, but the gift will not drip down to pension funds and individuals on fixed term deposit with the banks.

5. Conclusions.

Having PRIVATE Federal Reserve Banks, practicing obfuscated Quantitative Easing all look like plans to defraud American people of their wealth and permanently enslave them with ever increasing debts to bankers.


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Federal Reserve Bank charges unnecessary fees to Americans.

Federal Reserve Bank charges unnecessary fees to Americans

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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(Blog No.51).

#fiat money, #private #Federal Reserve Banks, #unnecessary fees, #questionable fees, #questionable dividends, #new money.

American people keep paying unnecessary fees to private bankers through Federal Reserve Bank.
Every year billion dollars of undeserved fees (or interests) have been paid to private bankers through the Federal Reserve Bank. This Federal Reserve Bank is actually a private bank, not a wholly owned branch of the US Government. There is no ground for using a private FRB and pay it billions of dollars every year.

1. USA need no one to back their newly printed dollars.


Figure: Fiat money relies only on the taxation power of its issuing government for its backing.

The said payment cannot be said for supporting (underwriting) the issuing of new US dollar notes. Indeed, the government of USA is a money sovereign. It can print as much fiat money as it likes (and bear the consequences). Its fiat money has value to American people because they have to use it to pay taxes to their federal and states governments.

(See references [1] and [2] for simple explanation.)

2. It is wrong for the Federal Reserve Banks to give interests on the fractional deposits of constituent banks.

There are 2 objections to paying such interests. They are:

2a. The deposits by the contributing constituent, private banks of the Federal Reserve Bank are part of their own effort to make themselves appear more liquid. They cannot demand any interest from the government on their deposits, just like airlines cannot demand government compensation on the costs of carrying their statutory reserve fuel on each flight.

2b. If everyone has to bear a near zero or negative interest, why are those constituent private banks exceptional ? They received 12 billion dollars in interest for the year 2016.

3. The private Federal Reserve Bank has no right to charge that much.

How much had the FRB constituent banks deposited to earn that 12 billions in interest for the year 2016? Is such interest of the same rate offered to most Americans when they buy into government bonds?

4. Past presidents have tried to undo the burden but two got assassinated while doing it.

Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and John F.Kennedy had seen the unfairness of private bankers charging interests to the country and had tried to unshackle the burden on the country. Lincoln and Kennedy had been assassinated while Jefferson survived the assassination attempt. It is currently costing $40 per year per person for the US to keep using the private Federal Reserve Bank.

President Trump may do something about it if Americans protest loudly about it.

5. Americans should demand United States Notes.

A chilling history of private bankers gripping the US government system is given by reference [9]:

“Central bank usury control caused the US Constitution… to get their First Bank Of The United States in 1791. … When their 20-year charter was up in 1811, the Jeffersonian Democrats prevented its charter from being renewed. So the Rothschild bankers summoned their mercenaries (the British army and navy) to teach us a lesson, the War of 1812. … they got their Second Bank Of The U.S., again with a 20-year charter. When Andrew Jackson was elected in 1828, the bankers tried everything to stop him; they created the 1833 recession; had him censured in 1834; and a failed (both guns misfired) assassination attempt on Jan. 30, 1835… Jackson killed the bank in 1836, … During the Am. Civil War, Abraham Lincoln created Greenbacks instead of the 24% to 36% usury the Wall Street bankers wanted to charge, and he was assassinated on Good Friday 1865. … 1913 the Rothschild bank got their …. Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 originally had a 20-year charter. But … 1927, the McFadden Pepper Act was signed into law. It made the F.R.’s power over our monetary policy perpetual. . … 1963, President John F. Kennedy created United States Treasury Notes, known as Silver Certificates, with Executive Order 11110, and he was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963.”

Rather than accepting the FRB Notes lying down, Americans should demand United States Notes (each with a red seal) issued directly by the Treasury just like those issued under Kennedy’s administration. Those notes had nothing to do with the FRB and America can save on the so called “interest” charged by FRB on any new money issued by US government and backed by its own taxation system.

Using the dollar notes with red seals (such as Five dollar with Red Seal Notes in series 1953 A through C, see picture in reference [6]) will save Americans $40 per head each year.


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Bankers earn more than interest margin on secured loans, posted on December 15 2016,

Bankers given outrageous incomes by their boards, posted on December 22 2016,



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