Sore throat infection from cold drinks with ice in Vietnam.

Sore throat infection from cold drinks with ice in Vietnam.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Visitors to Vietnam (most of them to Saigon) often caught Sore Throat infection. They would hear some claims by the mass that there are some outbreaks of throat infection by influenza virii. Actually there are no such outbreaks in influenza virii to cause such infection.

This is the story of my own search for the real reason for the claim that drinking cold drink with ice in Vietnam may cause a throat infection.

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Sore throat infection from cold drinks with ice in Vietnam.

1. Having sore throat after having few drinks in Vietnam?

A tourist went out to have few glass of beers or cold drinks in the most expensive places in Vietnam and come back to his room with a sore throat infection. His friends tell him that everyone drinking cold drinks in Vietnam eventually gets an infection due to the cold drinks. Government Health Department has so many blunders that it has no more credibility to offer any recommendation. So the tourist may believe that his cold drinks may have caused his infection.

2. My search for the true cause of sore throat infection in Vietnam.

Ice makers in Vietnam are under some degree of control by the Vietnamese Health Department.

The beer and soft drink makers are also under some degree of control by the Vietnamese Health Department.

The drink glasses have been mostly cleaned and well washed.

So it was a puzzle to see why a tourist can catch a throat infection in an expensive reception or club.

3. Some investigative work is needed.

Paying attention on the way cold drinks are served in Vietnam brings out some UNSUAL activities: The waiters are always busy pulling out the ice cubes from guests’ glasses to replace them with bigger cubes: The partially dissolved cubes are pulled out of each glass by a pair of tongues. They are then placed in an ice bucket that carries all ice cubes, new and partially dissolved. The waiters then choose from those cubes one of the right size for dropping into the guest’s glass to make its liquid rise to the brim. The waiters want to make an image that the glasses of all guests are always full.

You should know by now why people consuming cold drinks with ice cubes have sore throat infection.

4 The most probable cause of throat infection for tourists to Vietnam

a/- Suppose that a guest has a throat infection.
b/- The pair of tongues that dip into his drink may carry some virus.
c/- His ice cubes may carry some virus.
d/- The ice bucket now spreads thw virus to all cubes.
e/- The pair of tongues and the ice cubes from the bucket carries virus to the guest being served.
f/- Every guest now equitably shared some virus.

5. Personal actions to avoid such throat infection.

a/- Whenever I needed a drink, I avoided their glasses, pair of tongues for ice and ice cubes by asking for a fridge cooled, sealed, pull-top can of drink. I would then personally wash its top in the toilet then bring it back to the table and open it, drinking the content directly from its opened top with a drink straw. I would then ask the waiters to give me privacy and keep away from me and my can of drink !

b/- If ice cubes are needed insist on obtaining them yourself directly from a sealed bag from a well known ice manufacturer and NOT PARTIALLY DISSOLVED cubes as the latter may come out of someone else’ glass. It is paradoxic that STREET VENDORS seem to ADHERE MORE to this rule for hygiene than expensive clubs and reception centers full of (wrongly trained) busy looking waiters.

c/- Observe strictly the rules of NOT SHARING EATING AND DRINKING CUTTLERY. This rule is observed rigorously in Western Countries and in Former (pre 1975) South Vietnam but it is NOT observed by people from former North Vietnam.

d/- The non-observance of this rule of NOT SHARING EATING AND DRINKING CUTTLERY now spreads to the majority of alcoholic drinkers in Vietnam. DO NOT share their glasses and avoid drinking with them.



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Intriguing, on going story on Uranium in Vietnam beginning from the War

Intriguing, on going story on Uranium in Vietnam beginning from the War.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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#Uranium, #Uranium deposit, #Bauxite, #Vietnam, #Vietnam war, #BP, #British Petroleum, #America, #France,

Intriguing, on going story on Uranium in Vietnam beginning from the War.

1. Strange story.

In 1996 I met an old British/Australian man (80+ years old at that time) in Melbourne. He asked me if I knew what caused American involvement in Vietnam war.
My conventional answers were given, but he said they are all incorrect. He said the real reason was Uranium deposits in Vietnam! I replied that I had heard of that rumour since 1960 in Vietnam but there was little reason to trust it and I thought that it was only from an anti-American misinformation campaign.

He then said that he was working for BP after WW2 and was the man in charge of prospecting for Uranium in Vietnam. He said that because of Uranium, the French got American to join their side in the French Colonial war. He said that his mission after WW2 in Vietnam was called off when he received a telegram saying that the mission was terminated because of the discovery of a huge deposit of Uranium in Australia.

I politely conversed with him but thought that he was only a self-important man trying to make a fool out of me. That night, I still used the internet to make independent verification of the details of his story. I was taken aback as things fall into places to confirm every detail of his story:

1. British Petroleum had been in the business of prospecting for Uranium.

2. The year of his termination of the mission does fit in nicely with the official declaration of the discovery of huge Uranium deposits in Australia.

3. In 1990 to 1992, the Department of Natural Resources of Socialist Republic of Vietnam declared that Vietnam has a HUGE Uranium deposit. They are low grade, concentrating in many areas, including in Nong Son (where low grade coal had been mined by Republic of (South) Vietnam. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam had later commissioned a Canadian Uranium mining company to assess the ore deposits.

2. Intriguing events.

The story fits well with:

1. The declaration in 1990 (from 1990 to 1994, the exact date I can’t remember) by SRV that it has huge amount of Uranium ore.

2. Currently there is a non-transparent, military styled, uneconomical mining of (rumored to be) BLACK bauxite (bauxite is usually yellow brown or tan, China has been buying bauxite from Australia at dirt cheap price) by Chinese operator in Lâm Đồng area in VN (going through the purpose built Kê Gà sea port and its purpose built routes) and the Vietnamese government currently does not have any mention of its past declaration of huge Uranium deposits. (There may be a secret cooperation between USA and China to quietly take all Uranium deposits out of Vietnam without any approval by Vietnamese people, who are the ultimate owners of territorial minerals).

3. American have brought into Vietnam many Geiger counters prior to 1974. What are they for unless they are used for prospecting or for picking up equipment associated with Nuclear weapon?

4. Before the Vietnam war ended on 30th April 1975. American personals had already removed their Uranium bars at the Research Nuclear Reactor in Dalat built by USA (for its former ally Republic of Vietnam, as an example of unreserved commitment to the future of RVN). However, USA tried its best to persuade SRV to have permission for coming back to Dalat to look for any misplaced Uranium bars ! How could it happen and who had been responsible for such a sloppy accounting procedures of Uranium bars? Anyway, the SRV agreed to let USA come back to the reactor to search for their misplaced Uranium bars but nothing was found. As a result of that cooperation, there was relaxation on the embargo by the US against SRV (The real reason may be to check if SRV has fed any of its own Uranium into the Nuclear Reactor).

5. Later on, there was a rare cooperation in Vietnam between USA and Russia to convert the Dalat Nuclear Reactor into a new type using lower-enriched Uranium and to arrange for a shipment of some spent Uranium out of Vietnam. As a result of that cooperation, Vietnam was given a time limited committee position on a UN Nuclear Commission and the US embargo against SRV was dismantled.

6. USA has shown the World that it could fabricate a cause for war against any middle country such as Iraq and to attack. SRV had done well to comply with the requests from USA.

7. There is currently an unusual freezing of relationship between two comrade in arms Socialist Republic of Vietnam and North Korea. It was NK who sent its best MIG fighter ace pilots to help North VN during the Vietnam war, some of its fighters actually had Died In Action. Their remains had been placed in a Temple for North Korean Heroic Fighters in North Vietnam but later quietly repatriated to NK around the year 2000. In contrast with China, NK had asked for neither territory nor payments for joining NVN in the war. There was no reason for such a freeze in the relation between two communist comrade countries. Is this unsual freeze part of an international plan to separate a Nuclear Capable State North Korea from an Uranium rich State Socialist Republic of VN?

3. Conclusion.

This is an unusual story but it brings up many hypotheses which can explain otherwise incomprehensible events.





[4b]. [PDF] vietnam – IAEA Publications,






Table of Uranium reserve and Production to 2014 from this reference
Country Reserves as of 2015 Historical Production to 2014

 Algeria 19,500 0

 Argentina 19,600 2,582

 Australia 1,780,800 194,646

 Belgium 0 686

 Botswana 73,500 0

 Brazil 276,800 4,172

 Bulgaria 0 16,364

 Canada 703,600 483,957

 Central African Republic 32,000 0

 Chad 2,400 0

 Chile 1,500 0

 China 272,500 39,849[2]

 Democratic Republic of the Congo 2,700 25,600[2]

 Czech Republic 119,300 111,765[2]

 Egypt 1,900 0

 Finland 1,200 30

 France 0 76,006

 Gabon 5,800 25,403

 Germany 7,000 219,686

 Greece 7,000 0

 Greenland 228,000 0

 Hungary 13,500 21,067

 India 138,700 11,398[2]

 Indonesia 7,200 0

 Iran 3,900 0

 Italy 6,100 0

 Japan 6,600 84

 Jordan 47,700 0

 Kazakhstan 941,600 244,707

 Madagascar 0 785

 Malawi 14,300 4,217

 Mali 13,000 0

 Mauritania 23,800 0

 Mexico 3,400 49

 Mongolia 141,500 535

 Namibia 463,000 120,418

 Niger 411,300 132,017

 Pakistan 0 1,439[2]

 Peru 33,400 0

 Poland 0 650

 Portugal 7,000 3,720

 Romania 6,600 18,899[2]

 Russia 395,200 158,844

 Slovakia 15,500 211

 Slovenia 9,200 382

 Somalia 7,600 0

 South Africa 449,300 159,510

 Soviet Union 1,800,000 (approximation) 102,886 (approximation)

 Spain 33,900 8,028

 Sweden 9,600 200

 Tanzania 58,100 0

 Turkey 6,600 0

 Ukraine 220,700 129,804

 United States 138,200 373,075

 Uzbekistan 130,100 127,591[2]

 Vietnam 3,900 0

 Zambia 24,600 86

 Zimbabwe 1,400 0

Total 7,641,600 2,818,415 


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