The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 3: Creators of debts from non-debt issues.

The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 3: Creators of debts from non-debt issues

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 3: Creators of debts from non-debt issues.

Because of the requirements in life we do have to deal with many service providers: Municipal governments, managements of multiple dwelling buildings, power, water providers, telephone, internet connection providers . . .

Some service providers would really want to turn you into a debtor and this blog will reveal their tricks.

1. The service providers hide your accounts from you.

If you have been to Vietnam, you would have seen how easily people can find out how much they owe from each provider. You can literally ask how much you owe electricity and water providers when you provide them with the address of the house and your name. There is nothing to be ashame of if you use too much or too little of the services. Monthly electricity and water money collectors would loudly read out at your gate how much are your bills to be paid.

On the other hand, in Australia you have to register to each of the service providers and supply many passwords just to find out how much you have to pay (The City of Marybyrnong in Victoria, Australia practizes such policy). But usually they don’t tell you unless you let them deduct whatever they like from your account (Bpay conditions in Australia!) Then you have to wait for a letter telling you officially how much you owe them.

This is under the EXCUSES of protecting your privacy while the governments do little to stop spying software spreading on the Internet!

You have to draw your own conclusion!

2. Service providers change the identification numbers of your current accounts to disrupt your programed payments.

Service providers often change the identification numbers of your current accounts to disrupt your programed payments to them. (Yarra Water of Victoria, Australia practized this policy).
Their hidden motive is to turn you into a debtor and make it hard for you to retrieve the payments wrongly paid into the obsolete (old, dis-used) accounts. Once you owe them debts (for not paying into the newly set up accounts) they will send debt collectors to you and charge you outrageous “collection expenses”

3. They charge excessive penalty if you cannot pay all your dues in time.

The bill arriving by post to your letter box usually allow you only 14 days to pay all amount owing including any surprise increases. You have to build up a fund in anticipation of the bill but they would not help you predict the amount owing even if you enquire!

The purpose is to create big debts out of small owings.

The penalty is ways over (more than ten times) bank interest they would receive from the amount owing. (The City of Stonington of Victoria, Australia practize such a policy).

4. They are quick to call in debt collectors and charge you for the outrageous collector fees.

You have to draw your own conclusion!

I think that they would get a kick back from those debt collectors.

5. The collectors want to tow away your car but refuse to tell any intervener how much to pay and to whom to avoid it.

They want to charge you outrageous keeping fees on your car.
They use the EXCUSES of protecting the privacy of their customers (or rather hiding the victimization of their victims ?) to stop any intervener from paying them to settle the debt on the spot on your behalf. This has actually happened to me while I was away but my neighbour had insisted to pay them on my behalf and they had to give up on trying to tow my car away under the excuse of “debt recovery”!
You have to draw your own conclusion on their real intention!

6. Service providers have become unfair and inhumane.

If you have been paying $100 in front for ten payment periods and now you are only $50 behind for one payment period they still call in a debt collectors to deal with you.
They should not do that considering the amount of bank interests they gained and lost on your payments.

You have to draw your own conclusion.

7. Service providers are abusing service users.

Citizens have to ask their legislative members to set limits on debt collector fees and to stop service providers from not informing customers of their account details and of being trigger happy with using debt collectors on those small debts resulting from their hiding of customer accounts.
To fight back such abuse, you should retain only a manageable small number of essential services and close down or use only prepaid accounts on all non-essential services like telephones, cable TVs…(even when prepaid services are more expensive than comparable post paid services).

8. Conclusion.

So it can be summed up in 9 steps:
1. You are NEITHER in debts NOR in financial distress and CAN still comfortably pay your dues as they turn up.
2. They make it hard for you to follow your accounts.
3. They disrupt your programed periodic payments of your bills.
4. Due to disruptions some bills have not been paid.
5. While bills have not been paid there is cash surplus and you thought that the surplus is due to your good management and fortunate smooth business running.
6. You mistakenly enjoyed spending that cash surplus.
7. You are in short of money when the bills come. Now you CANNOT pay all due bills.
8. They quickly call in debt collectors and charge you the outrageous “collection expenses”.
9. You have become ENSLAVED by debts to them. You have lost the game!
I suspect that the finance sections of service providers may have some interests in those “debt collectors” companies.
Just follow the money trails, and you will clearly see everything.
Available evidence suggests that the scheme is operated by a certain group of people who operate in both the debt collection business and the finance sections of service providers.


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